Microsoft OneDrive comes to BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 4 Mar 2014 12:45 pm EST

Hot off the press — BlackBerry have today given us another cloud storage option, this time with Microsoft's OneDrive. It's more likely that Windows Phone users will use OneDrive routinely, but we now have the option for BlackBerry 10 as well.

The app itself is much the same as the DropBox and Box apps we've had from BlackBerry from day one. You have the ability to toggle on and off auto uploads of both pictures and video as well the disabling using your mobile network. 

Features include: 

  • Automatically back up pictures and videos you capture on your device.
  • Share important files and documents.
  • Comment on or edit documents while you're on the go.
  • Seamlessly and easily work with your online files on your device.

As I'm already a OneDrive account holder due to having various Windows Phones over the last few years I'm not entirely sure how much free cloud storage you get when you sign up these days. Feel free to let us know in the comments. 

More information/Download OneDrive for BlackBerry 10

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Microsoft OneDrive comes to BlackBerry 10



I think it's nice that BlackBerry is developing BBM for Windows Phone and Microsoft released OneDrive for BB10. Now, how about Bing + Bing Maps for BB10? Not a shortcut, but a REAL native app.

It was probably as a result of giving them BBM. I'm sure there will be more partnership between BlackBerry and Microsoft in the future.

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May be good for one year free and then will charge years after that for the additional 100gb.

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F yah! Thanks BlackBerry! Now switch up the Dropbox on bbm for onedrive!!!

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Know if there are any file size limits? I use Box instead of dropbox because of the automatic backup but it's useless for videos since they exceed the max file size limit. Does One Drive have this as well?

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Don't trust MS any more than Google so, I'll pass. However, it's good news for those who need it.

I do wish they would add automatic media uploads to Dropbox.

Strangely, I've felt before, and do feel now, the same. Plus the way Microsoft are tying together their systems, and the modern design, suits me better.

^ agreed! At least their offering EAS for free to everyone not trying to nickel and dime us like the conglomerate Google.

That's helpful, but one's got to wonder where the catch is. "No free lunch"...There is an optional yearly fee to remove advertising, but I'm looking for information about support.

During the early 2000's, it was like "evil Microsoft", (Google was on the rise, but I didn't expect them to get that far), and Linux was the Rebel force against the Evil Empire. The "Year of the Linu-X Desktop" was going to hit any day.

Now it looks like Microsoft had the more "honest" business model, selling a software product in conjunction with some services instead of a now huge advertising company that started harmless as a search engine, gradually commercialized search results, sidebars and the rest of the web, made "free" services available, propelled user tracking and pretty much desensitized the majority of the web population of privacy concerns. (Just my view)

The "betrayal" also was, Google kind of supported open source, but that seems like a pretty one-sided thing now on their terms, they got big "not being evil" on the back of Mozilla whereas Microsoft was closed source and therefore "evil" with their "embrace, extend, extinguish" approach. (Agree to disagree, this is purposefully opinionated)

How things have changed now. Microsoft has moved into a much more positive light, now that they're not the dominating 600pound gorilla anymore.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Many people will eat through their 7GB of music in a heartbeat from their MSD alone!

I have 26GB of music on my MSD card ... all from iTunes. Besides it's not like I can stream it.

I have a Lumia which has the onedrive embedded, this is great news to share files with my BB10 quicker than using bluetooth

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I literally SCRAMBLED to download it! Android sideload deleted!

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Same here.

The native app integration is MUCH nicer and cleaner than the Android app.

I agree with the others that all we need is BBM integration and SkyDrive will be PIMP on BlackBerry 10 devices.

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it would be nice if all the platforms just play nice, and allow the consumer to have choice of phones, not just because one has the apps etc, the choice of product should be on the quality of the phone,
this is great for me because I have now 3 cloud storage area's the gigs are adding up

I agree with the "just play nice" and let the consumer decide.

It appears that with this announcement as well as BBM coming to WP soon; that the right people finally got together and shook hands on the right agreements.

I think the mobile industry will shift to the sharing and cross-licensing model once the market matures more, like the non-mobile computing industry.

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Precisely right! It's headed that way. OS's and devices will become generic. Like who cares what brand TV they have at home - it's a technology that is mature and big breakthroughs more rare...

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Finally! Guess BlackBerry made the app so they could integrate it into File Manager (probably with Microsoft's help); it's just like the Connect To DropBox, but better with camera backup!

Glad that now I'm able to access my Sky drive from the file manager. Just a bit let down though cause only shows 7Gb available

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BTW to the Author of this article, thank you for the news, but to let you know your email is now visible to everybody! And thanks BlackBerry/MicroSoft!

Cool. Since I recently acquired a Dell Venue 8 Pro I will give this one a shot.

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I'm can't decide between that Dell or the Toshiba. The HDMI is making lean towards the Toshiba.

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When I upgraded, it automatically deleted the sideloaded version. Weird. Glad to see the update.

If BlackBerry made this, assuming with help from Microsoft, I wonder if Microsoft will make BBM, but with BlackBerry's help.

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This is excellent I downloaded the Android version this morning could not get my files to open.
Than this comes along wow truly amazing works perfect.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Although, I mainly use Dropbox, I use OneDrive as well. This is great. Thanks Blackberry for bringing useful, productive apps like this to BB10!

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This is great! Another 'drive' (25GB to boot) to access. Now if we could have the stand alone app, native, with Office Online access that would be even greater. Thanks BB/MS, very glad to have this.

It's cool to have it, but there is no shortage of on line storage options for the BlackBerry 10 user.

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Awesome awesome. Love, love, love Outlook and OneDrive. Been using the Android Onedrive and works a treat. Glad we have an official version now.

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I'm glad to see it go native. I was using the APK before. Now I can use the native one which I like because it integrates in the same place as the other cloud storage apps.

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Good. Now I can delete the Android .apk. I wish Blackberry would just update the File Manager to support all major cloud storage services. Google Drive, One Drive, Mega... all of em'

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

This is very timely as I am gradually moving away from GMail, having set up an Outlook account and gained access to the resultant services - OneDrive, Office Online etc. Already added the new Outlook account to my Z10. Now I'll hook up OneDrive.

I'm hoping this will eventually lead to some integration with Office Online for editing of Office docs, saved via OneDrive. Wouldn't mind being able to use OneNote on my BB!

Go back to Google or use hushmail, mega and the other stuff.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Glad to hear this! I've been using a side loaded version of skydrive and now docs to go is also supporting one drive makes this even more sweet!

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I've been using Playcloud for OneDrive and Google Drive. My point was that I'd like the same degree of integration as this new BB 10 "Connect to OneDrive" provides.

Great news, indeed! Thanks MS and BB! Maybe after OneDrive, OneNote is possible, too! Would be even more awesome!

When will BlackBerry have its own cloud that we can upload files and share.

They have the infrastructure to do it.. at least I think so.

Just sold my Macbook Air for a Surface Pro 2 because I felt kind of claustrophobic. This could not have come more timely! Thanks MS and BlackBerry!

Huzzah! I've had sideloaded Andorid apps to access SkyDrive/OneDrive for years now, but this is by the far the prettiest. It looks functional and smooth, although I haven't tried uploading. I would like to have it integrated as one of the main "save to" options on my Z30! Can't wait for BBM for WP!

Oh, and I get 75 gigs for OneDrive. I have Windows on a number of pc's, a WP, a Surface Pro and Office 365. You get some for each, and they are making progress with integration across all of the above. Not there yet.

It's made by BlackBerry.. not sure if Microsoft has got anything to do in this.. but I happy it's here. My work account is linked with onedrive. This will help me get more things done on my phone and faster.

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Meh, they're only a year behind in joining the party. Was it the MicroSoft CEO who said computers would never need more than 640k of RAM?

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What with Dropbox's recent "we screw up, you can't sue us" policy this is a welcome treat... not to mention you get 7g as opposed to the measly 2g Dropbox gives you...will be transferring my Dropbox content to this.

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I like OneDrive but i access it through the native bb10 app called PlayCloud. PlayCloud seeamlessly intergrates OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, SugarSync, and few other storages. And it gives all the functionality that this new OneDrive app does, even sharing folders through email.

As someone posted above this app is mae by BlackBerry, just like facebook and twitter. Looks like most big time developers are still not convinced but either way this release is good news for BlackBerry users.

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7 gb not worth it. Box gave me 20GB I use for my personal space. Drop Box gave me 3GB which is more than enough for work stuff.

Tried uploading my resume as well as other pdf files of documents, etc. And even put them in a folder I created, all on One drive. Upon clicking on that folder to view my files, the folder said I "didn't have permission " to view this folder, and now the folder is gone. Weird bugs are still present I see...

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Will be when it's native and a file manager plug in.

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Excellent addition to file manager and a whole 7gb for free. Happy days.

One question, is there any way to change the order of the plug ins in file manager?
I presume there alphabetical so if I rename my laptop and desktop to for instance work laptop it would be listed after onedrive?

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Hi everyone might sound like a dumb question but how do I auto sync or upload camera to get the additional 3GB?

Any help would be much appreciated thank u!!

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Blackberry should look into Tresorit. Those guys are all about security and content encryption. I can see a partnership too.

This is really good news for me because I always use Microsoft's services! I can now delete dropbox...

7 GB is free for all users.
If you connected an iOS/Android device you get another 23GB and if you did so during the promotion 2-3wks ago you get 100GB for 1 years.

I no longer have a single Android app on my phone except the ported version of flipboard that I don't use anyways. I am proud to say that BlackBerry 10 has come a long way since last February. Hopefully BlackBerry goes hard with the next generation of devices because I think their relevance is returning and their hard work on the new OS is paying off. Keep it up!

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This didn't so much make my day as make my entire week, especially given the automatic photo uploading. The one real problem with moving over from Windows Phone to BB10 dealt with a mere week after finally buying my Z10. :) OneNote integration into Remember would be the icing on the cake, but that's no show-stopper.

Oh, hi everyone btw. First post here.

been waiting on this for ages. OneDrive is future as far as Windows PC users are concerned. perfectly integrated with Windows 8.1 - it just doesn't make sense to sign up for a bunch of other storage / sync providers with the amount of features OneDrive has built-in/

I just noticed if you have a folder called 'Blackbwrry', it will have the imprint of the BlackBerry logo too!

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Funny enough, I went on their website and they advertise apps for windows phones and android but no BlackBerry :(

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I hope Blackberry will also add Google Drive. I use all posible cloud storages for different purposes

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I love Outlook and think OneDrive is great as well. All my documents between my Mac and Z30 are backed up and or shared easily.

Very impressed and love my Z30.

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Downloaded based on comments. Wanted a bit too much info and access. Nixed it. Don't need storage that bad.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

About time! I use SkyDrive - er, OneDrive - heavily on my desktops, so it's nice to be able to access my content on the go.

And that photo backup feature is sweet!

i only use Remote File Access on my Z10. i don't use any cloud storage what so ever. but this is good news for people who use cloud storage and trust it.

This is the difference between Microsoft and Google.

Google want you to use all their Google services.
Microsoft want you to use some of their services chosen strategically to benefit them.

And today what benefits Microsoft is to eat cloud market share (OneDrive vs GoogleDrive).

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I downloaded and installed the OneDrive Android version last week from Amazon. Starts with 7GB but if you set up sync pictures with PC, it adds another 3GB. So a total of 10GB!!
Headed to BB World to download BB10 version. :-)

i have been using been using this for a while. its the best thing to happen since the new upadate. it really a nice feature

Awesome, I use One drive as my interim storage across my Windows phone, my Surface Pro and my Windows 8 laptops, so having it available via my BlackBerry is a big win. Hurrah.

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