Microsoft looking to bring Android apps to Windows Phone

By Adam Zeis on 12 Feb 2014 11:08 am EST

Interesting news today as it's being reported that Microsoft may now be looking to follow in the footsteps of BlackBerry and bring Android apps to Windows Phone devices. According to the report, Android apps would actually be available within the Windows Phone store directly on devices. Nothing has yet been confirmed but it could make things very interesting for Windows Phone users if it holds true.

BlackBerry has obviously explored the same options — first making android apps available for easy porting, now moving up to OTA installs thanks to OS 10.2.1. There is still a big gap however as the apps aren't available directly in BlackBerry World (though some have been ported) so BlackBerry users still need to seek out alternative methods to get the apps. It has however solved a big part of the app-gap for BlackBerry users by having a much larger catalog of titles now available including Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and other big ticket apps. However they too could run into an issue with any apps that require Google Play Services, just like on BlackBerry 10.

Microsoft already has a good number of apps officially available that we still haven't seen on BlackBerry, but opening Android apps could also prevent developers from making better native apps for the platform. 

We've already seen how Android apps on BlackBerry have changed things (for good or bad depending who you ask), so it's hard to say just what would happen should Microsoft follow the same path. So what say you — having gone down the same route on BlackBerry, would Android apps be a good thing for Windows Phone users? Sound off in the comments!

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Microsoft looking to bring Android apps to Windows Phone


As anyone who had installed android apps on BB, they often just don't work as expected. Native apps have a better possibility to correctly work.
Let the MS user beware, the android app may not work.

Only issue I have with android apps is speed of launching it. For example my Call of duty app takes forever to load. Clicking on links is also time consuming. If I go on my ipod touch is nearly twice as fast

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+1...sometimes it takes a good minute or two before the app loads, and sometimes not at all. E.g. Candy Crush, News360

It's true it would be perfect if BlackBerry World had every app we wanted and needed but this just ain't gonna happen. Installing Apk on 10.2.1 is now much easier than porting but still would be great to see all integrated into BlackBerry World.

I just sent an bank of America APK file to my brother overseas via bbm and he was able to install an app only found on Snap which I have and he's not tech enough to get that on his Q10... So I was surprised it worked and this means as long as their is a source to download the APKs, anyone can just click and install any app they want.. so, how about if CB add an APK download section in the CB App so everyone can get easier access to all the goodies?

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Check out bb10 store on Aptoide. All the apps there are certified to work and no side loading required.

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Got it, but don't see how this is any better than Snap. It's still too technical to install and then have to add the bb10 store into this app. But thanks anyways!

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At least it's guaranteed that the apps listed there will work as they would have been tested by individuals prior.

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I'd prefer there to be no option. Native 3rd party apps like iGrann and Whine are pretty impressive and waay better than an android emu.

Unfortunately if there was no option blackberry would be dead by now. 10.2 1 has given it a new lease on life.

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I guess after 30 Million sold BlackBerry 10 phones we should see some top 100 apps...

We are now at? 3mio? 5mio? 7mio?

Since 2010 

Would not use the word often. My ratio of android to BlackBerry 10 apps is about 2:1 and all working nicely thank you.

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this is one of the good things that seems to be bad. Cause ppl will see that using android apps is not always a good idea and will look for native ones ( if they available of course, which is not always the case) which will make them to get apps from blackberry store what is good both for developers and BlackBerry as a company.

so having access to android apps is the move that totally makes sense.

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Cue people calling this the greatest idea ever and how smart Microsoft is.

Then they bash BlackBerry for the exact same thing...

It is if only they get the android apps in their app store. Apps that are in their app store should be tested and known to work where on BB you can't be 100% that it's going to work correctly unless someone else has tested it. If MS pulls this off they will have only apps that work correctly on Windows Phone. If they aren't doing it that way then why bother.

Also, if they do this you might wonder how much many they wasted paying developers off to build a native app for Windows Phone.

Took the words right out of my mouth!

I just cannot help but feel they are going to pull an Apple and tout this as a "revolutionary" development, one that has "never been seen before". Yup, that fingerprint scanner from 2007 made an awesome, never before seen world debut in 2013!

Due to this, I think BlackBerry really needs to start showing off this feature asap. Can't you see the ads? "First typo with a physical keyboard, then Microsoft baking Android into their mobile OS, we are flattered guys, really. Imitation rally is the sincerest form of flattery, but you all know there is only one BlackBerry, and our devices do all of this already."

Come on, these ads are writing themselves! Literally!

Can you point to a current mobile company that not only developed it's own OS but managed to incorporate the core of another OS into it to allow for dual sources of apps?

That is the imitation I am referring to; not the fact it >is< Android, which on its own, is not an innovation by BlackBerry, whereas the ability to run both its own app system as well as Android is the innovation.

So no, I do not need to leave the word imitation out, thanks.

Perhaps I should have clarified my reply better and ask what mobile OS company does that now, but more importantly considering this issue is about imitation, what company did it first as well? But considering you wanted to initially nitpick on what constitutes innovation and imitation, you may want to look at when Jolla joined the Android party:

September 17, 2013? Wasn't BlackBerry already doing it by then? And not even implemented until the end of 2013? Ouch. Not so innovative, now is it? I guess you could say Jolla's move is a clear imitation of BlackBerry in that regard if we are being careful of what constitutes imitation?

Now windows phone will get more attention. Using the already used feature on blackberry10

Posted Via CB10 Running On Z10STL100-2 Using OS Version

Ya they're just testing the waters of public opinion. If this does come to fruition it likely won't happen til Windows Phone 9.

And then they say that BLACKBERRY is dead but in reality everyone is copying and stealing BLACKBERRY ideas...

Not fair!!...

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Implementation.... whoever does it BEST is who gets the rewards.

And too be honest, BlackBerry has done their fair share of "borrowing" of ideas.

Ideas such as? Copying WebOS? That's only with PBOS. BlackBerry does have their fair share of multitasking patents so not really sure about them copying Jolla or Sailfish OS. Anything else? We already know BlackBerry had the double personal and work spaces with Balance first. It seems a lot of BlackBerry's competition is going after BlackBerry's playbook. I mean even Apple has decided to sale iPhone 4S's to emerging markets. Didn't they also try this with the 5C?

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We just need one standard in app development. It's so stupid they are not cross platform compatible. Just like how you can tune into cable with any tv, any phone should be able to tune into apps :)

C001B7B16 The Gif Exchange

Your TV analogy fails though. Basic cable is provided by the government, but it's the cable companies that supply the premium channels. TV manufacturers make the hardware - being the TV - but the cable companies provide the software - being the subscriptions. No different than current hardware phone manufacturers making phones for companies, then the OS developers adding their own software to make it run how they want.

A phone will function on WiFi without a service provider no different than a TV will function on basic cable without a service provider.

Not that it matters to the current discussion, but the analogy doesn't fail, your understanding if it does.

All cable packages are compatible with all tv's (except for very minor exceptions), your not limited to certain packages depending on who manufactured the tv as you are apps depending on who manufactured your phone.

Let's hope for the rise of java apps so OS with a web browser would be able to run them. Then bb's rockin' browser would shine (even more than it already does).

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They aren't compatible per-say, only with additional installation typically with hardware; modems or satellites. Otherwise it would be as simple as the cable companies flipping a switch to enable their service through the standard cable wiring that already works with basic cable.

It's the embedded OS/services that dictate how the TV/phone operates, not hardware for this instance. It's just a different audience between the two services, so attack strategies and numbers will differ, obviously.

I also doubt java apps will make a return since it seems they are on a decline on PC's, as well as BB having moved away from Java for their phones. I think Android might be realizing the limitations of Java as well, though they've made tremendous progress forward thanks to hardware innovations. And let's not forget Dev's who complained how much a PitA Java can be to code for sometimes...

I don't think analogies are meant to operate perfectly down to every detail. They just try and make a point, the point in this case would be nice to have one app that works everywhere.

Yes certain services require peripheral hardware. I think the poster was meaning most channels will play on most tv's. It doesn't need to be complicated...

Java does have its limitations, it was just an example of how me might move past this "different app for different OS" paradigm the mobile world is currently stuck in. Html5 would be another example of how this could happen

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Disagree, that's one unique area which neither Apple, Microsoft or Google (with the exception of YouTube) have this feature.

It's another way of keeping BlackBerry moving, also potential revenue streams for BlackBerry.

Catapulted from my Z10.

And apparently HTML 5 is the number 1 app writing format in the developing world over me OS and hem Droid. There is hope to believe at some point it will be a write once play on any platform world.

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I think your right.

Microsoft is in a bigger hole then BlackBerry is, imo. Always scrambling to catch up in areas they should have been leading in, and now, the risk of losing further ground to blackberry has them turning too, of all things, Google, kinda makes me Giggle.

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Yeah hole, I don't see them as leaders or innovators in anything they do, but hey that's just me. It may not translate into losses in dollars, because they have their hand in everything, but it will and has in consumers minds.

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Microsoft is not in a hole but they make extremely slow progress with their mobile OS updates. Plus their carrier relations and marketing for Windows Phone is almost non existent.

Windows Phone needs a serious jumpstart. Their new CEO may be the man to do it.

I guarantee you that no one over on wpcentral will be complaining that they're not native or refuse to use them.

If more mobile companies intended to allow Android apps on their devices, then there may be no incentive for developers to build native apps.

This could slow down the number of new native apps appearing in BlackBerry World, depending if developers are able to view amount Android apps being downloaded.

I've always been anti Android app given the number of high level of malware detected, however I also understand the need for apps too. It's a tough one.

Catapulted from my Z10.

I completely agree with you on this. I won't download android apps anytime soon but I guess I'm pro choice on this subject but it would be cool if BlackBerry people just didn't download android for the sake of individuality.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Well the developers should not have been acting like hoes,trying to shyt on BlackBerry ,and not wanting to develop for BlackBerry to begin with ,i don't like android either, but remember the same app you won't download, android people are enjoying

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This is true but there is no guarantee that you'd ever get that app. iOS get both a great phone app as well as tablet app. Android gets a great app and now is pushing for great android tablet app. There is probably more people on Android tablets then on Windows Phone or BB10. When resouces are scarce where would you focus? I'd focus on Android tablets. The more platforms they have the more coders they need. Big companies can probably afford that but most can not. Someone who makes iOS apps is not going to be as good at making Android apps. Sure there are some but not most. You can code it in something made for porting between to different OS's. That's crappy.

If this does happen and Windows Phone integrates Google Play Services, Microsoft will finally become Google's bitch.

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Just the thought I woke up to a few minutes ago. Before reading this news piece.

Now everyone is licking Google's gigantic boot, and they could pull the plug on anyone.

I had the old "Google is SpyNet, ahem... SkyNet" randomly pop up in my mind yesterday, and now this.

(Guess what auto-correct did, when I tried to type SpyNet. Exactly that...)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Crappy idea, only dead or struggling OS's do that. It gives an impression of weakness, you don't see Google thinking about allowing iOS to run on Android or vice-versa. I don't consider WP8 to be in such troubles as to do such a thing.

Struggling how exactly? It's a new year. There aren't no struggles for BlackBerry this year. Everything Chen is doing turns out to be helping BlackBerry on a comeback.

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You better check your numbers. You seem to be comparing bananas with oranges and don't even know it.

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Lenin, they let you out on parole already.
Last time you were here you moaned about BlackBerry, what's your problem?
Were you given up for adoption as a child?

Your papa been slapping you too hard around your head?

Your wife left you?

What's your problem dude? If you don't like blackberry, that's fine, then keep of this site and go and feed some ducks at your local park.

Alternatively you can contribute something useful like many on here. Yeah sometimes people bitch on here, I've done it myself, but you do it all the time.

So I guess it's breastfeed time for you now, so ponder on this while you wrap your lips around some camel nipples.

Catapulted from my Z10.

Since you can't read, this reply is kinda pointless, but I'll still post it: this article is about MICROSOFT, not Blackberry.

And since you still have concussion from having your papa giving you one too many slaps around your head, then stick to the Microsoft discussion and leave the BlackBerry comments to those who use it.

Catapulted from my Z10.

Why are these companies "struggling"?

Because "users" like you decided to give up freedom for convenience and became "App"le's / Google's youknowwhat a long time ago.

Wait till Apple is "struggling", and we're all licking Google's boots.

(Remember what Google stands for, Googol, a number with 600 zeros, so mighty it dwarfs and controls all others)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

(Sorry, confused myself. Googol has 100 zeros, it's the Centillion (European numbering) that has 600 zeros, and 303 for the US.)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)



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Why would android copy ios they already have more apps..stupid analogy. The verge goes with the perception that blackberry has launched this fact officially by stating that blackberry has failed at this. 10.2.1 is not even available to US consumers. When it is official then they can state whether it's boom or bust.

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Then you should be prepared to make the same statements about Jolla's Sailfish OS, and Samsung's Tizen, as they will run android apps as well.

Just gives BlackBerry more reason to focus on showing consumers what bb10 can already handle

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I only use Netflix, Instagram(I definitely prefer iGramm app), Line and 2 local news apps (La Prensa) and (DIEZ)!! maybe the windows phone users are desperate though they already have Vine and Instagram.

IF MS does this, and IF BlackBerry also integrates completely, the folks that should become worried is Apple....IMO

CB10'n it via da Z

Really? Come on man if BlackBerry had a fraction of the profits that Apple has we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Really? If the stock market perceives apple to be losing ground bye bye. And we all know how fickle the stock market is.

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It's simple, Google Apps become industry standard, driving new sales and options. Apple slowly becomes a niche vendor. This is the problem with walled garden approaches. The same approach nearly killed apple in the 90s. Interesting times indeed.

Further to the point, while Apple enjoys market share in NA, its dying in Asia. The problem is the flood of cheap Android phones and the secondary App market. Plenty of Chinese App support for Android thus, by jumping on the bandwagon, BB and MS can now compete in the Asian markets. At less than 5% market share and shrinking, Apple will struggle to get a foothold in the App world and will always be seen as the poor second cousin to Android. So the walled garden approach is hurting growth potential. Other negatives include poor pricing and uncompetitive hardware.

BlackBerry, like Apple, could open up to China market with China Mobile. BlackBerry is already selling in the Asian market. I mean Jakarta? Hello!

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Seeing as how only BlackBerry has done it so far and they are not dead,and WP has a big pile of cash to back them ,so can't die, you are proven wrong. Nothing like a little trolling in the morning.

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It's time for BlackBerry to focus on the android runtime, make it a dual boot phone ( hell yeah!!! )

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The only app I use from android is netflix. Now that third party developers are stepping in to fill the void and making good apps to do so. I hate the way android apps work, and prefer native apps for my BlackBerry .

And I'd feel the same way for my windows tab.

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We already have a decent number of official apps for WP. I do like blackberrys approach for them as I think it works more with the UI than it would work for WindowsPhone. I'm hoping that with WP8.1 switching to the same app format as Windows8/Windows 8RT this wont be necessary but only time will tell.

The only advantage of a mac is Mac OS X, the only proprietary OS that I know worth investing into. I run Linux but have had macs from 2001 until 2011. I bought my son a mac book for Xmas... he loves the OS... lately since like 10.7 or something the ui has been dumbed down a little too much... I never had to customize ui before, though honestly, it takes me one hour to harden Windows, for some apps like acrobat/iTunes etc, I have to remove unwanted links/services after every update...

Back to subject, windows phone devices are sold at a loss, windows RT Went through $2bn, $1bn in advertising and another in write offs.... Lol.

Windows Phone and RT Are costing them billions, so yeah, they might as well add android support...

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Man, I ask same question to myself everytime I hear about RT... Why they couldn't make ONE OS for both tablets and phones? at least they could minimize loses in development ;)

Posted via CB10

Good Luck MSFT. Lets see how long it takes them to get anywhere near the capabilities of the the BB10 Android run time. (I see no chance that this ever officially sees the light of day!)

You're right, what a clunky kluge of a hack that will be.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Proves why blackberry should hurry up and advertise this officially. What are they waiting on!!!

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Absolutely. Too late now for maximum impact. Now they would appear late to the party.

Posted with my Q10 running

the way how u can get droid apps on your phone is not that simple like getting apps from Blackberry store + no guaranties that they gonna work as expected.

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The majority of android apps works on bb10 just fine. Only a few that requires google services do not work. My app gap has been filled to overflow until I have no more internal space for apps.

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How much you want to bet that the media commends Microsoft for their actions when we haven't heard more than a mouse fart about BlackBerry already making this happen. Folks at BlackBerry please surprise the media with a revolution!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

@BerryRipe..right on,It's all about keeping the Billions of $ in America even though they are not wise enough to realize the security issues that will come back and shoot them in the butt.

BlackBerry hasn't mentioned this in any of their press releases on 10.2.1. That's the problem.

Posted with my Q10 running

I believe BlackBerry is staying mute until the "Android App Installer" process is completely fine tuned.

Big platform difference between Windoze mobile and Android. This may not be such a small task. BlackBerry just needs to make sure that they have a leg up on this and stay ahead, that's it.

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BlackBerry should have LEAD and touted this with the 10.2.1 press releases. Not all Android apps work well, but we already have iGrann, Whine, and soon Snap2Chat. Netflix apk works fine, one of the remaining missing apps.

Posted with my Q10 running

What do you mean by "LEAD"?

Surely you mean they should have followed Jolla and announced the feature months after Sailfish OS was already doing it.

In September 2013, Jolla Sailfish was running apk files. Back when BlackBerry 10 was still only running bar files. The fact is, BlackBerry followed Jolla's lead on this one. BB10 would probably still be running bars right now if weren't for Jolla.

I never said there wasn't. It was a Android runtime that only ran BlackBerry bar files. That was my point.

There is no denying it, Jolla Sailfish was running Android apps before BlackBerry was. And the purposefully created bar file restriction would probably still be in place on BB10 right now if it weren't for Jolla doing it first. I find it hard to believe that the timing was just by coincidence.

Thing is with WP is this may be tied in with their newest Android Nokia phone. They'll have to deny the current WP app store and use exclusively Android apps.

Windows would win if they have it in their windows store and marketed it to the masses that they have android apps. 2 things that BlackBerry is not doing at the moment.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry already has a instagram and vine app in world though. The blackberry experience is a whole lot better with android apps but if the apps are ever available in world I'll install that instead

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BBM on WP8 anyone? Load the Android versions of BBM on a WP8 phone and there is one less reason to not go WP8.

Microsoft if very experienced with virtualization so they will do a good job of running a virtual Android machine. Of course they better be prepared for a lot of CPU, RAM and battery.

For BlackBerry it was a good thing Cuz we needed only a few apps since our native apps were far better than the ones android had.
We mostly took to the apps due to the fact that our friends are in different phones and we needed to mingle.
For windows the native apps ain't that good as blackberry and going hands on with android might kill any chance of the native apps raising their standards and making a platform for themselves.

So it's not needed now

Doc @ Z10

Frankly, I think that the difference in app design between WP8 and Android is much greater than between BlackBerry 10 and Android. Android apps are begrudgingly acceptable on BlackBerry 10. On WP8, it could be very disruptive.

For that matter, how would they implement Android porting without an open file management system? Would they simply allow developers to port their apps, rather than allow users to sideload/install APKs?

Posted via CB10

We need native apps plain and simple. I bought a BlackBerry for a reason.

The few ported apps in the app world run gets the job done but isn't where it should be. Same goes for the OTA apps I got through Snap.

How hard and long can it be for big name app developers to create a native app for us? BlackBerry is providing every single tool needed .

I believe this is a way to Keep BlackBerry down and out of the picture.

Posted via CB10

Stop being delusional developers aren't developing for BlackBerry because the ROI is miniscule due to bbs market share. If market share increases and it may with the android runtime then developers might see the incentive to code natively for blackberry.

Posted via CB10

I agree. I liken it to being a retailer, and a major mall is offering free rent, of course you'll need to invest in store fixtures and merchandise, but it's free rent. The foot traffic may be lower, but it's still exposure. I think a lot of theses developers are lazy lima beans.

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What MSFT are doing is developing a Lumia phone that'll run Android.
Unlikely this "app store in an app store" will see the light of day - for one thing, Google are one of the companies that MSFT are litigating against via Rockstar.

It's too bad that BlackBerry Balance couldn't be used to put android apps on and keep separate/ partition from the BlackBerry side of things. That's if you weren't on a business network.

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In my opinion Android ports on BBOS run even better than on Android itself expect some sync and google play service issues. I daily use Deezer witch is a officially ported app. It works great. Sadly it's a old version and therefore horrible to use.
Having a port is better than no support for me. Hopefully those ports bring competition to BBRY World. Devs, I want you putting in a port to get BBRY users. Improve it to keep em. Of course a native app is best.
Oh windows, same thing but without keyboards.

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Horrible idea

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I think the ability to run Android apps on a Windows Phone and install them via the app store would be great. And it would make me jealous, as I'm still waiting for 10.2.1 to come to my Verizon Z30 so I can actually install Android apps without having to side load. I'm testing a Moto G right now and it's making me realize that I actually do miss having certain apps.

But I haven't seen anything that would make me want to give up my Z30 - Android apps or not. I love the screen. And the amazing speakers and fantastic battery life are unmatched.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10.

I feel about this like I felt about it when they announced Android apps for BB10. It's great to have the option but this just gives devs an excuse to not make native apps. It means they can program for Android and everyone can have it. So what would make them program their app(s) numerous times for each and every platform? Thanks to this feature I don't think we'll ever see native BB10 apps being made from this point on from the big guys.

@delroyj apps on aptoide are shown trusted to work but they have moderate privacy risks.. download max mobile security from BlackBerry World and scan apk files..

Posted via CB10

Well I guess if BlackBerry can make their apps work on Android then developers will develop native for BlackBerry.

Alternatively if BlackBerry can allow developers do one time work & the app will work for both BlackBerry & Android, it will make sense for developers to develop natively for BlackBerry.

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I have about 15 android apps on my z10 mostly local weather apps that may not ever show ap in blackberry word app imdb and mobile nation's android app for all the forums. But mostly have natuf blackberry apps and use theme more thin the android!!! But I love that I finly abull to have my local apps or special apps on my z10 and run realy well except one that close win I open it. But it makes me think if Microsoft dose go android. Android head must be swelling even bigger .thinking android phones now blackberry and wp8.1 they must think they have the best platform secne blackberry started ruining apk s. With all the extra downloads of android apps blackberry has giving android !!! But I don't think there much of a app gap couse most of my apps are blackberry apps. And win the apps like move to blackberry I'll put the native app couse it realy. Runs well in os 10 .but I think running android apps douse give us more chooses of apps untell it becomes native!!!!

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Now we just need a development framework that will check/ensure flawless compatibility ... for both platforms. Anyone wants to make money ? Tip is free :)
2 cents

*facepalm* you know if BlackBerry ended up going full android my plan was to dump them and head back to windows they're joining the android band wagon to appease the sheep. soon there will be no competition in the market just apple and android so you can play flappy bird HOORAY.

Posted via the Bat Cave

Exactly that, mate.

All kaputt, or licking Google's boots while surfing on their iPads.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

By comparison, there's "no competition" in the PC space. It's Windows vs Mac. Linux has a very tiny slice.

People really need to relax when talking about phones.

They can't put Android apps in their app store without developer support. In the grand scheme of things WP and BB have about the same market share. If developers don't want to support BB10 even by porting what makes anyone think they will support WP.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

BlackBerry 7 OS ran Java apps as well as native. In BlackBerry 10, it's no different. Android apps are just Java apps using Google APIs and running in a VM. This is essentially what BlackBerry has done, running Android apps in its own VM.

Microsoft's move makes sense. Just package it and let it run in a VM on their phone. But all this will do is make me seek out native as more. I'd be willing to spend more on native apps, if they're up to snuff.

Posted via CB10

Great news! Now BlackBerry has to make it even better to survive. We will be directly benefited from this.

It's like the "oh we don't need octa-core" argument, "oh we don't need android apps" is as clueless. Competition is about pushing boundaries, not about sitting there thinking you have everything you need to succeed.

BlackBerry has a head start on this, they have to keep the lead in this innovation.

Posted via CB10 with Z30 on radio

Necessity is the mother of inventions. Microsoft & BlackBerry have to do whatever is required to stay competitive and relevant. Times are changing.

Can anyone point to specific technical details about how MSFT would enable this? Until we know more technical details, it's jumping the gun a bit to say they are following in BBRY's footsteps. BB 10 contains a full Android runtime and can natively run compiled Android apps. For all we know, MSFT might be developing an Android app "viewer," which is just a window to Android apps. These apps theoretically could be virtualized or emulated and running on Azure with the Android "viewer" just displaying the app. This would be a far different approach than running Android apps natively on WP devices.

I say let WP do whatever they want and bash their own choice to run android apps. Nokia is making an android phone. That tells you how confident they are in WP. Lol.
I think having the choice to run android apps is a great choice to have. Bashing the idea then caving to it anyway is just wrong.

Sent from the best touch keyboard, the Z.

Nothing beats a native app, and we all know how good BB10 native apps are :-) but if the only way to get Google Maps is through Android, then Android it is!!

Posted via CB10

To Be Honest. Everyone's smartphone out there, has taken the idea or other ideas from BlackBerry. So that's the mean reason why every other smartphone are so good or even better than they were before. A special thanks to BlackBerry.

If it wasn't for BlackBerry in the first place, non of these top leaders would have the great ideas to put in their smartphones today. For example, Apple couldn't compete in the physical keyboards so they decide to make a fully touch-screen devices, than that became popular. And now BlackBerry is making a huge comeback.

This makes more sense, the  BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has the ability to swipe from the bottom frame up, than swipe up on the active application to exit. If you look at Apple's latest iOS 7 OS you notice if double click the home button, you'll open the active application session. To exit the application you want, you swipe up to exit the application.

Now since BlackBerry is in the lead of holding "the ability to launch Android apps" on their phones. Microsoft is now following?

Like that should be Copyright Infringement. Even though Android is a open source.

Look at Typo, now that's totally Copyright Infringement. Hello, look at the shape and design of the keyboard. Even a child will even say it looks the same.

Just holding my opinions. Please don't be offended, it's all true though. :D

Love SammyTour....

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Who else thinks this is like Microsoft throwing in the towel? After doing so so much to bring developers to their platform they do this? I do use some Android apps on my Z10 but I still would use a native app over one if I had the option. This may be sort of hypocritical but at the same time I guess I'm just afraid of Google having the, "one and only universal" store for all devices.

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I do think that app coding for more than two operating system is just too difficult for especially individual app developers to maintain. It is not just creating the app only but maintenance as well. Therefore I do not think we will see many new native apps for either platforms unless the developer codes exclusively for either one.

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Ugh! We better rock the Android hard and at all levels, including direct access to PlayStore before MS does! Then market the heck out of it!

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It's to little too late for WP. They were just to slow to change. I told you all android is the only way to go and ios will be obsolete. It's a outdated and old OS. Sorry fanboys it's true

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Geez. Now the only way for anyone who does not support or want software on their device from the advertising and data phishing company known as Google Inc is to buy an iPhone right? Seems to be the only d*mn thing left that does not have you using Android. Ouch man.

RIP android phones.. people will chose z10 and lumia 520 instead of low end android.. because of the screen sensitivity..

Well before we discuss Android apps on WP, I have to yet see ONE person with a WP.

At least in Canada, they are pretty much non-existent.

Ha ha ha, android may kill html5 then!
Huge challenge for msft still, I guess they deeply need the talent of Nokia there, but what is left? And still might not be easy integrating above win kernel given the posix support they have that must be even worse on phones. Will take them quite some time to get there. But what is android without the google apis? Maybe it is just an announce to say dont jump on BB yet and kind of justify new nokia phone.

::steps onto soap box::
::shakes Magic 8 Ball::
"Microsoft makes Android apps available for download on Windows phones AND makes the public aware through marketing campaigns."
Score: Microsoft 1, BlackBerry 0

C'mon BlackBerry, you did it first.
Let them hear it in the streets!
Shout it from the rooftops!
Climb every mountain!
Let innovation ring!
::steps down::
::picks up soapbox::
::walks away::

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Cute post. But they're not going to advertise something that's not 100% fool proof.

Imagine the uproar if someone saw an ad campaign and bought into the platform, only to find out all Android apps are not compatible.

This is simply MS once again copying BlackBerry's reasoning why they've allowed Android apps on BB10.
The difference here is QNX can run Android apps a lot more efficient than WP8 can.

Also there is absolutely no negative for having the ability to directly install Android apps on BB10. Its 100% positive, and the more people that do such as thing, the more DEV's get interested in developing those popular Android apps and making them Native BB10 Apps.

BB10 continues to lack the availability of high profile apps, so now with Android installations, this will only help boost BB10 sales. And will finally stop the bitching about lack of BB10 apps nonsense.

Unless someone already knows to download Android apps from 1MobileMarket or Amazon App Store (or how to sideload Snap), 10.2.1 will not provide that shot in the arm for sales that people think.

It's great to have Android option available. It will be awesome to make it official and easier.

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I can't see how running .apk files on Windows Phone will help Microsoft sell more phones. From the user's perspective Windows Phone has no file system. Also, one of the main points of Windows Phone is to have a consistent user experience. That goes out the window with .apk files. And besides, the store for Windows Phone is full of crapware. Mating "Store" with Android's library of crapware will taunt the Universe one too many times. It'll be the End Of Civilization As We Know It.

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Most Windows Phones sold are the Lumia 520, which will never be able to run the android runtime with acceptable performance. The 520 cannot run some native apps because it only has 512MB of RAM. #Fail

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It likely wouldn't be for existing devices. Or could arrive in a software update that the Lumia 520 wouldn't receive.

It was also reported that Windows Phone and RT would be unified. If everything is true, the Surface RT tablet would be the mother of all tablets.

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Native is the key!! Although android apps on BlackBerry are cool to have, but they are not good for the following reasons:
1. No support from the developer
2. Some apps require Google Services and api to get the full experience.
3. Android apps on BlackBerry are slow.
4. Not every app will work as expected on BlackBerry. Some apps will even crash for no reason.

Native apps are by far the best solution to any platform. They were built for that platform and they work within the framework of it.

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Finally, we will have BBM 4 All! Well, Android BBM port on windows phones! Win for BBerry!

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Having more choices is good, however one of the biggest problem I have with android apps is the lack of notifications, for example I don't get notified (am using facebook messenger downloaded from snap) when someone sends me a msg. BlackBerry has the best notification system, I really do hope that developers can spend some of their time to bring/port the app over to BlackBerry world with notification enabled.

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I feel the bottom line here is that while BlackBerry was spinning their wheels trying to get bb10 a reality, MS leap-frogged us and swiped 3rd.

Don't worry though, it won't be for long....

It looks like this will be the trend for all mobile os outside of ios and android. I would not be surprised to see Sailfish and Tizen come up with Android runtimes as well.

Although we would all want native apps, a lot of developers are only considering ios and Android os when creating apps.

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That's for sure. They want to focus their efforts on 96% of the worldwide market first.

Windows Phone and BlackBerry native development will become scarce.

Has anyone ever seen one of these elusive windows phones?

I think they're some sort of myth.

Thou art posted from z10

I haven't even tried to load the apk. If I had a knockoff android phone or something, just to grab apk's, it would be so easy. :P

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I love my Windows Phone 8. I truly do. I still have my BlackBerry, but I enjoy the Windows platform too.
Only issue, apps. We've been promised Flipboard for months and months and months. Nothing yet. Many other apps still absent. Truly an issue. If they do actually port Droid apps, that would be good AS LONG AS THEY WORK in a TIMELY FASHION. Reading some of the comments, I'm skeptical. Meh, as long as I someday get Flibpoard, I'll be happy. The rest of the MS apps are plenty for me.

Yes, good idea, BlackBerry should consider putting android apps in BlackBerry world

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I have 1mobile market on my Z10STL100-4/ I have candy crush it works really well and subway surfers also, I removed instagram cuz now we have native igrann but instagram worked great also on my z10!!!

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I have some apps available to me now that I couldn't get before. Most I've tried work reasonably well. Microsoft would most definitely benefit from adding Android capabilities to their system. Lack of apps is a beef I'm hearing about with Windows users

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