Microsoft ‘keeping an eye’ on BlackBerry according to Bloomberg

By Bla1ze on 3 Sep 2013 07:01 pm EDT

Arriving shortly after the news of Microsoft buying Nokia's phone and services business, Bloomberg is now reporting that Microsoft may be after a bit more in the mobile world by way of BlackBerry. No doubt many folks have pondered this option before but according to the report and the usual people familiar with the matter, Microsoft is 'keeping an eye on BlackBerry Ltd."

Words we've also heard from the Canadian Government concerning BlackBerry but this comes in a different form as Microsoft would likely be looking to acquire the company or at the very least some of its assets. Back in August, BlackBerry put together their special committee to look for and explore strategic alternatives, including possible sale of the company.

Microsoft has always been one of those companies in the background so it kind of makes sense that they'd be keeping an eye on BlackBerry, though we prefer to say keeping their 'thumbs' on. A bit silly to think they'd be ignoring the situation really as there is quite a bit of BlackBerry that Microsoft could use, especially in the Enterprise space but for now we'll have to wait and see if anything comes out of it.

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Microsoft ‘keeping an eye’ on BlackBerry according to Bloomberg



Why? You think they keep BB 10. If MS buys BlackBerry it's only for its patents and some assets.

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Yeah they already spent a lot on windows 8, the most they would do is take BlackBerry assets and integrate it into their windows 8,

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Microsoft got Nokia cheap. If they go after BlackBerry it will be even cheaper. They don't want the hardware or the software. So the aren't going to pay for it unless there are other players showing interest.

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BB10 and BB's consumer business is done if MS buys them. If you want a BB phone in the future, you don't want this to happen.


I've been doing some research on Windows Phone OS recently ... they are missing some key features like notifications and a unified inbox, all things they can take great advantage from BlackBerry. I do kind of believe the only other phone brand that would be interested in BlackBerry would be Windows, however I'm sure they will end up disintegrating bb10 after they use only what they need...

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Agreed. Stay away from BlackBerry MS. You either trash WP8 and go all out with BB10 or leave us alone. BB10 is superior in every way.


Windows phone I a complete failure, and if MS takes BlackBerry, that would be the end. I can't see MS as a good thing. I'm just not and never was a fan of their business model. And with the direction they going with their OS, I'm even more faar from impressed as to their lack of consumer relations.

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Windows Phone is a "complete failure", which is why it's outselling BlackBerry in 34 countries and has overtaken them for the bronze medal position.

Microsoft firmly believes in Windows everywhere. If they buy BlackBerry it will be the end of BB10 and QNX.

Remember this Strategic Committee was setup on the sole purpose of making sure BlackBerry 10 succeeds. Everything else said is speculation.

Not quite unfortunately. The committee's job is to figure out what's the best course of action for the company and shareholders. If BB10 is part of that plan, great, but the committee isn't there to ensure BB10 lives.


"Strategic alternatives" does not mean keeping BB10 alive.

Why would they set up a committee to keep BB10 going? That's the job of the everyday employees right now with the current direction of the company.

Please reread the articles of this board/committee. :)

My view of it as well. Pieces of each might be moved into Microsoft's car program and Windows Phone. BES would support Windows Phone. BBM would be on Windows Phone. Maybe the Z series devices will get a Windows Phone update if wanted.

Everyone seems to forget how firm a foothold QNX has in the Automotive and Fail Safe Industrial and Military systems. If MS bought BB, they would have a monopoly in Infotainment Systems as well as full access to utilize QNX in any way they want. QNX is too solid a system to let dissolve.

I would have thought you were right about QNX and infotainment but apparently there is another player in the market that claims to be the market leader.

"SiriusXM to Acquire Connected Vehicle Unit of Agero, Inc., the Leading Provider of Connected Vehicle Services"

Seriously? BlackBerry has its own obstacles to over come, it does not need Microsoft screwing it up for them like it did X box.

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You mean the system that came out of no where put Nintendo to shame and had ps3 dominated in every market except Asia?

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If Microsoft buys blackberry, then it will be available for enterprise customers only. None of the private sector wants NSA bull**shit. But I love to see BB10 on Nokia phones.

I second that. I'd love to see Microsoft leaving blackberry as it is though with in-depth windows integration and in-house developments bringing those two platforms together

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GL to security the moment Microsoft takes over. They would just make a backdoor to be hacked.

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Maybe a partnership or venture with BlackBerry to put BlackBerry 10 on their newly acquired Nokia phones?

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Oooh.... BlackBerry 10 running on the next Nexus, which is a higher spec HTC One (based on the Google Play Edition)... The Porsche edition can be made of titanium.

Right now, except "scrap Android " part, Google could buy BlackBerry, and have two mobile OSES for two kinds of customers. They could even bring together the best of two worlds in hardware business. If this will happens , Apple will have to start breeding goats!!!:)))

I sure hope Microsoft doesn't actually buy BlackBerry. just the interest in it should drive up the stock price

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Please be prompt with it. The CB team has been slacking lately (no offense).

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I have to agree. My first thought on the story "What Microsoft buying Nokia means for BlackBerry", was it means CrackBerry didn't do a story about the purchase. They did a story about the story.

Lol. Can talk about the slacking on the podcast. Happening shortly.  Been lots going on my end the past few weeks which has had me writing less than I'd ideally like to be writing. But with September here will pick things up again. Getter done!

Nobody bashes Kevin....he works too hard for anyone to take poke at him !

(I saw a little of this trend in another thread)

He was not bashed, he was politely poked. He needed that. He responded appropriately and with a lot of class! Thanks so much for protecting him. We already did mate!

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CrackBerry is treated like the redheaded stepchild of Mobile Nations. Maybe it's time for a dedicated manager like the other sites have.

This comment makes no sense to me:

A) I've been dedicated to CB full time and then some since 2006 as Founder and Editor in Chief

B) In 2011, I also became Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations... behind the scenes I oversee the management all of the sites in our network and kickstart a lot of our new initiatives (Talk Mobile, etc.)

C) When I'm occupied on other duties (I admit I can't fullllllly focus on CB like I used to), Adam is rocking it here full committment as Deputy EiC, as is Bla1ze and Simon, and we have other awesome folks part time. Even when I'm not writing articles personally, I'm still extremely involved in what's going up (example, a lot of the stuff Umi writes I'll ping him and discuss w/ him the ideas I want to see get written up).

D) In the run up to BB10... CB got all the bestest goods... new site, new app, etc. (working hard to get the best in class stuff rolled out to all our sites). 

E) We always do the mostest contests... because I love giving stuff away. :)

I can keep going....but I'll stop. OH yeah, and if anything, we'd have CrackBerry orange hair :p


He is exactly as visible as he should be. There is a team at CB for a reason.

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Makes no sense to me either. Perhaps medical marijuana over prescribed. Just keep on keeping on and don't get sidelined on this type of stuff. You have bigger fish to fry. Step up to the frier and start cooking. We are waiting. "WE WANT TO EAT!" "WE WANT TO EAT" We are banging are forks and spoons on the table now :)

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He's a whineynely old dude sitting in a basement somewhere. Tin foil hat and M.R. Es in hand waiting for Planet X. Ignore him. Probably hasn't been laid this century.

Maybe he should just start his own site.

You may wish to notice nearly every important piece of news about BlackBerry devices and company get to CB by a member linking from another site.

Perhaps you don't understand the members are the consumer of what Mobile Nations sells--advertising. Like any entertainment product, the consumers won't put their eyes on the content if the content is not satisfying. When the eyes leave, so to do the advertisers. When the advertisers leave, so to does the money. If CB does not generate sufficient income to justify management attention, management should consider if that is their fault because they are not giving it the attention it may need.

User count is up. So by your own argument your wrong ;) or its a personal opinion without reflection on the market.

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Well I'm glad to know management feels the product is perfect as it is. No reason a mere customer should feel it could be better.

CJH: we are in the big time now. Time for the editor to step up. Underlings need to observe and follow the boss now. Anything short of this is a shortcoming!

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I thought I that BlackBerry might have been checking out Nokia ever since we saw those comments about how BlackBerry wanted to find partnerships to help increase its scale. Looks like they'll likely have to look elsewhere. Regardless, I think it's safe to say that many companies have their eyes on BlackBerry. No necessarily with plans on purchasing, but rather to see what it is they're planning on doing next. I feel like a lot of fans (myself included) have a lurking feeling that there's something big being planned that we haven't been told about. I bet there are companies that feel the same way. BlackBerry may be an underdog, but they're not out of the race yet!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Microsoft has been an epic failure itself lately with the surface tablet and Windows phones. They may have deep pockets but they are a techno-social dinosaur. I want tomorrow not yesterday to be a possible buyer. Next!

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That sounds like what trolls who favours other OS say about BB (ya know, just with the names/brands swapped).

Don't sink to that level oakvillerelopro.

Surface RT was a strategic move that was too far into the future for existing users to embrace. Msft should be applauded for trying to reinvent their business before getting behind the 8-ball.

Well, they've certainly needed some course correction. But I don't I'd call the XBox an Epic failure.

Must be nice to be you. Personally, I'm a die hard PS fan boy. But I'd have to call myself uniformed if I called the Xbox an epic failure with over 77 million units sold world wide. Care to elaborate? Or have you hit your word quota for the day?

I remember mentioning something like this to some work peers last year and they laughed at me. My ideal scenario would be the Bb10 OS on Nokia hardware funded by Microsoft and integrated into the Microsoft OS (desktop). But with my luck it will be a Nokia phone running windows mobile supported by BlackBerry advertising dollars. Smh.

All this would mean is the end of blackberry 10 in my opinion. Why would Microsoft want to market and support 2 mobile operating systems if they were to buy out blackberry? And since they likely wouldn't want 2 OS'...pretty safe to say which one would be put to rest. would be a sad day.

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Microsoft has its hardware covered, for consumer devices and otherwise - perhaps BlackBerry will give microsoft an edge in the enterprise market.

I cannot for one moment believe microsoft would eschew it's own os, for bb10; however BlackBerry has a lot more to offer than that... if the price is right?

A lot to digest, today!

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BlackBerry and Microsoft together would be unstoppable in the Enterprise space.

Desktop BBM for PCs.. maybe making computer just as secure if they could implement QNX with Windows..

Whatever happens with BlackBerry, if anything at all, I hope we get at least one new BlackBerry device a year with a qwerty keyboard.

With the major security holes in Windows most Governments wouldn't be too happy at a network joined at the hip with leaky windows and also a leaky handset eco system.

I cringe at the thought.

I'd rather see a Lenovo/BBRY partnership and have BB10 join the corporate world on workhorse laptops that also seamlessly connect to a BB10 device.
Want to talk about security for governments and corporations, now that's a revolution in mobile computing.

From my oreo Zed 10

Forget Desktop BBM (stand alone), if BlackBerry partner with MS, they could bring back the QNX OS to desktops and ditch that bloatware called Windows.

This. I just can not live without a keyboard. People can call me old fashioned but I like to use complete sentences, complete words and some punctuation in my texts and emails. All while doing it effortlessly... Like I am sure a lot of BB users do.

That would be a disaster. Windows 8 is complete garbage. We need a computer based on QNX. Clean fast and stable. Bb10 is the best. The word has to get out somehow.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

It is horrible. Put 15 corporate window 8 computers on a network and watch your IT guys pull his hair out. They are a toy now. Little girl painting while skyping daddy is a true depiction of what MS has become!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Microsoft would be interested in BES and the infrastructure for mobile management. They would also leverage the security framework, but otherwise would leave the kernel/OS since that is Microsoft's bread and butter for their ecosystem.

It would be nice to see LG, HTC, Sony and Panasonic all license BB10...
Sorry somebody pinch me, I must have been dreaming.

People will only value security when something big rocks the mobile world. Smh

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+1. The day the media reports that all iOS / android devices have been compromised is when the world will wake up to BlackBerry (again) .

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Microsoft would take the pieces they need from blackberry and conquer the enterprise. Picture Skype with blackberries back end.

Straight from the Z10 in my hands.

Sure hope Microsoft doesn't buy BBRY. When microsoft bought Danger/sidekick , they had all those server problem and never recovered after

This deal does make a lot of sense for Microsoft. If such a deal happened, it's likely BlackBerry would be swallowed up and the parts integrated into Microsoft products, which is sad. Maybe (hopefully) the name would be preserved in some form like "powered by BlackBerry" or "BlackBerry Enterprise services from Microsoft". It will definitely be interesting to watch however it all plays out.

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Bye bye blackberry if Microsoft buys us. Windows 8 will take over the third place. BlackBerry is dead. It's a shame. At least we were the first smartphone

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As long as they keep bb10 I would be game for that!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Because bb10 kicks their @ss... that's why and they know it!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

The only reason microsoft would be interested in BlackBerry is to take out the competition and expand patent portfolio and establish itself as third place in market. Don't think microsoft would pay a significant premium to do so. Already their Nokia acquisition has come into heavy justified criticism.

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They could separate and sell the handset business while licencing the OS. So Microsoft gets some first rate additions to their messaging platform, the BB10 OS gets some broad scope device hardware to run on (Nokia, Sony, etc.), and BB keeps the enterprise MDM backbone plus QNX. Except now BES10 supports Windows mobile.

It doesn't make sense for a MS:BB combination.

BlackBerry is tied to BlackBerry OS' and Microsoft is tied to Windows OS.

With 3 percent of the market each it would be an uphill ride to get one them to take a seven percent share of the market on one OS. One company would have to give up their system.

The bear in the market is Google OS which has over half share of phones- there are over four thousand Android phone models in service

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If this happen i will change smartphone and tablet the mext day.... Microsoft is a destroier of good product.
Just in case that Microsoft acquire blackberry for delete them os for bb10 i am agree with the operation, blackberry need to tourn in a semi open source opefative sistem.
Like give some money prize for developer that are able to give some good upgrade to bb10 os

Microsoft might partner with BB cause they are realizing that Windows 8 is horrible ( i have a pc).
PC with QNX will be more secure (i think). Nokia makes great hardware

Windows 8 is horrible! Couldn't agree more!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

The Canadian government has to approve any foreign takeover of BlackBerry for economic and national security reasons, etc. They have said recently they are "watching the BlackBerry situation closely". A deal such as this would be scrutinized by the MAN and subject to approval up here in Canada.

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It'd be cool if Ballmer spent all of Microsoft's cash before handing the company over to his successor as CEO. He could be like "It's not like I wanted to give you the courtesy or the opportunity to build your own company with even a dine if resources from my watch... hahahaha... I'm laughing in your face!"

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If Microsoft buy BlackBerry I feel it will be the death knell for BB10 and BBOS. It would be a competitor squashing and asset stripping exercise, nothing like what is happening with Nokia.

Long term there is no space in Microsoft's strategy for a single non-Windows OS let alone the two they would inherit from purchasing BlackBerry.

After purchase they'd focus on working out how to leverage the NOC and BES10 for secure and 'work connected' Windows Phones in the workplace and how to merge BBM with Skype in consumerland and then it would be curtains for BlackBerry phones as we know them. Hopefully BlackBerry owners would get some kind of discount on a new Nokia Windows Phone or there'd be a lot of bad sentiment from a jilted user base towards Microsoft.

I'm not sure Microsoft would keep the BlackBerry brand name alive even for use in Enterprise as it would be a clumsy fit with the Nokia hardware brand and the Windows brand, in the US BlackBerry's brand image is none existent anyway.

Maybe they would make use of the BlackBerry name for its strength in developing countries with a Blackberry Windows Phone branding exercise, but then again that would go against their new strategy of 'One Microsoft' which presumably cascades down to 'One Windows' one platform, one brand and all that blurb.

BlackBerry as a going concern would have been a good acquisition for Microsoft a few years ago before they partnered up with Nokia but not now that they've made their love nest together. BlackBerry purchased by Microsoft now would just be a hog roasting over the fire to feed hungry bellies in Redmond.

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Microsoft is the worst option for BlackBerry. Microsoft is a pos company who puts tons of money in bs political causes.

Posted via CB10 with Z10

Some of you... actually, a lot of you, need to wake up and smell the coffee. As much as I think BB10 is better than any OS out there BlackBerry has left it a bit too late. BlackBerry is not going to make a comeback, whether Microsoft buys them or not the company is as good as dead as far as the hardware is concerned.

I would love to be having a Q10 successor in the future but it isn't going to happen. It is truly tragic for such a powerful OS to die like this, but then, the better OSs died tragically- webOS, Meego and now BB10.

I'm afraid to admit that I think you're right, mod9.

I also think it's worth mentioning that remember when BlackBerry is and was the cell phone pioneer, remember how everyone was sending and receiving emails on their devices, and there was no competition? At that time they were forward-thinking but I think, as others have suggested, due to poor management and short-sightedness (just the opposite of their original purpose) has basically tarnished their reputation and viability forever. I still, however, would and will defend their hardware and software until the bitter end, and then some. There's no phone out there that has the call quality or speakerphone quality of a BB, even the lowest end Curve for example. People seem to forget that we are buying PHONES first and foremost. The fact that all the multimedia cr*p and "apps" (most of which are installed and then never used again) has virtually taken over every review (look at YouTube) is pathetic and a sorry statement on the decline of any form of human "intelligence".

This is really sad.

Don't lose sight that BlackBerry is a publicly traded company and the prime job of the Board of Directors is to create wealth for its shareholders. Also don't lose sight that the CEO stands to get $55 million if BB is sold... other Board Members are probably due major payments as well. If Microsoft offered $20 a share right now the Board would be obliged to sell in order to maximize shareholders value. Sad but that's the Corporate take.

Z10 Winnipeg

All the big three have a close eye on blackberry and are waiting for the right opportunity. Personally I think this means picking up Blackberry Patents and migrating the remaining businesses to their platform offering them a deal they can't refuse.

Honestly the only good that could happen with Microsoft owning blackberry is maybe they would realize that blackberry has the better os and that wp8 is trash

Posted via CB10

They would drop the BB name for Enterprise if this is their play. The name is toxic here in the U.S. So you've have the BB technology but with a Microsoft Label on it.

Just as they may/should eventually drop the Nokia name for the hardware and just call them "Window's phones by Microsoft".

Your soon right, no partnership planned. Just buy out what they want and drop the tarnished media bashed name. Sad how much power the media has!

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

The name is tarnished for a great many reason. Not sure that taking 2 years to put out an up-to-market phone is the media's fault though.

Unfortunately I think Ms is only interested in a garage sale of BlackBerry technology. Doesn't do BlackBerry any good in my opinion. They have IBM, Cisco, Acer, Asus, Lenevo, Panasonic, Sony, and Intel to name a few partnership prospects.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

The only thing I see short term coming out of this is BBM integrations into Skype then long term the back end of WP and W8 running on QNX making it easier for Android apps to get ported over to WP seemingly eliminating the app debacle instantaneously.

Microsoft buying BlackBerry makes no sense any way you look at it. Nobody in their right mind would develop two platforms at the same time. A strategic partnership that brings serious productivity applications to BlackBerry in exchange for some of BlackBerry's enterprise technologies on the other hand makes a lot of sense. It gives BlackBerry a much needed application boost and helps it deliver on the adage of "tools not toys" and at the same time Microsoft strengthens its own Windows platform as a viable alternative to enterprise.

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Maybe they will have Nokia as the consumer phone At a good price point and blackberry as a high end phone, BBM Enterprise, qwerty, BES 10 enterprise, M2M, MSFT cash for the App ecosystem.
Can't wait to link my Q10 and Z30 to a surface tablet ! Boy things are moving fast.

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Facebook has nothing to gain by buying BlackBerry. It would become a huge loss for them to buy BlackBerry and would likely cause Facebook to go bankrupt.

BlackBerry is paying royalties to Nokia for patent use ! So maybe a savings here

Posted via CB10

Hmm. What about the other Windows phone partners? Wonder how they're feeling about this news. May open some doors for BlackBerry to license 10.

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If Microsoft doesn't buy BlackBerry someones will eventually and BlackBerry will be gone forever. Keep in mind BlackBerry is on the same path as Commodore was once on. There is not return once you start on this path to profitability. I just hope that whoever buys BlackBerry is smart enough to keep BES around for another year or two until they completely phase out all BlackBerry.

It would turn BlackBerry into the back-office of Windows Phone, but look at it from MSFT's perspective. They would lock down #3 in phones and own a huge trove of patents, data networks, and enterprise infrastructure.

It would probably kill BlackBerry as we know it but I understand the logic. Might be the only way they get the critical mass / market share they need to make Windows Phone succeed.

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I am so tired of all this drama... if BlackBerry goes under and I find myself with a useless phone so be it,,,then I'll will just follow the crowd and get a Galaxy or iphone phone. I guess I'm just running out of steam hoping and hoping that the folks at BlackBerry can get it together. My wife keeps laughing at me because I am hanging at the last strand of hope and she can't wait for BlackBerry to fold, along with most of my friends. All have this incredible hate for BlackBerry. I love my Z10 and would hate to see it go away, even if I'm the only one in my whole county that owns one. Late note, I use to enjoy this site, but most of time I feel angry and depress after going on to see what is going on.. Have a good night and enjoy bashing BlackBerry for now because it won't be around for long....then what...

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If the fate of BlackBerry is more important than your family and friends, not to mention your own happiness, it's time to take stock of your priorities and maybe seek help.

BlackBerry employees and management will buy the firm out. You just watch and see. It'll be an employee operated and owned company thereby giving us the features we need not the rubbish we don't and the company will be on a resurgence and microgarbage and apple won't stand a.chance against BlackBerry and DROID phones. Oh yeah did I say that Apple sucks? Lol cherreos that's my rant for today.

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As soon Microsoft really start thinking about buying BlackBerry, we should run a Pledge that Linus Torvalds is able to make a better offer. Linux has its own problems but they should be more open for mixing QNX into their Kernel.

Windows is the biggest Virus ever. If Microsoft should ever buy BB, this will be my first and my last BlackBerry Device.

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Any company that buys BB will change things, thats why they are buying it, and why BB is selling: there way of doing things isn't working.
I personally am a fan of Microsoft, and a fan of BB. If it is done right, it coulb be a very happy marriage. If it is done wrong, it will be an expensive mistake. But this could be said for any possible suitor.

Nokia for 7 billion I heard? That's true? Then BlackBerry can't be that much more right? I can see this happening for sure

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I would be scared of Blackberry if i was other phone companies. What, 8 months and people are slowly switching to Blackberry, Thats good. Give it time and i think Blackberry will blow are minds away with some of the things they can create. Just think, who would of thought of the HUB?

I'm starting to fear that the worst man. I've had a BlackBerry since I was 18, never looked back. Sure, I feel like this Z10 is their best product to date but that being said, if Blackberry goes out, I'll be stuck with some trendy phone with plenty of cool, useless features.

The reason i like the Z10 is because it's intuitive, it's useful and it helps me get things done.

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.

Well Microsoft bought Nokia using their off shore money on which they'd have to pay 30% tax..However, if they did something with BBRY this would put them far ahead of iphone and andriod,if they executed it well. I'm a BBRY fan and would love to see them succeed however going against Apple, Andriod and now Microsoft is going to be tough.

They can call bb10 windows phone 9! Lol and just change some icons looks. Call it like business edition of windows!

Posted via Q10 using CB10

If Microsoft buys BlackBerry I will separate myself from my BlackBerry faster than a rat abandons a sinking ship.

Posted via CB10

Microsoft is keeping an eye on BlackBerry? Hey, McDonald's is keeping an eye on BlackBerry! Anyone wanting to make money is keeping an eye on BlackBerry.

LOL, this is high level trolling and says nothing about the health of BlackBerry. Com'on, ya gotta admit t'is better than watching TV...

Read the article - the partnership of Nokia/Microsoft wasn't working. Their sales were similar to (actually less than) those of BB10 systems - even with a year's head start. With an expectation of a world-beating OS (we're talking WP8 here) and dismal results the investors get ansy. Does any of this sound familiar?

Management has a DUTY to maximise return. As mentioned earlier by others (Chris, for example), Microsoft is shoring up their investment. If BlackBerry potentially helps Microsoft make money, the company will be in play.

Posted via CB10

As you (I think) pointed out in another cent today, the whole Microsoft/Nokia deal is a charade. First, plugging a Microsoft officer into Nokia several years back was intentional. The Nokia deal was set up about 2-3 years ago and was done by the same officer. Second, if anyone ever had any thought that Nokia will see a resurgence because of Microsoft partnership they needed to wake up and smell the coffee. Whatever Nokia may have contemplated as a future move was squashed back in 2011 and its only viable strategy was to sell off the devices and services division to Microsoft. What Microsoft got is a way of securing continuing hardware manufacturing and most importantly penetration in emerging markets where Nokia still had a relatively solid presence. This is a direct play at BlackBerry in fact, an attack on emerging markets. At the same time, BlackBerry has also played a move against Microsoft by keeping BBM off of Windows phones. If a large majority of users buy into BBM it's bye-bye Windows phones.

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To summarize, it's an all out war now for 3rd spot of the smartphone market. Ironic, as the two players are the smartphone pioneers.

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If anyone looks at BlackBerry. I think Apple would be technically the best; it could potentially "marry" the best of business & social platforms!

Thanks-- most of my friends have iPhones & my business associates use Blackberries; so I see the best (& worst) of both although I much prefer the Blackberry; I like having control... that is why I believe this alliance would potentially benefit both the social and business worlds...

Someone mentioned Lenovo earlier... the US & Canada would never allow that to happen; results could be devastating because of security...

People need to remember the advent of mobile communication and BlackBerry's pioneering.

If Microsoft buy BlackBerry and some assets "QNX" no more competence for the third place in smartphones and for Microsoft link in automobile.

Why Microsoft is interested in buy ?BlackBerry for killing it.

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Don't let Microsoft buy it, everything they touch goes to shit, it's like they're cursed

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For mine MS would be most interested in The enterprise side of BlackBerry... and would probably only make a play for that section.... although they are pushing office365 and exchange online for small business they could integrate bes10 as part of a new windows server release for mid to large business ... similar to sbs2011

Just a thought. So Microsoft is keeping an eye on BlackBerry. Microsoft just bought out Nokia. There's been a lot of talk on the forums on how awesome a BlackBerry Sony venture would be. Microsoft and Sony have been battling for years to be the premier home, mobile etc provider to countless millions. If I was Microsoft, I too would be worried about a joint Sony / BlackBerry venture. I use both Xbox and Ps3. I'll probably get both new systems. Just think a minute how a Sony / BlackBerry venture would really unbalance Microsoft. Sony makes mid to high range electronic equipment. They're starting their own Os. They have a great gaming system, or should I say systems (think Vita). They have a huge media catalog. BlackBerry has a great Os, enterprise svc, security, QNX and a lot of upcoming automobile integration. We're talking the new frontier here. If I was Microsoft, I'd be very worried and 'keeping an eye on' BlackBerry. Think about it. Top notch electronics, an integrated game /entertainment automobile system including an integrated phone. That my friends is the future. If one company could do all of that (wich Microsoft presently does not), that would be a threat and I would keep my eyes on it. This, in my opinion, would / could make Microsoft very wary.

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I like your thinking. Would really throw a monkey wrench in the market. More competition is best for all of us.

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MS isn't dropping WP for BB10 haha not even a remote chance... WP8 runs Windows NT kernal thats also in Windows 8 and the XBOX One. I'm sure the would take some features from BB10 and include it in WP.

Blackberry holds a good chunk of mobile patents and that would be the #1 reason for acquiring the company and MS has been working on it's mobile patent portfolio.

I could see MS keeping the Blackberry name (just like Nokia) and having blackberry WP8 devices without a doubt.

Even if this is just a rumor...NO F'NWAY. BlackBerry will never be an MS product!!

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I would rather lose BlackBerry than see a Microsoft sale... the infinite bad tastes left in my mouth through crashing computers and laggy programs throughout the years... decades even... not worth my frustrations to even try something like that out.

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I hope not. Microsoft has a way of totally screwing things up. Bing is a terrible search engine, Internet Explorer is famous for its never ending shutdowns, the last Microsoft market shut down leaving everyone high and dry. Front Page closed without notice. The only decent things that company has are x-box and their office programs.

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BlackBerry should continue expanding their solid fan base n slowly grow, no need to sell anything -_- they just need to make good apps, that's all people want

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iPhone, I guess you are stick to small screens at all cost type of guy. Its over for iPhone, when was their last innovation??

No, the bigger the screen the better (to an extent), but I don't want some glitchy, virus filled, android. I actually care about security, and apple, although not BlackBerry, is leaps ahead of Google in regards to security. And like I said, I might go WP if Microsoft does end up buying BlackBerry.

Something which concerns me bigtime and have observed off late here in india as well. Last week I was at a smartphones store here in Mumbai just checking around. I had a guy next to me wanting to buy one of the Blackberry Legacy phones. To my surprise the sales person was pushing him to buy a Nokia Lumia phone. I couldn't help but wonder is this one of the big reasons why Nokia overtook BlackBerry to no.3 recently. Instead of pushing for the BlackBerry 10 phones he was conveniently pushing the Nokia Lumia series of phones. Thankfully the buyer was a hardcore BlackBerry guy or so it looked and bought himself a Curve.

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Bollocks. Do they intend to own two phone making companies running 2 different types of software? Will they put Windows OS in BlackBerry phones or put BlackBerry OS/10 in Nokia phones? I very much doubt it.

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I'm just worried about privacy, security and confidentiality issue, Microsoft is a puppet to NSA, once it's acquired the government takes over your data!

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BB10 / QNX should be Open Source so nobody can take it from us... MS will destroy BB10

"IBM please buy BlackBerry!!!" ^^

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I am not into ms phones, if BB ends, I may just get a tablet, switch over to a basics phone and call it a day.

The old school rocks...

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I love everyone's enthusiasm around here and your support for BlackBerry. I'm in the same boat as y'all. I don't wanna see BlackBerry taken over by anyone. Sad thing is I think it'll happen. People don't wanna give it a chance. I don't like to think about it.

Long live BlackBerry just the way you are. I feel safe when using mine. No worries about viruses or other malware or phone hackers.

9700 > 9900 > Z10

At this point in time I think the best thing for us all to do is sit back and watch what happens. All this speculation is only going to drive us nuts.

Personally I hope BlackBerry can come up with something really good that will start bringing people back. After just switching back from an iphone 5 to the Q10 let me say the BB10 is so much better than iOS. Apple may have more apps at the moment but if BlackBerry can bring on some of the more popular apps like instagram then maybe just maybe they can have a fighting chance.

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if Microsoft take over blackberry its will be bye bye blackberry to me..... i don't mind blackberry running as a niche player but not Microsoft.....

I would like to see IBM buy BlackBerry.

I. B. M .

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I've been a Windows PC user for years so I'm not exactly a Microsoft "hater", but please, for the love of God, don't touch BlackBerry.

By the time there is a Microsoft pro phone running bb10, Android will be secure enough for small businesses and they already have the needed features (s/mime, OpenVPN, email aliases) which BlackBerry refuses to implement.
A shame because I really like bb10, just not its artificial limitations.

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I have zero insight to my comment and virtually nothing to back up my statement, but for some reason I think this deal would be good and it would do exactly the opposite of what a lot of people here are saying.

Call it a gut feeling, but I think Microsoft has the ability to make a product succeed. They aren't the most widely used desktop OS because they have poor vision.

Not to mention they're just infinitely more established as a company and aren't trying to dig themselves out of a hole.

No offense, I love my BlackBerry, but the management at this company has been incompetent for the past 5 years and they simply cannot do this on their own. You either take the compromises that happen if a company like Microsoft buys them or you watch the company tapper off into history.

I'm very interested by this now possible reality.


i seriously believe blackberry can do it on its own.... they come all the this way... they came up to here without BB10 with the BBOS now they got wat it take soo... they will do it mark my words this Christmas Eve Blackberry is going to turn around..... to show who's boss in the phone world...