Microsoft Bringing Bing To Mobiles?

By Bla1ze on 22 Jun 2009 01:53 pm EDT
Microsoft Bringing Bing To Mobiles?

Bing has been unwrapped for a while now and so far has done quite well for it's self up against Google. But it wouldn't be Microsoft if they didn't have some mobile aspirations for Bing considering Windows Mobile is still a big seller in the mobile world.

IStartedSomething [via] has given up some pics of what is reported to be the mobile Bing client for Windows devices, hopefully to replace Live Search. But the mobile versions are said to not be stopping with Windows Mobile and will indeed be moving into BlackBerry and Verizons BREW enabled devices as well. Windows Live search on BlackBerry is kind of cool, a lot of people I know use it, so Bing on BlackBerry is not such a stretch by any means, would you all use it?

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Microsoft Bringing Bing To Mobiles?


As one who hates seeing the first two pages of "Wikipedia" returns for any search (let's face it: "anyone changing anything at any time" is, aside from certain historical queries, going to return some pretty inane info, though wiki DOES have it's place), I think I'd give this a go on my BB.

To that end, while I'm no big fan of MS (moved to BB from a WinMo phone!), the returns for many searches have been a lot more useful (and some, not so useful) to me. By and large, favorable. Clean, but visually engaging page is unusual for MS. Does that make a search engine better? No. But it's a nice touch. The image search (for desktop) was especially nice, though I'm not sure how that will translate into a mobile platform.

Besides, anything that gets Sergei and his senior coding armies at Google's panties in a tiffy is definitely worth looking into! ;)

I would still use Google. I'm a Google kind of guy. I mean seriously....Google is it's own verb! Can you honestly hear someone say, "I don't know. Why don't you Bing it?" I think not.

uhhhmmmm google wasn't always a verb you couldn't "google" anything before its release.....and fyi bing isn't a verb however it is a word whereas google isn't....:)

I would probably give this app a shot on my Javelin. If it works better than Live Search and has more functionality, then it would be worth keeping.

I hadn't tried it until I saw this blog. So I typed a fair question in google, and in bing; no quotes.

Question: Why is obama so dumb

Results: Bing got the exact title in the first result; Google didn't

Conclusion: Bing FTW!

bing and google is like BB vs. iPhone they both have pros and cons....i dont even know why im saying this lol im so bored!!!

This posting reminded me that on my insurance replacement Motorola Q9c with WM 6.1 that I hadn't yet downloaded the new version of Live Search.

Imagine my surprise when it said "Download Bing for Windows Mobile". I tried and all that came up was the latest Live Search.

Maybe the links haven't been updated yet but it does let you search Bing when you go to the Web icon.

I'm a Google guy. I know how to tailor my searches to find exactly what I need. Unless something dramatically better comes around, I'll be sticking with what works.

Bing is my homepage on Firefox and I have the search toolbar set to Google. Works for me.

No reason in not using both. I use whichever happens to work best for me on that particular search. If I need an exact search I use Google with quotations. If I'm shotgunning it fort the best results, I "Bing it".

Haha. Yeah, that sounds funny.

I used to use Google all the time because it was the best search engine out there. However, I now use Bing over Google. It looks better, produces as good or better results, and it's MS, which I am a big fan of (even though I use an 8900).