Microsoft boosts free OneDrive space to 15GB, 1TB for Office 365

By Joseph Keller on 23 Jun 2014 11:37 am EDT

Microsoft is making some major changes to OneDrive storage, more than doubling their free storage tier. Currently sitting at 7GB, free OneDrive storage will be raised to 15GB.

Office 365 subscribers will be getting additional storage as well. While OneDrive for Business users received this upgrade in April, users of Office 365 Home, Personal, and University will all be getting 1TB of OneDrive storage for now extra cost. Office 365 Personal is available for $6.99 per month, Home for $9.99 per month, and University is available for $74.99 for four years.

Microsoft is also slashing the price of standalone OneDrive storage tiers. Previously, $7.49 per month OneDrive's 100GB level now has a monthly cost of $1.99. The 200GB tier is now $3.99 per month, down from $11.49.

All of these changes are set to roll out next month. Are you excited for these OneDrive pricing changes? Sound off in the comments below.

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Microsoft boosts free OneDrive space to 15GB, 1TB for Office 365


Yeah, wish it offered privacy too. I'm a 365 subscriber so I'll use it for non sensible data.

Office 365, One Drive and Outlook are working for me very well.

Dumped Google for 2014 and won't be looking back.

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Office 365 is working very well for my organization. I am pleased with the increase that occurred in April.

Now they need to fix the Audit logging detail and controls in One Drive Business and I will allow my users to share again. Cubby working great in the interim and as alternative.

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Office 365 is so awesome. My business is using it for 7 months now and it runs almost flawlessly.

This Storage Space upgrade is super useful!

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Seems like I'm moving from Box soon, I'm paying 10 dollars a month for 100 GB in Box, now with the OneDrive app for BB10 this is awesome.

The OneDrive app for BB10 works pretty good in the background.... Wish it would sync Documents, instead of just Pictures and Videos. But it does work with File Manager to allow you to access files that sync with your work/home computers.

But I will say that Microsoft online products have been impressing me.

What file size limit are you looking for? Isn't there something like a 1GB or 2GB limit? I know i have a couple files that are 1GB each on there.

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On the Mac, one drive crashes when syncing file pathways more than 150 characters in length. A real PITA if you have multiple sub folders. MS just has not fixed that problem once they do will be much better than most cloud storage offers. Box is great and has a BlackBerry 10 client, but doesn't sync native Mac apps and folders well. DB is good also but the free storage is lacking...

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I was already looking at moving over to onedrive due to the annual billing but was put off by the more expensive pricing. Looks like I'll be moving from Google drive to onedrive soon. Good news.

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Microsoft is now offering 15gb free (which used to be 7gb) and for a nominal fee of $6/mo you can get Office 365 and 1Tb for OneDrive.

OneDrive is my go-to cloud storage solution. I occasionally have to use Dropbox since it is the most common and I have to use Google Drive with some of my coworkers at least until we migrate everything to Office 365, but everything I can do in OneDrive I do in OneDrive. It works very well on every platform I use and I snagged the 100GB promo they did when they did the rebranding.

One of these days I'll probably switch to Office 365 personally, as well as whenever my work does it, but so far my copies of 2010 are perfectly sufficient so I haven't felt the need yet. I briefly did Office 365 hosted email before I discovered Windows Live Domains which are free (although about to be grandfathered out like Google Apps was).

If you had 7GB, you had their base plan. They also gave another 3GB for free if you set your mobile device to sync photos. That would bring your total to 10GB for free.

What Microsoft is doing is increasing everyone to 15GB minimum regardless if you had 7 or 10 GB.

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Nice, but I already had the 25 free so no change for me. I have to say that the OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, along with media card & connected computers, connectivity on BB is so great. This, combined with ease of sharing is something I don't think iOS users, and possibly the other platforms (Android/Windows Phone but I haven't used these as much so can't say for sure) know about. It's so easy to share to Pocket, Evernote, social media, etc, and move files from drives to cloud etc all from the phone. It still blows me away even though I've been using it over well over a year. We have ipads in our home, and it frustrates me when I want to keep something/share many steps I don't bother where as on BB it's 2 clicks.

I'll take it. Who else thinks storage will be virtually free in a few years time? Just judging by the storage 'supermarket price wars' which is veritable race to the bottom of the tech world.

If you don't have large files and don't mind storage within attachments, storage is * already* free: Google mail, Yahoo Mail, etc.
Only a matter of time before the file warehouses go for broke on the storage front, and instead (probably) seek premium in add-on services.

Dropbox, in particular, has some catching up to do, I believe.

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Agree on Dropbox comment. They are away behind, particularly the free package at 2.5 gb is lame nowadays. Is Dropbox sitting on its throne BB-style while competition outpaces them? Looks that way

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I could totally see this. I see OneDrive as a hook into the MS ecosystem. Fortunately it works fairly well with BlackBerry 10 too.

I'd be much more likely to buy a Windows tablet just due to the integration with my laptop and having all my files in essentially the same place. Yes I could fiddle with third party apps, but having things automatic and built is just so much easier.

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I use 50GB free from box, backs up all my files and my device, and all my college coursework. By far the easiest service to use between mac & bb10 and its not failed me once since its launch on the PlayBook


Two services I rate in life, BlackBerry and Microsoft.
anything after that (not including family and friends) comes a great second.

With the fact of being able to create documents with or without any installations of applications and being able to share them, I can see the cyberspace services taking off to new heights.


Wow, this is great news. With this I might switch from bitcasa to onedrive. With 2 factor authentication I think onedrive is quite secure as well.

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How do I sign up for Office365 University? My university runs Office365. Would I, as a student, be able to sign up for the 1TB of space using my student email?


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Not a free 50 GB like Box and Dropbox sometimes, but this will come in handy watching videos on Xbox with OneDrive installed!

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When I purchased 365 my OneDrive got bumped to 30GB. So far no additional space has been given. Anyone else have this much storage?

My account is at 10gb, not 15gb...???

Is anyone else seeing the same thing ?


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Hmm I need to check how much space I have on office 365. I have been using it at least a year and don't recall being notified of an increase to 1TB. I don't upload a lot of files but it comes in handy when I need to access documents between devices.

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