Microsoft begins to drop 2 GB file size limit for OneDrive

Microsoft begins to drop 2 GB file size limit for OneDrive
By Sam Sabri on 1 Sep 2014 02:01 pm EDT

Microsoft is prepping to drop the 2GB file size limit for OneDrive. Right now a small number of users can upload files larger than 2GB in size to OneDrive. Users on Reddit were the first to notice a change, with Microsoft sharing a statement to The Next Web to confirm the file size limit changes.

Here's a statement from Microsoft on the OneDrive file size limit:

"As we mentioned on our UserVoice, we have started the work to increase the file size limit for all OneDrive accounts. We have started the process with a small number of customers and will continue to roll it out to our full customer base. We will have more to share on this update in the near future, stay tuned to the OneDrive blog."

Back in April 2012 Microsoft updated the desktop app for OneDrive (then called SkyDrive). The update introduced a handful of new features, one being an increase to 2 GB for files uploaded to the cloud storage service.

Microsoft hasn't shared the new maximum file size but will most likely announce it in the near future on the OneDrive blog. For now, let's play around – tell us the biggest file you're able to upload to OneDrive.

Source: The Next Web

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Microsoft begins to drop 2 GB file size limit for OneDrive


Glad to see this.
SkyDrive and Box are my "go-to" cloud storage solutions. Good implementation on BB10.

Frosty White Q10/

So, from now on we're sharing OS leaks through OneDrive? I'm sure that would make some happy. ;)

BlackBerry 10 signed @ C0007CC89

I have to hand it to Microsoft for making this honey pot look more and more attractive to the average user ;)

Reading this over I see the merit of such a post in a computer forum, but seriously, how many mobile device users, specifically BlackBerry as this site is geared to those users; would ever even approach that limit with a single file? I think a very minute if any number.

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Minute, maybe because they couldn't get more before but someone just mentioned uploading a full movie to the cloud and i suspect that with this increase more people will be doing the same.

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I moved a 2GB movie to my BlackBerry from Dropbox last night. I use cloud services to store media files that I can then access over wifi.

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I get where you are coming from in that you probably wouldn't routinely hand multi-GB files from your BlackBerry device.

However that's just one access mechanism as you can use the Web interface from just about anything and then Windows desktops have the native client. I.E. This is your one stop cloud storage for all your platforms, BlackBerry devices being just one of them, and so having the larger file size so you don't have to think about it any more is awesome.

For instance I used to save copies of my purchased movies, some over 2GB, on my local computer (that is backed up). Now I can move them all to OneDrive and save space on my computer that was previously devoted to files I only had a copy of for backup purposes. I can still have access to the movies if I need them for any reason (like my phone got wiped as I encrypt my SD card).

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This x10. I use OneDrive for everything. I back my photos from my phone there, my various backups, and my files from my computer.

No one wants a service that *only* works For mobile. You need one that does it all.

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After the Jennifer Lawrence debacle on iCloud, the demand for cloud storage may drop. People won't need that much storage if they can't store their nudie pics and vids in the cloud.

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That's because apple has a shitty security, BlackBerry could take advantage in the cloud services

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Use BING rewards points to get 100GB free for a year. :-)

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It's called revenue folks and part of the new way of making money, they share aren't making it on the hardware end. Shape of things to come.

Posted from my lovely z30 on T Mobile USA using

It is 15GB since mid July, more than double than before.

I have 18GB, don't know why.

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And my 240 GB Crucial SSD on my Intel NUC i5 at home connected via my Z10 through BB Link :)

Not sure how "safe" that is but I like it very much to have my "own cloud" .

Z10 LE (red) #00167 OS10.2.2.1531

Wondering if they will drop it down to what we had at. Xdrive (back in 2000) to 25mbs. That would be hilarious!

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Does Blackberry offer a secure cloud option like this where I can store all my music and pics? Not like ICloud so somebody can hack and get leaked celebrity photos. HA!

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BlackBerry has no need to get into the Cloud storage business. There are already great options available to BlackBerry users. I would be very happy if BlackBerry would extend the encryption option to cloud storage. I understand that defeats the option to share between devices or, as a backup should you lose your phone. Still, I would be much more comfortable using cloud storage if I had an option to encrypt using my BlackBerry key.

I got a notice that with Office 365 I get a TB of storage for each of up to 5 computers ( I only have one).

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The problem is the max character list size of 150. Once that gets fixed then we are great. I have many subfolders that can't sync because of that limitation.

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Um, our app for OneDrive is from BlackBerry, and they have decided in their infinite wisdom to create their own max file size of 250MB. Yeah, that's right, BB wrote the app with a 250MB file size limit. Any video longer than a few minutes won't back up to OneDrive automatically OR manually. I've tried contacting BBHelp via DM at least 6 times and they replied to the first couple with replies that showed the people responding didn't even know what I was talking about when I asked about OneDrive.

This is awesome. I subscribed recently and (just) one file I tried uploading failed because if the limit.

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