Microsoft adds new perks to Skype Premium accounts

Microsoft adds new perks to Skype Premium accounts
By Rich Edmonds on 29 Apr 2014 09:41 am EDT

Skype has evolved. Microsoft recently announced that group video calling would be available for everyone to use for free. Previously, you were required to have a Premium account. But what about those who were (and still are) subscribed and paying for the luxury? Skype has you covered with a small thank you upgrade package. Put short, you'll be able to call to countries around the world at no extra cost.

The company will be providing premium subscribers with unlimited calls to phones in over 60 countries (mobile numbers in 8 - see the Skype list for more details), without bumping your fee. As well as the new call allowance, Skype premium subscribers will also be able to have up to 10 people in a group video call, receive live chat support when required and the usual ad-free experience.

How does one upgrade their premium account? One does not. Skype will change everything across for you. Be on the look out for an email from the communications provider. Thanks, rdubmu, for the tip!

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Microsoft adds new perks to Skype Premium accounts


don't bother responding to him, he's being a stupid first poster trying to be clever. If he didn't get first, he wouldn't have asked anyways... He's bloody pathetic

Let then get voice calls working flawlessly before even attempting video calls

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Great question because BBM Video is so much better than Skype.....Skype sucks...

They must be working to get it "perfect" cross platform...

I believe this will be another hallmark of the Chen administration.....get it "right" then "Sell Like Hell ".... not the other way around.

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Omg. Wanna try that international calling...

What's the Premium price???

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I hope BBM does group video chat sooner than later. Anyway, sounds like a nice Skype update.

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Blackberry is always in last place, in order to evolve you have to be the first not last, cross platform bbm video chat should of been out especially if you're fighting for survival. Anyways blackberry takes another L

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@Rich, Skype don't have Premium accounts now. Check out

They have free group video calling on Windows desktop (not Modern), Mac and Xbox One though you need a Gold Live account on Xbox One to make group calls.

And why exactly would I pay to use Skype? A real perk would be to reintroduce MSN Messenger...FOR FREE.

That would be great. I have BBM, why on earth would I pay to use Skype?

Hell no...

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Skype chat is free and always has been; it has been moved to the Windows Live Messenger infrastructure - which allows buffering/storage of messages when the other party is not online; Skype video calls are now free for both one-to-one AND group video. Also one participant on group video can share his/her screen.

The only charge for Skype these days is for calls to landlines and mobile phones on a carrier network. And for a Skype Inbound number.

I have no problem with the application.

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As for group video calling the calls must be hosted on a PC (Windows or Mac) due to the processor load; mobile users can be participants but voice only. Maybe some day smartphone processors will be able to handle the load required to host a group video call.

Heh, bet it'll handle very well on my linux powered pentium 4. ;)

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Meh, as long as microsoft is "improving" skype, i'll be pleased. You still cannot beat oovoo's 12 person video calling (but not HD at all, which is 320X240) for free, same with using tinychat. :)

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Nice features, but still does not fix the video quality and sound issues with Skype. BBM blows it out of the water.

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I've done Skype video one on one calls with my Z10 and Skype app, on the carrier network data bandwidth. Also have done BBM video on the Z10.

All conversations were with callers outside the US, while I was I US. Quality on both Skype and BBM was excellent. The Skype video however heated up the Z10 considerably after 10-15 min, and was a great battery drain.

BBM seems better engineered, however it's not available on all platforms.

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Re Skype on BlackBerry 10 - my experience with Skype on my Z30 has been great. Excellent audio on overseas calls using carrier and video at 512 x 288 resolution. (Skype recently increased the resolution on Skype for Android; that has been incorporated into Skype for BlackBerry.) Just checked it out on a Z10 and it comes up fine.

One issue I find is that if I have several apps running I have to either close some or restart the device to get the Android player working smoothly. Yes, it's an Android port but really a hybrid port as it does support some BlackBerry native features, such as Contacts, Notifications, and, best of all, predictive text on the BlackBerry keyboard.

There is a pregnant pause when you first launch Skype (and the screen may go black momentarily when you log in) but once opened it has been great for following chat sessions when away from my home office (where I use a PC). Recently I found that I can actually have the Skype audio go through my car audio via a Bluetooth connection. (My BlackBerry actually runs audio from many programs, beyond Music, through my car audio, such as BlackBerry Maps, YouTube and CBC Radio amongst others. Oh, yes, now I have two ways to listen to CBC Radio One on my car: but the Internet/BlackBerry route could get expensive with data usage. (Not that I'm a fan of CBC Radio)

Skype still laggy here in OZ, BBM Video much better.

Please BBM, get those features out asap.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "