Micromax to preload BBM on their Canvas line of Android smartphones

By Bla1ze on 19 Sep 2013 09:28 pm EDT

Micromax has been making some waves in India with their line of Android devices and now they've teamed up with BlackBerry to preload BBM for Android onto them. As we all know now, the launch date for BBM on Android is set for Sept. 21st with the iOS release coming along on Sept. 22nd.

To help celebrate the event, Micromax has now posted up a teaser on their site letting folks know something exciting is coming but to further that, Deepak Mehrotra, VP, Micromax shared some further insight into the launch and why Micromax is getting involved.

We have built a strong mobile ecosystem for our users, which not only drives them to buy our products, but also builds a connection with the brand by massifying and democratizing technology in India. Bringing one of the most popular mobile messaging services with BBM on our smartphones is yet another effort to expand our bouquet of messaging services for our consumers to connect and communicate seamlessly with their loved ones. We will continue to drive innovation ensuring that our customers have preferential access to the latest and most exciting applications such as the BBM in the future as well.

BlackBerry Managing Director, India, Sunil Lalvani also commented on the relationship stating

BBM offers customers a highly engaging mobile messaging experience, with the assurance that your message has been delivered and read, and privacy controls that let you easily connect with people without forcing you to give out your phone number or email address. We are delighted to work with Micromax to bring BBM to their customers directly on Canvas smartphones across India

We heard early on that BlackBerry was working with several OEM's to get BBM preloaded onto devices and with this announcement, it brings that count up to two with Samsung already on board. Kind of makes me wonder how many others might be waiting to see how the roll out goes before diving in. Hopefully, the partnerships will expand even further.

Check out the Micromax teaser site

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Micromax to preload BBM on their Canvas line of Android smartphones


I don't imagine markets like India were ever in doubt as to their BBM "re-adoption"... pre-loading will be even more important in tougher markets... namely, the US.

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This is interesting. BBM preloading will allow Blackberry to establish many relationships with handset vendors. There must be quite a few smaller geographically-focused vendors like Micromax in India and Xiaomi in China, and some of those will turn into giants. Perhaps the companies who will choose to license BB10 aren't companies we've heard of in the West -- but they're out there, and they are very possibly the future of mobile computing for the other 5 billion of us.

Now this is a thought, this is soo out of the way, it just maybe the plan. Just imagine, BB, the os giant.

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Glad to see they're not over confident and expecting it to sell it self. This is very late to the game and they have all the advantages needed to rise above the rest if done right.

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Awesome.. All them haters saying bbm is going to be a big failure... keep hating and think again... just think of all the brics nation using bbm... what's app will die out...

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This is the essence of "keep moving" because in the face of all the negativity, BlackBerry keeps on making phones, enhancing an amazing operating system, and creating partnerships.

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Seems to me that the article is stating that the Indians are really liking the Android over there. I guess if you can't get them to use a BlackBerry phone, get them to use a BlackBerry App. Yeah!

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That's because they are so cheap to buy. They are also cheaply built so people are soon buying another one lol

Micromax is cheap android player like. Biggest local player with tons of marketing money

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That's it BlackBerry license bb10 out! Get out of being the only hardware provider for bb10. Spread the gospel of bb10!!!! It is superior to all other os's. Just need to get others to see it. This fits with the board mandate of spreading bb10.

Marketing $$$ needed here.

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BlackBerry is just giving them an app to install not the BB10 operating system. This is great for BlackBerry if it decides to start charging to use BBM, or sell off their messaging service.

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I agree with the thought of open source bb10. Just imagine bb10 being as huge as android one day. I mean many hardware makers dont like having just 2 options for os to make their hardwares for. This will hold true for samsung with rumours going about, where they wanna take it away from android.

And what would happen to BlackBerry's security?
Also, their efficiency? Building a genetic OS means that you can't optimize it properly for the hardware (which is a big reason why Android phones have such bad battery life)

Sorry but "bouquet of messaging services" really stuck in my throat as I read that - a bit too flowery...

Apart from that - this is big news for helping the take up of BBM and I hope BBM maintains feature parity across platforms and even finds it's way onto the desktop.

We need BBRY to be relevant in software as well as hardware.

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Forgot one other opinion. F ING BlackBerry can figure a way to put BBM on a Android in India, but they can't figure out how to put it back onto my PlayBook. Bullshit. Yeah i know more infraction points.

Back then the infrastructure would only allow bbm over bis and bes. The Noc is a private network of 650 carriers. They opened it up to www for bb10.

It couldn't have been on playbook without a bridge through a noc device like bb7.

Now that they opened it up it can even be on desktop!

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I am still having a hard time in seeing this as a positive. What's the possibility that companies like Micromax will one day want the entire BlackBerry 10 operating system on future releases of their hardware? Otherwise I am not sure how BlackBerry can monetize this???

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Well up above it stated that it's rumored Samsung wants to get away from Android, then with this good news, BB10 will be installed on Samsungs. Those bastards need a new OS, because their share of the smartphone business is in the toilet. I think some of these people are brain washed. I like BlackBerry, but I refuse to join a cult.

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Yes they want to maybe get away from Android but I highly doubt Samsung will use BB10 on their phones. They have Tizen and as rumored will be installed on the Galaxy S5 by default. Both Samsung and Intel putting a lot of money into Tizen. Having said that I don't see it happening.

As an example my own sister got her curve 3G smashed a couple of months ago and she got a Note2 but missing all her BBM connections, but now she will be back on the wagon again :)


With all this BB is slowing existing hardware and BB10 OS business ..may offer bb10 only to goverments and special cases..not for consumers..

Awesome to hear news of this sort. And I know most manufacturers will play the wait-and-see game, but it is possible that BlackBerry has put the notion of licensing their OS out they. And I would think if a player like Samsung comes out with a Galaxy device in a year running BB10, that would get the attention of large app developers like Instagram, Netflix, etc.

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This is good... I guess... can't help but think this is just BlackBerry giving up territory... they could have just made a budget BB10 (I mean an actual budget phone... not the false hope that is the Q5... ) are they just looking for opportunities for people not to buy their phones???

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Hey guys, please add my BBM Channel: "Men's Fashion & Lifestyle" C001214D9

Proud support of BlackBerry (Q10/Z10/PlayBook 16 & 64GB)

Now I know this is going to sound crazy but let us just say for a second this might be a hail Mary pass for BlackBerry. And let us just pretend BBM becomes the gateway to this other app for iOS and Android called "BBM Hub" where all of a sudden BBM becomes a communication platform that connects iOS and iPhone with a one stop messaging system for all their favorite communication media. I'm daydreaming here but i hope BBM is the key to something big.

Great news.. I am sure BBM is going to be a great hit. Also it being made in the same way as it is on BB10 gives people demo of BB10. So many people are excited about it being launched cross platform and with kind of marketing strategies BB is showing for BBM almost all people will be knowing about it in some days. Its good that we can have a safe communication through a trusted and secure app. Micromax is known for making great phones at very low prices. Thus having BBM pre-installed will expose it to a whole new user base. In addition to that having it on the ubiquitous Samsung will leave no person uninformed about it. Great strategy Blackberry. Now show some of these for your handsets as well. :)

To tell you some important facts about Micromax,as i am based in delhi ,this company has build good fortune and customer base in sub 200 dollar category,I think they sell millions of hardware in a year now in INDIA .


Someone said to me on group chat yesterday
"Why would BB give BBM for free to android and iPhone for free that they are doomed for doing so as people would leave since they can get it on other phones. And remember when BBM crashed world wide 2 years ago, now that the entire Android and Iphone users will be on, it will be slow as hell thus crash again...."
Can anyone take on this retard for me pls.. lol

Of course the most authentic and fully integrated way to experience the full BBM experience is by upgrading to a BlackBerry 10 device!

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