Microsoft Releases New Live Search for BlackBerry Beta

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Oct 2007 06:26 pm EDT

Microsoft announced the latest version of their Live Search for BlackBerry application today (read press release) and Kunjal Raheja from the Live Search Team was even kind enough to send the Crack Team an email to tell us about it directly:

Dear admins,

We've just announced a new version of the Live Search application for BlackBerry devices. This version has been completely re-engineered from the ground up including a new UI, simple network detection, GPS integration and a lot more!

You can download it by pointing your BlackBerry browser to:

Of course, since we've re-done the app, we haven't taken the Beta tag off...yet. =) We'd love to hear your feedback before we do so, at


The Live Search for Mobile Team

P.S. We love your site! 

In order to install the application you'll need to be running a "newer" Berry featuring OS 4.0 or Greater. For some reason it took me THREE tries to install the application. The download failed twice, I was about to give up (it only supports the United States right now so I thought potentially my being in Canada was messing it up) but I gave it one more try and the third time was the charm and the application successfully was installed. I played with it for 30 minutes before making this post. I like it! Give it a try and post your opinions on the new version in the comments or in the CrackBerry forums.

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Microsoft Releases New Live Search for BlackBerry Beta


Just downloaded it a few minutes ago, but it looks like it has some potential. It would be even better if my device had GPS.

I have a Sprint 7130e WITH GPS and it doesn't work with the built in GPS.

Sorry MS, but you've got to do better than that if you want to win in the marketplace.

I downloaded an installed earlier today. As of now, my only problem is that the GPS interfacing isn't so good. Standing in the same location, BB Maps locked in on my location....LIVE only told me that my GPS location unavailable. Try again, Microsoft

On 3 attempts to install. Getting "download failed." When I click details I get "907 Invalid COD unable to import ZIP file"......gave up after 8 attempts. Oh well.

This program is so easy to use. Matter of fact I used it tonight to find a good Thai resturant in my area. And it did what I wanted it to do with no problem. This is a must have!

I tried mapping from my house to a college that's 90 minutes away. Live Search found the college without a problem but neglected to list a *required* left turn I would have to make. If I went by Live Search's directions I would have been more than 30 minutes off course and might never have found the destination. Luckily, Google Maps and InfoSpace get it right. I see *nothing* compelling about this program given that InfoSpace is tons better and even does audio turn by turn and a better job of integrating with the contact and phone apps. Plus, Live Search is only marginally faster than the older version. Google Maps is WAY faster and so is InfoSpace. I'll be deleting this app right away... The other two programs obviate ANY need or desire for this also-ran of a program. Oh yeah, and its maps also seem to list old cities that have been renamed/reincorporated. The "town" where I grew up is now part of a township, yet Live Search still labels it as a valid city, which is weird. No thanks, Microsoft -- if you're like me you'll stick with Google Maps and InfoSpace.

im trying to download this on my curve, but it wont allow says "the server is currently unable to handle your request due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server" please

So far working great, cept the features are a lil different from the ones advertised on the LIVE search web site, a lil less snazzy plus I cant find the weather appl on it, theres a pic of of the weather app on the web site but my guess is its not there in the actual Berry version.

No GPS capability on VZW so directions "From Here" doesn't work.... Nice for looking up stuff but you have to figure out how to get there on another GPS device..... All I can say is that when they announce VZNavigator, it had better be a free service as they won't get a nickel out of me for something that is built into the Blackberry by RIM and then crippled by VZW...

I installed it on my T-Mobile pearl but the connection won't work is there a certain configuration that I am supposed to do
please help



Easy download & install on 8800. Received gps and map zoomed to where I was located. Nice graphics & interface, will have to play with it more today.