The Michaluk Virus is still going strong in The Becoming: Revelations

Need to get your zombie fix while The Walking Dead is on break? Check out The Becoming series by CrackBerry member Jessica Meigs!

By Michelle Haag on 18 May 2013 06:03 am EDT

Back in 2010, CrackBerry member Jessica Meigs wrote a zombie book called The Becoming: Outbreak, and she did it all on her BlackBerry. Over the course of two years, using a variety of BlackBerry smartphones (BlackBerry Bold 9000, the BlackBerry Curve 8900, the BlackBerry Bold 9700, and the BlackBerry Torch 9800), Jessica penned her first novel, which quickly grew into a series of novels.

Not only did she use her BlackBerry to write, Jessica also gave a special honor to our own Kevin, naming that nasty zombie-making Michaluk Virus after him. Fast forward a couple years, and Jessica has released the third book of The Becoming series. The Becoming: Revelations is fast paced, action filled, and packed with plenty of zombie action while also featuring characters that are well written and keep you hooked.

Brandt’s race to save Cade takes him back to the dangerous streets of Atlanta, where not all is as it seems. And with a horde of infected closing in and the rescue mission in jeopardy he comes tantalizingly close to a cure that might save what’s left of humanity from the ravages of the Michaluk Virus.

I've personally been a big fan of Jessica's series since the beginning, and I'm so happy to have this new installment to read this weekend. If you haven't checked out Jessica's series, this is a great time to do so. You can find them in a variety of formats, compatible with Kindle, Kobo, and other e-readers. For more information, check out the links below, and let us know in the comments if you're a fan of Jessica's or plan to check out her books!

More information / purchase The Becoming: Revelations for Kindle
More information / purchase The Becoming: Revelations for Kobo
Find out more information on Jessica Meigs and the series

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The Michaluk Virus is still going strong in The Becoming: Revelations


I wonder if she'd be able to write a novel on a z10 and how would the experience fair...

Would be interesting as surely she types more than many of us, just look at the guy above me with his z10 typos lol

Posted via CB10

Let us not forget "Kevzila Strikes Back"... this may not be published but I am sure, someone, somewhere is writing something about Kevzila... :-P

There's a few viruses going around CrackBerry. The Idonthaveanupdateyet and Reboot viruses. I caught them both.


Will check this out.

The most disturbing aspect of the zombie apocalypse is how much I'm looking forward to it.

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They really are fantastic books, been looking forward to book 3 for a while. The short side novel that accompanies the main novels is also a great read. Highly recommended & i think better than The Walking Dead novels.

Posted via CB10

All those infected will be BBM stress tested to verify if they really have become CrackBerry Zombies... :-P. Those proven worthy will participate in a mind-blowing contest to win a Q10...? (or so I heard, maybe it is just rumors... :-P) ;)

I was poking around on my feed reader and stumbled across this on there. :) Thanks for the surprise publicity, guys! And I hope all you CrackBerry-ites, both new and old, enjoy the books; if you haven't already read them and are on the fence, I suppose it won't hurt to mention that the books have won some critical accolades from Barnes & Noble (where they're also available--I mention that here because there's no link in the post for B&N--just search "Jessica Meigs" on there for all my offerings), including book one getting on the Best Zombie Fiction Releases of 2011 and Best Apocalyptic Fiction Releases of 2011 lists, the second book ending up on B&N's Best Zombie Fiction Releases of 2012 list, and the first book landing on Barnes & Noble's 20 Best Zombie Books of the Last Decade list (#18!). I'm still pumped about those; who knew my little novels would do so well?

As for writing on the Z10, I'm currently working on transferring over to it; it's not as easy a process as I thought it would be, mainly because I'm not used to writing extensively on a touchscreen. But I'm currently writing book four of the zombie series (The Becoming: Under Siege), and I have two more planned after that. At least one of them will probably be written in full on a BlackBerry, but Under Siege is mostly being done on my 9900 right now (which, yes, I'm still carrying as I adapt my method over to the Z10). :)