MetroPCS Launches BlackBerry Solutions!

metroPCS Launches BlackBerry Solution!
By Bla1ze on 11 Mar 2009 10:33 am EDT

Prepaid BlackBerry services have been making a great deal of noise lately. Now small US carrier MetroPCS has decided to jump on board as well, not only by offering up some seriously attractive unlimited plans but now offering up BlackBerry solutions for their customers. Service of course does not come without some caveats, first of course being the relatively small coverage area offered by MetroPCS and another being the insane price customers are expected to pay for a new BlackBerry 8330. As you can see from the pic above, the buy in cost is $449 with unlimited everything plans rolling in at $50 ($10 more for BES) and no contracts. I'm sure some of you out there MAY take advantage of the offer, but only if you are within a MetroPCS coverage area.

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MetroPCS Launches BlackBerry Solutions!


i was so used to the compliments. ooh what kind of phone is that?!? ooh blackberry. ahh tmobile. nice. beautiful. marvelous. now the day has come where metro has inhaled this beast of a phone. so i look forward to things like... mm is that a metro? oh my cousin, sister, brother, aunt, has that phone in red. oh its an ok phone. ahhhhh. se la vi.

Hopefully things like this will cause the major carriers to start reducing thier rate plans. I know the service isn't up to par with the big carriers, but as they catch up the big guys are bound to start losing customers.

I've commented on this in other boards but it's worth saying again...

1 BlackBerry Storm + flashing + MetroPCS $50 unlimited plan = Perfect unlimited package.

MetroPCS will do to Mobile Phone carriers what Vonage did to land line providers. I've had Metro for 2 years before I had to switch, but if they cover your area, I REALLY recommend them. Signal was always good and support was excellent. It's also worth mentioning that Metro is looking to deploy LTE by 2010. It's a no brainer if you are within their area.

I work for Metro, and I've been getting a lot of questions about it, so it's worth mentioning:

Since the 8330 isn't an AWS band phone, it will only work in the Legacy markets (see: Florida, Texas, Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit, San Fran). Anywhere that runs off of AWS (IE, New York, Boston, LV, LA, Ect.) won't be able to use one in the area...

Additionally (to wagonis), MetroFlash doesn't support the Storm. I wish it did.

I think they’re a little late with this release. Especially when the New Curve 8900 was released last month. And the price for this device, as with all Metros, is ridiculous. 449.00 can probably get you an unlocked BB Storm on Ebay. It would make more sense in a consumers standpoint to get a BB from a company that’ll give you a rebate or something… I don’t think they’re going to make any sales for this phone.

I live in a metro pcs area and they offer unlimited roaming for just $10 more a month so for $60 +tax you can have unlimited EVERYTHING & coverage.

Downside is the delay in receiving txt msg from other carries.

Big plus is that metro will take almost any phone from any carrier & flash it for their network. I am sure that now they will even take BB's & keep the BB functioning

@Shinrar - Thanks for that info, guess that whole scenario is out of the question.

@GBZ - Hit craigslist, get yourself a Curve from Verizo/Alltel/Sprint for about $200, have it flashed to Metro and you just saved $200 (after flashing fee).

I've heard that when you flash a bb curve to metro pcs u aren't able to email, instant message, and the internet doesn't work

The perceived drawback of the high price point has not stopped all of the best buy and dealer locations in florida and califonia from selling out during the first two days of the Metro PCS BlackBerry soft launch. Customers know that the $449 price point can be quickly justified with the amount of money they save comapred to the other carriers' BB plans. $50 bucks a month for BB service...unreal! $10 for enterprise email?? UNREAL!

Also, their stupid contracts with customers and with phones! I'm glad metro and others are sucking their customers away to the $50 flat. Within a few years ATT and the rest of the big jerkoffs will have no choice but to lower their crap to compete. The day will come when we all will buy the phone we want and pick he company we want with no contracts and everybody around $50. I'm also tired of apps for sale. thousands of apps for sale for services they should include with phone service anyway. Other countries are ahead on prices. STOP USING ATT AND THE BIG JERKOFFS and they'll wake up and learn!!! Stop going crazy for their newest crap the day it comes out. Lets have some pride and hold back a little. We all want the cool stuff, but lets show them we can live without and won run to their new stuff just because is cool and new, ok? THANKS! Ham Hands Bill