MeterBerry v2.5 released with updated features, OS 6 support and more - 100 copies to be won!

By Adam Zeis on 13 Sep 2010 03:07 pm EDT

MeterBerry for BlackBerry

MeterBerry has long been one of the best apps for checking out all the stats on your device. Over it's lifespan it has undergone quite a few upgrades and the latest brings some cool features as well as suppoft for the Torch/OS 6. New features include color-coded, customizable banner indicator for battery, temperature, and free application memory. MeterBerry is truly an all-in-one for all there is to know about what is ticking on your BlackBerry.

Contest: To celebrate the launch of version 2.5 we have 100 copies of MeterBerry to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PDT. 

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Reader comments

MeterBerry v2.5 released with updated features, OS 6 support and more - 100 copies to be won!



I've used Meter Berry since its early days at version 1.0 and I can say that it's definitely one of my favourite application. It's nice to see that they keep improving!

One free copy is always welcomed :)

This will be perfect for my soon to own Torch once it's launched on Sep 24 threw Rogers! Pick me please!

I would love this awesome app to use on my Torch! Wonderful features that are both practical and useful!

I would love the chance to win one!

Come on CB. U gotta gimme sumtin for my new torch. I had to pay $700+ for this phone. I deserve sumtin free.

I haven't installed anything MB-related since I installed it on my torch last monday, and my version says 2.5. Did it magically update without my knowing?

I have always shy'd away from apps such as this. I never knew if they would help enough to justify the cost. If I win a copy I will try it.

MeterBerry v2.5 should be great to check and keep informed on all the statistics for my BB Torch 9800.

Sorry for the second post. Got some EDGE trouble... Hope it dont kick me out of the contest. :)

I like to know whats going on in my smartphone. MeterBerry is an app that I would like to have had for quite awhile but just can't seem to scrape together the cash for it. I think this is one ESSENTIAL APPLICATION for my Blackberry phone! I want to KNOW ALL THERE IS TO KNOW!!!!

I was just about to buy this app but lemme throw my name in the hat and hope to win a free copy. *fingers crossed*

i get new phones all the time and my meterberry wants me to buy a new one to get a new code :( plz gimme it! i already bought it!!!

My god!!!

One application for OS6?. I want it please.Hard to see anyone working for my new Torch
Thanks if you consider my request.


Sweet! I love when there are really useful programs no matter what the everyday life purpose of your device is! I'd love to have one of these!