MeterBerry Now Updated For BlackBerry Tour

By Bla1ze on 24 Aug 2009 10:25 am EDT
MeterBerry Now Updated For BlackBerry Tour!

MeterBerry is a memory management application Adam reviewed a while back that many users have grown to love and use on a daily basis. Up until now MeterBerry was only available for the the BlackBerry Storm, but the good folks from Giant Cashew Software made a change to that as of yesterday when they launched the updated version of MeterBerry for the BlackBerry Tour. A long list of changes accompany the new release as shown below from their forum announcement post:

The Tour does have much more memory than the Storm, but that doesn't mean it is immune to memory leaks or excessive memory usage by third party applications. Far from it actually. You can use MeterBerry's memory log, low-memory notification, and "change in memory since startup" calculation to find and troubleshoot memory leaks and excessive memory usage. Plus, memory monitoring and management is just a part of MeterBerry's functionality. To name a few other useful features:

  • The low-battery notification and color-coded home screen icon can be used to alert you when your battery needs charging. How many times have you gone out for the night only to realize later your phone is almost dead? MeterBerry could have warned you earlier in the day you need a charge. This feature is worth $2.95 alone, in my opinion.
  • The battery log, low-battery notification, and battery discharge rate calculation can be used to determine how third party applications or beta OS's affect your battery life. You'd be amazed at how much poorly written applications can drain your battery.
  • The signal strength log can be used to find areas or times of the day where your signal drops. Beta OS's also have varying affects on signal strength, so you can monitor their impact as well. When the signal strength log is used in conjunction with the battery log, you can observe how signal strength affects battery life.
  • The device temperature log can be used to determine if your device is overheating. When the device temperature log is used in conjunction with the battery log, you can observe how increased device temperature affects battery life.
  • Many people like to start with a "fresh" phone each day. The soft reset feature lets you reboot your phone to do so. 

So if you are a Storm user gone Tour user and have used MeterBerry in the past you know how great of an application it is. If you are a new BlackBerry Tour user, check out the previous review to get a better idea for the application. MeterBerry sells for $2.95.

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MeterBerry Now Updated For BlackBerry Tour


good looking app, and i like all the features. the only downside to a soft reset is if you have Sim Lock on your simcard then you're phone will pretty much be off till you punch in the sim card unlock code.

why the hell dont they make this for all bb's???
i would love this program for my 8900....
doesnt make sense

I love this application, glad they finally made an official Tour version, the Storm version still worked fine though. It would be nice for other BB users to be able to take advantage of this application...

It works on my tour...installed it earlier today..

Hope that helps.

I like it, just wondering if it effects battery life?

I am not sure if it is this program but today my battery life is lower than normal...

could it be bbm 5.0? havent really used it today...

The developer really seems to have a CDMA bias with this app. No GSM love which 80%+ of the world use?