Metallic- A Wallpaper Friendly Theme From Hedone Design

Metallic- A Wallpaper Friendly Theme From Hedone Design
By Bla1ze on 16 Feb 2010 09:49 am EST

Here is a great theme for all you folks who like to have an unobstructed view of your wallpaper. Hedone Design has released Metallic a few days now and after checking it out it has quickly become one of my favorites. The special features built into this theme are what really make it great. For example, the drop down, dimming dock on the main screen is controllable so you can raise the icons up and down as you see fit with the space bar and escape key.

In addition to the wallpaper friendly dock, you also get battery customized battery and signal meters. When you battery hits 20% you get alerted direct on the main screen, while otherwise it remains hidden unless you are on the app screen. Today preview options are also available so thatno matter what screen you are on, your information is only a quick click away. From now until February 20th, you can grab Metallic for 20% off the original $6.99 price by simply using the coupon code "MHD20" at check out on the mobile app store.

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Metallic- A Wallpaper Friendly Theme From Hedone Design


I really like this Theme. I almost bought it last weekend, but went with the Reflect7 Carbon, and wasn't SUPER impressed. I'm gonna get this one too and try it out. I really wish they gave a trial on Themes. Oh well.

that's actually a pretty nice, minimalistic design. i like it, since it doesn't clutter the entire home screen with info and buttons

I just verified the code is working - make sure you are using it from the mobile app store ( and be sure to click "update" so the total changes before you check out.

I used PayPal check out and the coupon box there denied it... not big deal, guess I can stand the $1.40 loss..LOL.

love the layout. Only thing that would make this theme perfect would be a hotkey for Quicklaunch! That would make this theme awesome...

This theme looks very nice in the HedoneDesign website photos. Would love to see the Storm version Today preview, though. Does anyone have a screen shot? If so, please email me at


After downloading the theme, my Icons on my home screen were there for a few seconds, after that, gone, how in the world do i get them back on my home screen?

I have the Verizon Tour with 5.0 on it, but I looked at the options of the layout, but cant seem to keep the icons on the home screen without going back to the Zen theme or the Verizon theme.

I too am getting a coupon code error when checking out through paypal. I don't mean to be cheap, but if something is being offered and it doesn't work, seems like a bait and switch to me.

Coupon is working... just checked... as Adam said before: "I just verified the code is working - make sure you are using it from the mobile app store ( and be sure to click "update" so the total changes before you check out."

Ok got it to work. had to go to because following the link won't let me pay through paypal and going through the appstore won't accept the code. Needless to say, I got it. And it was worth the effort. Beautiful theme.

Any Chance we would be able to choose what colour we want the time and date to be displayed? I have a sweet black and white wallpaper. I would love the time and date to be in red. Would be so sweet.

I received my confirmation email right away. Downloaded it and I'm loving it so far! I like how it shows the signal strength as a percentage.

To all of our supporters: Thank you all and I'm glad you love this theme so much! we will work hard to make as great as possible themes in the future for you! ;)

I just got this theme today and had a quick question. Next to the battery life/signal strength icons there is an A in a similar type icon and I was just wondering what that stood for.


On my 8520 when i hit space bar it brings up the call register and i have to hit escape to get back to the icons, anyone know where to change that setting.

other than that, theme looks great.

This is the first - and only - theme I felt was worth loading, much less paying for. I was right! It fits my "corporate" Storm 2 to a "T". I especially like the calendar read-out on the home page and the "disappearing" home page icons. Very clean look.

Somehow things got messed up w/the Crackberry checkout and Paypal during checkout and a day later my transaction is still pending? - I went to my MobiHand account and bought the Theme again and this time I did receive a download link.

nice icons, love the grey tones, the ability to make ur home screen icons disappear and then appear is great, and its just super minimal overall. love it! i am sad that i missed out on the 40% deal because i rushed to purchase before the email came...but worth it nonetheless :)

They are hidden on the home screen unless you have no signal or your battery hits 20%. This helps keep the minimal look of the theme.
They are always visible on the app screen.

This theme is absolutely beautiful, but there's a serious memory leak somewhere. Using the default theme will not trigger my Quickpull low memory alert; this theme triggered it twice in an eight-hour work day.

I'm looking forward to an update that (hopefully) plugs the leak, because I really do want to keep using the theme.