For UK BlackBerry 10 users why not check out the Met Office Android app?

Met Office
By James Richardson on 11 Mar 2014 03:32 am EDT

Native to BlackBerry 10 we have a vast selection of weather applications and in fact all new devices come pre-loaded with BlackBerry Weather that is powered by AccuWeather. But if you fancy a change and you're in the UK you may want to hit up the Met Office app. You won't find it in BlackBerry World though as it's an Android app, but if you're running BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 you can just install the APK from the likes of Snap. 

Once you launch the app for the first time it should detect your location via GPS. You can however also add other locations around the UK and you can swipe to the left to seamlessly switch between them. 

From the home screen you are given the summary for the day which also includes UV, wind speed, sunrise and sunset - all with a rather attractive UI. Tapping the small arrow next to your town will open up a five day forecast and again, you can dive deeper into each day for more information - including the chances of rain, the humidity and more. 

If you fancy having a look at the whole of the UK you can do so by pressing the UK map icon at the top of the page. You'll be able to zoom in and out and have a choice of what's shown on the map - whether that be the temperature/clouds etc. At the base of the map you can also jump forward in time by an hour to really know what's coming your way weather wise. 

I've tested the app out on my Z30 and Q10 and both run perfectly which is great to see. It's certainly a nice alternative to the native apps we have and to be honest, it works so well we don't really need the Met Office to make a specific BlackBerry 10 version. 

Features include: 

  • Free to download
  • Up to date weather forecasts from the UK's National Weather Service
  • Access to the latest National Severe Weather Warnings for your area
  • Regularly updated with the latest information
  • At a glance five day forecast
  • Three-hourly location forecasts
  • 5,000 UK locations to choose from with multiple favourites
  • Social media sharing so you can share forecasts with friends and family
  • UV forecast maps

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For UK BlackBerry 10 users why not check out the Met Office Android app?


This was the second android app I downloaded and it is pretty good. For those who use BBC weather it is not obviously much different but, like BB10, if you dig a little deeper there is a whole host of good stuff to be found.

Posted via CB10

This newer version seems a little more reliable than the older ones which kept crashing, but I still can't get the satellite imagery to load. It just sits there with a map.

Cool, will download. Never been that bothered about weather apps until all the flooding and gale force winds in the UK earlier this year!

Posted via CB10

I don't think CB should promoting any android app, no matter how better it is than the native one. Unless there's no alternative.

Just a thought.

Posted via CB10

Agreed 100%, but CB does have a way of going out in left field sometimes. After all we are all humans.

Posted via CB10

Imho the BeWeather (BlackBerry used to give it away for free in December) and accuweather is more than enough! And both are native.

Posted via my Z10 powered with

I agree but if you are in the states download" Weather Radar USA", it's a free simple yet highly recommended app.

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Oddly, trying to follow the link in the Crackberry app, causes the crackberry app to crash and close...

Posted via CB10