Messenger for Facebook updated and goes on sale

Messenger for Facebook updated and goes on sale
By DJ Reyes on 15 Apr 2014 07:20 pm EDT

Third party Facebook Messenger app, Messenger, made its way to BlackBerry World after being available in beta via the CrackBerry Forums for the past couple of months. Only a few days later, we are seeing an update to the app. There are a few tweaks to the app, including a new icon and a splash screen. I've been enjoying Messenger a lot.

Messenger v1.1.0.1 changelog

  • NEW - Beautiful Icons and Splash Screens
  • FIXED - Viewing Profile from Friends Tab
  • ADDED - Keyboard Shortcuts - Jump to top and bottom, search
  • ADDED - Search Messages (via Friend Name)
  • ADDED - Web Group Chats
  • ADDED - Extra Security - Application Password
  • ADDED - Switch off/on Floating Jump Buttons
  • ADDED - FAQs screen
  • ADDED - Welcome Screen
  • ADDED - Cancel Button on Search
  • ADDED - BBM Integration
  • ADDED - Close Prompt about Headless

Messenger isn't headless yet but it is something the developer is working on. Along with this update, Messenger also goes on sale. The regular price is $1.99 but for the next 5 days you can get it for $0.99. It is available on all BlackBerry 10 devices. If you want to see Messenger in action you can check out our hands-on video. Bear in mind that this hands-on was with a beta version. For the most part though this is what you'll see in the official version.

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Reader comments

Messenger for Facebook updated and goes on sale


If Facebook refuses to make a native messenger app for BlackBerry, then should at least open their APIs to allow third party BlackBerry devs to utilize group chat.

Posted via CB10

No buying until headless support is done.. or push support... I dont want to have the app opened all the time

I second that. Was about to buy to support but found out it isn't headless yet so will wait for that possibly with some hub integration and led light notification.

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No, the dev should have waited and had headless from the start. I bought it thinking it was from the start and was pissed when I found out it wasn't.

Posted via CB10

I don't need the app to be headless (I have the Facebook app that already notifies me anyway).

So the developer was right to release the app even without it being headless ;)

Posted via CB10

I'm thinking. Isn't Hub already acting up as a Messenger? Hub is completely separate from the message portion of Facebook app.

You don't even need to open Facebook app to chat on Hub.

Posted via CB10

I hope Facebook allows us to continue using the HUB like we have been.

They are changing the way FB chat works for every single other mobile platform including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

I hope we are the single solitary exception to their plans for every other mobile platform.

This news only concern iOS and Android, because on those two platforms, the app is developed by Facebook.

On the other hand, for BlackBerry 10 and WindowsPhone, the app is built by BlackBerry and by Microsoft respectively, so they can do whatever they want with the Messenger features.

Posted via CB10

Hmmmm.... I don't think we can make the jump to "BlackBerry and Microsoft can do whatever they want". They still need privileged API access / permission from Facebook in order to get API access for group chat, and other Messenger functionality.

I'll stick with the Hub thank-you. Had it on my ex-Android Note II (for free) was okay, not outstanding though and seemed a little over-hyped for Android IMO. I did take it off my Note II as it became a tad annoying ringing out when you least expected it and at the most inopportune times ....LOL!! Others may like this app though.

Ripping message portion on the Facebook app means nothing on the Facebook messages on Hub. Hub is a completely different app right?

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I'm not sure how all this stuff about "Facebook forcing users to use FB Messenger" applies to BB10. BB also seems to have a partnership with FB, so BB10 may be safe from this issue (e.g.: FB may allow BB to continue to use its FB app and HUB plugin, and not force BB to change anything like they are changing how chat works on iOS and Android and Windows Phone).

I don't see the point of having this app on BB10. They just need to improve the current Facebook app for BB10 because it has already been integrated with the HUB.

I bought the app because it has a dark theme.

Besides, even though the Hub works, sometimes I want to have the FB chat in its own window, and at the same time use the hub to check email or BBM group chats.

Posted via CB10

Should this be free! BlackBerry should make a Dark theme on this and FB app. To be different and battery saver too.

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

That's lame still no official app. You think Facebook would do it since their user base is so big and they can probably afford it. I guess it's a "diminishing returns" thing?


Facebook only made an official app for iOS and Android.

For WindowsPhone and BlackBerry10, the apps are made by BlackBerry and by Microsoft.
Basically it is a UI overlay on top of the FB mobile website.

Posted via CB10

I bought it before being on sale. 2 main deffects: doesn't integrate with the Hub and doesn't receive messages when closed.

Posted via CB10

It's nice but I don't see the use of it since I can do perfectly all my chats from the hub through the F B application .

Messenger is actually very fast. Faster than your hub fb integration. :) hub integration will come to Messenger too. Also headless

Posted via BlackBerry 10.3

Have purchased in the hope of hub integration in future updates. Will be worth the $1 investment. Go native!

Posted via CB10

Messenger just messes with the hub. Why make an app that takes away from the main feature of bb10. I tried it and found it pretty pointless to be honest....... and yes.... BBM is a 100 times better!

Posted via CB10

When I ask most of my friends why use this apps? All of them answered the same thing.. FB force them to do so...

 BB FANS via Q10 

Yes. Proper integration into the hub without having an active frame all the time.

Posted via CB10

We keep waiting for "official apps" BUT we've been waiting for too long hence independent developers like Nemory is stepping in, to fill the app gap and now you have lots of complaints and demands...if you don't want it, no one is forcing you to buy. if you want free apps, switch to android or get an Android version. SIMPLE.

Negatrons are all over this site lately. Ugh.

Posted via CB10

Please understand this is made by an independent developer and not by facebook. if 3rd party devs don't try making money they won't be supporting this bb10 platform anymore.

I have the android one and downloaded this one as well. The android one is horrible next to this one!
It's a great app, worth the money and I don't mind leaving it open all the time :) great job!
Oh and I get the messages faster on the app than on the HUB so I prefer using the app :)

Posted via CB10

Yup! Messenger is the fastest Facebook Messaging Experience I have tried so far, even tried competing with the desktop, ios and android, same connection. Messenger wins. :)

Your App is so fluid and like never seen. Developers like you really bring out the best in BB10. Good job

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Please understand this is made by an independent developer and not by facebook. if 3rd party devs don't try making money they won't be supporting this bb10 platform anymore.

Truly a very amazing effort with an amazing product should be priced even more Nemory seems like the only developer out there really dedicated to native BB10 apps even more than Blackberry themselves wish they would hire him to remake every single app. Nemory can we make requests? Do you take app orders? Co's I would buy every single app of yours in a heartbeat

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