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Forward, block, and color code your emails and texts with Message X for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 20 Sep 2013 01:46 pm EDT

Whether for business or personal reasons, we can all agree that our BlackBerry devices aid in communication and getting things done. From the developer that brought you DDPB installer and Contact X, comes Message X, a multi-featured productivity tool to assist you with SMS and email as well as providing a few other functions as well. It seamlessly packages several applications into one to improve productivity and keep you organized.

The features presented in this application are pretty straight forward and whose sole purpose is to organize your non-BBM messages. There are seven distinct capabilities all laid out in an intuitive interface.

Forward SMS

If there are times you prefer forwarding your messages, be it you are not near your device or simply wish to automatically forward them to another mobile device or email address, it handles this functionality rather well and fast. Using the input fields, type in the desired number or address and top on the start icon on the bottom. All incoming messages will be sent using your default email account, if chosen in settings, until the stop key is pressed. The email generated by the Message X system contains the to and from and the time and date information which is helpful for tracking purposes.

Block SMS/Email

This feature is certainly one all of us can appreciate to clean up our inbox. Whether your inbox is bombarded by spam or you simply choose to ignore a particular item these screens delete those unwanted messages from the hub. All emails and mobile numbers are entered individually in the fields as it does not pull from your contact list. While users cannot control the time intervals or periods with which to block, blocked messages can be forwarded to an email address.  

Message Timer

Have you ever found yourself wanting to delay or schedule your texts to send at a certain time? This handy capability is possible from this screen. You can either enter in the cell or email address manually or use the contacts picker to select from your address book. From the popup dialog box, choose the email or mobile number and proceed to type in your message and choose the delivery date and time. It's simple yet effective and the message will populate in the list. Some may experience an issue with the area code depending on the country though this is being addressed by the developer. The most recent update solved it for me. 

Group Messaging

How many of you miss creating group contact lists? While I do not condone spam mass mailings, it allows you to quickly and easily establish your own personal mailing groups, be it for SMS or Email, using the contacts application. Messages are sent directly through the application and it links to the message timer as well if you choose to delay them.

Private Box/SMS Backup/LED Color

The final items on the list are a password protected private box to keep personal messages private (removes from hub) and unseen by prying eyes, an SMS backup and restore option if you reload or switch devices, and a built-in LED changer for assigning your contacts a preferred color on incoming emails and texts. Each feature is pretty straight forward and the backup option is extremely helpful for those who cannot afford to lose important text messages on their device.

The Good
  • Perfect for business users to backup and document conversations
  • Backs up SMS and offers a secure area for private conversations
  • Offers a daily recurrence option when sending delayed messages
The Bad
  • Emails sent through their system do not work / privacy concerns (recommend using local email)
  • Unable to set specific time periods for blocking, forwarding, or sending
The Bottom line

All in all Message X is packaged with useful features, some of which are not native to BlackBerry 10 but to older legacy devices. It's nice to see developers take the time to bring them back. My co-workers rely heavily on text messages to relay important information, news, or client issues. As forwarding each thread or message to my work email is cumbersome, this is extremely helpful for my day-to-day tasks. If you're looking for a practical messaging utility application then be sure to check it out. Priced at a reasonable $3.99, it is your one-stop shop for all your non-BBM messaging needs available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

More information/Purchase Message X



This will cover my needs!!

Posted via CB10


Nice. I like how block . buying it

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10


I need a call blocker more than anything else, those pesky people calling from an unknown number to reach me all the time...

Sent by Bbry Zed10


I will be giving this one a shot.


Like the group idea. Really miss that function wish BlackBerry would bring it back.

Posted via CB10


i think it is a good tool for business community


Side load Mr number is a call blocker very good to and is free

Posted via CB10


Looks good. I'm going to try it out.

Posted via my awesome Z10


Until this stupid headless app issue is sorted I'm not interested. In fact I'm getting to the point where If it's not sorted before Xmas I'm out of here. RIM/Blackberry truly must have been run by morons the past few years.


Does this mean I can customize the text box for sms messaging, as in the overall look?

Posted via CB10




This app works great in most of its areas, but if you're looking to schedule an email, DO NOT BUY THIS.

Unless you compose an email with no special characters (&, , ", ', $) etc...IT WILL NOT SEND. It will also not allow you to schedule emails with attachments.

Instead, use SMS by Now (100x better).

I even tried to help the developer debug the app to find out what was wrong and his response back was "if you don't like, get a refund".

What a joke.

Don't buy this app.

Posted via CB10 on


This app works great... I use it on a daily basis. keep them coming and thanks!

Posted via CB10