Message to Netflix: BlackBerry does support streaming protected content

Netflix on BlackBerry - Let's do this thing!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 May 2013 11:47 am EDT

And so the Netflix on BlackBerry drama series continues.... 

In this episode, we have a BlackBerry fan asking Netflix in their support forums why Netflix is not available on BlackBerry 10.

Jeremy, a Netflix employee, replies that the reason is because there is not a commercially available solution for streaming protected content on the platform. Wrong answer.

Wrong Answer

For good measure, we followed up with BlackBerry and a spokesperson for the company further confirmed with us that BlackBerry 10 supports secure streaming and looks forward to Netflix making their service available on BlackBerry 10.

Obviously I hate singling out an individual on something like this, so at the same time we're highlighting the error in Jeremy's response, I will also say good job Jeremy as recognizing the Z10 as a great device! :)

Here's to hoping the next article we write about Netflix on this site is about them officially announcing that Netflix support for BB10 is on the way.

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Message to Netflix: BlackBerry does support streaming protected content


i agree with kevin, normally i don't like attacking an individual, but jeremy's statement is completely wrong. where he states no security, the fact is blackberry is most well known and best for that. i mean look at the ios, theres not enough security that people can jailbreak it, and i dont see any success in jailbreaking our blackberry world

Posted via CB10

Jeremy is just a reflection of the NETFLIX group. They can't find a single solid reason to bring the app to the BB. Maybe they're aligned somehow with the other phones, and are trying to stifle BlackBerry. I WON'T work!

So then you care so much for them that it would be impossible for you to care for them more than you do currently. i understand, but why then cancel your membership?

You never know how Jeremy has got to that conclusion. Maybe the company didn't provide enough resources to have a complete understanding of OS10 features. Maybe, he looked at the features early on (during beta versions) and decided that feature is not there. Maybe he made the error himself. It is not for us to criticize. On the bright side, at least now they know BB supports it.

ps. I don't blame Netflix for making apps for the biggest OSes out there. I would have done the same. Just the reality. Sorry!

pps. I'm a BB fan and have always been.... and I will be buying a quten.

With Netflix needing as many customers as they can, why not spend the small resources it would take to add another mobile app? From a business perspective, leaving out millions of potential customers because you don't want to spend a few thousand, is idiotic.

haha, but they don't care about account sharing! Poor Jeremy. I have a feeling he is going to catch hell from the BB community. He said they are constantly working with device manufacturers? Bollocks!

No worries Jeremy is just a fictitious name that customer service people use just like John or Paul.

Post via CB Z10

Why does everyone forget the fact that Netflix said they were in the process of supporting HTML 5. If I were them I wouldn't be bothered to create a new app when it will be outdated in a matter of months. Yes it would be nice but people need to realize apps will be a dying breed very soon. Everything will just be coded for HTML 5 browsers. This has been discussed many times in different forums. Patience people! Or just side load and stop complaining.

P.S there does seem to be some animosity towards blackberry from Netflix

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That would be fine, if they didn't just totally catch a case of foot in mouth disease. If they had said we will support bb10 with the new html 5 service, this would be a non issue. We have a working, albeit, out dated android version working side loaded. They could just port their current version, and the drumbeat would cease. Wave did it. 2 years ago, they told me definitely they wouldn't be supporting BlackBerry any more. I think if we could do it, so could Netflix

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The ignorance on the part of many developers in regards to BB10 is not surprising, as they too seem to follow the whole "BlackBerry is dead" mantra that so many others seem to chant. With BB10 being the new platform from which future versions of the OS will be based upon for the foreseeable future, developers really do need to get into the game and do some real research. If they did, they would learn that this is a very marketable mobile OS and if companies like Netflix can develop apps for Windows Phones, then developing versions for BB10 would be good sense from a business perspective. I can understand why developers were not so keen on developing apps for OS7 and for the PlayBook since it would entail developing or porting multiple versions.

So many lies and misinformation about BlackBerry 10 devices being passed off as truth it's ridiculous.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Absolutely not the point. When app like this are missing off a platform it gives people a reason not to come across... i still carry my iPhone because of one bloody app "Sky Go"... i couldn't care less about Netflix but I really really want it because it means people have no reason not to buy BlackBerry.... there has to be something else at play here, if I was CEO of Netflix, I would have every device on the planet tried and tested... Nearly 4 months after Canada and UK realise to come out and say I haven't tried the device... he's a liar or he deserves to be sacked....

Posted via CB10

Never mind pitchforks and torches, how about tar and feathers...for a feather brain using a slippery slope argument.

Posted via CB10

Wow what a beaut...keep on them crackberry...I'm waiting to reopen my account and cash in another free month of Netflix!

Posted via CB10

I let my friend login to her account using netflix on my Q10 and guess what? IT WORKS TO STREAM CONTENT OF ANY KIND!!!

(I don't personally ever care to setup a netflix account because it is a garbage company lead by a moron)

After testing this, I decided to delete the app because my work is done. These "big app clowns" are literally dense.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Good job pushing the issue and keeping BlackBerry and Netflix aware of the potential for both brands.

Posted via CB10

They can support BlackBerry 10 all they want, too little too late. Besides, I don't even like any of these "big apps" and I feel by giving them all this attention, we're pouring fuel onto their firey egos.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

My BlackBerry does everything these apps do and some, without the apps. Wow.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Bye Blacberry, this is the problem you dont have social, games etc (apps) in fact you dont have anything.

Very astute comment Gyronman as social and games is definitely a problem we don't have.

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I remember reading somewhere that Netflix no longer reports subscription numbers... hmm ever wonder why they don't do this. They may be growing, but an incredibly slow rate. I know no one who has a Netflix account, it's a waste of money.

Posted via CB10

Are you in the U.S.? Almost everyone that I know uses Netflix. Either the streaming or the DVDs. And I mean literally almost everyone I know.

Wasn't it just announced that Netflix subscribers out number HBO subscribers? Let's not understate Netflix popularity. Perhaps it was new subscribers - either way...

Side loaded this Crappy app, used it a couple of times and now it's deleted. Netfilx is definitely not a deal breaker by any stretch of the imagination.

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It's obvious. Netflix customer service is **** and this is a classic example of what a bad CSR does - make something up that most customers will be too stupid to realize is not true and hope they go away.

After all, saying "We just don't want to make an app for your device, **** off" would be honest but that's not going to happen.

Posted via CB10

They pretty much did. Its posters here that seem to not understand and keep the rallying cry going. And most of them deep down know why its not coming. I think their ceo even made a veiled reference to it.

Tell them to cancel the construction of the app and delete all your account. Never sign up for a new account again.


Posted via (CB)

Netflix is an incredible waste of bandwidth and, personally, I would never have it on any mobile device. I have better things to do then watching their crappy selection of TV shows and movies on my Z10, or my PlayBook. Good riddance to bad garbage, I say.

BlackBerry is "Kicking Ass". So all you "supposed" Market Analysts, Fund Managers, Wall Street Advisors and all around Doom and Gloom Idiots.. it really is time slurp on a great big cup of "Shut the hell up" and stop percolating misinformation about BlackBerry to the economic markets to validate or prop up past positions you've taken about the "end of BlackBerry. I'm actually surprised BlackBerry isn't suing more of you morons for trashing Blackberry's Brand, Image and Stock Value without so much as a thread of real evidence to back up your statements. And as for Bozo, (not using his name because I can't prove he's a clown). Not even having used a BB10 yet and dismissing it and not supporting it! Who cares??
Not I. Netflix in Canada is garbage, for the small % of those that do a lot of Streaming on your phones, there really are other better options.....
Oh My, I just had a hot Teletype come across my desk here at BS Central! It appears nobody gives a crap about Netflix, this could lead to the worst one day loss for Netflix ever! We're expecting their stock to lose 20% on the market, though we can't verify the info we are basing our report on!
And that's the way it was, this Sat May 25 2013, for BS Central; good night.

From Mark's Z10

They will just come up with any bullshit answer. I have to go conspiracy theory on this. There has to be a real reason why Netflix keeps balking on BlackBerry.

HTML5 is great, there will always be a reason to create native apps. HTML5 is not the 'Solution for all' that we are lead to believe. In the real world, a native app is a solid solution.

That said, it's funny how NF dismisses BB10 yet how many BB10 users are running the sideloaded android version of NF? Perhaps they should just add a survey to their website for people to indicate which devices they play NF on...and include a box for BB10. If anything, it would show how many subscribers they could loose.

Posted via CB10

If BB10 users have access to the Android version, then there really is no incentive to create a native app, now is there?

Doe BB users really need this app to validate their purchase of the Z/Q10?

But the Android version is an unofficial sideload, and I believe the number of people that can be bothered to learn how to sideload and actually do it is small compared to how many people would just download an app they see in BlackBerry World. The general population doesn't really get in to hacking, which is what sideloading means to a lot of people.

Do we need Netflix for validation of our purchase? No. Do we need big name apps so we can stop some of the unwarranted criticism of BlackBerry 10? Yes.

Big name apps becoming available will not stop the criticism, it will simply cause the critics to shift their focus on something new and just as unfounded as the ridiculous notion that Net Flicks not being available on BlackBerry actually matters in any way at all.

The source of the criticism toward BlackBerry is good ol' fashioned marketing hard at work by those who stand to benefit from BlackBerry's potential loss of market share (and I mean market share, not "just US market share").

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

It's not a BlackBerry user that we are considering... it's the iOS and Android user that use Netflix that will not buy a Z10 or Q10 because it's not on BB10.

Posted via CB10

We need a true BB10 app for Netflix as the current sideloaded version doesn't work with the BB10's HDMI support so you can't really connect your BB to a TV and watch Netflix. I've tried it with the Android app and you can't open as HDMI and full screen etc. If there was a true Netflix app, they may also get more of the xBox 360 customers who complain about have to also buy a Gold membership in order to use Netflix. This would fix everything.

If there were this many comments on the Netflix thread maybe they would pay attention . . .or ignore it . . .whatever . . .

Who ever said Skype does not work on the z10 must be a newbie as skype works np's and is available in BlackBerry App World.

Posted via CB10

I use it all the time and it works fine. Perhaps, it's just you.

Posted via CB10 ~ visit my portrait channel C0011B779

I remember ppl chant maple leafs are dead. Well this year we seen what a team can do and what they could of done in the past three years.

Now it's BlackBerry's time and every app dev is scared as bb10 is awesome and they can't seem to distinguish bb10 from everything non apple or android.

Posted via CB10

I just think Netflix is just trying to save face by putting out that response. It's a shame. I don't use there service but it would be nice to see there app on blackberry 10. I think they seem to have this as the old school blackberry. This is a whole new blackberry new and 10 times better than before and way better than some of the device that they support. So in my opinion Netflix do the right thing and support blackberry. You will have such more fab base and it so that you are open to new technology and operating systems out there. And I wonder if the realize that some part of there system is using qnx(blackberry) software...hmmmm

Posted via CB10

I have had a Netflix subscription in the past. I canceled in and I will not be renewing it until they have support for BlackBerry 10!

Posted via CB10

I don't get why theyre so ignorant. There's 4 types of phones. Get your head in the game.

Posted via CB10

It is clear that Netflix wants to shift the blame to BlackBerry. I wish they would be honest and say they don't support it for business reasons instead of all this crap

Posted via CB10

At least he said "stay tuned". I think it's just a matter of stalling until something is ready like Jellybean or HTML5 or something else. We'll get it, just for now it makes no sense whatsoever.

'Stay tuned' translates to "please don't cancel like so many other BlackBerry users! I really like my job, and I'd hate to have to go back to flipping burgers for a living. I'll lie harder next time, and use bigger words! "

Sent from the future on my Z10.

They've been saying "stay tuned" for the last 18 months (when asked about PlayBook support). They also claim they want to be on every screen/device -yeah, right. I cancelled my Canadian subscription in protest (after binge-watching Dexter :-)) more than a year ago --after telling them why, and haven't looked back. The money I'm saving can and is used to buy apps and content on BlackBerry World.

BlackBerry needs to get a device (Z10 or Q10) into Reed Hastings hands along with easy set up instructions -- oh and maybe already side-loaded with the Android Netflix app ;-). I think he'll be able to see the potential then.

Whilst I can't stand their ignorance and belive that an app developer should make their app for all platforms. Like car components are. I don't think Netflix is really serious about anything.
This is a company that can't even make their service global. It's not available in Australia or who knows where else.
I'd save Netflix for the short-sighted American iMuppets (which no BlackBerry user is).

Posted via CB10

All Netflix needs is Flash and it's available. Maybe they want to go native and BlackBerry only offers low level libraries.

Sent from a Q10 with a crappy OLED screen

Hey that's my comment that Jeremy answered. Cool being "famous" in a CB article. My mom always said I was special. LOL.

Posted via CB10

One has to seriously put some effort into coming up with an excuse like this. I don't use and don't care about Netflix, but come on, cut the crap.

Posted via CB10

Lets make June 1st, Spam Netflix day. We go on all their social media outlets and post that we want it, we get their online tech support all bogged down asking the same questions and I will find and post their corporate HQ Phone Number and we can all call in and drive their switchboard absolutely bonkers.

Been using sideload Netflix on my Z10 for about 5 weeks. Works OK but Netflix coded movie streams in general seem to have crappy lip sync with video lagging audio by up to 1.5 seconds. I am puzzled why this app seems to be so important to some BlackBerry 10 users. Will a native app improve the lip sync delays? Netflix movie selection in the UK is also pretty poor. I am going to cancel my account with them and delete the app.

Posted via CB10

You noticed that too, huh?

By contrast, the movies I get from BlackBerry World stream perfectly. Perhaps it's time we vote with our dollars.

Posted via CB10

Sideload versions don't count when dealing with ignorance and those who want to put the platform down. When someone wants to disparage BB10 and talk about why Android or iPhone is better, it always comes down to what apps are officially on the platform.

I am so tired of hearing reviewers say go with iPhone or Android because there are no apps on BlackBerry. They speak in absolute because apps like Netflix, Pandora, and Instagram are missing officially.

Posted via CB10 ~ visit my portrait channel C0011B779

come on people move on. netflix has no interest. They are so far up Apples ass and Apple is telling them no. Netflix sucks anyway. The real question is why inst BB building there own netflix like service. Id pay $10 a month and be able to stream on my 55" from my z10. So good bye netflix hello BBflix

That is an interesting proposition. I wonder if Rovi has the infrastructure to support this as BlackBerry's media partner... ?

Posted via CB10

By now neither I want or care about Netflix after all this bunch of nonsense BS BlackBerry should go after HULU and put Netflix in a very dark dungeon and throw away the key!!

If Netflix ever make it to BBWorld don't count with my support I will not use the service!

Posted via CB10

My 2 cents.....
Netflix CEO has an undisclosed long position in Apple and Samsung and short on BlackBerry.
To me that is the only reason why they wouldn't build an app for this platform. He doesn't want to give them any momentum.

Posted via CB10

Corporate psycho-babble. Any excuse is a good excuse. It's just poor business - after all, who wants 80 million more customers?


Side loaded an Android port and it runs great. Lags some in the menu, but it streams perfecty. The build of Netflix is 1.8.0. Build 561.

Posted via CB10

Are they joking? Not that I would ever install Netflix on any device of mine but really? All I hear is excuses, really lame ones which leads me to believe there is some issue here that the public is not privy to.

Posted via CB10 - Channel Pin C00016D81

well we know netflix hates bb simple u guys can fight it but they should have just made an app from the get go its not that hard netflix come on

Actually, I have found it convenient and economical to stream to my Z and output to the hotel TV when on the road. BlackBerry World has an amazing selection.

As for watching on my phone, I'm with you that I don't see much point.

Posted via CB10

It's helpful when the kids need entertaining on the fly - or they are dominating the tv's in the house playing X box and such. I know what your saying but fir a lot if us hard core BlackBerry users this is becoming more about taking a stand and making our needs heard in the shadow of giants like Apple and MS.

Posted via CB10

Poor Jeremy, but he has made himself part of the problem. At least, he should suggest he will take it up with management. With potentially 25 million BB10 devices to be sold this year, there are customers out there waiting for services from companies like Netflix. The attitude from Netflix's Hastings has been very disconcerting, to say the least!

This is exactly why Kevin gets so many man-crashes from CB nation! Great job again, Kevin!

Why not get to make an app for bbry instead... I'm sure Netflix will regret not supporting bbry in the short and long run...

Sent by Bbry Z10

Hey Kevin, i know you're just barely catching your breath from BB Live but have you considered getting an appointment with Reed Hastings (CEO Netflix) as both a rep of Mobile Nations and as a rep of millions of BB users to help this guy get straightened out? An ambassador of good will, would fit you just fine as long as you don't go badass hulk on the he deserves.

I cancelled my netflix subscription because the Canadian content is dry. I could care less about it. But it's something BlackBerry needs to have.. along with Instagram and any other big app. It's a huge deciding factor for young people looking to buy a new phone.

Posted via CB10

I canceled my netflix account about 2 months ago and told them it was because of the lack of support for BB10. They have now lost $16 of my money and will continue to loose money until they support BlackBerrys.

Posted via CB10

I have the option of using netflix on all of my devices save for my BlackBerry devices and I do not use the feature. I know I'm in the minority so for the sake of the folks that do use netflix I hope they get their shit together.... fast!

Posted via CB10

How is he supposed to know what the platform supports if the head of the company has never even touched a BB10 device?

Posted via CB10

I was a Netflix user but after reflecting, I will cancel my account. I just can't believe how stone-headed people can be. I've not been a heavy user of Netflix because I have other options available to me, but I was really looking for Netflix on my Z10. To hear the dumb#ss excuses from management and employees of Netflix, I'm now turned off.

First rule of sales: don't piss off prospecting customers. First, you lose their business, and they spread their disappointment to their friends and family.

I think Marty's team lacks communication skills. The Netflix's team should know all this stuff by now. We should get the award for helping Blackberry improve itself.

First of all, let's get Jeremys comment right.
He said "commercially available solution" and not just "no protected streaming". Lets get that through our minds and please just answer if you really know if there is any commercially usable method of protected streaming, cuz i dont know.
Second thing is. Lets do some math. Netflix is obviously not a Non-Profit-Organization.
And lets name Android as an example app platform. So if u search for the Netflix app, there are 10 to 50 millions of downloads of that app. (note at the side: And as it seems, my Nexus 7 isnt even supported, so no tablet support at all???) So ive read BB got 76 million subscribers. In an Q10 article i ve read that the vast majority of BB users are loving physical keyboards. Those 76 mill. are still on older devices and probably some million Z10 and Q10s now. Netflix is a multimedia app, so a keyboard smartphone is for me everything else except a media guru. the only physical keyboard media guru i can imagine right now would be the Torch 9810 but its on OS7... Please go ahead and correct me if i am wrong all the way.
Lets continue the math... why should a company afford ressources to program an app for a plattform where the most devices arent in the multimedia scope? I think there are 850 million android devices out there, top 50 millions do have netflix on there devices... so count it down to blackberry devices and u can now feel the desicion of Netflix not to have a nativ app RIGHT NOW...
I love BlackBerry since my Curve 8520, over to Torch 9800 and Torch 9810, got a PlayBook, sold my Torch 9810 and PlayBook and bought me a Z10 and a Nexus 7 because of this "not-having-my-beloved-apps-scenario" and I'm also planning to start developing for BB10 because I love it ;)
So dont get me wrong with that comment, but u need to see the descision through the other eyes to create any quality comments at all... and for be taken serious by companies providing apps... they wanna get cash, thats why they arent planting any trees in the rain forrest for free...

I think it could be done to bring more super users to the Netflix. The Android port, it should have not take that much time. If you think about the program structure, it is the same program running on multiple platforms. All you need is to design for this platform. Now if the Blackberry wants to make it native, they would need invest time to bring the application. I think they can create an update to become native if they bring enough users to system.

PS. Android ports should have good performance.

Well, I stream movies to my Z all the time through BlackBerry World. As I pay for this and as it only works on my Z, that should quality as a commercial and protected stream.

Further, BBOS and BB10 are not the same thing. I reckon the latter already has five million users, half of whom are coming from non-BB devices.

If I were a Netflix stockholder, I'd be pretty mad, frankly. You don't just turn your nose up at millions of potential customers.

Posted via CB10

With Netflix, I feel like whatever we do (or don't do) will never be enough to get them to support BlackBerry10.

People have asked them for a long time, and they are still giving us a very strong NO.

I'm over it, to be honest.

I can already "read" the next Nextflix customer service chat with a blackberry supporter.
Netflix Rep: ... So unfortunately, there is no commercially available solution for streaming protected content on Blackberry 10 devices....

BB user: But, a spokesperson for Blackberry confirmed that BlackBerry 10 supports secure streaming and looks forward to Netflix making their service available on BlackBerry 10.
The link to this article should be provided so that they can verify this information.
It won't hurt. will it?

I just went to "contact us" on Netflix's site. I politely asked if they were coming to BB10. After a few minutes she came back and said "not yet". I politely thanked her and said that BB users were very loyal and it would be a shame for Netflix to lose out on that revenue. Keep up the pressure EVERYONE. They are definitly noticing. Everyone should do this even if they have not yet decided on whether they even want Netlix yet...

Forget Netflix! Amazon Prime streams to my BlackBerry PlayBook! Amazon Prime takes the place where I once had Netflix. It's on the Wii as well (just like Netflix was) so I'm ok.

So at least if Prime doesn't have a "free" version of the movie they allow me to rent it and stream it. More options than what Netflix offers for less.

The sideloaded version works on my Z10. What's the big problem for them to create an app, even a port and post it on appworld.
But anyways, since i'm the only person in the IT field in my family, i convinced them Netflix is a potential threat to the security of their network/pc/laptop etc and advised them to cancel their account and look for an alternative.


Personally I stopped my netflix subscription... If they don't want to be available on the device that I use then I am not bothering with paying for their service. You see? Now I don't care for their app...

Guys, I'm watching Eureka: Season 3 Episode 6 on Netflix with my PS3 right as I clicked this post. I have the Bold 9900 on AT&T, and I'll tell you right now.. I will download Netflix as soon as I get the Q10, if it's available.

We should really be doing the same with Instagram. That is the most important one, in my opinion, that will get BB10 over the hump. If BB10 wants cool points, Instagram has it in spades. What do you say we 'check' with them on getting Instagram on BB10?
I'm off to sending a message to Instagram.

Posted via CB10

I kind of find it partly BlackBerry 's fault I mean, who can blame people for being traumatized over the older BlackBerry phones. They should and could have taken the leap towards BlackBerry 10 shortly after the iPhone came up but noo they had to wait until just recently. I find that it's a good thing, the rumors about how other phone companies are trying to prevent Netflix to come onto BlackBerry World because that means that they take bb10 as serious competition. May the best phone win.

Posted via CB10

Hey everyone who still has a Netflix, post this article in their support areas!

Let them see the truth.

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

I would think that a company would want to try and reach out to as many people as possible to use their product(s)... Why Netflix hasn't utilized this is something I do not understand. Perhaps the cost of making an app is to much for the BlackBerry platform at this point? Maybe once BlackBerry gets back into the competitive arena with the BlackBerry 10 OS will Netflix seriously consider branching out to more devices.

Posted via CB10

It's laughable that Netflix is coming across like they have all the customers they will ever need. Netflix, ignoring BlackBerry is unbelievable stupid....totally shutting off a chunk of business that in good or bad times could mean the doors stay open or get shuttered forever.
Never heard of successful businesses willfully ignoring ANY potentially profitable customer base. new customers are life for a company particularly in these tough times.
Netflix-call me for the bankruptcy sale. If yall are that stupid you're gonna go bankrupt.

Posted via CB10

I will be canceling my subscription with Netflix until they actually release a BB10 app.

And sorry to those that say to just stop whining and sideload it - well, sure, if they would actually work on my phone. Thus far, none of the versions have.

So, if Netflix does not want to help make their customers happy (which, by the way, is what you aim for when you have a company that wants to be and continue to be successful does), by all means, don't make an app. I'm sure they will lose some revenue.

Netflix wants a lot of cash, and persuasion from BlackBerry.... Giving out some silly reasons for not supporting BlackBerry.
They are acting like app trolls....just like patent trolls... :). :)

Posted via the awesome z10 using CB10

I don't think the issue is whether bb10 support protected media streaming or not. The way Netflix sees this is two fold. Netflix knows that having an app doesn't move the needle for them - so why spend resources/time/money on it. Second, like most of you have said bb10 is a new platform and the app gap is still huge - again the most obvious is Google.What about spotify - should you boycott them as well? some of you are subscribers. I don't think the CEO of Spotify uses a blackberry either, same as CEO of Netflix - this was "offensive" or "rubbed some people the wrong way" as some of the commenters said so they cancelled their netflix account.

just saying, it's irrational, illogical and a complete overreaction.

I believe they are just playing it out and see how BB10 does for the next few quarters before making a move. I am still a bit amused at the want for Netflix. From what I have heard or read their subscriber base is around 50 million ! Why does not BB jump on HULU or Amazon prime and pump them up. Only makes sense to shut this Netflix app not on BB crap and only then will Netflix take notice.

Netflix needs to be on BlackBerry! Plain and simple. I guarantee everybody will download it and it will be one of the top apps on BlackBerry!

It is just an ill-informed company. They are just trying to prove a point that they don't need to follow everyone's requests to stay relevant.

That's just my opinion.

Blackberry Faithful - #TeamBlackBerry

Does Netflix think it Is worth putting work into app? not saying it's not but maybe they think just like the company Blackberry?

BBM is coming out for IOS and Android BUT not WP8 or other OS's because they don't have big enough marketshare.

Time to pull your heads out of your arses, Netflix. Iphone and Android are old news. BB10 is where the future is. better get on board now or get left behind like those two prehistoric, boring operating systems you cater to.

The fact that the CEO said that he hasn't even used a BlackBerry and yet says no plans for BlackBerry shows he's got some issues against the platform. Maybe the meeting with BlackBerry went sour in some way and he still has some bad taste in his mouth. It could simply be a power tripping situation.

At such times, BBB Complaints really work guys. Not sure if it's being said or done before, but we must file complaints with BBB or local Ombudsmen. Netflix seems active on closing BBB issues.

Posted via CB10

Netflix could simply support the excellent browsers on BB10 devices and Playbook. Netflix on browsers is already supported for Microsoft IE, Firefox and Chrome, and Safari -- App not essential.

So here's how I see this. I had Netflix for 5 years and for the most part did use it religiously however after calling and pleading with Netflix to support blackberry, they basically said no. I even gave them an out by suggesting that at least let blackberry users us the Web interface and they still said no. So I dropped them 3 months ago. Since then I've been using Amazon prime and have yet to look back. Amazon video streaming service works great and the selections of videos keep growing and growing. Which leads me to the following question. Why not collaborate with amazon instead? Are you all aware that amazon prime only plays on blackberry devises and not apple or android (no flash... hint hint). this is what we should be promoting and inquiring about. Forget Netflix, an amazon native prime video app on blackberry would do wonders for the blackberry brand. Hence, less market shares for netflix if everone started using amazon prime.

Posted via CB10

Both Jeremy and BlackBerry's statements are a bit vague. I would like clarification, with specifics, directly from both companies -- not from a forum support person or a BB PR robot.

I'm 15 and my family is canceling our Netflix subscription until their is Netflix on my Z10. My Z10's screen is much larger than my old iphone 4 and it has Adobe Flash. No more excuses Netlfix...

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Omg will u cry babies grow up.. kudos on Netflix not wanting to make BlackBerry App. They have every right to. Bb10 hasn't been that popular that's why many goods apps r missing. Deal with it.

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If you don't like your BBZ10 then sell it, unless you like expensive paperweights and enjoy baiting people online. As for your comment about Netflix (which I don't use - it's my husband's subscription), it's the principle that is the issue here - a fantastic, novel and adaptable OS is ignored by a purportedly savvy (and very arrogant) CEO. For the record, I have tried iOS and loathe it. Android? It's a toy. My Z10 multitasks much better than anything I've every tried.

I would love a native Netflix app. But for the meanwhile, my side loaded app works great!

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I cancelled my Netflix subscription a week after the z10 came out in Canada and i was able to consolidate my iPhone and blackberry into one one device. I told them flat out its because they announced they would not be available on blackberry. If a company is going to be this stubborn and even try to force me and the world onto android or iphone, then u know where they go. I encourage other users to cancel also, put your money where your mouth is. You can always subscribe again later if they do get the message.

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I think it's funny. Every comment about it not being profitable for them. What's it cost to pay someone for a few days. Three tops to write this app? Way. Way. Less than they have just lost from this thread. They have plenty of money. Heck. Have the ceo sell off 20 shares of his stock and he could pay for it and buy a Z10. Lol. And have enough left over to go out to Ruth's Chris for dinner. With the dev. Imo.

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You have to point out someones error if its so wrong. There was no bashing of Jeremy, but Netflix should be aware of which employees are making incorrect statements regarding their products. I t just makes Netflix look bad when their employees do not have correct information. "It is better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt"

Lol. If Netflix had said this bout android or iPhone none of you would have your little pms moment here. Get over it. They. Don't want BlackBerry. It hasn't sold many units. Its a ok phone new n fresh that's all. Deal with it ppl. Their bigger market is in the states lol not canada

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My understanding is that there is more to this than meets the eye. Someone at Netflix doesn't get along with someone at BlackBerry and there will not be a BlackBerry app until that someone or someones are gone.

There is a serious obsession about Netflix and blackberry on this forum. Think about the demographic blackberry is targeting. Thor says he wants the hyper connected get things done people. One can hardly get things done if you spend time watching movies on your blackberry. Netflix clearly understands their target audience. Give them a break. The people on this forum on the other hand don't and seem like they would be better off on Android. The apps this demographic need are productivity apps like the ones from Google. We need Google apps so we can read and edit Google Drive documents. Yet no one wants to put heat on Google. Instead it's all about Netflix these days. Google Now would also be a great app for BlackBerry users.

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Netflix, I'd be happy to support you guys, since I was about to sign up. But after learning what distasteful attitude you have towards Blackberry users--and particularly one here who is a former longtime iPhone user-- I think I shall pass until you've come to your senses and see what Blackberry means to your business. Simple as that.

Why has Netflix got a problem with BlackBerry? My z10 is my third BlackBerry device, and by far the best one yet, from a personal standpoint it's miles ahead of the competition and is getting more and more traction all the time, so come on Netflix don't get left behind because you can't see the bigger picture, you really don't have any excuses apart from ignorance and what seems a very bigoted and insular view of OS10

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Jeremy is so gonna get fired. I see this in 2 ways. Either "Jeremy" is full of it and made something up on the spot. Or the Netflix CSR FAQ says "if someone asks about a bb10 app just say its not compatible"

Poor Jeremy..LOL.
Realistically though, I cannot see the business sense of why Netflix would NOT want to expand to a new or existing audience. Does the cost of development really outweigh the income outlook? Perhaps BB could offer some assistance to them here, and both would reap the rewards, because we know some will not get a BB because of this.

Just posting to once again try to let Netflix know that there are passionate fans of both devices/services that want to use the two together!

I am giving Netflix until Sept. 2013 to support BB10 and PlayBook, then I am dumping them like a bag of sand. I do hope an alternative comes out for Canada that matches the Netflix Canada price but offers more films.
When I call Netflix Canada and speak to somebody of importance, I hear arrogance in their voice not to mention their love for the iPhone. And the nerve to try and convince people about iOS being superior to BB10 is utter nonsense.
Clearly people are misinformed and have the false notion that BB10 is nothing but a minor BB7 upgrade. Unless of course we are dealing with FabBoyz.

On June 28th at 1:00 pm EST. Everyone call netflix support and ask them why its not availablon bb10. And stay on the phone until you get a proper response. If yyou have netflix at home and you use a BB. You have to right to watch it on your BB, PERIOD. Them gangstas...

- personal opinion, personal suggestion.

and what about the jerky comment...we are focused on entertainment devices...the CEO of NF sure does make some jerky comments...guess Z10 does not use some fancy retina name for its HD display....

Is it not Blackberry who should be getting this for us. I have a Q10 and love it. Good luck BB. I am hanging on to your good product.