Message from BlackBerry: You can still count on us

By Adam Zeis on 14 Oct 2013 03:00 pm EDT

The headlines for BlackBerry have been a bit of a jumbled mess lately, and for those BlackBerry users that don't dive deeper into the articles, things could seem a bit all over the place right now.

Tomorrow, October 15th, BlackBerry will be taking to print media to convey their message loud and clear to current BlackBerry users in hopes of setting things straight.

They will be posting a letter in over 30 major news publications across 9 countries to let long-time BlackBerry users know, "You can still count on us". Just as they've been there for the dedicated users all along, they want the world to know they'll still be there to provide best in class security, productivity, EMM and social networking.

Here is the letter:


To our valued customers, partners and fans,

You’ve no doubt seen the headlines about BlackBerry. You’re probably wondering what they mean for you as one of the tens of millions of users who count on BlackBerry every single day.

We have one important message for you:

You can continue to count on BlackBerry.

How do we know? We have substantial cash on hand and a balance sheet that is debt free.

We are restructuring with a goal to cut our expenses by 50 percent in order to run a very efficient, customer-oriented organization.

These are no doubt challenging times for us and we don’t underestimate the situation or ignore the challenges. We are making the difficult changes necessary to strengthen BlackBerry.

One thing we will never change is our commitment to those of you who helped build BlackBerry into the most trusted tool for the world’s business professional.

And speaking of those dramatic headlines, it’s important that we set the record straight on a few things.

Best in class productivity tool.

We have completely revamped our device portfolio this year with the launch of BlackBerry 10. We have four BlackBerry 10 devices – two all touch and two hybrid (touch and QWERTY) – and all are running the third update of our new platform. If what you care about most is getting things done – taking care of your business – we have the best range of devices for you. And we continue to offer the best mobile typing experience – no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Best in class security.

Governments all over the world, global corporations and businesses that simply cannot compromise on security choose and trust BlackBerry. Security is our heritage, and the industry recognizes that BlackBerry is the most secure when it comes to the device, server and, of course, our global data network. Have no doubt that you can continue to trust us to keep your communication safe and private.

Best in class enterprise mobility management.

We changed with the market, embracing BYOD because we understand that as iOS and Android devices become common in the workplace, businesses still need to manage all of these different platforms seamlessly and securely.

This is not a trivial task. While there are a number of startup companies that make bold claims, BlackBerry has more software engineers and the most resources dedicated to developing the most innovative solutions to address this complex challenge.

And our customers know it. Over the past quarter, our BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 server base grew from 19,000 to more than 25,000. Corporate clients are committed to deploying and testing the latest enterprise technology from BlackBerry. We are committed to evolving with our customers. That will never change.

Best in class mobile social network.

We are bringing the most engaging mobile messaging platform to all, with our BBM launch for Android and iPhone.

There are already around six million customers pre-registered to be notified of our roll out. This number is growing every day, and speaks to the tremendous opportunity we have to expand BBM beyond BlackBerry smartphones to make it the world’s largest mobile social network.

Yes, there is a lot of competition out there and we know that BlackBerry is not for everyone. That’s OK. You have always known that BlackBerry is different, that BlackBerry can set you apart. Countless world-changing decisions have been finalized, deals closed and critical communications made via BlackBerry. And for many of you that created a bond, a connection that goes back more than a decade.

We believe in BlackBerry – our people, our technology and our ability to adapt. More importantly, we believe in you. We focus every day on what it takes to make sure that you can take care of business.

You trust your BlackBerry to deliver your most important messages, so trust us when we deliver one of our own: You can continue to count on us.

The BlackBerry Team

We spoke with BlackBerry earlier and asked just what they hoped to achieve with the message, and we were told that they simply want to reassure the millions of BlackBerry users that the company is still standing strong. They'll still provide the best in class tools that they've had all along, and will "never change is our commitment to those of you who helped build BlackBerry into the most trusted tool for the world’s business professional."

Going to print is a great idea for those customers who don't take the time to read sites like CrackBerry and may not know the current status of all things BlackBerry. Many users are avid newspaper readers and rely solely on them to get their news, so having a letter like this with a clear message is definitely good for a boost in morale.

We're still waiting to see how things pan out on the Fairfax and BBM fronts, but for now it's great to see BlackBerry stick to their guns and send across a clear message.

What do you think of the letter? Sound off in the comments and be sure to let us know if you see it somewhere tomorrow.

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Reader comments

Message from BlackBerry: You can still count on us



Yes we do but this message isn't going to accomplish much in their reputation to people and businesses who are uncertain of their future.

BlackBerry has let ppl down to many times with their broken promises and quit frankly, it's hard to trust them again.

Hopefully they can get healthy again by going private with Fairfax, the original founders Mike and Doug or from both parties.

How can you make those promises when potentially someone with a different vision could buy you out and controls the board?

^^^^^^Think about it

Exactly. This is the best they can do? This letter? Haha... oh wait... a different CB article states BBM for all is coming soon.. 'in days'... funny.

The co. still has credibility with the fanbois on this site but not too many other places...

Posted via CB10

Why don't you sell your Z10 so we don't have to read your pathetic signature.

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

An Apple(iphone) fan walks into a bar.
He orders the same drink as yesterday, but pays more!

^ LMAO!!! I see what you did right there. Simple effective truthful ... but the funny thing is APPLE is SELLING THEM like hotcakes!

A BlackBerry walks into a bar.
He orders a new drink, a mixed drink/coctail completely new and created new, the bartenders unique drink. He pays about the same if not slightly cheaper!
Reality is the bartender is looking for a new job because not too many people are buying his mix and the bar is not going to support him for too long (the bar = the board). He has his regulars (BB die-hard fans and purchasers) but he's teary eyed about his forced decision.
new job = company up for sale!

Good on you BlackBerry, I love you.

What's up with your stupid "stuck with this BlackBerry z10" line? What's wrong with the z10? Just sell it or go away

If you don't know how to get out from underneath something so bad, then you deserve what you get. You don't even have a z10. Troll!

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

An Apple(iphone) fan walks into a bar.
He orders the same drink as yesterday, but pays more!

Nah that letter is boss, BlackBerry is the platform of choice for those of us who need to get things done.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Yes, we do but we're very uncertain... and hopefully they know it is hard to us to trust them again.

Then trust this joke!
An Apple(iphone) fan walks into a bar.
He orders the same drink as yesterday, but pays more!

Let the nay sayers begin. Putting out an official message like this is definitely better for their long term customers like my company than saying absolutely nothing. I for one am happy that they have taken the time send this.


You've got to be joking, right? Right? The management team of BlackBerry has zero credibility amongst any of them.

An Apple(iphone) fan walks into a bar.
He orders the same drink as yesterday, but pays more!

BlackBerry! You can STILL count on ME! .... I only ask for help pushing the Z30 to AT&T ASAP! Or at least start selling unlocked online for us PRO-SUMERS to be able to buy regardless of Carrier support!

Agreed! I love my Z10, but the bigger screen would be a great upgrade. Typing on my Note II is a lot easier for me.

Posted via CB10

Your the best. Here is a a joke for you.
An Apple(iphone) fan walks into a bar.
He orders the same drink as yesterday, but pays more!

Well I got a blackberry 9900, that had been shutting itself off since I purchased it. Bell and Blackberry have downloaded new soft ware onto it and still not working right. Neither blackberry or Bell Mobility would issue a new phone. They just keep saying its a hardware issue, please tell why should I trust either a Bell or Blackberry. I have until the 1st of March 2014. It's gone both Bell and Blackberry.

Yes we do love BlackBerry but this doesn't mean we should forget all broken promises, so, from now on, serious fans, the ones that really wants BBRY to success, won't trust them until they deliver the continuity they are promising, if we take BBRY for granted just because this letter we wouldn't be helping them, instead, we encourage this profit focused company to continue lying on the premise that blindfolded fans won't say anything but "We love blackberry!!!". No, that is not the way, the way is to say, eff you BlackBerry, we don't trust you anymore, you deliver and we will trust you again. They have to see that we, the ones who conformed the original 78 millions of fans, won't take more promises, but results... We love BlackBerry, we just don't trust it anymore.

This sums up my thoughts pretty darn well. Having been a loyal user since the 7250, I'm definitely not impressed with the way they have mislead a lot of us.

Posted via CB10

I hear this a lot, but I struggle to understand how we've been misled.

The BB10 for Playbook perhaps, but what does that actually add to the Playbook?

BBM for Android - sure it's delayed, but I imagine will be here soon enough.

Is there something else I've missed where we've been misled? Not like their plight hasn't been public enough over the past 3 or 4 years.

Anyone who invested in BlackBerry during that time must have realised it was a massive gamble.

Blind much?
Leapfrogged the competition?
All major apps will be on bb10?
Email, contacts, calendar in 60 after PlayBook launch
Bb10 instead of bbry 7.0
Hot spot on bb7 os but it actually was BlackBerry 7.1 upon carrier approval
Many more

Don't forget the "tens of millions" of Q10s will be sold by Heins.

STL 100-2 | back to (because the flash player in 10.2 is busted)

Their legacy devices still work. Keyboard users are not Internet junkies. They are email and communication devices. Also they are largely on BES systems and will not be changed out until that said company upgrades to BES10 and Q10 devices. So he still may be correct. It will happen on the corporate world's time line, not yours. Man you people can be so petty.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Most of those are from the previous management. Current management isn't perfect by any means but they've delivered on most stuff. (BB10 just won't run on Playbook because it needs 2Gb and the Playbook has only 1Gb).

And I imagine by the time it's done the Q10 will have sold 10's of millions. That's not exactly a major target and it has only been released a 3 or 4 months.

Has 10.2 been launched (other than on the Z30)? You should know that there are many builds of a specific smartphone software in beta at any one time - often targeted at specific issues. Only the final release build is worth using. So if you use a earlier leak expect to see issues. (Battery life etc).

"And I imagine by the time it's done the Q10 will have sold 10's of millions"

BlackBerry will have to content themselves with selling tens of dozens at most of the BlackBerry Q10. The letter published in various newspapers and sent via email to all BlackBerry BES 10 administrator clients such as myself did nothing to assuage the dirty reality that the BlackBerry Senior Management Team have proved themselves inept at best and corrupt beyond a politicians dream in the worst case scenario.

I don't think we've been misled. I just think the people at BlackBerry are really, really bad at determining how long they need to accomplish things and also reasonably predicting how their products will be received.

I think Homer Simpson must be in charge of goals and deadlines. D'oh!

Posted via CB10

yeah, is not like they promise something and they break it. You are just as lame as Kevin Michaluk when it comes to explaining the Playbook Fiasco

Ya I'm with you on this, I don't feel mislead at all. I knew exactly what I was getting into when I bought my Z10.

If anything, it's just hard to see the possibility of another Canadian company fail due to bad management. But those issues have no bearing on my user experience with BB10 or my device. I chose BlackBerry devices because they do what I need them to do! No matter how new they are, it's always a familiar experience.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Yeah, no mislead, we live in a wonderful world filled with unicorns where BBRY is clearly #1 and is broken promises haven't done any damage...

It's fine to express your opinion. I'm also pretty sure many feel the same as yourself. But, it's kind of arrogant to make an attempt at speaking for everybody that is a "true" BlackBerry supporter. I've been using BlackBerry for years. I could care less about "mistrusting" the company. Does that make me any less of a supporter of BlackBerry than yourself? I think not. My products have always worked to my advantage as far as work and personal life. As long as BlackBerry continues to meet my interests, and avoid completely losing it's identity to cater to those of you who want it to mirror other platforms (in terms of fun/social apps, operating systems, etc. ), I'm buying.

No disrespect to any other platform. People should use what works best for them.

Posted via CB10

yeah, why express my opinion when you can just "upvote" another one, and pretend you are smart because you are in the band of the comprehensive. That guy is full of shit, you are full of shit 10.2 times more than him.

I think we all see who is "pretending to be smart." Didn't your professors teach you how ignorant it is to express oneself with the use of profanity? Or am I mistaken in thinking you actually know what a professor is?

Posted via CB10

But honestly, the next words I want to hear out of BlackBerry is availability of cross-platform BBM.

Say less, do more. Although this piece was definitely needed after the absolute s***slide of events they had happen.

Rumour has it cross platform BBM will be relaunched this week. Just a rumour though.

No offense but the relaunch has been rumored every week since the botched-initial release date.

I've made the prediction that it's coming out Christmas Day: December 25th, 2013. That is another long while to wait. I really hope they prove me wrong but it doesn't seem likely. If it comes out after that... yikes!

It's damage control now that the Z30 will hit this week and they have a crapload of Z10's to move before the end of the year.

But yeah, when a company says one day "The product will be available today", then says that same product is "coming soon", followed by almost no progress updates three weeks later, an explanation would be appreciated.

I'm actually surprised that this came out since they've always been so quiet about these things and rarely release such statements. It's about time they start doing more of these things, though I think it's a little bit late already.

STL 100-2 | back to (because the flash player in 10.2 is busted)

Yes, WE love BlackBerry - but the masses don't :(

Although somehow good to read the msg (I'm wondering, if they will print it in Australia), I believe it's self-promotion to get new buyers and raise their price - at least for some assets like patents, BES...

I think the masses due, but it's not viewed as cool. So people are hesitant. That is why there is so much hate. Have you ever seen a product that gets so much hate constantly driven at it. I figure it's all the people who want the device, but don't have the balls to stand out. But if the product is discontinued, well then they don't have to feel half empty anymore. They should grow some, then go get a new BB10 device, be proud of themselves for finally seeing the light and stand out and above the crowd.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

An Apple(iphone) fan walks into a bar.
He orders the same drink as yesterday, but pays more!

That's what they said about the Storm, Storm 2, PlayBook delay, PlayBook lack of PIM apps, lack of OS updates for PlayBook, the lack of apps in general of BBOS, Z10 launch delay, BB10.0, BB10.1, market share losses, market value dropping, lack of key apps for BB10 OS, BBM delayed launch, and now this.

I hope they mean it this time.

There always has to be a negative Nancy in the group, please disregard them.
BlackBerry will continue on STRONG.

Posted via that z10!

An Apple(iphone) fan walks into a bar.
He orders the same drink as yesterday, but pays more!

BlackBerry is never doing it wrong for the two Daves of CB.....i love you guys, keep entertaining me

Posted via CB10

+100000 He does come across as being somewhat immature. Maybe he needs to download a maturity update.

Anyone on the leak team got an update for DB? He's throwin' a hissy and may crash...

"Just what do you think you are doing, Dave?"

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Nuff said. I echo your comment. I do love my BBRY but one day someone will come out with a device that rivals the standards of BBRY and they will lose us hard core addicts. They best tread lightly.

Tell that to the folks at Viber, who suddenly gave up on BB 10.

One needs to look no further than the headlines on for a glimpse at the true state of BlackBerry.

Or they realized that 10.2 will give a credible experience for Android apps in the runtime that they decided to go that way.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

They are dead in the BB10 handset business without app support from the big media owners and shops. BB10 sales reflect this fact. So this letter is nothing more than another time buying exercise to try to keep people from defecting en mass.

Posted via CB10

Not dead on the corporate side. This is a great corporate device and pretty good consumer device. With the release of 10.2, there will be no app gap. Just side load and you have the best device on the market. Iphone has no NFC, HDMI, and the list goes on. This platform is so stable and smooth. Best on the market now by far.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

They said too much. Should have stayed on message instead of turning it into an advertisement.

Doubt that anyone following the company will put much faith in a few words.

Ya nothing. New OS, 4 new devices, release 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 on less than a year. Yup they have done nothing.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Actually it is.

Silence: absence or omission of mention, comment, or expressed concern.

Might not be the kind of communication you're use to but they're not being silent.

Posted via CB10

I agree, they are communicating. It may not be at the pace SOME would like but they are keeping folks informed.

Posted via CB10

"One thing we will never change is our commitment to those of you who helped build BlackBerry into the most trusted tool for the world’s business professional."

Unless you are one of them PlayBook owners, you we could care less about breaking commitments with!

Sorry couldn't resist. And why now should we believe what BlackBerry says? They have a horrible track record with keeping their word of late! Hopefully this pathetic attempt to communicate with the public again means they have worked out a deal with whoever is buying them and we will finally be getting a sense of the direction BlackBerry is moving.

Posted via CB10

Seems they changed their commitment to thousands who contributed to their success (or at least attempts at success) from the inside over the past few years...

My goodness, people should get over this playbook stuff. I bought and still own a playbook and I'm not stressing over BlackBerry's miscues. Life is always "win some, lose some". It's not the end of the world. Life could be worse.
Sorry, nothing personal.

BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1 is a very stable, smooth-flowing operating system and user environment. There is no reason BlackBerry couldn't have kept developing BlackBerry Tablet OS and incorporating the run-time library compatibility with BlackBerry OS 10. We don't need BlackBerry Hub on the tablet but we surely do need fully functional BlackBerry Bridge between the tablet and BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

"Unless you are one of them PlayBook owners, you we could care less about breaking commitments with!"

Sorry, but the PlayBook was never "the most trusted tool...etc." referenced in the quote from the letter. That would be the tens of millions of phones used to do business daily around the world. And the letter is standard for any company going through a restructuring where the customer base will have concerns about disruptions in service. The letter is not "pathetic" although you'd be on more solid ground applying that word to the U.S. launch and subsequent marketing.

Bought my PlayBook before BB10 even existed so no regrets. Besides 64gig PB for 125 bucks was a steal.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Also my guess. He really screwed the pooch on the Launch. Have it in New York...then wait three months to release in the USA??? Alicia Keys??? The Worlds worst ad campaign????
This letter should have come out at the launch of BB10.

Agree with you here. And you're right, the timing of this message should have been soon after that botched launch.

Stuck with this BlackBerry Z10 and a 2-year contract.

Especial since I'm sure the letter suggests all devices are already on 10.2. Isn't that the third update of the platform?

The same question came to my mind: maybe we can enjoy a worldwide rollout of 10.2 for ALL devices tomorrow?!

Posted on CB 10 and typed on the best Keyboard ever

Are they counting the 10.1 MR as the third update, because in my mind the third update is 10.2 and the only people running it are leak installers and Z30 owners as far as I know. Maybe a local carrier or two has pushed out 10.2 to Z10/Q10/Q5, but not that I'm aware, and certainly not most carriers.

At best it's a misleading statement and at worst it's a straight up lie. Either way it's not what you want in a major faith-building PR initiative.

It doesn't matter how you count it because at least in the US we don't have the MR yet. My guess is that all devices are now shipping with 10.2, but if you own the device you are out of luck.

I'm on VZW and have had only one update - so how can they say "third update"? Another BlackBerry over promise/under deliver. Nice.


You don't have to be stuck with your Blackberry Z10 for a 2 year contract. Sell it & get another phone if this is not what you want.

Posted via CB10

10.2 is already ready & is currently being deployed. It's juta that your local carrier has not completely tested & released it yet. I'm still waiting for mine & I know it will be out by end of the month for most of us.

Posted via CB10

Can this be the turning point whre they actually start managing the blasted communication and taking advantage of media channels instead of letting news run amok?

I hope so. It would mean a world to them.

Than said, as long as my Z10 works, I'm not going anywhere (and heck, I'll probably by their next 4.2" device. ><. Who am I kidding, we all know I will...).

Agreed. It's about time.

Also, it speaks volumes that it's not by the ceo. That would only show that they don't think his name carries trust anymore.

Posted via CB10

Everyone thought Thor was the savior and praised him. No body saving anything about him since the 1 billion dollar loss came out.

A whole 30 news agencies, 9 countries? Why didnt they do this sort of joined up thing with each launch???

Posted via CB10

And at the end of another storm there's another golden sky. *Breaks out into The Lion King's Circle of Life!*

Posted via CB10

Meanwhile Thorsten Heins has been delivering a golden shower to every BlackBerry user. Glad I brought an umbrella.

Everything else out there seems stale or bloated in comparison to BlackBerry 10 in my opinion.
I recently saw someone's comment or signature "The best device is debatable, the best security is not". Love that saying as it's so true.

Posted via CB10

I saw that quote on someone's BBM Channel I believe. And it's so true. I'd trust my BlackBerry to do banking on but not another platform.

It will be interesting to see what major news outlets publish this or at least mention it. I'll sit here and wait.

The Z30 has been released with 10.2 and BBM comes pre-installed on every BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Yea in Malaysia and UK, and so was BBM for iPhone... in New Zealand... see anything wrong with this picture?

Posted via CB10

What do you care? Do girls usually get called dbags? Why does everybody assume anybody on a tech blog is a dude? I was the biggest BlackBerry supporter and got egg on my face over and over, so yea I'm pissed. Again, what does that have to do with you?

Posted via CB10

Finally a message, should have been done weeks ago to reassure potential new customers. Ah well better late than never???????

Posted via CB10

This is true at least. They haven't even remotely thinking of dropping the BB10 platform as of these last months. I mean the 10.2.1 MR leaked.

Talk is cheap. They need actions, like say releasing software they said they would weeks ago.

Posted via CB10

Finally. Glad they communicate but still waiting for the the November

I am Zeeing things. There I Zed it.

Great letter - direct and thoughtful with some personality.

I look forward to seeing it in tomorrow's papers.

It's nice to hear they are showing some sack! Don't let the haters determine the success OR failure of BlackBerry.

Sent from the future on my Z10.

Whatevs...Im still dissapointed by the lack of apps/ Playbook support / and the way the Contacts are in BB10. The UI and the ability to sideload is whats keeping me on BB10. Take that away and I won't have any more shits to give about blackberry.

the playbook get a update the other day, I don't understand what it's the bitching about the playbook,

Yes I love BlackBerry a lot, loving my Z10 and waiting to get hold of the Z30, and if they plan to release a device to compete with the Galaxy Note 3+ series I'm all in...

Posted via ZCB10

Actions speak louder than words.

BBRY needs to follow up this ad with tangible results: a bug-free 10.2; BBM4ALL (finally); a legitimate Z30 marketing campaign for starters.

Anytime a company feels the need to come out with drivel such as this, you can darn sure bet they are in more trouble than anyone realized. Bunch of losers running that company.

I beg to differ. For me, It seems reflective and honest about difficult challenges, but optimistic about what really makes their product great. This seems more like brilliant marketing than troubled corporate drivel. Glass half full I guess :)

Difference is they are now legally accountable for everything they say here. You can't put out a public statement like this and make false claims, so they have to be able to back everything they say up. That is the unstated assurance I believe. But hey! What do I know?

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

BlackBerry all the way!!!!!!!!!
Long live BlackBerry! Even if they broke commitments they needed to break them for their own safety!

Posted via CB10

I think it makes a good statement and provides some much needed PR. I also like the mention of security. One thing that I think has been underplayed is the security of the platform. It is not just the corporate folks who care, but everyone.

Posted via CB10

I'm 90% certain BlackBerry management is full of it and only 10% certain the lessons learned have finally sunk into their thick noggins.