Message from BlackBerry CEO John Chen: We are committed to reclaiming our success

By Adam Zeis on 13 Nov 2013 11:02 am EST

New BlackBerry CEO John Chen has a long road ahead, but he's not wasting any time making some moves and getting things done. He's already spoken out on his plans to do a bit of reorganizing to get things back on track and Kevin even had a chance to fire off some questions to break the ice.

Like Thorsten Heins before him, John Chen isn't staying out of the media and in fact has issued a message to the BlackBerry community today noting that the commitment from BlackBerry remains unchanged and that they are committed to reclaiming success.

From Inside BlackBerry:

To our BlackBerry Community,

As you know, this is a time of significant change at BlackBerry as we accelerate our efforts to transform our business.

I know there has been a lot said about BlackBerry, but let me remind you that at BlackBerry, we are not dwelling on the past. We are looking towards the future.

We Are Committed to Reclaiming our Success

We have begun moving the company to embrace a multi-platform, BYOD world by adopting a new mobility management platform and a new device strategy. We are also leveraging our tremendous assets, including BBM, our network and QNX. While we are proud of these accomplishments, we know there is more work to be done.

I know that it’s going to take time, discipline and tough decisions to reclaim BlackBerry’s success and we are ready for that challenge.

Our Commitment to our Customers Remains Unchanged

We remain committed to delivering high quality products and services to the millions of people who rely on us globally. We also want our customers to know that BlackBerry has significant financial strength for the long-haul.

I believe in the value of this brand. With the right team and right strategy in place, I am confident that we will rebuild BlackBerry for the benefit of all of our constituencies.

We are Excited for the Future and you Should Be Too

Thank you for your strong support and continued commitment.


John S. Chen
Executive Chair and CEO

As loyal BlackBerry fans, it's good to know that the vision is there. Now we just hope that the execution follows. We know that the new CEO has the right idea and we hope that he can help BlackBerry get back to where they should be.

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Message from BlackBerry CEO John Chen: We are committed to reclaiming our success


Please Please Please Mr. Chen, please just do not follow the footsteps of previous CEOs (yes, more than one CEO we are talking about), who announces, "Coming Soon", then "Delayed".

Better to say nothing, and announce things after things have been properly launched.
(And no half-baked products and half-baked software either).

Wishing BlackBerry and Mr. Chen all the best!

I honestly consider your signature an insult.

Posted via CB10 because the browser died on me. *tear*

Sorry to hear that. I assume that you miss the joke then. The masses "perceive" that in order to have the best smartphone on the market they just need to purchase an iPhone. I tell them that what you THINK the iPhone is in the smartphone world, the Blackberry ACTUALLY is.

I hope receive it better.

What sounds good? He told us absolutely nothing lol. It was a blank statement saying were still fighting. I wouldn't call that vision, that's Instict

His link with china is the biggest plus for me. Has a track record of bridging America and China. Hopefully he can bridge blackberry and the world. Wish him all the best. I'm sticking to blackberry all the way ;). Most productive platform.

Collar ID:, what's yours? Shirt addict plan....coming soon

agreed. but must be noted it doesnt sound dissimilar to what thorsten said when he took the reigns too.

Not for me, here, non blindfolded fans, we should just acknowledge the "letter" but not cheer or congratulate, we've seen this before so in order for us to believe anything they must deliver first and talk later. No more PlayBook fiascos, if they deliver, they can talk.

Yes but we can hope and help keep the excitement going.
We very rarely get happy moments, we should enjoy them while they're here.
Let's not stand back and scowl and say "prove it"

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Lady, I'm getting old for this... I've cheer and yell in happiness for BlackBerry probably before you even started to walk on this fine earth of our great Lord... I cheered when the first Bold came, I was happy as hell when the first Slider came, I even got the storm2 with now 4 pressing points, when the playbook came I was first in line and the glorious BB10 launching event we all yelled VICTORY! We had high hopes for BB10 in our PlayBooks as much as we had for PlayBook email after 60 days promise. We've been very excited and optimistic from day one, promise broken after promise broken. And everyone of them we recover our expectations giving them all of our best wishes with hopes that this time they won't fail to us. Lady, hear me please... this time, they have to deliver.

Crackberry is on average for people who wear blindfolds, other than that I agree with you

Posted from my 6230

Well as a "lady" I'll politely respond with, if BlackBerry hurt you so much in the past and you can't rejoice with the amazing things bb10 can do now, then go buy another phone.
Also i've owned my fair share of BlackBerry devices starting from my email pager.
But I should know better than to reply to someone who assumes they know my age. For all you know I could work for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Don't be silly young woman, you think I'll be with BlackBerry if I wanted fake ass multitasking and a home slow button that now scans my senile fingerprints? or do you really think I'd rather prefer 4 buttons with 2 that some times does the same thing and the opposite (they both closes and minimize in "some" cases). I'm fine with my Hub, my z10 without buttons. It is missing functionalities that I'm waiting for, missing apps, missing friends...

You see boys, even when you assume a lady is younger, she'll still find a reason to make it sound offensive.

Only when you make being younger sound offensive.
But jokes aside, I'm glad you like your Z, I'm sure there was some form of a cheer in that ;)

Posted via CB10

Well you've gone this far.....what's a few more kicks at the can sir! No skin of my back, I don't own BlackBerry so if they fail they have themselves to blame for it. I do want them to succeed however because they're a Canada company. It would be a shame to see another tech company of its kind fall because of poor management.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

You know this is not only a "letter" right? This message was sent to the media!! They are talking good about him! Specially the Globe and Mail, which surprises me. This guy comes with what's needed.

Lol there's always a few grumpy people who feel the need to attack everyone else for being excited.

Posted via that z10!

If I was as angry at BlackBerry as some of you are I'd be on a next device by now

Posted by z10 boss

"Like Thorsten Heins before him, John Chen isn't staying out of the media"

Um, Thorsten Heins didn't make any media appearances during the last 4 months of his tenure. Adam, please share your recipie for the brownies.

The intent is there. We'll have wait for the vision. And then for the execution. Good luck BlackBerry.

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^^ +110

I agree with something Chen said earlier: "I've seen this movie before." I have no doubt that BB can recover, expand, even "reclaim its glory".

That said: This letter marks the end of the honeymoon phase for Chen. No more platitudes accepted from here forward: Let's see what the man and team actually does.

I think he should be even more aggressive, to be honest. At this time, they have to force their devices aggressively into the market. "You need Blackberry because XXX". "This is what we do better than the competition". "This is why you should still invest in handsets by us".
Stuff like that.

Seriously...what ever happened to the TAT influences we were teased about? Aside from the fact that some left to start their own company...

TAT is being unleashed gradually. Did you see all the features in OS 10.2.1XXX? Wait until 10.3.

Heard this before, but still hopeful that Chen knows how to pick the right people to make it work this time.

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Pause on devices, and improved our ecosystem. If that can't come close to everyone else ecosystem, you can make all the devices you want and that won't help. I will be patient and stick it out.

Posted via CB10

Ummm he mentioned a new device strategy, I think it's pretty safe to assume that a device is hardware?

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

You realise that the strategy could be to stop making them right? I hope he comes through and blends Google play into BBW. That would be a great start.

Posted via my sexy white Z10 STL100-2/

This just makes me excited.
Everybody loves a good come back story

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

True, everyone does love a good come back story; but I need BlackBerry to start DOING things, and not just talking about their come back....

It would take time. What's required is patience. BlackBerry is listening and doing things....check out the features in the new leak 10.2.1XXX

Yes, they have had time. But what you have to realize is that now they seem to be listening and executing. 10.2.1 looks incredible and addresses almost all of the main problems that BB10 customers have had with BB10. It shows that BlackBerry is listening, which is a major change from 5 years ago, all the way up to the PlayBook fiasco.

Posted via my Z10

I never said, "BlackBerry is run out of time". I said, they've had plenty of time, and I would like to start seeing vs. talking about what BlackBerry is doing.

:) Be honest, haven't you noticed some improvements since BB10 was launched this year? IMHO BlackBerry is trying, it's just that they've got a deep hole to dig out from. The leaked 10.2.1XXX is packed with sweet stuff. The apps dilemma will soon be history. Now just imagine what 10.3 OS will be loaded with.

Adam, Have you been watching American Pickers?? I mean I know "breaking the ice" is a common phrase, but I feel that people say it more now because of the show.. I know I catch myself saying stuff from that show.. lol

Tweet your carrier and ask where is 10.2 update. Especially my fellow verizonians.

Z!0, Nothing Compares

Not really sure I see a "vision" in everything said so far. We heard some of this from the previous CEO about looking forward. The issue is that they haven't seen to learn from the many mistakes of the past, and still have many other prior customers that they burnt with products like the PlayBook. Only thing that I have heard from this CEO that I haven't heard from his predecessors is the comments about Loyalty and how that is basically a two way street. Hopefully the part of BlackBerry fulfilling it's side of the loyalty equation makes itself shown and isn't just buzzword bingo.

Posted via CB10

Can I get a translation for the non-technophile?

"We have begun moving the company to embrace a multi-platform, BYOD world by adopting a new mobility management platform and a new device strategy."

"Bring your own device". Good to see he's acknowledging a changing world. Subtly suggesting that BlackBerry devices aren't for everyone and that the devices have a stigma working against them. In order to succeed BlackBerry has to embrace this concept and look at providing solid services to other platform device wielder while the company works on bring the prestige BlackBerry devices once had back. Focusing on the world as it is, adapting to it, while at the same time working to change it. All for it, and the message, now we just have to sit back and watch the execution.

Swiped from my Zed

Now time to build a new executive team and get on with it. Chen knows the industry and perhaps be already has some people in mind. The sooner they make these C-level changes, the faster they can move on strategy and execution.

Posted via CB10

He's trying to establish his commitment and worth. It's a good, brief, generic letter and the intent is noted. Now kick it in gear John. ;)

Posted via Jiggy's Z10

I hope these new people bring back BlackBerry to its glory where it belongs.

Written on my BB Z-10

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Why do "We know that the new CEO has the right idea"?
Actually we know nothing about his idea(s). We hope he has the right one(s).

+1 !!

Seen nothing so far but I have high hopes................but then I had them for Thor too............

Anyway coming into Christmas we're not going to see a lot.

Compared to Thor which he's the previous COO. Mr. Chen is an outsider, something that happened first in BlackBerry. I hope his ideas are fresh and actually on an outside-the-box perspective.

Z30 | Z30STA100-2/ | Globe PH

Yeah yeah, Thorsten said the same thing. So did Mike. So did everyone else associated with blackberry over the past few years. It's just words on paper that mean absolutely nothing. Yet again! The only thing that matters is the follow through and delivery; something notably lacking from BB. And until that happens, i remain skeptical as to their future. I've been there before. I've heard it all before. And nothing ever seems to change. Hope the new CEO can actually accomplish something this time around.

Really glad this is happenening and that BlackBerry didnt go private as I want to be a part of the team when it is back up on top and I can benefit once again

Posted via CB10

I am excited about BYOD. Bring your own device, man, I'm sick and tired of being treated as an idiot by the service providers when I asked for BlackBerry products. The products should be available, unlocked from BlackBerry with good online support so that we will be free from the ignoramus who ran these outlets and stores. Would love to see BlackBerry stores next to Apple store and give them a run for their money.

Posted via CB10

What would BlackBerry sell in these stores? Phones and accessories, I know, but what else? Apple sells a bunch of other cr@p in their stores besides iPhones, iPads, and accessories. How would BlackBerry pay for the creation of stores and hiring of new sales force? Aren't they cutting back on labor costs?

Vague statements. Doesn't give specifics on what this "success " could be in atall. For all we know, and after reading this BlackBerry is still likely to exit the consumer market totally with smart phones, and providing no continued long term support. It appears the future is BBM, embedded QNX, and the BlackBerry network. Not BlackBerry as we know it. His watered down assurances don't really convince me of anything other than the worst we already can assume.

BlackBerry needs a licensing agreement like NOW!! Put all hand sets on fire sale prices....yes they are coming down to try and protect some form of margin but the longer they wait, the less traction they will get. Use existing Z And Q 10 inventory to keep seeding enterprise as a lost leader, Re negotiate supplier agreements Pronto. Keep updates coming for BB10 And get BBM voice and video chat out on all platforms, plus push desktop access as well. Put plan in place to start monetizing BBM with ads. Enterprise is the only cash flow stream at present left and some consumer service revenue so they are still important. Revenue will still drop and cash be burned. Not much use pushing consumer business, take what you can get via fire sale prices. Save on advertising costs and take the same hit on handset costs. I.e. Normal spend of $200 million on ads, Lower handset cost by similar amount. Will move handsets i.e. similar to playbook sales and is a net net. Now go!!! Still doesn't guarantee success but current strategy is heading BlackBerry to oblivion!

Posted via CB10

I have a feeling that BlackBerry (or Mr. Chen) will come up with a way to reward existing BlackBerry customers worldwide. Free apps, discounts on phones and accessories, etc.

Post via CB Z10

They failed to deliver in the past, but nonetheless, I've always loved my BlackBerry devices. That's the reason I'm always hoping BB will raise to the top once again, and have them iFans and android fans acclaim my BlackBerry's true potential

Z10 the Awesomeness

Here's hoping a fresh set of eyes can help the company out. I'm honestly kind of relieved that Mr. Chen has very little familiarity with the company.

Thorsten, for the good and the bad, was promoted from within. He was part of that old guard at BlackBerry. He had more charisma then Jim and Mike, perhaps.

But obviously how things used to be at BlackBerry isn't working. They need a CEO and management team that don't look back at how things used to be done, because they weren't there for that. The company needs a breath of fresh air and new ideas, and I hope Mr. Chen can provide that.

Posted via CB10

I think the board of directors needed a "bad guy" and Heins was the man.

He laid off half the company. He delivered the bad news about the PlayBook. Delivered bad news about service revenue. He spent very little money on marketing to preserve cash. He wrote off $1B worth of Z10. Laid off another half of the company.

But the company was able to launch BB10 and BES10 without going bankrupt.

End of phase 1.

Before Heins, BlackBerry (RIM) was travelling in a completely wrong direction. Heins put on the brakes. Turned the company around. Just didn't get a chance to step on the gas.

And now here we are.......

It's good that he communicates with the community.
But be careful, there is nothing about his vision:
"...With the right team and right strategy in place..." It's all work in progress.
I hope we hear very soon something about his vision, especially regarding devices and the future of BB10.

I don't see much in the way of "vision" in what he said: it's boilerplate marketing speak. I for one would like to see him directly address the BlackBerry enthusiast community with something significant other than just a commitment "to the future". How about an announcement of solid reengagement with the "Prosumers" even if they only result in experimental "beta" projects like Google does... at this point, I think the BlackBerry enthusiast community is the source of the best ideas for the BlackBerry platform going forward, so let's see them put their money where our mouth is, so to speak.

The CEO just became CEO, give it a little time to settle in and asses what needs to be done to turn this company around. Obviously I rather have this new CEO at the helm versus THOR. So I believe for the 1st time in AGES, BlackBerry is in good hands.

The succes is to get out every 3-4 months a new touchscreen device and build 5M devices and move on the next device. The Z10 is 3 months to late and the blackberry q5 should have a touch screen device.

8-9 months the z10 is no go. BlackBerry should follow lumia. They build first only some high end but they sell the cheap lymia 500 series very quickly and they move on from another device to another.

So Blackberry one qwerty each 9 months and 3-4 touchscreen each year after 5M move on to the next device. New models are always better than a 6 months old model.


Posted via CB10

Hey guys we all know that we have the best damn kickass awesome platform their is. We are the early adaptors of the future. The only thing is that BB-marketing strategy was horrible!
Give JC some credits his track record is tremendous!


I have a feeling that BlackBerry (or Mr. Chen) will come up with a way to reward existing BlackBerry customers worldwide. Free apps, discounts on phones and accessories, etc.

Post via CB Z10

I do believe marketing can help. People are surprised with some of the features of my Z10, like the Hub, time shift camera, and predictive keyboard. They are surprised when I tell them that it is a BlackBerry. Promote strengths.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry does need to up its game! I can't even insert pics into a word document from Q10SQN100-2/ My Bold 9930 did it without fail. Keep making BlackBerry better and get rid of the waste (that stupid game app that I can't delete).

Posted via CB10

To attract Apple addicts, just offer protective cases in a variety of colors. If they are willing to pay $850 for an inferior smartphone then they are your target market. The latest Apple commercials show people amazed at the app icon animation...they are so easily pleased. Blackberry is a powerhouse, and for the "tech-challenged" they need to be introduced in baby steps.

Posted via CB10

I'm a little nervous as I didn't see any mention of BB10. Maybe by mentioning QNX, Mr. Chen is extending his support for BB10 as well?

Posted via CB10

Yes he didn't mention bb10 as an asset neither he did mention device manufacturing, and he spoke of tough transformations. I think they will move to android not above Linux but above qnx . With Java replacing qml and Java script. Maybe they will still manufacture some hardened device with keyboard for the institutions. But from the assets list and mentioning they will become a software company bringing a certain level of security to existing devices, maybe up to replacing the android stock os by their qnx android, with partnering with hardware manufacturers. I can imagine them negotiating with Samsung, lenovo to provide them with a secure os solution to run on their devices for high security needs instead of developing their own secured android.

What's the vision Adam? Are they going to be a devices company? Services? Both? Are they going to be a Consumer company? Enterprise? Both? Does Chen see BB as a niche company? Are they going for Mass Market? Etc. I don't see a "vision" in this article.

I recived my Z30 today, and i cant be more pleased. I had both q10 and z10 this summer and then went back to ios and now latest iphone 5s, but i do like this Phone better, and i cant really sa what it is with blackberry but it sure as heck is something. It feels so lovely, best keyboard ive ever used.

Posted via CB10

BB have great devices and should continue developing them, but they need to focus on quality finish like Apple does. Also i think they should focus on marketing and also promoting more the security and professional status they have.

The California kid is already moving, grateful to hear he is communicated with customers, perception is everything.

Posted via CB10

Got my fingers crossed,good old standard memo,seen it before and hope he has a lot more to announce in 5 weeks and 2 days at the next ER.The guy certainly has balls.Good luck, Mr. Chen.Buy a good pair of winter socks.

Awesome, this CEO sounds very confident and it makes me confident to own a BlackBerry and to continue to buy BlackBerry products and services. What people need to take from this letter and from that Q&A Kevin had with the CEO is simple, he has a plan, a strong plan to build BlackBerry's brand and reputation.

BBRY's been dragged in the mud long enough, and needs to stop ASAP. Its not deserving at all.


If he has a plan it's a secret plan, because he hasn't said anything so far. This letter has zero semantic content, it's 100% filler.

I think there are only two people who could ever bring this company back to its previous glory: me and John Chen. I'm busy doing other stuff right now so I know they made the right decision.

Cheers. :)

To add to that..suggestions!

Get Link to the point of usability as DM was for OS7. Absolutely (update notwithstanding), terrible pce of software.

Allow significantly more freedom in personal configuration on built in apps. # 1 on the list would be Contacts.

Just a cpl.

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!

Sounds like they might be going to offer secure networking solutions to all platforms. Including BB10/QNX.

Note: He never mentions BB10.
He indicated BBM, their network and QNX.

"BYOD world by adopting a new mobility management platform and a new device strategy. "

What's the "new device strategy"?



Posted via CB10 on a Verizon Z10 running

By stating QNX, he means IMO BB10 and visa versa. He also stated in that Q&A that they will continue in the Consumer & Enterprise. Because now a days, the consumer being the working people of the world talk about mobile devices and are familiar with them, so obviously its in BBRY's interest to continue pushing hardware in the consumer space.

Looks like Mr. Chen is relying on us at CB to help with the promotion of BlackBerry at this level. As for me I will continue to promote BlackBerry even if it is for my own personal gratitude. I want BlackBerry to succeed because if they fail my Z10 will just become a paperweight on my desk just to remind me of what could have been. I really do not care to switch to Android or iPhone. So I will continue to push BlackBerry and BBM.

Posted via CB10

I hope that this new CEO never posts any for sale signs. Keep moving even if the cliff appears to be the only option. I think the CEO or some representative needs to be more engaging of the Crackberry nation. It is one of BlackBerrys biggest strengths. But he should also be in the press regularly. Not with letters of assurance but words of vision.

Posted via CB10

A very positive note from Mr. Chen, I am looking forward to the weeks and months ahead.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry Chen is going to make things happen!!!

My BlackBerry History: 6510, 7520, 7100i, Storm 9500, Storm 2, Torch 9850, PlayBook 64gb, Z10...

At present most phones are sold through the service provider. They buy wholesale from the manufacturer and carry then as their inventory. Naturally they will want to move their products as quick as possible to recover their investment and make a profit. We usually commit to a two year contract and pay a fraction of the phone. During the two years a portion of the monthly payment goes towards paying for the phone. They would love to get out of this. It would be far more profitable for service providers to give communication service without having to sell hardware. The profit margin for providing minutes of talk time and data only is huge.
To bring the idea of BYOD (bring your own device) to service providers is a win win situation. But it will mean BlackBerry units being available unlocked for all customers online and through their own dedicated outlets. Software and hardware support must meet customers expectations.
If you bring your own device to a service provider, you should be able to negotiate for a much better deal. This is how cell phone business is done in some Asian countries. There are stores that sell cell phones only and you can buy sim cards anywhere at very attractive prices which will give you ample talk and data plans. No contracts. The death of the service provider as we have in the West. Good riddance. Naturally cell phones manufacturer still have to compete tooth and nail for a market share but then you will be competing on equal terms.

Posted via CB10

Same here in Germany. You can get prepaid SIM cards at supermarkets and buy the device where you want without contract. I like it.

Just upgraded from Z10 to Z30... love both phones but the Z30 pulls passed the HTC and S4... iPhone what?... looking forward to everything turning around for BB.

Posted via CB10

Good stuff from Chen but then we heard the same from Heins too. But let's give our new CEO some support or alot of support.
Let's truly rock n roll this BlackBerry. The new leaked OS's are looking tremendous.

Posted via CB10

Thank you for the communication, Mr. Chen. It is important to keep in touch with your products customers and fan base, so I hope you reach out regularly.

You have inherited a really tough situation, of which I'm sure you are aware. The main problem is that trust is depleted. We have been promised so many things only to see them not happen, that we are very cynical and jaded.

We want to cheer and see BlackBerry on top again, but the place to start is by restoring our trust. That is something you do, not something you say.

Go our there and give 'em sell. You can start by making the Z30 unlocked and available to AT&T customers. I'll buy one.

Posted via CB10

"We have begun moving the company to embrace a multi-platform, BYOD world by adopting a new mobility management platform and a new device strategy." I'm of the opinion that John Chen is referring to the BB10 OS and devices which were launched earlier this year when Thorsten Heins was CEO. "We are also leveraging our tremendous assets, including BBM, our networks and QNX." The fact that he used the word "included" in that sentence suggest that there will be a deeper, more synergistic integration between BB10, BBM, QNX based platforms and BES 10. That's just my opinion.

Mr. Chen says "We remain committed to delivering high quality products and services", that's a huge problem. Some parts are clearly not of a high quality; so to vow to maintain that same quality is not good news. The functionality of BlackBerry World is not great and many apps allowed through that service are abhorrently dysfunctional and amateurish. 'Link' has significant issues. Software has and continues to be released with bugs that should have been caught if adequate quality programs were in place. I'm sorry Mr. Chen, but that's 'strike-one'.

Posted via CB10

"A leader is a dealer in hope." - Napoleon

Go, Mr. Chen - All the best and let us know what we can do to help.

Posted via CB10

It is going to be an uphill battle, but I think they realize that. Apple came back from the brink and look at them now.

To reclaim their success Blackberry MUST start getting some serious USPs built into their phones. It is no good being a me-too device or having nice but not special features. They need to get some AWESOME features that make Blackberry stand out from the crowd.

They need to have Apple and Samsung snapping at Blackberry's heels to get those same features, whilst all the time moving ahead of the game.

Blackberry should be in a good position to do this as BB10 is new, but they need to take it to a whole new level if they are to succeed.

And then - very important - they MUST communicate these must-have new features to both existing users and potential new customers. At the moment nobody - not even existing users - can communicate clearly why you should have a Blackberry and not an iPhone or a Samsung or an HTC or Sony.

What does BYOD Mean? I was in a meeting for regional managers for a large service provider in Canada. One of their aim is to welcome BYOD customers. This mean customers who bring their own device and sign up for cell phone minutes and data. They specifically mentioned that these customers give them a much higher profit margin. At the same time the managers all have the opinion that BlackBerry is dead and wouldn't do anything to market the products. So how can BlackBerry be successful when the front line sales staff won't sell your product.

Posted via CB10

"right strategy in place"

Nice letter, but one that details such strategy would be nicer. Not expecting it right now, of course, but to have faith in a company one does need to know what the plan is.

Agree. Maybe some bullet points. He and Prem must have had some serious discussions about the general plan. The sooner the public hears what it is and why they think it will work the sooner some level of confidence is restored.

Call me a buzzkill but I would hope for something more than this. This is just stuff we should presume. How about some initial appointments? Target dates?

I guess he needs to get something out but I want to know what is going to be done about... Everything.

Apps... The big for sale sign and its impact... The shrinking retail picture... The longer the silence the more I will conclude that this was just a stunt.

I agree, this is the usual letter. Nothing exciting here. I really have an issue with the commuting thing. Gives the impression "we're not in this together" attitude. Difficult to connect with staff, not a good morale booster. He won't be in Waterloo very much, I'm sure.

milo53, I agree that not moving to Waterloo for at least a 6 months or some period is a little strange How could you not be there on a full time basis for a while? I like that Chen is not within the Waterloo reality distortion field (this was a term thrown around about Steve Jobs' expectations in the late-90s) with his Bay Area background. At least, OTOH, he could show that he is serious and not just phoning it in.

Hey guys we all know that we have the best damn kickass awesome platform their is. We are the early adaptors of the future. The only thing is that BB-marketing strategy was horrible!
Give JC some credits his track record is tremendous!


We as BlackBerry users/fans, must spread this courage words. In my personal case, i get no benefits on promoting the brand but i like it and i will keep talking to my friends about the good choice that BB10 is.

Posted via CB10

From what we are reading about the changes/upgrades coming down to OS 10.21, and if released in a reasonable time ( not later than next year) ,we have hope. Android now rules from latest sales figures released, so if we can load andoid apps eaily and get it to work seamlessly, that will ensure BB survival and I think Mr Chen knows that

Hey guys we all know that we have the best damn kickass awesome platform their is. We are the early adaptors of the future. The only thing is that BB-marketing strategy was horrible!
Give JC some credits his track record is tremendous!


Sounds great. Just sit back and see what happens. If what he is saying comes true then we are sitting pretty. Long Live BB!!!!

Just a few months ago it looked like BlackBerry was going into the ground for sure. Of course we have to wait and see if Mr Chen is right man for the job, but it's already turning out better than anyone could have hoped for. Just the fact that he sent this letter out to the media a good sign. It's been so easy to think the worst of BlackBerry latley. How about we enjoy something positive for a change? Anyway, thanks Mr Chen for your positive outlook. It's greatly appreciated.

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You know, bb10 is still super young compared to other operating systems. I believe they do have a solid plan in place, great and continuous progress has been happening but nobody gives them credit for work done. Thorston didn't exactly fail, the media was just waiting to bash BlackBerry as soon as 10.0 came out and it worked. Consumers bought into the bullshit and all the negativity has taken its toll on even some of BlackBerry's greatest fans. I believe a solid platform evolution is in progress. 10.2.1 is a beautiful thing, and that has been done under Thorston's watch. John will fine tune the company and make it even more efficient and restore share holder confidence, and continue with the bb10 path to be the best OS out there. Things take time to implement and refine, but it's happening, and now the time to see it happen has been bought by Fairfax. Have patience, we will survive and thrive. Farewell, Thorston, you led BlackBerry through a time when nobody else would! Thank you for your service. Welcome, John! Your influence and leadership will see us through :)

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I think that the key to Blackberry's comeback lies with the carriers. If AT&T and the like continue their lack of support for Blackberry, it's difficult for me to imagine that Blackberry will attract new customers. When I bought my Z10, none of the sales staff at the store currently owned a Blackberry or knew anything about the functions and benefits of the device. Two days after I bought it, I went by the store and it did not even have the Z10 on display.

Exactly. Must find another way to depend on service providers to sell your products.

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I like the sound of this. I cannot wait to see where BB is 6-12 months from now. I can genuinely say that I'm excited. Unfortunately I'll probably still be moving on to another platform though, I'm one of those people who needs the apps.

Hey there John,

Release some updates for my PlayBook and I might forgive fact, I might just buy a BB 10.2 device. But until you throw us guinea pigs a bone, you're not getting a good portion of us on board.

The key points are team cutting/building and hardware manufacturing.

Drop or Keep hardware?

If drop,
BlackBerry without BlackBerry is not BlackBerry.
Turning BB around becomes even more difficult although not completely impossible.

If keep,
Which customer segment to focus on?
How to restore manufacturing QUALITY?
How to select and manage manufacturing partners?

The task is indeed daunting. Only an iron man can make the tough decision and execute the plan.

I would suggest Mr. Chen keep the hardware business. But BB must focus on the Elite Business Users. Make the most reliable business phones with the HIGHEST quality.

Use best components and manufacturing partners. Make the device beautiful. Restore BlackBerry as a status symbol.

It would be sufficient if BB can sell one million such Best Smartphones per quarter. Do not sell too many. Could even put a production cap per model. Let users pre-order so that BB no longer has inventory issue.

Price is not an issue here - a lot people in this forum and most business elites, or anyone who wants to save time to get more things done will buy it regardless of price. No need to make profit on hardware. Breaking even is good enough.

Then, find partner phone makers, especially in China. License BB10 OS to them for free so that they can fill other user segments, from teens to house wives. They will beat Android and iPhone.

To break even like this, Mr. Chen, you need to first cut the workforce to less than 6000. Too many people in BB are not working as of today. Not only do these B/C players pollute product quality and drag project schedules but also they hurt morale and convert A players to B. To succeed, Mr. Chen, you must have a team with pure A players. Telling them apart is difficult.

What a daunting task !

@mobilesync I have been following your comments for a while; I totally second your proposal to make elite BlackBerry devices (limited quantity) and then license out bb10 for mass market products. You SHOULD send this directly to John Chen. It's hard for him to read through the tons of forum comments to find this gem. If he is true to his word, he is ready to listen, like most great CEOs would.

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Are they getting rid of BES? When they say New Mobility Management Platform it sounds like BES is going away. Did anyone else read into that? From what I've seen with there are lots of awesome updates, and hopefully with fuze it might mean a new tablet. Hopefully they pull through but I also don't want to see them go the way of getting rid of what makes BlackBerry BlackBerry.

BBM Group should allow more than 30 people. Make it at least 1000 if unlimited is not possible.

Also BBM group chat must support pictures, voice notes, etc.

It is 2013 already. Whatspp, WeChat are there to compare.

I know you want to brand yourself as private chat. However supporting larger group and pictures, voice notes doesn't compromise privacy at all. Do it or let BBM become obsolete.

I got a bad case of Deja-vu after reading that "message" from the new BlackBerry CEO.

It sure does sound familiar ...

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” - Socrates

'With the right team', sounds like he will be doing some housecleaning in the executive suite soon.

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How do we write suggestions directly to MR Chen or the Management team that can actually read these suggestions.

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Let's all try to stay positive and hope everything works out. Anyway were the receiving end if things happen for the better right.

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Nice 1st 'visible' move! I hope Chen continues to get behind the ball for BlackBerry's messaging, so as to limit the media's feeding frenzy of wild rumors and muckraking.

I was out tonight with someone using a Blackberry Bold together with an iPhone (not on her though). She is sort of a mover/shaker type in a big city, so I was impressed she was rocking the Bold.

I told her that she should consider a Q10 if she likes the keyboard and she said that "Blackberry is dead" so she couldn't upgrade. (She also happens to be related to some household names in the Bay Area tech world by marriage. One of them uses an Bold, but apparently won't be upgrading either from what I remember of our conversation about BB.)

I think a lot of us are so much more in touch on the details of this company that we lose sight of what everyone else is thinking. EVERYONE but us thinks Blackberry is over so buying phones at this point woudl be foolish.

The fact that management itself told the world that it wanted to be bought out -- essentially taken out of business -- puts a huge burden on the company going forward. I only hope that Chen and his top people realize this. The damage done by the media attention on Thorens' and the board of directors' pathetic circus routine cannot be underestimated.

Let's wait and see. Maybe this is one of blackberry turnaround time. Sometimes up and sometimes down. BlackBerry got resources just not the right team to do the job perhaps Chen will put up a good team. I have 4 Apple products and I chose Q10 for my phone and left iphone. It's really a great phone just that people refuse to see it or give it a chance. The gestures in the touchscreen I think is more advance than in iphone not to mention instead of keep tapping there are shortcuts you can use.

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arlene, the new management will have a huge task of undoing all the damage from the "For Sale" period. I don't know if it can be done. Really, it's that bad. How do you tell everyone you can't function and want to be bought and then with little changing tell the world you are stable?

How will any IT execs invest in BB devices? Chen needs to get on top of this issue.

I LOVE BlackBerry!! :D :D So Happy To Hear The NEW CEO Say This!! :) :)

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This is a message of reassurance to sectors of industry which may have questioned BlackBerry's direction and determination in pursuing certain existing market niches.
It's very positive sounding and I believe people should feel rightfully assured of future growth and even further innovation and adaptation.

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I feel positive about our new CEO! I would like to share my opinion, I think that the only thing that is killing BlackBerry is the apps (we need more Apps). BlackBerry cannot be a smart phone if they can't keep up with those popular App that iPhone and Android have!!!

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bring back os7 with bis and trackpad only ~ q10 hardware and you would have done a great job in correcting biggest mistake previous CEO made.

One big problem is that people take news programs at their word, when in fact they are more concerned with keeping their advertisers happy. When the Z10 first came out, I believe it was a "lady" on cnbc that said she had one for a week, but after having to do four battery pulls on the first day, she didn't bother to use it anymore... what bull! then I believe it was "pocket now" on youtube that showed one of the best bb10 features, the hub, with absolutely no accounts signed up, just a blank white screen, and countless other media programs were so obviously doing whatever they could to make BlackBerry look bad, but it was only obvious to anybody who was lucky enough to own a Z10. I was sickened by all the lies and half baked reviews, it's no wonder why BlackBerry ten got off to such a bad start. I don't blame Thorston for the bad start, the advertising could have been better, but it's hard to get ahead when "trustworthy " publications are out to get you, no matter what. Even if you do something good they can edit it and put a negative twist on it. The media was BlackBerry's biggest enemy in my opinion, not the product.

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This truth is borne out in the 'Tipping Point' principle.
You raise a valid point about the perceived reactions of influential people.

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Dear CEO John!!!

U need to talk care of Ur device by creating Apps for BlackBerry and BB10 not for iphone and Android!!!! I had iPhone 4s before I got my Q10, I was reluctant to give that iPhone because of all the Apps that I paid for (that's why device have value added) so I got the Q10 anyway cause I love the physical keyboard but end up buying another iPad mini. So I can keep my Apps that I bought. Because of the App I had to stick to Apple. Just can't understand with all the cash in hand. Why can't BlackBerry do something about the App situations, is not like a scientist problem. All your user especially Playbook for screaming at u but BlackBerry just play stupid!!!!! HARD True!!!

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Yea this might have been more believable had we seen ANY kind of advertisement for the BB Z30 prior to or even the day of the launch on Verizon networks. I mean come on.. Still not advertising your best product to date? how do you expect to sell any phones much less "succeed"..

Sounds like Thorsten Heins two yrs ago.....the lineup now goes for software, ios , Android and Windows Phone.

No BB. The app gap hasn't been fixed. By next year this sametime, BB will be down to 30 million users, by 2016, not much.

Males me reassured so that I don't jump ship because of fears of financial failure. Let's go team BB!

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Dear Mr. Chen,
First of all, congratulations on your appointment to the top spot at Blackberry. There is a lot of work to do, but I think you have the talent to do it ( I read your bio).
Now, can you do anything to get Verizon in the USA to release OS 10.2 for my Z10? I have been patiently waiting but I'm starting to get a little miffed. I hear 10.2 is a major upgrade and I'd sure love to have it.
Thank you.

Mr. Chen:. Get your marketing team kick started. You have to overcome the negative press that is hurting sales and shares. I am a loyal user and shareholder. I liken Blackberry to Porsche and iPhone to a Ford. Oh and android to Honda. Nothing wrong with the latter but just not as innovative or as well built as Blackberry. The Z30 is the best smartphone yet. Spread the word.

Some years ago – you took away the Desktop redirector in favor of ONLY BES – That cost money.

Then you decided to release BES express – free – since you obviously realized you were quickly losing business to phones that directly supported active sync.

Still would costs in IT - We shouldn’t need a BES server…just to shuttle email around.

And as the carriers were forced to support BES in their environment too – meant an additional cost to the subscriber – AT&T called it their ‘corporate email fee’

20 dollars more a month - Because a user chose blackberry.

I am glad to say our business has been Blackberry free for over 3 years – and we have never looked back.

Nor will we.

Falling in love with my blackberry again after OS 10 can run android.I hope more is to come,and may it gets better AND STAYS RELEVANT in many ways.I hope they can update or upgrade P9981 too ( please don't neglect this segment ).I am now using Z30.And don't forget camera and designs (more creativity) and last and not least learn from Dinosaurs why they were no more around.Hope CEO can read this .Salute to him for his brave moves.Bravo.