MerchantWARE Mobile Virtual Credit Card Terminal

By Adam Zeis on 24 Jun 2009 11:55 am EDT

MerchantWARE Mobile

Businesses that travel or conduct most of their operations on the road know all too well the headaches and fees associated with carting around a credit card terminal everywhere they go. Contractors, tradeshow vendors, delivery persons and anyone else on the road needs an easy mobile payment option. Sure, there are wireless units and some are failry inexpensive, but shouldn't there be an easier way?  Well now there is. MerchantWARE Mobile makes accepting credit cards easy virtually anywhere. The entire system consists only of a small magnetic card reader and a free BlackBerry application.  You simply swipe a card through the Bluetooth card reader (which isn't required but makes things much easier - you can also key in the card numbers) and you can take a credit card payment.  Everything is readily available by visiting MerchantWARE Mobile.  Read on after the jump for more information.  

The application is extremely easy to setup and use. The only requirement is a BlackBerry device and optional Bluetooth wireless card reader (MerchantWARE offers the MagneSafe BT90, one of the best).  You simply install their application on your device, setup your card reader and you're good to go.  The only fees involved are those associated with your credit card processing.  You have nearly all of the options of a standard credit card terminal as well.  Secure, real-time transactions (including sales, refunds and voids), detailed transaction reporting, email receipts for merchant and customer, comlies with PCI DSS/PABP and end of the day batch processing.  I'm a huge fan of this whole system (just wish I had a use for it!) as it is extremely easy to use and offers amazing features.  How cool it is to know you can just carry the card reader (which is used wirelessly but charged via USB) in your pocket with your device, and you can accept credit cards anywhere?  Pretty cool stuff.  For all the details or to get started right now, check out

MerchantWARE Mobile

MerchantWARE Mobile

MerchantWARE Mobile

MerchantWARE Mobile

Card Reader

MerchantWARE Mobile

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MerchantWARE Mobile Virtual Credit Card Terminal


There is a competitor to this solution that offers a magnetic card swipe and receipt printer. The solution they offer is also PA DSS Certified. The solution is also a full wireless terminals with so many more features than this software.

Check out

That company is a third party that just sits in the middle between the processor and the device that charges fees for their service. This company was smart enough to build the app themselves. Pretty smart if you ask me.

I've looked at the combo printer/mag reader. Looks great but you have to be willing to shell out $400-500 to get it. Plus from what I've read it's not encrypted at the swipe like this one... much less secure.

Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "so many more features" just looked at both and they both do the exact same thing this one just costs more. I can't see an advantage to going for the more expensive application at all unless this is just a post by the company that put the app out there.

CHARGE Anywhere has just changed their pricing model. The software is free. There is a small monthly fee that is under $10 a month and a small per transaction fee (10 are included in the monthly fee). There is also a small one-time set-up fee. The only big fee would be a Bluetooth Card Reader/Receipt Printer which is just over $200, but it prints receipts which the one above doesn't.

And when i say more features, i mean, there is QuickBooks integration and the ability to perform every transaction type directly from the device (sale, void, return, force, auth only)

If you want to talk about security, the CHARGE Anywhere software is completely PA DSS Certified. If you use the above solution, you wont be able to use it after October when the PCI Requires that you use PA DSS CERTIFIED applications. The CHARGE Anywhere solution has met the most stringent security certifications. It has also won awards for the level of security on the software.

You can see a brochure for this software at this link >

I can guarantee you the CHARGE Anywhere solution will excel beyond all others!

This system requires you use their merchant account. So, if you are in business with your own merchant account already set up, you can't use this system unless you change over to them.

I've been looking thru the forums recently to learn what is available for mobile credit card processing. I could use something like this in my company. Thanks for the write up, Adam, great review! And thanks to richlallen for sharing the info about another great sounding candidate for the job. I'll be looking into both of these more indepth before making a desision. It's always good to have optioins.

I just got in contact with these guys (Lee was pretty helpful) and am waiting for the paperwork to come over.


Visa, MasterCard, Discover:

$5.95/month until you hit $5000
Then 3.5%


this seems like a very useful app and very good for me in starting up my new venture.......thanks for the post!!

Whoever does this be sure to ask about the rates for business, ghost, debit cards, etc.

Companies always tell you the best rate when you ask. The best rate is for a personal VISA/MC, if you get any business card or etc. the rates will be higher.

For the past 20 years I have been looking once a year for a better deal and EVERYONE charges different rates for different cards.

Just my advice.

$149.00 Bluetooth Swipe Machine

$5/month Customer Service Fee

1.69% + $0.21 Swiped
2.19% Mid-Qual
3.04% Non-Qual

No contract, no monthly fee for the Blackberry App!! (AWESOME)

At least that's what I was quoted. I'm also opening an account with them, and I'm a Business to Business account, so the rates might vary. through MerchantWharehouse
$39.00 Setup Fee
$5.00/month Customer Service Fee
$5.00/month Gateway Fee
$15.00/month Minimum Service Fee

2.19% Qualified Keyed +$0.25 per transaction
3.29% Business to Business (Non-Qual Rate)

I'm pretty happy! Much better than Intuit Payment Systems!

And I end up with a Blackberry App and an account for my website!

Overall costs.... $30.00 month plus processing fees! AWESOME!!!

Not really. I've seen much higher prices, such as Intuit. If you consider that it includes a BlackBerry app (saving you from having to buy a wireless credit card terminal, which is easily $500), etc, it really isn't that expensive.

No, it definitely is NOT high if you compare it to other services.

Take a look at Intuit Payment Solutions and then come back... make sure you include the Mobile app.

CHARGE Anywhere Direct
(www dot chargeanywheredirect dot com)
Setup $19.99
Monthly $7.99
Card Reader and Receipt Printer $209.95
(Free unlimited technical and customer support and no minimum service fees)

Setup $59.95
Monthly $19.95
Card Reader and Receipt Printer $218.95

Setup $50
Monthly $10
Card Reader and Receipt Printer $345

With CHARGE Anywhere Direct, you have to have your own merchant account for processing fees. There are plenty of places that you can get this quickly and easily. But as you see, the monthly, set-up, and hardware fees are all significantly cheaper. Also, the solution above does not have a receipt printer, and depending on what industry youre in, you have to HAVE A SIGNED RECEIPT

I use this solution with my personal consulting firm and have recommended it to others. All of the features you receive greatly out-weigh the cost. Dealing with 3rd parties will greatly enhance your bills and is just not a feasible solution. Granted, you do not have a printer option, but you can print receipts from your personal computer via a .pdf you receive by email after card is authorized; then have the client sign if you need them to.
This tool is the shit, just can't wait for them to add an Android and Palm version for my partners to use with their crappy, non-blackberry phones ;)