Mercedes-Benz adds QNX infotainment system to new concept S-Class Coupé

By Adam Zeis on 12 Sep 2013 09:13 am EDT

Another awesome car is now sporting a hot QNX infotainment system. The Mercedes-Benz concept S-Class Coupe was revealed this week and it was just announced that packed inside is a sleek QNX-powered system. The two companies have been working together for years but the S-Class Coupe is the latest to show off just how far things have come.

Inside the 449 hp Biturbo V8 coupe sites a high-tech system complete with two 12.3 inch displays, a touchscreen with four world clocks, a stereo camera with a front 3D view, "6D vision" to detect objects in front of the car and a variety of other systems to monitor surrounding traffic. 

Check out the full press release below for all the details and then head here to check out more of the S-Class Coupe.

Press Release

QNX CAR Platform Powers Infotainment System in New Mercedes-Benz Concept Car

Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupé features all-digital instrument cluster and head unit

FRANKFURT, IAA Cars International Motor Show, September 12, 2013 — QNX Software Systems Limited, a global leader in software platforms for in-car electronics, today announced that Mercedes-Benz has selected the QNX CAR™ platform to power the infotainment system in the Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupé, an exciting new concept vehicle created to showcase Mercedes-Benz’ latest advancements in user experiences for the car.

The concept car’s infotainment system brings the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy to life with a fresh and refined approach to the all-digital instrument cluster and head unit. The digital dials are functional yet sensual in the use of 3D and light, complementing the new interior. The use of particle effects conveys a sense of emotion to the head unit's main menu and mood-based selection of music, while the new Garmin map strikes a balance between form and function so that you arrive in style.

Visitors to the IAA Cars event, popularly known as the Frankfurt Motor Show, can see the concept car first hand at the Mercedes-Benz booth in the “Festhalle”.

QNX Software Systems has been working with Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc. (MBRDNA) for more than a decade, providing the group with advanced technologies for the specification, demonstration, and prototyping of next-generation vehicle electronics concepts. In fact, Mercedes-Benz was the first automaker to take advantage of the QNX OEM Innovation Labs (OIL) Program, which QNX Software Systems created to assist automakers with research planning and development. The infotainment system in the new Mercedes-Benz concept car is the latest result of this long and fruitful collaboration.

“It is a thrill to see how an industry leader like Mercedes-Benz, with its phenomenal sense of automotive design, can leverage the flexibility of the QNX CAR platform to create a unique and compelling driving experience,” said Andrew Poliak, global director, automotive business development, QNX Software Systems. “When you look at this car, you are looking at the near future of automotive connectivity and infotainment. It’s been a privilege to support our colleagues at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America on this project.”

The QNX CAR platform for infotainment systems is based on QNX® technology proven in tens of millions of vehicles. Designed for flexibility, the platform provides automotive companies with a rich suite of pre-integrated technologies for building connected infotainment systems that can keep pace with innovations in mobile apps and devices while maintaining automotive-grade reliability.

“We designed the infotainment system for the Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupé to be a seamless extension of the digital lifestyle, enabling consumers to leverage existing mobile and cloud-based services to choose destinations easily and simply, in a way that is appropriate for the automotive context,” said Johann Jungwirth, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc.


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Mercedes-Benz adds QNX infotainment system to new concept S-Class Coupé


If I only had that kind of money, but very nice looking car. I wouldn't say no if they gave it to me :) ...

So Crackberry what do you tell me?

You want to give me one?

Thanks :D

yeah right.. Kevin couldn't even keep his promise of giving away a car because BlackBerry did not have Instagram at no point in time!

Ummm...I think he did keep his promise. He just pulled a technical angle by giving away a "remote control" one. :)

Does that double negative mean that Blackberry had Instagram at every point in time ever? So you're on the inside then?! WHEN CAN WE HAVE IT??? HUH? Answer me Gypsy!

Even if you had the money (short of being the wealthiest man in the world), you couldn't buy it--it's just a concept.

That said, many of the most financially successful people in this world become that way through frugality. And then continue that ethos to the end of their life. Perhaps it's more about success and power than wealth.

Then again, there are plenty of billionaires who've long forgotten the meaning of the word "frugality" if they ever knew it in the first place and aren't capable of spending their money faster than it continues rolling in.
"Greed is good"- Gordon Gekko, Wallstreet

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Maybe Mercedes Benz will hire Thorsten Heins as CEO after he is turfed from BlackBerry with his sack of ill-gotten loot.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

I would love to have the opportunity to purchase a QNX powered after market entertainment system for my car.

Posted via CB10

I believe they partnered up with Panasonic recently, not a big fan though... wish they could do the same with PIONEER, much better IMO!

That's the point Adam. Thanks to you guys at cracker WE know QNX Is BlackBerry but no one else does. A tiny BlackBerry logo or something mentioning BlackBerry needs to be displayed or mentioned in the owners manual or something.
MINDSHARE seems to indirectly effects market share.
Stop being docile Canadians BlackBerry, get some (although wreck less at times) US balls. #BeBold

Posted via CB10

At this point it could be construed as reckless to link the BlackBerry name to Mercedes or other partnerships. Might be better to get out there, kick some ass, THEN pull off the mask and show it was BlackBerry kicking all that ass.

Why not change the name to "BlackBerry QNX" - or something to that effect to get some positive publicity for BlackBerry.

Once again, FAIL BlackBerry marketing department.

Frank Boulben Must Go.....

Plus it's a separate division from BlackBerry. Better like that. BlackBerry still doesn't have the best reputation right now anyways.

Posted via CB10

Mercedes wouldn't mention BlackBerry because that would immediately make (ignorant) people think it's not going to be compatible with their iPhones or Androids... I think the best they can do is keep QNX name separated from BlackBerry IMO.

Mercedes are happy enough to have BlackBerry sponsorship all over their F1 team

Posted via CB10

I mean keep the BRAND NAME separate from BlackBerry, meaning CAR infotainment systems should NOT be named BLACKBERRY.... QNX will do GREAT!

BlackBerry already acquired QNX................... Apple or Google can't just go and buy QNX, it's BlackBerry's software side. Everyone was talking about BB getting rid of their hardware side and just being a software company, why would they ever sell their most valuable asset?

Better not to mention BlackBerry now cause people won't buy into it since they'll think it won't work with their iPhone

Posted via CB10

Somehow I think "not compatible with your iPhone " isn't going to deter an S-class buyer. This isn't like choosing between Ford and Chevy.

(my Z10 wouldn't download contacts to the in-car system in my E-class until the 10.1 update, but I wasn't going to trade the car in because of that)

Posted via CB10

Maybe it's you that needs to get real if you thought he was serious ....

Posted via CB10

Now, this should have been the car we received when Instagram, still unavailable in BlackBerry World, did not come as promised by Kevin :-). Perchance to dream

Instagram will be replaced. Foolish of them to piss on BlackBerry. You never know the future. BlackBerry is holding the latest technology. The word will get out.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Wake Up all you doubting people out there! This is where it's all going. QNX in over 60 percent of the cars produced world wide and now full and seamless integration with the entertainment systems via Mercedes, Panasonic, Garmin....etc. Are we talking mindless companies? Don't they know BlackBerry who owns QNX is a goner!!! DOA.....or do they know a bit more than the dumb consumer. BlackBerry is going to have app developers begging to be let in.....just watch.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

True QNX does have their components in a large percentage of the market. That said, in most cases it is not the fully system like is in this CONCEPT car, but just the basic building block that a manufacturer has built (usually by another software company) into a custom infotainment system.

Yes this is great that QNX has their system in the CONCEPT car and can show other auto manufacture just what they have to offer over and above the basic building blocks. But until someone can prove other wise, little QNX is still a very, very, very small part of BlackBerry, and is not in any position to save them.

Panasonic just inked a deal with QNX along with Garmin. They chose QNX to be the backbone of there software just like QNX Is to BB10. Now they have been working on this project with Mercedes and Garmin for quite some time. On Engadget Garmin announced there Nav system on this car just today. Now QNX is already controlling over 60 percent of the computer systems in cars world wide. This will allow infotainment systems to integrate seamlessly. You won't personally know this when you buy your next vehicle, but it will be there.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

You sound like a certain user who came here just before BlackBerry 10 launch and used buzz words like you did. Turned out he was full of it.
I would like to point out QNX is not BlackBerry 10.
And that is its strength.
QNX is efficient and reliable.
BlackBerry 10 is powered by QNX and is bloated and not as reliable.

Posted via CB10

Just like the z10 was never going to be seen, like the q10 was never going to make it, then it was the q5 that wasn't and the latest.....hang on.....ya the z30 will never make it!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Audi R8 e-tron? McLaren P1? Porsche 918 Spyder? Laferrari?

They aren't out yet but they are approved for mass production and coming soon. The Porsche in a week's time.

I think the should have a mercedes design a blackberry phone rather than a porsche design to go along with this beast of a car. And also adopt Mercedes motto "the best or nothing"

Posted via CB10

That's right on!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

hold on...that actually look quite similar to the curent e class coupe....if at least it could be the same price i could afford it...the s class is way over my limit

Yes, but the giveaway should be for just the interior. I'd sign up.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Good article, Adam... Apple "dreams" about being in cars.... BlackBerry is in some of the finest on the planet....

BlackBerry = "Premier Automobile Eco System"

Frank Boulben Must Go...

I have no doubt that if Apple decided to go into cars, they would be able to make a first class user interface and they'll be able to do it over-night and be able to make a huge splash with their marketing, however, where QNX excels is in M2M. Engine and other mechanical readouts, cruise control, lighting control, HVAC controls, audio/video/navigation controls. QNX definitely has the lead in this space and I hope the momentum picks up. Also hoping that BlackBerry will be able to piggy back off the success of QNX in the future, with QNX's experience in licencing and BlackBerry providing communication and security, this could be the next big thing for BBRY.

Sure wish that they would include BlackBerry in the good press. Or at least say BlackBerry owned QNX.

Posted via CB10

Sorry if this is a really dumb question, but would Blackberry rake in any profits if this car goes to production using the QNX technology?

Aw, yes! This is what I am talking about! Mercedes + Blackberry phone = 30 hp added to the wheels! Get your benz today! I bet you it's going to have the wireless charging feature inside. Blackberry needs to have coop a commercial with Mercedes! Reppin' the new Z30! That'll get them going towards Apples spot. ;) I wish I could do their marketing, honestly I already got people wanting to switch from Android to the Blackberry Z30 and it's not even out yet. :p

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When I talk to skeptics about the new BlackBerry OS10, I Mention that the OS is the one used in cars, drones , and bank ATMs and I have their attention. Then I go on about the Balance feature explaining they can have their employers secure stuff and their personal stuff, including Android apps, on the same device. At that point they want to know more.

This us the kind of thing BlackBerry needs to communicate in their ads.

Posted via CB10

Well here's your niche BlackBerry if there ever was one. Become THE 4G capable mobile OS for every in car computer and you don't need to worry about anything after that. It's the future. Oh and throw in a Z30 with every car sold as the removable touchscreen device and you have the market sewn up. Who wouldn't pay a few hundred for BBOS device / infotainment system when they are already paying thousands for a car?

Posted via CB10