Mercedes AMG Petronas says 'thank you' to 100,000 BBM channel subscribers

By Richard Devine on 4 Apr 2014 02:46 am EDT

If you hadn't noticed, we're fans of the BlackBerry sponsored Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team in these parts. Looks like we're not the only ones, too, as the team has delivered a special 'thank you' message to 100,000 subscribers to its BBM Channel.

The Channel's remarkable growth has seen a 150% increase in just 2014 alone – it sure doesn't hurt starting the new season with back-to-back wins! That and BBM Channels finally went cross-platform, so even Android and iOS toting fans can join in the fun.

It's great news to hear, and while we're sure most of you are already subscribed, you can do so using the QR code or PIN below if you're not!

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Mercedes AMG Petronas says 'thank you' to 100,000 BBM channel subscribers


How about a souvenir from them to the fans, lol


Great BBM Channel. Always updated daily and engaging. Nico went live answering questions.

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Lame noob question: how does a CB10 user use the bar code at the bottom of this article?


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What if you are on your phone with no computer around. Is there a way to scan a qr code on your screen?

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The computer screen is just like anywhere else where that barcode image is displayed, you should be able to scan from the screen just fine. Just point the camera at the barcode on the screen and scan away. (Technically not "scanning", it's basically taking a picture, but it recognizes the barcode from the image created by the camera.)

Except, in CB10 app one can't zoom in on any images and the text below is too small to read. So, there is a recursion problem here...

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I like that their BBM Channel has 100G in followers but their YouTube channel only has 50G, and their G+ only 62G

From my Vader Zed

To join a BBM channel:
- hit the 'BBM' app icon
- hit the menu button on the lower left (three horizontal bars)
- choose the 'Channels' option which will take you to a listing of available channels
- scroll down until you see the one you want
- touch it to open it
- hit the 'Join' button

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I'm not surprised they have that many subscribers considering they've won the first two races. That BlackBerry logo has been seen by many, I'm sure.

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I want that cool Jacket! I will use that everyday if I have one (also my way of advertising BlackBerry to the public) :)