Memorial Day weekend contest: 100 free copies of Pinball Deluxe for BlackBerry up for grabs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 May 2010 04:36 pm EDT

It's nearly seven days ago to the minute that we announced the availability of Pinball Deluxe for BlackBerry here on the CB blogs. It quickly shot up the CrackBerry App Store's Best Sellers list and is currently the #1 Best Selling Game in the catalog (it's not available via App World yet), maintaining a 5-star rating and gaining a lot of positive reviews. Coming from Mobigloo, makers of the uber-popular Nintaii for BlackBerry, Pinball Deluxe is available for pretty much every device model, is easy to play, is a lot of fun with nice graphics and smooth game play. If you didn't pick it up last, it's one to grab right now so you have it to while you're relaxing this Memorial Day weekend.

Win a Free Copy of Pinball Deluxe: If instead of buying it outright you'd rather try your luck at winning a free copy of Pinballl Deluxe, we've got 100 free copies to give away. To enter, simply leave a comment to this post letting us know what's the next type of gameboard theme you'd like to see Mobigloo put into the game next (personally I've always been a HUGE fan of the original Twilight Zone Pinball, so anything space related is good with me). Just leave one comment. We'll let this one run until the end of day Monday,  May 31st. Just leave one comment please. Good luck!

More info, screen captures and download Pinball Deluxe for BlackBerry

Reader comments

Memorial Day weekend contest: 100 free copies of Pinball Deluxe for BlackBerry up for grabs!



The Who Pinball Wizard theme with drums as bumpers and guitars as flippers. I'd love to win a copy for my new 9650.

please sign me up crackberry, I would love this game on my 8900.
have a nice a safe weekend crackberry community.

Space Invaders pinball. I used to own the machine with the original back glass with the Alien inspired by HR Giger. I miss that machine....

I would love to win this pinball for the next gameboard theme they should add the board from Guns N Roses Pinball.....

they should do some really awesome comic book style layout! that would make it look and feel amazing. I love pinball! I want this game! pick me please!

Assuming that Mobigloo may be hindered by copyright laws, I think an amusement park theme would be a great addition!

Favorite pinball game of ALL TIME! Funhouse rocked! A lot of hidden things, bumpers, rails, and that freaky talking guy!

I can see me now shaking my phone trying to get the ball to move and the lady sitting beside me telling her daughter not to look at the crazy man!

Please throw me into the hat.

I think the next gameboard should be something sci-fi. The two best pinball games I've played were Star Wars and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Either would be FANTASTIC!

I love pinball. I spent many many hours as a kid playing pinball. I would love to have s copy of this. How about a Twilight Zone theme?

Thank you for constantly holding these contests. Although i have yet to win lol, i do realize and appreciate all that the CrackBerry team does. Thanks again

Would love the opportunity to win this game... I would love to see a old school Vegas themed pinball game or something like the Fall Guy or A-Team themed pinball game... something from the old school... heck even a Knight Rider themed pinball game would be nice!!

Some kind of crackberry or blackberry theme would be different and cool to see!as far as other types..simpson pinball!..alien vs predator pinball!..heck and anything else creative anyone can think luck to all:)

I would like to see like a Formula 1 pinball game that the ball travels to parts of the car and things like that.

I'd definitely like a the simpson's pinball theme with sounds effect (d'oh!) or any good cartoon theme (family guy, either one). Guessing by the look of my avatar, cartoons are the obvious choice :)

Few games of such simplicity can elicit the same entertainment value. I would be ecstatic to obtain a copy...dude.

Thanks for the opportunity to win !!! SPIDERMAN or PLAYBOY TABLE PLEASE !!! I want my PINBALL !!!! Crackberry Rocks !! Happy Memorial Day Everyone !!

In my misspent youth, we had many favorites in the Pinball arena. Flash, Superman, Pinball Wizard, etc. Why not have one Pinball app that has multiple 'themes' inside. You can buy the primary game with a few optional themes and for only a few cents more, buy a bunch of other themes to add-on.

I've always loved the game SpyHunter. Used to play it a lot as a kid and think that it would make a great theme!

It's be cool to have a comic theme based pinball game... marvel or something more specific, like iron man. If you could work out the licensing!

If I were to choose a new theme to design something after, I think a Monopoly style would be fun, but seemingly complicated unless it was on the Storm, nonetheless, if I had the skill, I'd have done it already!

i'd like a shot at this. I am a fan of the original background on the Pinball that comes with Windows. I like the space theme.

it would be awesome to see attack from mars or mideeval madness in blackberry form. granted it would be tuff to pull those off. how about pinbot or bride of pinbot?

How about an outdoor sports theme with an obstacle course (zip-lines, rope swings, etc) or a ski-resort theme with half-pipes, rails, etc

I've always loved pinball games!! How about an American Idol gameboard? After all, idol isn't going to last much longer with Simon gone! Hehe. ID love a free copy.

Have to say this sucks, I just broke down and bought it yesterday. I love the game loads of fun to play. Wish this would have been posted yesterday. O well, a day late and a dollar short as the saying goes.

Ok, so if I get a copy I'll make sure to play it at every single moment of my life... that means at work as well. Hell with the supervisor and the cameras at work.. all they will see from me is me playing on my blackberry storm.
Pinball master wannabe.

this looks awsom since there isent that much of game for the storm I would be happy to have it please

I would like to see a world theme, something with flags and stuff from certain countries, and it could possibly change when levels change as well. Sounds cool to me. :)

Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection by far my favorite video game pinball. Atari was fun too =)

I have been interested in this from the first post!!!

Awesome contest. I would love to have one.

Next on the agenda I would love to see a Space Invaders type game. That would rock!

Remember that Memorial Day is about the Veterans and active soldiers... not just about hot dogs, golf, and beer! THANK A VET!

Would love to have this on my blackberry! Hope this time i winnn!!! gluck to all :) thanks CB

Let's go for something that looks like the inside of the blackberry, circuit board, maybe the touchpad still sticking up in the middle.

What ever the theme will be won't matter to long it's pinball.......I'm so hooked to the game......sign me up for the contest.....bon weekend pa un y tur......

I'm always on my berry,even if its just to look at the time... So to be able to spend free time with this game sounds awesome! Thanks crackberry! You always have us coming back for more!

i would love to win this game . i feel the next theme should be a graffiti/city theme in the pinball game. goodluck to everyone

I would love to enter this contest and personally...

A star wars theme or a super mario galaxy theme would be lovely!

I hope I win a copyy (: *crosses fingers*

an old gme from the 70's called "Drop a Card" that I was totally addicted to in my undergraduate days..........I almost bought the real thing once....... something about it being incompatible with marriage... :(

Seriously... that's what I am... and I'd love to see the Back to the Future gameboard... and this game on my BlackBerry!

Save me from brickbreaker and the mundane daily grind that is my job by setting me free. That def, dumb, and RSweeter50 kid, sure needs some free pinball.

The Twilight zone pinball game rocks! Something with a dark background and lots of flashing lights would be awesome. Give it a dark feel and you definitely sold one copy here.

I would love to have this game.
I haven't found one yet that works well on my phone (8310)
Was going to use the trial but this didn't have a trial download.

I do not win this time even if there are a hundred possibilities...I don't know what to do with my luck! XD
Anyway I think that this game is really cool!

I would really like a Pirates (not Carribean) board, like the one that is included in Slam Tilt! (PC/Amiga) pinball (very good game btw).

cranium would be awesome (but i guess a less interactive version) one of my favorite board games hands down

I was thinking something like underwater, seafloor, and an undersea cavern all wrapped up on one board. And part of the cavern would be submerged (a tunnel, maybe) and another dry land (where the tunnel leads to).

What a game!!! Finally a good game for the blackberry!! I say to put the good old Ramones on a board theme or Kiss!!

i don't usually have many games on my oldie blackberry 8830 as there is no memory with my pushed work and personal e-mails, full calendar, notes, tasks and contact e-mail (twitter/foursquare) viewing
i do have a few games and would love a pinball game of any science fiction genre (cough - star trek - cough); i had a pinball game once but didn't play it as much as i would have liked then my berry started crashing

is there a trial version?

I remember from around 2000 a pinball machine called Black Knight and thought it was pretty sweet game. Would like to see something like that. I really like pinball and would really enjoy having it on my BB.

I would like to see Mobigloo make Terminator. I used to play that pinball game for hours. Good luck everyone.

This game looks like a lot of fun, especially if you can integrate new themes/boards into it. I suggest a baseball themed game because it's America's pasttime and I LOVE baseball. Go CrackBerry! Go Brewers!

I'm flying to San Francisco in a few months and that would be a cool game to play while in the airport. :)

I'd love to see some BSG, Stargate, or Star Wars themes, but I guess there'd be royalties and licensing fees involved. As far as actual playfields, Black Knight 2000, High Speed, F-14 Tomcat, Space Shuttle, Addams Family Pinball, and the best ever: Medieval Madness! These are my all-time favorite machines.

How about a playfield? Maybe the Mods as various bumpers?

*ducks* :D

Def love pinball!! That would be phat on my  !! I think a starwars theme would be great or hey maybe a miami vice lol!! Jus playin anything space would be cool!! Hope I win :)

How about a Retro (70's, 80's or 90's) style board or something along the lines of Indiana jones. Also, how about adding a feature that would make the Blackberry vibrate in certain instances or situations in Pinball.

My friend purchased this already and he's loving it!

Are they actually gonna have more then 1 board? Be cool to see a movie theme, like Star wars, or TV theme, like LOST!

The terminator pinball game, ya know with the pistol grip ball launcher and a minigame where you had to shoot down the H/K...that would be sweet!