Member Video Review: Case-Mate Smart Skin for the Bold

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jan 2009 10:18 am EST

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CrackBerry Member jreel did up a double header video (watch it above!) of the CaseMate Smart Skin for the BlackBerry Bold as well as the OEM BlackBerry Skins. Both products come in a variety of colors so be sure to follow the links below for more information. You can also see jreel's unboxing video after the jump. Enjoy the vids! Great job jreel!!

Unboxing Video


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Member Video Review: Case-Mate Smart Skin for the Bold


by far the best skin I have ever used. I have one for my Bold in the Cranberry color. I have actually gotten a lot of positive comments on it. People asking where I got it. I was able to pick it up at a local Mall.

The skin is laser cut, so the letters/number keys are individual. This makes it very easy to type. And like the video said, the skin as a whole is very "grippy", so when you plant your thumb on a key, it stays on that key. The skin is pretty thick, I guess that is so they can laser cut the keyboard. Oh.. the keys are transparent so the backlight comes through for easier viewing at night. Although they are not all that bright.. it is a help.

All of the ports are lasered out, so the sound is rich and full, not muffled. You can even get to the SD Card slot without taking the case off. The back has a carbon fiber pattern lasered on it, which makes for a nice grip. Again, like the video points out, it doesn't slide around on you car seat.. which is nice if you have leather seats. The function buttons on the side of the Bold sit above the body of the case so are easy to use. The camera

All-in-all, this case is well worth the $19.95 and gets a 10 of 10 in my book. Top notch! It comes in Black, Cranberry (very dark.. almost looks black) and a Silver color.

I am using the Leopard theme, i believe made by mapimages (he's got some awesome themes!) check it

Anyone know if the second case, not the smart case, when installed will still fit in the OEM case provided by Blackberry for the Bold? In other words a case within the original purchased case?
Thanks for the review jreel.


The Bold w/ the Smart Case WILL NOT fit the OEM case. i tried it, forgot to include that in my video

Just got the smart skin case for my curve last week. I am extremely satisfied. Excellent protection, look, and feel.

I have a white OEM silicone skin for the Bold and it doesn't quite fit right. Most of the side buttons are misaligned with the skin, there are gaps around the camera, and the speaker at the top of the phone is partially covered. Is anyone experiencing this problem or did I get a messed up skin?

I have my grey one and it works fine. When you put it on, be sure to massage the case around your device, it could help. Mine covers all the buttons well and everything is accessible.

Jreel, great job on the video and my theme looks dope on camera haha. Keep up the great work and well spoken on camera. Great job.

Thanks for the comments everyone, i will be doing future reviews on blackberry products, shoot me a private message if you have any requests.

Man I love this phone I just bought a curve 8330 and my friend referred me to this site and I love every bit of this site thank u!

Man I love this phone I just bought a curve 8330 and my friend referred me to this site and I love every bit of this site thank u!

ive had my skin for about 3 weeks now and its pretty great. at first the fit was nice and tight with all openings aligned but, since ive had to do a few battery pulls here and there, the opening for the earpiece is about 50% covered due to the stretching. its unfortunate... every case is probably going to have a down side but, its still does a great job of protecting the whole phone.