MEGA for BlackBerry 10 updated with performance and security improvements

By Bla1ze on 10 Jun 2014 12:52 pm EDT

If you're making use of the MEGA cloud storage app on BlackBerry 10 you'll want to open up BlackBerry World and grab the latest release available. Although the change log is small, v1.0.1601.0 does add performance and security improvements which pretty much everyone can appreciate. The update started rolling out yesterday, so everyone should be seeing it available now in BlackBerry World with no wait time for it to filter through.

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MEGA for BlackBerry 10 updated with performance and security improvements


Could be great ! But downloading mega is impossible on my Z10, here in France. #*@¥ (dear) provider !

 or nothing.

Are they ever gonna release a native app? I thought it was in the works...

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Maybe it's in the works but having their app to appear on BBW for now is not bad a!'t all. Most devs i think are on the 'wait n see' mode for BB10. The road is still a bit bumpy for us to ride on, so hang on tight and BB will prevail!

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I just installed it on Q10SQN100-3/ Unlike, Box, Dropbox and Onedrive is does not integrate with the system and cannot be accessed via file manager or other apps.

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Downloaded this a while ago. Somewhat concerned that whenever I check on running processes in Task Manager app, Mega seems to be running permanently and I have to force close it. Hardly ever use it so will uninstall it

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