Meeting Mode and Add Task coming to the Calendar app in BlackBerry OS 10.3

Meeting Mode and Add Task coming to the Calendar app in BlackBerry OS 10.3
By DJ Reyes on 8 May 2014 02:15 pm EDT

Sticking with the Calendar app theme today, Michael Clewley has shared a couple of more treats for us from his BBM Channel. One of which I have been wanting for a while, the other, also a most welcome feature. The option 'Add Task' from the Calendar is finally here. Well, not yet 'here' exactly but it's coming. We'll also be seeing a feature called Meeting Mode. This is basically an option you can turn on which then gives you the ability to set a Notification Profile for the duration of that meeting.

Meeting Mode is definitely something I'm looking forward to. We often forget to switch our devices to 'Silent' or even 'Vibrate Only' during meetings and/or appointments so the ability to set this beforehand is very handy. I am also so glad to see that 'Add Task' is coming to the Calendar too.


How are you liking these new additions to the Calendar app? What else would you like to see added?

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Meeting Mode and Add Task coming to the Calendar app in BlackBerry OS 10.3


Unless I'm misunderstanding you, we *do* have calendar alarms. Depending on what you mean, we have both alarms that show in the calendar, as well as alarms/reminders on calendar events. The only thing I don't see is adding an alarm directly from the calendar. Is that what you meant?

For example. You can create calendar entries with reminders(not alarms), also different sound(you can change it I know it, but you will lack the reminder sound for actual reminders). As you pointed the missing point is alarms in calendar. For example, I want to get up at 5 am on the 4th of July 2014, instead of a reminder(wich usually uses a low tone) I want mi current alarm profile for that calendar alarm.

Wonder if you could use an NFC tag to have everyone tap their phone on the tag so it will automatically go to "meeting mode."

This is something I did a lot on my GNex

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Problem is not everyone in meeting and cinema has a BlackBerry phone. IIRC, for a simple NFC tag generated by a BlackBerry 10 device isn't recognised on an Android phone neither.

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I know. This is great.
Currently, I have to go to the Home screen, then pull down the Settings menu and tap to silence my phone.
Then the two finger gesture got me excited because now I don't have to swipe to go to the Home screen first.
Now with this meeting mode. It's pure awesome. I don't have to remember to do it anymore.

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10.3 is looking more slick everyday!

I still want "Report Email As Spam" feature from legacy devices back.

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On legacy devices you could hit the menu on an email, a option said "report as spam", then you would no longer get emails from that sender.

Doesn't seem like many people knew about that feature or knew but didn't use it. I used it a lot and desperately want it back.

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Omg!!! I can't wait for that! I've been so embarrassed lately by having my BlackBerry ring "summertime sadness" when sitting down with my research team, or with my mentor. Haha

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I may be wrong, but notice how the first few screen-shots were the normal Blue UI accents? Now green?

Looks like we will see either app custom UI Accents, or user decided ones?

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Michael Clewley said on his Channel that no theme customisation is coming. And on these Calendar screen shots, he did say to ignore them as they are still tweaking things. They're obviously trying things out.

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It would be nice to have different colors for Native Apps; ex. blue for the Hub and green for the Calendar.

Agreed, and even like red for media apps might be nice. Disappointing that they are axing the green in the calendar app, looks really good and fitting :(

Let's hope they finally figure out landscape mode for homescreen and or AT LEAST the media player.

Great new addition! Another really useful feature would be the ability to create completely customized modes. I'd love to be able to set up a 'vibrate on Ping' for those situations when I can't be disrupted by unimportant calls and texts but would still like to know about a close contact trying to contact me in emergency

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Is add task like a to-do list type thing? Because I think that would actually be better to have calendar and to-do all in one. And is actually something I would like.

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I should say meeting mode will be really helpful. No more buzzing of phone in a serious meeting even if you forget to put your phone to silent mode.

I assume it picks up meeting mode automatically from the Calendar.

From my Z

So far all I'm seeing are things that only makes the phone seem only for business come in man

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i like the fact that the Dev team at Blackberry are improving these little features which are geared towards corporates / business people. This is what a blackberry is for and this is why i have still been sticking to Blackberry since 2006.

If the Dev team is reading this, i think it would be great to work on the Today Lock Screen like in the past when we had custom today themes for the 9900/etc which when 'moused-over' we got to see the next x amount of Calendar entries, x amount of SMS's/emails/call logs. That was stellar - allowing us to peak preview without going into the native modules.

On another note, i really wish they have a To-Do / Remember dedicated column in the Hub. This is an important PIM feature.

Anyways keep up the good work!

I would like to be able to set 1 time or a recurring alarms that behave just like a meeting. It's not like the clock app where I turn this alarm off or on and it will go off on x days of the week. This pretty much the only thing I miss about BBOS. Then I would never have to check to see if my alarm is set to wake me up in the morning or to alert me to absolutely critical tasks that require my attention at a specific time, like picking up my kids from school, etc. Then once the alarm is dismissed it is gone, you wouldn't have a list alarms for this and that in your clock app.

Are we being teased with all these wonders for 10.3 because it's coming to us very soon? Or are we going to be sadly disappointed because it's not coming anytime soon. :)

This is great, I will delete profile changer once this comes out. But until then, profile changer is the best replacement for this feature.

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Great additions coming with 10.3. Thanks for the coverage.

Is there a way to make screen shots bigger when viewing CB posts on your mobile? It sucks when the size is so small and you have to squint. No option to pinch and Zoom or open the image separately.

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Sounds good, the BlackBerry calendar app is even now the best of all mobile OS.

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Love these two new features! I've been wanting for Task and Calendar to link and this Add Task will be awesome! And the new Meeting Mode is a very very good feature to have!

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We need to be able to turn off notifications by just turning the phone face down on a table.

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I can't tell you how often I forget to switch my phone to silent when I'm heading to work. I'd love, for instance, an extended feature of the clock app that can enable/disable "silent" (or any other notification profile) based in pre-set times.

No more "Titanium" blasting out when I'm in my boss' office.

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

great features! looking forward to 10.3 as well!

(and even if customized colors are not coming in 10.3, maybe 10.3.1! that would be the most awesomeest!)

I want to be able to give a few key individuals the ability to ring through even in "bedtime mode".. And possibly in meeting mode.

Ie, some levels of priority for interuptions.

Good to see that the amazing little things from BBOS are finally making its way; I will never get the rational as to why these things weren't there from the beginning (I am sure user/focus groups are to blame) - but better late than never I suppose

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Now I am getting excited. I have been trying to stay calm & patient for 10.3 but think it is no longer working.

I would also like to see fewer steps in changing an appointment time/day. And an option to choose which reminders are allowed to pop up during phone calls or presentations. Some I don't need to see right then & are annoying. Some I need them to jump up and shake me by the shoulders to keep me on time.

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I just thought of something, doesn't Remember act as a To Do Task feature.

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I like these...

I'd also like to be able to see the calendar in a 'diary view' with more colour...a bit like some of the apps.

Business users may like the basic calendar view, but it'd be nice to be able to open it up in colour, to see appointments or birthdays...but in a less regimented way.

Say more of a 'note taker'....more casual. Easier to read at a glance. Either per week or per day...

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Meeting mode = happiness.

Just one thing less to worry/forget about! Perfect addition, simple thoughtful things like this is why I will stick with BlackBerry.


Hub++ phone silent when turned upside down. Throw it on the desk during meetings. Advertising for BlackBerry as well while in front of prospective clients and colleagues. I don't use tasks inside of BlackBerry but I would assume the feature addition is welcome.

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I bought Flip-Shush for meetings only to realize that I needed the pro version to mute calls and emails, and BBM sounds. I am really looking forward to meeting mode. Integration with my calendar will mean I can keep it in my holster instead and the profile will revert after the meeting. Terrific!

DJ Reyes, I am going to simply faint!
All of these oldies but goodies re-implemented! Yes!

Okay...let me just throw something into the mix: the old BB Protect!
I believe it would have helped me to migrate my 1,000+ memos! :-)

My holster profile using PowerTools has kept me safe during meetings. It even turns on a mini-force field around me.
j/, not really.

Meeting mode is most welcomed!

Meeting Mode happens to be a feature that I wanted on my iPhone for years. It’s so simple, yet incredibly useful. That’s what I expect from a smartphone, that it assists me during the day as much as possible.

I am looking forward to more of these tweaks and bug fixes. A request of mine would be a better voice assistant (i.e. Siri), to make the BlackBerry more useful when I’m wearing my headphones or driving, and something similar to Google Now.

I said it a different post and will say it again.
10.3 is shaping up to be the business and time management tool I remember BlackBerry as being. This is great and I thank whoever it is at BlackBerry that got the ball rolling back in that direction again.

One option I would like to see added to the appointment calendar. Let me EASILY add a link to contact name(s) for an appointment WITHOUT sending out meeting announcement emails.
I just want to have these as a personal reminder for one reason or another. Even if it's just in the memo field.

Hoping someone on the dev team is checking the these comments under the various 10.3 announcements for ideas to consider.

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Finally having back setting tasks in the calendar, GREAT! Would be nice to integrate tasks in the HUB and to be able to extend the calendar preview of events in the HUB, too.

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one of the biggest reasons I switched to android- bb10 didn't impress, and still love and miss my 9900 (Q20? a test) is that with a busier life, I needed a calendar that synced with ALL my google calendars' events, going back quite a while ....

I would like to see clickable dates that open the calendar on that date. Not everyone sends proper meeting invites - I often arrange meetings by email, and when I receive a message with a date, I want to be able to click on the date and enter the meeting in the calendar.

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Yeah. That would be nice if the phone could recognize dates and times in emails/sms so that you could highlight that part of the message and the menu would suggest creating an appointment or reminder.

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This is great stuff the Blackberry is doing to improve an already impressive device. I am really getting stoked about the goodness of 10.3. Mr. Chen, leak a working version so we Crackberrians, at least those of us so inclined, can beta test it for you!

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I'd love to see more granularity in the reminder notifications for tasks, identical to calendar notifications, just like bbos.

10.3 is looking more and more promising as the days go by. I'm hoping they continue to bring in BBOS goodies (including app updates for BB Bridge and Protect) as well as some PlayBook goodies (side bezel gestures for scrolling between open apps; the Scrapbook apps media player - I like that one MUCH better than the BB10 media player). I would also like to see some TAT concepts (like their contact app) come to reality.

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Great news... Personally, I would like to see customizable "new event" cards so it is much quicker to add in an event without wading through 5 submenus.

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Adding tasks from the calendar is a small but very useful addition. I hope they revamp Remember also.

> What else would you like to see added?
Is it a Calendar or Hub improvement? Not sure? But i'd like to create a meeting from the Hub and use the subject as topic, the address list as attendees etc - just as it's done in Outlook.

How embarrassing :"( ... The meeting from email option s already there though well hidden in the long/long menu.

But good to know, so I don't have to copy the whole email text when I now create a follow up meeting ;)

Looks like 10.3 is going to bring BB10 a lot closer to being the powerhouse BB7 was/is. I'm not arguing that BB10 isn't a better platform (I love it!), but it's still nowhere near as comprehensive as BB7 yet.

It would be great if Blackberry could include an "Add To" function in OS 10.3. Such a function could allow one to add an e-mail directly to a calendar, or to Remember. This was available through a third party app in OS7, allowing one to add an e-mail text to calendar, or memo and it would be wise to add it to OS10.3.

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I don't know why but I feel all these kinda 'iPhone looking'.... just wondering...

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

Please make it possible to hide calendar items from the lock screen. This is an option I really would love if it could become available in one of the next releases.

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I should like the possibility that you can make a dnd (do not disturb) mode + een dnd exception list. I use it now supported by my IP-telephone system but I should love this on my BlackBerry.

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What about time of day reminders for Remember that will show up in calendar.
That's what I want.

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I want a separate calendar that I can use for personal use, to have my friends birthdays, my personal appointments etc, my calendar is synced with my work email and its fine but my boss can see my calendar so whatever I diarized to remind me, he can see too

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I use the calendar a lot and its nice to see updates. I also use doc to go a lot fir business, looking forward to the updates.

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Thank you, BlackBerry 10 is slowly making bbos absolete. Task is great, note is also. But seeing my tasks in Calendar is golden.

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Long awaited, I do hope that they bring back granular profile management which I used to manage "in and out" of holster profiles in BBOS. But I don't carry my Z10 in a holster so this is a great addition.

It's about time "meeting mode" was added! NY Motorola Q with windows mobile 5 had this feature six years ago and I've been missing it hard ever since the switch to blackberry. I've submitted the feature request a couple of times and I'm happy to see that BlackBerry agrees with the value!

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Really can't wait!
Any chance Remember can be synced to Calendar, whether gmail or other?
Also, the bb curve used to have a weekly, monthly, etc., repeat feature. I miss that.

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Awesome, been missing meeting mode since I gave up my Sony Ericsson phone years ago. Can't believe it has taken someone this long.

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What would I like to see?
I use ACD See on my desktop to oversee 300,000 photos from 20 years of tour work. There are 6000 nested folders up to eight deep. Of course this is several terabytes of information on the desktop, but reducing the images that average 10 Mb each on the fly to the optimum display size for the z30 would allow the largest 128GB card to hold the entire collection. Ad dropbox sync with the desktop and I would be in another world of mobile flexibility. Will I find this under the 10.3 tree? Zocanta

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That's great and all but why can't the native BlackBerry task app still stand up to SlickTasks? For the longest time, users have been asking for the ability to add subtasks. Why won't they add it?

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That's a great step in the right direction. However I would very much like to see the ability to turn an email or any other conversation into an event or a task. With the body of the conversation in the notes field. My desktop email app does that already!

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I use Viira to manage my tasks. One major problem is, un completed tasks have to be manually carried forward.
The option to have uncompleted tasks automatically move forward would be great.
Also rate tasks as A, B C etc for prioritizing

Task categories such as Phone so all my phone tasks could be displayed when I'm making my phone calls

Colour coding would be nice
Just some thoughts

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If native blackberry just synced All Of my calendar events I MIGHT consider going back ... MIGHT

Had a second read of this "meeting mode" option to be chosen by device owner under "notifications". In truth it does not make much difference whether i choose "meeting" or "silent". What would make a difference is this: At the time the meeting is agreed and blocked off in my calendar I have the option there, under calendar options to annotate "MEETING MODE" for the 2 or 3 hours next week or whenever the meeting takes place.

AND, what would be really really cool would be a message gets sent to a caller that I am at a meeting anytime a caller calls during the meeting! How's that for a stretch systems job? That's on my wish list.

Nice but I have better idea calendar voice remember u about ur appointment and talk to your phone and say ur going to attend the appointment still and send a text to the person who you have to meet would be a better idea if BlackBerry needs ideas just let me know and I will help take it to the next level I m full of ideas I love coming out with new idea and a big fan of BlackBerry a day but needs to make the experiences different then other phones

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Properly, this suggestion is not a Calendar addition: in the lock screen are displayed the messages, but the calendar events, anniversaries and tasks are shown in a very primitive way. Would be nice if the lock screen could show these items, like the AgendaToday plugin in the very old Windows Mobile. Moreover, better integration of Remember with Evernote seems easy and is not made today: set alerts in remote notes and receive these alerts in the phone.