Meet TOMPlayer - The Other Media Player

By Kerri Neill on 7 Oct 2011 01:57 pm EDT
TOMPlayer by emacberry

Emacberry, the creator of FileScout, has once again gotten the creative wheels in motion. Not satisfied with the native BlackBerry Media Player, he compiled a list of what functions he wanted from a media application and then got to work. The result, TOMPlayer, [T]he[O]ther[M]ediaPlayer.

The UI is simple (it's the first version so cut him some slack) and easy to navigate. With TOMPlayer, you can open any existing playlist (you have to create the playlist with another application such as FileScout) and listen to your audio files. TOMPlayer stores the last active playlist & track so whenever you exit the application and return, TOMPlayer will resume playback from that exact spot. This makes it an ideal application for listening to AudioBooks or longer playlists. The application is also integrated into the BlackBerry Menu list. By selecting 'TOMP: SONG_TITLE_HERE', you can easily see what song you left off at and bring the application to the foreground to adjust volume and such.

TOMPlayer is available for FREE and works on devices running OS 4.3 or higher (including OS 7 devices). Feel free to leave comments/thoughts below or head on over to the forum post dedicated to the app.

For more information / download TOMPlayer

Reader comments

Meet TOMPlayer - The Other Media Player


Is it me or anyone else think the Playbook's native music software UI could use a facelift??

Calling all developers!! Please make a a CAR FRIENDLY MUSIC APP!!!!

I'd pay for something more finger friendly, fast forward or jump 30 secs back/Fwd, bigger buttons and easy folder lookups!

You're welcome - You can send my commission check by mail.

Torch 9800 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Looking forward to trying it out. Please work on a Playbook music player. The native one is terrible. We need something with better playlist support.

Totally agree, Playbook's Native Music Software desperately need an upgrade, hopefully some app developer would come up with a new one anytime soon.