Meet TK Discovery - the latest BlackBerry 10 concept

By James Richardson on 18 Jul 2012 03:19 pm EDT

It is concept time once again and what a beauty this one is. Created by DigitalHomeBoy, the TK 3.0 Discovery is clearly what he would like to see from a BlackBerry 10 all touch screen device. We have seen a couple of concepts in the past few months, one with a hardware QWERTY keyboard and another just touch, and they all look great. With BlackBerry 10 arriving shortly after the New Year (hopefully) we all now know for sure that both styles of phone will be available without too much of a gap between them, unlike RIM's original plan where BB10 was expected this year, not next.

If what we end up with looks remotely like this concept I will be more than happy. I'm not sure be will see hardware with the screen all the way to the edge of the device without a bezel (on the right and left) but I'm digging what DigitalHomeBoy has done with the back of the design.

The only downside to seeing concepts like this is that it makes the wait so much harder. Roll on Q1 next year. It's going to be awesome I suspect.

Nice job DigitalHomeBoy. Keem them coming.

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Meet TK Discovery - the latest BlackBerry 10 concept


I hope that rim does something like this I like that just hope it does not look like the developer device but they do something like this and normal people will buy it or at least I think so

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I hope that rim does something like this I like that just hope it does not look like the developer device but they do something like this and normal people will buy it or at least I think so

DigitalHomeBoy's TK Victory is the best BB10 qwerty concept I've seen, and the Discovery holds to that trend.

DHB knows how to design a sexy device...

Except that this design is generally useless, given that the OS requires the bezel around the edges. Still a sexy device, but design really should follow function. Those buttons on the bottom of the screen would be a pain to tap holding the device with one hand.

I'm pretty sure that the bezel is not needed for BB10 and why would the buttons on the bottom be a pain with one hand? The OS is built around using one hand.

Any concept is a good concept so long as it raises debate. I agree, the blade is my favorite to date based on looks also alone.

Cool concept, but why does it look like a galaxy s3 slept with an iphone 4s and this was born? Just asking. I still vote the BB london/edge or the BB blade. Infact BB blade, I'd buy that in a battery pull.

Blade is a concept. Many hours go into engineering a phone. It's easy to make a picture of something, it takes a lot of effort to squish everything together in a thin device and still make it functional.

Yes! But phones have got to look alike if following today's trend -just as the cars look alike. The point is what's under the hood and how does it rank up in performance.

What do y'all want it to look like? Optimus Prime on steroids? It's a mobile phone. It's like asking for a car with no windows or wheels. Not gonna happen for a while bud.

"It looks like a blah blah blah, blah blah blah, iPhone.. No. Samsung. No. Nokia". It's a cell phone. What do you expect it to look like? A Volkswagen? Look at the minimal bezel and how thin that conecpt is. Pimp.

i like how all the concepts have the visible screen go to all the edges but since this is running QNX we can almost guarantee that it will have a bezel around the edges for the swipe controls like on the playbook. i sure hope they find a way to make something this pretty though.

If were to RIM intentionally enlarge a bezel for the sake of qnx they would be crazy. Fortunately it seems as though the bb10 os is swipe/flow based, not bezel based.

Why not keyboard and smaller screen on one side and full touch on the other side (eventually covered by a smart cover like for confort attached on top to cover on side or another, and allow the phone to stand both in portrait and landscape with an angle for videochat). Well actually the top may pivot to do so and thus use a single lens ( or a pair for 3d). Pivot could help filming in some cases such as above head, while still watching the screen).

WOW !!!

Looks amazing. A little too thin (think durability and screen flex if dropped) but otherwise looks amazing ! ! !

RIM : Take note !

This is probably what iphone 5 will look like only it will still have the same boring stale OS but with Facebook integration...woopdydooooo! LOL

Loving the line - brilliant, they should totally use that.

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You have good eyes and that's the difference between this concept and iphone or samsung S3. RIM should take a look at this concept especially as its not just a drawing/picture but have details of materials used.

This looks like a SGS2X offered on Telus and T-Mobile, but with an edge-to-edge display. Certainly a nice design, although that edge-to-edge display might have some usability and case issues.

Still, I like the design, and I want BB10 sooner rather than later. I even like the Dev Alpha's look (has a mini-Playbook look to it). Just give me BB10!

I like the look of screens going to the edge of the device, but practicality sets in and makes me think of how my hands and fingers will accidentally press something when I'm holding the phone.

No one offered you a towel yet? Here ya go, bud. I'm still camped outside the store waiting for my BB10 but you can have one of my towels.

Here's some of the things that would separate this from the rest!
While the screen is CGG2, it's body is made up of Graphene! Graphene is 200x stronger than steel and has a superhydropolic resistance (that's water-proof)! Those questioning the depth to be too thin, think again. The iPhone "5" has dropped some depth as well and may fall in the 9.2mm depth you still think the design is too thin?

TK Victory and TK Discovery are the best ever Blackberry concepts. Nothing to compare with.
@digitalhomeboy, RIM mast employe you mate!
Now, RIM knows what we want. I m not an engineer and cant tell if design like this is creatablle today, but Thorsten mast deliver something very similar, if not the same.

Thanks for pointing out that you're a visiting troll. Clearly you are not a BlackBerry user with a question like that!'s your Lumia 900 RicZoh LOL

You're joking right...the picture has the BlackBerry logo 3 times and includes the wording BlackBerry twice and someone is asking why a Windows logo is present? Wake up buddy!

Sooo... In other words... What they're trying to say is... it's a BB logo, not MS. Don't be offended. We BB fans can be like rabid canines; We some times snap and react funny. It's not our fault.

Need to double the thickness, so if you sit down with it in your pocket it isnt destroyed. And put a big battery in the thing for a change.

#1. Don't put your phone in your back pocket.
#2. There are V6 engines that can out perform some V8s. Size of a battery in this day and age means squat. The ingredients put into it is what makes it zing or not zing. (Psst. Speakers exist that are the thinness of a piece of paper.. Don't tell anyone)

The depth of the device is 9.1mm, doubling it would be 18.2mm which would be 7.7mm thicker than the 10.5mm Bold 9900. I do agree, I may have over looked the battery. I should change that.

what's so great about this? it's just a square like every other phone out there right now, but with an impossible/unrealistic thinness and screen size ratio

A lot of people denied the earth was flat. Impossible? Or is it still flat? You talk about impossible thinness right after the "God" particle has pretty well been proven true. That was once impossible too. Did the US actually put man on the moon? Hm. Naah. Impossible... With that kind of thinking the first computer would still be around because it would be impossible to make anything smaller.

What's with the people on this forum taking everything literally? Do you really want a phone that will snap in two if you sit on it? It is too difficult for you to exptrapolate that maybe I meant it's impractical? Yes we can eventually develop carbon fiber phones that can slice your hair but 1Q13? Get real.

...from the same person defending questions on why a Windows logo is present...There is nothing impossible or unrealistic within this conceptual design. I am a grounded designer meaning I design for a tomorrow's sense and not 10-20 years from now. There are numerous mobiles already with the 8.5mm depth (thinness) even so one the has 7.7mm!

The iPhone has a 9.4mm depth and is reported to have shaved some meaning it could fit into a 9.2mm-9.3mm - which clearly isn't far from my suggested 9.1mm. Impossible, no! The housing is Graphene which is listed as the next rare earth material that has been deemed a positive outlook and suitable replacement among many industries in the tech sector. (silicon, display, batteries, casing...)

Even if you look at the specifications on the site you will notice that there are real products listed and are being tested to be used for tomorrow.

About the design...well only so much can literally be done with a *rectangle* not a square...even the basics eludes you...

I think the guy can't figure out basic geometry. After all. A square = a rectangle. Wait. No. It's a game show! Circle makes a square!

Actually, I'm a girl and I have a degree in Math. If you really want to go there, it's a parallelepiped. Try taking the stick out of your @$$ every once in a while.

Kinda looks like the leaked N-series we've already seen. As much as I love these concepts, SHOW ME SOMETHING REAL! I'm dyin' over here! :)

I believe you meant to say L-series which refers to the touch screen where the N-series refers to the qwerty model. Anyhow, how do you figure? In the supposed leaked shots the devices design weren't detailed. The purpose of those supposed slides were to illustrate screen real estate and pixels which was set against a flat rectangular shape.
It's like people only read headers and come here to CB to blow smoke. What gives?

Beautiful concept. I want a solid feel and battery life. My iPhone is dainty you could sneeze on it and break the screen. And I do not want to buy a giant battery pack for my dainty phone to make it through a round of golf. Ridiculous.

Actually if the back had the same finish as my new Ping i20 driver that would be awesome. Stealth.

@amazinglygraceless @Pard,
A lot of products are now made with Graphite especially golf clubs and tennis rackets. Graphene is a composite of Graphite, but has lighter and manageable properties that are being researched to be applied to the tech sector. The chicken-wire mesh design that you may have seen is like a trade mark of Graphite/Graphene though the design is truly only visible on a microscopic scale!

the only problem that i see in releasing BB10 in Q1 2013, is christmas is gone by, and most people are broke by january/february? december would have made more sense. RIM keep your new design a secret, dont let apple and samsung, copy your ideas, we know in the past where that has gotten RIM.

RIM is keeping the BlackBerry 10 smartphone a secret until it's released to the shelves of carriers and stores.

Will- Yeah, but does everyone's contract expire in December? i personally love buying technology with a fat tax q1 sounds pretty good to me...let the sheep have their iCrone and samshrugs...2012 wasn't a huge year for mobile in my opinion...a lot of new phones no doubt but what was different? not much...2013 is going to be a war, and I am looking forward to it with high anticipation

not going to happen with the screen to the edge, how you going to hold it and judging by the playbook and the dev phone its going to have bezel to react with the swipe.

make the phone a mm or so bigger so I can have a removable battery? what the hell is it with this trend!? I can live with not being as thin as other competitors. You'll get to a point where it's just uncomfortable to hold.

Also needs a convenience key.. 2 of them. Rather that then 2 customisable LEDs.

WHY? you dont even have space for your hands to do the one hand swiping. In this manner you always place your vinger on the touchscreen. OR you have to use both hands.

@digitalhomeboy: I'm a huge fan of your tk victory design, and I'm definitely a fan of this one now too...has RIM approached you about these designs yet? Do you imagine you'd be able to say anything if they have?

Also id just like to say to everyone that is hating on the edge to edge screen .. Even if bb10 requires bezels for operation, it'd be very easy to reduce the required size of the bezel to accommodate this. Programming is only limited by the programmer... And also If you notice the actual functional bezel on the playbook is about half the width of the physical bezel...

So ya, far from an unrealistic design... Kudos to you dhb!

@fragment137 Thank you so much! A lot of people seem to believe that the designs were a matter of slapping this and that together on screen when in fact several sketches, cardboard and clay models were done to get to this point.

RIM has not approached me on any of the designs as I'm thinking I have fallen under that fanboy category, lol. It would be awesome especially being a designer with over 16 years of mobile use making my perspective on usability stretch pretty far. I would most likely be limited as there are a number of people already in place on their design team as well as their engineering team.

It's so much easier to hate and even easier to comment about something before doing the research or taking the time to read what I have written on my own site that explains some (I have even provided links). This is the case of readers believing that they are entitled to their opinion, so be it.

What many don't understand is that the PlayBook actually uses 0.5" of the bezel for swiping (as you also mention). Knowing this means that 0.2" is still a possibility on a smaller scale. (Think Gorilla Glass on iPhones completed in 6 months when it was suppose to be a year). Another tidbit, as mentioned above by 3Dee is that BB10 is indeed swipe/flow. Watching the World and Jam event videos we all saw that with the new messaging system so edge-to-edge visibility is in fact another possibility.

For the most part of this design it was really just the Graphene that was the furthest stretch as its properties are not ready to be applied in the way I have mentioned it. ^DHB

Will- OK, so the about the visuals of the OS? If BB10 looks anything like this it will sale...that is fresh looking and amazing UI

i would love this phone, as long as it performs better than what im dealing with now- ive had my current phone less than a year, there have been two updates, i wont see anymore...

i like swype for texting, but its buggy and there have been zero updates... that is failure to me

i hope that if i do buy a BB10 device they are able to keep up with updates, bug fixes, and they dont get lost in that no mans land that android devices fall into once they are a month old

lack of raised buttons and absence of cheap plastic parts means RIM's hardware division would likely pass on such beautiful phone....

I don't understand the obsession with thinner and thinner phones. With the price of these things, I want it to survive a drop to the concrete without having to have a case on it. What's the point of a thin phone if you have to put a case on it? Judging by the popularity of cases like Otter Box, etc... having the thinnest phone is obviously something that very few people actually give a crap about. When is the last time you saw someone with an iPhone that didn't have a case on it? I know I sure as heck wouldn't take the case off of my iPhone (I replaced my iPod touch with an actual iPhone because the iPod was too thin and split when I dropped it) and it hardly leaves my car! This madness has got to stop. Give me a substantial phone that is strong and durable and scratch proof so I can skip the case all together.

I've got an old Motorola flip phone for you if you want to go back to the day when phones were almost as big as phone books. :D

This concept design is fan-based not RIM's. 4.3" is plenty to keep it sizable in the hand. If you have held a Dev Unit which is 4.2" you would know! 4.8" huh?...RIM is not looking to compete with the Galaxy Note it is looking to compete with iPhone and *Galaxy's!

I like this TK discovery concept, its more practical than the Blade concept, if we go by what RIM presented as the features of the new BB10 os. I would like a central button which you can swipe left=fone dial pad+contacts, swipe up=menu, swipe right=app drawer(all apps)

I like the design very much. It looks a little like a Samsung Galaxy phone with really slim bezel at the side. That being said, if the final product does resemble this design, I wouldn't complain at all! Big touch screens are the way to go!