Meet SkeletonGirl - the newest addition to the BBM Stickers Collection

By DJ Reyes on 2 May 2014 08:16 am EDT

BBM Sticker packs are slowly populating the BBM Shop. From big names like Shaun the Sheep, WWE and South Park, down to interesting characters such as Lil' Shelton, CosCat and Bubble Bot, designed by illustrators, designers and artists. A new sticker pack has arrived in the BBM Shop and it comes from the artist ItchySoul, who brought us CosCat, one of the first BBM sticker packs to be available when the BBM Shop was first released.

SkeletonGirl is "A bony little girl in a lovely pink wig. Loves her furry friends and beats up scary monsters". If she's your cup of tea, you can download the pack now from the BBM Shop for $1.99.

Are you enjoying BBM Stickers? I've got to say, I am, quite a bit and I have bought every pack so far, which is even a surprise to myself. When it was first announced that BBM Stickers were coming, I had nothing against it if it would benefit BlackBerry. I did say to myself that I would stick to only the free ones, unless there were packs that really appealed to me. I haven't used every sticker pack I've purchased but I guess I've bought them just to have them and support BlackBerry at the same time.

Have you bought any stickers? Have you bought them all like me? Hit up the comments and share your thoughts.

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Meet SkeletonGirl - the newest addition to the BBM Stickers Collection


Like I have said before we need asian artist. They understand how to market for asia

 Slicing using my 

AND some anime/manga stylized stickers would be a welcomed additions.
Appreciate the current designers' work, but not a fan of bones.

Yeap. Most stickers on BBM are not funny/cute/expressive enough.

Compared to LINE, Kakao talk and we chat, out stickers are beautiful but kinda boring, which defeats its purpose.

The best stickers so far are the indonesian stickers.

Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3

Support the life principle. Stay positive.

No symbols or images of dead stuff, people, bones, skulls and so on. What is this stuff good for, even as tattoos on the skin? Brrrr....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Is anyone going to buy the CosCat sticker set because of the BlackBerry costume cat?

I just might...for that 1 sticker only---a BlackBerry exclamation point for some messages(I'm starting to get used to throwing away a few bucks, obviously).

Murray Squire Marr

Not buying any stickers. Free only. Just like I won't buy in-app crap. Full version, or go away.

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Buy devices... not stickers which you will probably use once a year

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I tried to send a sticker, just too see what it was. Click on it, no feed back, didn't appear in message. Click again, nothing. Click again, nothing. Gave up.

Turns out I spammed the thing 3 times. All without sending the message, while getting "stuck" on the sticker page. Closed BBM, got back to message and finally got it sent.

What an embarrassing experience. Lesson learned, never will I waste time with stickers again.


Not a bug. They can't be inserted into a message.

Pure poop. And expensive poop. Poop for tweens, the least interested in BlackBerry demographic. (and I don't see stickers as a draw for them)


For me...I write my message and then immediately send the sticker that goes with the message.

I too "wish" that the stickers could be inserted into BBM messages---but it is what it is. And the stickers are cool to me because they are BIG.

And they have only started to be developed, there will no doubt be more and more stickers/sticker sets that appeal to me.

Murray Squire Marr

Yeah... support a company by buying crap that you don't even like! you're a genius man *bows* gz intelligence

Star Wars fan? Come join us C00121E8E


Spend $ just to "support" a company.

I already did that, and I have the PlayBook to prove it.

I support BlackBerry by buying devices. Not half baked emoticons that cannot even be used in a conversation.

CB comments, always good for a grin or two


99 cents.. that would be right and fair not 2 bucks! A pretty good app cost about 2± dollars which can do more and is more useful...

But if I see someday stickers which I really really like and need... I guess I would pay the 2 dollars..
I don't need them to buy to support BlackBerry, just bring the classic, the Q30 and the Z50... I will buy them all... that's how I will support BlackBerry...

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How can you use them.. I need stickers which illustrate emotions or something like that...
Or maybe I have to look at these stickers more carefully..
But for me the SP stickers are pretty boring

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I've been using them nonstop since I purchased them! They're just for the moments when you want to give WTF moment to other person

I've purchased them all. I always seem to find someone on my BBM list who likes the different characters.

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I've bought them all wow everyone a whopping 2.00 bucks really going to brake the bank eh, luv what BlackBerry is doing here great idea, just need to get big names involved in Mercedes benz hint hint, come on!!!

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Love stickers.
I am actually working with an artist to create Chibi's of some of my models with emoji influenced stickers, all I need to do now is find someone that can do the sticker packs for BBM for me then I am set.

I'd like to see stickers of the smileys that we already have.
I use the regular emoticons all the time: a larger version would be great and something I would pay for.

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I understand the need for BB to make some money, but where are the free stickers? The BBM one is disappointing...

Why are people complaining about them being girly. 115 million people on BBM some will like girly crap others will like skulls some may like more adult humour with beers or shots. Just because it's not to your liking doesn't mean a few million others don't like it. If you're that particular, make your own.

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In my opinion, I'm quite happy to just use the emoticons that BlackBerry supple in BBM. For me there is no need to futher explain how I'm feeling. "Stickers" are like blue-tooth in a car. It's nice to have but you don't really need it.

LOL, no Bluetooth in the car could cost me hundreds of dollars, either in Police fines or lost business due to missed calls if I don't respond quickly enough and they ring the competition a moment later...

OK, some other cradle or hands-free solution is a valid alternative though

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

wow, blackberry is going really well, implementig useful rock services for his platform... the stickers.. Pls be serious, this is not the apple 13yrs old fan club...

I've bought 3 packs so far. I use them for communicating with family as well as coworkers.

Nothing says oops I f-ed up at work like a naked Cartman sticker.

I didn't think I'd buy them when they were first announced, but I'm having a lot of fun with them. I wish I could buy them and gift them to other people. My young nieces who are using BBM don't have credit cards to buy their own.

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Gift sticker packs would go totally viral!

Time to implement, also BBW credit like iTunes store credit and transferable gifts.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

So I've Googled and Googled, checked the RIM developer site, checked the BBM site and Googled some more but have yet to find the information on HOW TO MAKE A BBM STICKER PACK. I'd love to create a sticker pack based on all the in-jokes between my friends and I and then side load it to our devices. But nowhere is this information to be found. Going further, maybe I'd like to make a sticker pack around one of my hobbies (Mazda rotary) yet can't find any info on how to design and submit to app world. Graphics formats, design considerations, templates, etc. Anyone?

Hopefully, BlackBerry is working on this. We need to be able to use stickers anywhere in BBM - groups, channels, status updates,..... even as a profile pic or something we can put on top of the profile pic and rotate / resize it.

People would have more use for the stickers and more fun with them.

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Yeah, I'm kinda the same, I was thinking of the support to BlackBerry when I was buying the sticker packs, but at the same time I am using them and I like them!

But I wish there were more paid for services from BlackBerry like a secure online storage service with a VPN connection to the storage space from your BlackBerry and just a VPN as well, that would be so awesome! They already have all the structure, they just need to add to it!

If I had to choose one company to hold personal information about me and my work I would choose BlackBerry!

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1. The rate of new stickers is quite slow.
2. None of them so far have got me really excited, though I've purchased a few.
3. Should be priced at $0.99 unless they are super premium or contain a larger than normal amount.
4. I'm waiting for sports teams, TV shows, BlackBerry logos, cars, more facial expressions, etc.
5. Some of the stickers only appeal to a small audience.

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Is it me?? I just don't like these stickers. There aren't visually appealing to me and I think they are a little too big.

I like skeleton girl pack, and I think BBM stickers are more mature and tasteful than those of other applications. However, they also need to create some cute ones to cater for Asian. Just like they need to come out ones with NFL, NBA and etc themes to accommodate sports fans. I am sure they are working on them.

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Why are they not free? Facebook stickers are all free. WhatsApp sticker coming soon and will be free why can't blackberry do the same or they are waiting till its too late?

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Guess how WhatsApp and Facebook are making money? With you data, dude. Either way you're paying, it's not "free" :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

So when will Bbm video be available cross platform? Are they still working on it or is the focus on stickers?

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I adore these, but the only person I BBM with regularly is my boyfriend, who is on an older non-10 BB, and every time I try to send him one, it tells him to update BBM to see it.. but he says he has no BBM updates. I won't be spending $2/pack until the person I'm sending them to can actually, uh, see them.

Wholly shit. I can eat Mcdonald in my country with that price tag.

Symbian is still and always my favourite Os. Nokia 808

Paid like $12 yesterday in total for a medium veggie burger meal plus a rather disappointing $1.50 espresso at Burger King / Hungry Jack's (please no discussion whether "the burgers are better" vs McDonald's, LOL) here in Australia

What do you get for $2, small fries?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I want the aisian stickers, but need someone seed them to me, that's sucks with region-lock

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Is anyone actually buying the sticker packs? I can't see spending money on them.

I would use free ones. But i'll never pay for any.

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Nope, £1.50 for some stickers that can't be used in a conversation? The BBM emoticons are more useful to me and are FREE. Yep, they're relatively cheap but I still think £1.50 for a handful of small pictures is overpriced.
I get the appeal for kids but the stickers aint for me.

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I really like this pack! Very quirky and definitely different. It's sort of like using the "Hacker Girl" pack on FB messenger which has a cool girl that kicks butt. I've bought almost all of the packs, and would actually like to be able to uninstall some of them that I don't really use. I'd rather keep a few favorites at the ready and make it easier to swipe through.

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Bought most and all the free ones, would like to see perhaps some more mainstream comic characters perhaps Simpsons, Futurama, Family guy, Ren and Stimpy would be good, and some Marvel and DC comics characters oh Betty Book or the like would be cool as well as pinup girls, just some ideas :)

I'm kinda old fashioned and not up on the newer trends but enjoy the ones I've listed here

From my Zed 30 running

Morbid. No appeal to me especially when I saw her holding a sword. That's scary! Where she gonna use it for? Where will u use it for? Lol

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I live in America where no one uses BlackBerry. So stickers are a waste of money for me. I still don't understand the purpose of having them. Wow I just sent someone a sticker omg. Best feature I've ever seen. Omg maybe they'll send me a sticker back....

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The POTUS makes at least one, lol

Maybe he would like to send Angie Merkel a sticker?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I like the sticker packs. I just wish they'd roll out more of them. I think blackberry could do contests at various art schools and other cool places to get more budding artists involved. The ones created by students or classes involved in the contests could be free.

They need to get licensing for big names cartoon stickers sorted

Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, Sponge Bob, etc. is where the money is

South Park and Shaun was a start

I'd like to see "The Mask" cartoon stickers, crazy mask face action guaranteed ;-P

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Star Wars, Scooby Doo, XMen, Chicago BlackHawks, Saskatchewan Rough Riders are some I would pay for,


Wondering when we will have Minion stickers, and the free stickers like in facebook messenger... They looks pretty awesome...

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How do BBM stickers gain traction or even put themselves on the radar if they don't have enough free stickers to get users to use them more often. IMO BBM should release more free stickers to get more people using them.

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I'm all for stickers. I would love some military, police, fire, paramedic funny style stickers.

I think Bbm mastered the use of emoticons where I can just slip in a "wink, smile, angry, confused" emoticon and the recipient understood quickly what I was feeling...

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Wow! There will be no end to the madness!

Anyone know if there is a sticker limit fo BBM?
Are kids going to have to eventually navigate through hundreds of these things??

Damn it when you mentioned Skeleton Girl , for a moment there it sounded like a nice lady to have sex with...and then it turned out to be...BBM Stickers ...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!