Meet new people to chat with on BlackBerry Messenger w/ new PinShare for BlackBerry app!

PinShare for BBM
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Dec 2011 10:21 am EST

A new app just hit App World today that's almost sure to hit the top downloads list over the weeks and months ahead. The folks at Motek Mobile have just released PinShare for BBM. Over the years we have seen a quite a few BBM pin sharing services take shape (heck, CrackBerry even had a Pin Exchange app on Facebook that was pretty popular until our facebook developer mysteriously disappeared and our BBM Pin Exchange Forum is always hustling and bustling).

Putting BBM Pin sharing onto the phone in an easy to use and visually stimulating BlackBerry app should be a big hit. Here's the official details:

PinShare is a THE FIRST AND ONLY BlackBerry app that quickly and easily connects you via BBM with tons of new people, BFFs and everything in between simply by using your BlackBerry PIN!

How does PinShare work?
PinShare lets you effortlessly flip from one profile pic and short self description to the next. Within minutes you can literally view hundreds of PinShare profiles! When you find someone you're interested in chatting with, simply Connect! Send messages safely without exposing or giving away your PIN. Once connected, you will then be able to chat directly through BBM.

Download now and be part of the PinShare revolution. You never know who you might meet!

Services like this are only as useful as they grow in users, so if you're looking to make new friends on BBM what are you waiting for? Jump on over to App World at the link below and download it for free today!

Download PinShare for BlackBerry from App World

Reader comments

Meet new people to chat with on BlackBerry Messenger w/ new PinShare for BlackBerry app!


i thought the days of creeping around in chat rooms was over. That is basically what this is. I'm not much of a chatter and especially with some random

You're using it wrong. I'm not sure how you've used chatrooms back in the day but I guess your last sentence answers it perfectly - Its a service u have no need for. Personally, I doubt I do either but its cool if your in a new town and want to meet new ppl.

Bbm is downright useless without people to talk to and the fact your safe to get know someone in this program (pinshare) b4 u give out your pin sounds appealing to me esp for those who are wary of douches :p

can you set a geographical location? or will people from around the world be able to chat with you? I'm wondering if I'll be able to use this as a tool to meet potential clients.

The idea is good, but unfortunately you usually start regretting after you get the 50th sleazy comment.

Do all girls on Pinshare have big boobs and/or are hot? Certainly looks like it from the picture.

I use BBM for the people I would walk out of a meeting for. I considered for BBM music but isn't our PIN part of BB security?

I add people all the time through other contacts on BBM Music and I never see their pin. Other than being able to be messaged by someone that has my pin, I do not see a real risk.

This sounds good. RIM is creating their own "social network" experience which requires a BB in order for you to join. As dumb as it might sound, many people will deny the fact that they will atleast "test drive" it to see if they can find someone interesting or even to try and find an old friend , atleast that's the line to use when the wife sees the App.

i am trying it out, but you cannot set a geographical location.... that really useless to me.... i wanna chat with people from North America......not somewhere in India

I tried it now I want to delete it. But there are no options to close your account and profile.HELP!!

I agree that this is a pretty good idea, but there are no options for doing searches for key words (i.e. when browsing I saw someone with BB development skills that I'd like to contact, but can't find him again).

Why on earth does only one profile show at a time, it should be a matrix of say 2 X 3. Also, why can't you filter down by such things as gender, age, and especially proximity using either GPS or ZIP code?

There should also be a checkbox for those with a PlayBook so I can finally use that video chat feature at least once.

Unavailable for my device. Buuuuuullshiiiiit. Can some1 please rip the 9800 cods and jads and upload them to the forum so I can install them onto my 9380? Spank you very much. :)

Looking at the above comment, looks like this app has potential, but still needs big improvments. I installed it and I don't like the fact that we can't search for specific things like sex, age, interests.


i never understood the appeal to talk to random strangers about's the same as going to your nearest bus stop and yelling out "who wants to talk to me?!" i guess people still want to feel popular even after highschool...and while i'm at it, twitter calling it's "friends" followers totally creeps me out. "quit following me, i don't know you!"

It just came out, give it time to develop and release user requested features. Gotta bake the cake before you eat it ;-)

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