Meet the CrackBerry of CrackBerrys... Literally!

By James Falconer on 4 Jun 2008 12:13 pm EDT

I Heart CrackBerry.comThe friendly BlackBerry Mascot is on a bit of a tour this summer. If you check the Mascot section of the BlackBerry Lifestyle Website, you can read more about it. Looks like the mascot, along with 'BlackBerry Ambassadors' will be spreading the BlackBerry, er... should I say 'CrackBerry' word in various locations throughout North America.

The next scheduled event for the BlackBerry Mascot to appear is in Toronto, for a Blue Jays vs. Orioles series at the Rogers Centre (June 6-8). The mascot has apparently already appeared in Atlanta, Houston, Denver and San Fran. Busy busy!

Upcoming events and appearances will be posted here, so you can check back to see if the crew will be in your area.

If you happen to spot the mascot or any 'BlackBerry Ambassadors' in your area, snap some pics and send them in... We'd love to see them!

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Meet the CrackBerry of CrackBerrys... Literally!


I want one of those suits.

Apparently they don't like San Fran or 'sisco - So they've appeared in 'the city'. That was what Eddie Izzard told me anyways!

He/She will be at the wonderful Taste of Chicago June 27 - July 6. I wonder if they might have a booth. Besides all the great food, more and more companies are having booths to show off their product, humm. Wonder if they will give out some goodies. I will definitely be there!!!!

Yeah, I hope they have some sort of booth or something. I'll definitely be going if I have the chance. The Taste of Chicago is pretty cool already.

DANGIT! I missed them here in Houston!!!!
But they were at some athletic events which I dont't attend... :-(
Anyway, I wonder will they create some Beanie Berry's those would be kinda cool!