MediaFly Beta For BlackBerry!

By Bla1ze on 22 Jun 2009 07:36 am EDT
MediaFly Beta For BlackBerry!

Here is an interesting new beta application for BlackBerry devices that was brought to my attention by the lovely Alli Flowers. This application has long been available on the iPhone but this time around MediaFly has put their efforts towards BlackBerry development and for a beta application I walked away quite impressed.

Using the MediaFly website you can find a ton of Podcasts readily available to subscribe to as well as add your own just in case it's not listed. Once subscribed all podcasts chosen will sync up with your device and then become available there to listen to on the go. Very cool and very promising as far as podcast applications on BlackBerry go, this one is off to a great start. 

Being a beta application I did run into a few issues with it, nothing that hasn't happened with a lot of other applications, but it refuses to play podcasts unless your APN is set correctly -- not a big deal at all. Be sure to check it out and remember if you do have other issues arise, send feedback, beta applications only get better if users send feedback.

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MediaFly Beta For BlackBerry!


I hope you enjoy the Mediafly Mobile for BlackBerry beta app. Send us your ideas and comments.

You can download the app by going to on your BlackBerry (note: .mobi not .com to get the app)

New features are being released every week. So, send your comments to

Carson Conant

I just downloaded this for my Storm and i am looking forward to playing around with this. I was able to stream the ESPN radio right off the get go, whereas i had issues with Viigo all of the time taking FOREVER to load/Play...this was immediate. DOnt know how it compares to Podtrapper, but so far i like this.

I downloaded this expecting it to look pretty and maybe behave like the iPhone version. Turns out it does some sort of compatibility thing and makes the application look like an app on the Pearl.

As a developer myself, I know it is not that hard to make an app look decent on newer phones like the Storm, the Bold, and the Tour.

Are developers really this lazy?

Thanks for the comment. Building for the Storm makes the application incompatible with other BlackBerries (Pearl, Curve, Bold), as it requires the use of the 4.7 operating system interfaces. The initial goal was to target as many phones as possible, then customize from there.

So, rest assured, a Storm-optimized version will come down the road.


My problem was not that it needed to use special "Storm" features or anything, but that it should at least display everything based on the type of device.

On top of that, it shouldn't be too hard to map touch capability to the functionality used by the click-wheel being pressed.

Just sayin', though! Good luck

Was there a specific screen/button you found that isn't mapped correctly?

Good point on the Storm version. Once we polish the current version and release the video version we will be looping back around to create a version which takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the Storm.

Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming.


Also, for both the Bold and the Storm, after you have completed the download, the application will appear in the Downloads folder.

Sound exciting! Did I read correctly that I could add my own? (When will I use my Zune again!) I got internal server errors with both links! Anybody else?

First of all,, you rock, I love how you bring new berry apps to our attention. I will check it out on my commute home today. It looks like something I've been waiting for on my storm to replace my ipod. Thanks mediafly.

I found a problem (possible bug??) on the Blackberry Bold and their website says to notify them, but their contact page says "Page cannot be found" lol. Aw, I wanted to help.

Well, anyway, for anyone that's curious -
It was amazing at first! As soon as I opened it up I ran a search for "japanese" to see what I could find. I clicked one that seemed interesting and immediately it started playing (scared the shit out of me haha. volume was a little too loud I guess), and everything was cool. However, in the middle of listening I decided to hit the menu button and go to "Show Information" or whatever that option was that gives you more info about the podcast you're listening to. As soon as I did I got an uncaught exception telling me not enough memory. Afterwards I checked my available memory via QuickLaunch just to be sure and I have 17MB free, so maybe it's not talking about MY DEVICE'S memory. Hmm..

Also when the Bold locks, (as mine locks after a certain amount of seconds being idle), Mediafly closes. :\

This app is decent and could be great with a few fixes. I have used Stitcher and the BB browser to subscribe to Podcasts int he past and have found the BB browser to be extremely reliable. The only real issue I have found with MediaFly is the speed of the app. It takes a long time to load on my Bold and even longer to play a podcast. The website could be a little more user friendly as well. It took me over an hour to figure out how to locate controls there. I'm also curious why the pictures are not retrieved when I add my own podcasts. I love the features that allow me to restrict what podcasts show up and how many I can see. Again, it was a bit confusing at first because it wasn't plain. I could not figure out why all episodes were not showing up. Overall, a good app but definitely needs some tweaking to make it great. I could see myself using this as my primary app if the speed were better and the web experience were a little more user-friendly. When I refer to speed, I judge that by how well the app functions with with the worst connection. Therefore, how ell is the app when I'm on EDGE, not WiFi or 3G? Stitcher is great even on Edge with no choppy audio or constant buffering and that's why I say this apps spped is lacking. I am excited about the possibilities of this app and look forward to using it more in the future. Thanks!

We agree with you on the website usability. We have a new version of the site coming out soon which should make the navigation and use of Mediafly much more user-friendly.

We will be giving alpha/beta access to that new site in the coming weeks so keep an eye out if you are interested.

Lastly, regarding EDGE, we continue to work on how to optimize the web communications. Most of the playback data is controlled by the source servers and so it is source dependent.

For example, NPR may have higher speed connections but XYZ podcast might have a slow connection. And, since the actual playback data comes directly from the source server to the app this is the main constraint.

That being said, there are always ways to improve things and rest assured we will continue to optimize this aspect.

keep the comments coming... we are releasing new versions every couple of days based on your questions/comments/ideas.


CEO, Mediafly

I only noticed a few minor issues while testing this nice application in my Sprint 3G Blackberry 8330.

1) In my blackberry, the application for some reason it only syncs the folders I created on the website but not the channels or podcasts themselves. My internet connections is on and works because I was able to search other podcasts and download one.This might be because of phone memory constraint? I am not sure because the app does not provide me with an error. Only when I try to view my channels and open up the folder (eg. Cooking) the podcasts do not load it only says "Loading..." and stays stuck there.

2) This brings me to my second issue, do this app saves/downloads the podcasts to the the phone's memory or storage card? There is no way telling because in the settings (mobile app) there is no option or indication. This should be an option. And part of that option should also be on how long to keep them before automatically erasing them or keeping them forever.

3) Also the search function is limitless and only queries 30 results and none of the results were what I was looking for. For example: I typed to search for video and then audio/video for "Chelsea Lately" show, the top three results it queried were "Gay USA with Ann Northrop...", "Nim Episode 165...", "5lfd: Chelsea lose to barcelona..." none of the results had anything to do with the entertainment channel of "Chelsea Lately" show. I recommend they add a catergory browse funtion in the blackberry app so I can browse for channels first then podcasts. The same way it is setup in their website. You do have a "popular channels" section in your mobile app but I prefer to see ALL channels and podcasts because some of the catergories I am looking for (example, Politics, Entertainment, etc) are not located in the "Popular Channels" section.

4) I do agree with previous comments that the "channels" and "my channels" section in the website is not USER FRIENDLY and hard to understand. At first glance I never new how I subscribe to a channel. And it is very hard to understand if I subscribed to a channel versus adding a specific video/audio podcast as a favorite. Plus I would like to know the difference between the two (there should be simple quotes as what each function does), example if I subscribe to a channel will it sync to my blackberry automatically same goes for adding it as a favorite... etc.

5) Also I was unable to edit a channels folder's name in "my channels" section in my blackberry.

Besides the issues above I loved the application in my Blackberry. I was only able to test one audio podcast in my blackberry, the sound was loud and clear with no skips. I was unable to listed to more because the podcasts for some reason did not sync over the air.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

The first step is the last step for Pearl Flip 8820.

Won't even open by clicking on its icon. No errors given, just nothing.