Updated: Media Studio for BlackBerry v2.5 w/ Storm Support!

Media Studio for Blackberry Updated To Version. 2.5!
By Bla1ze on 2 Feb 2009 12:30 am EST

With RIM launching devices with higher and higher resolution screens and the inclusion of the DivX and XviD video codecs being built into numerous devices, people are now realizing what great media capabilities their BlackBerry smartphones have. The high resolution screen makes for a great media fix while riding the train or bus to work or even just sitting in the local Starbucks having a coffee. One look at say the Speed Racer demo that comes on the Bold and you are hooked and in awe at how good it looks. This brings forth a lot of questions from users on how they make their Youtube, DVD or even personal home video files compatible so that they may take them on go with them.

Take a browse through the forums and you will find many options on how to get this process just right, but some of them are rather lengthy and not always the easiest to follow as they include a great deal of steps and often times use terms the average user may not even be familiar with. Media Studio for BlackBerry looks to solve this dilemma by creating an application that is a all-in-one solution, with minimal interaction from the user. It will help you with your Youtube videos. It will help you with your DVDs. It will also help you with all of the peronal media files that you have. All by making them BlackBerry compatible. The good news with this application is that it has been updated recently and now includes the option to create media files for the BlackBerry Storm's screen dimensions. I have used this application a good many times on Videos4BlackBerry and it really does work wonders with creating high quality video conversions and does it with style.

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Updated: Media Studio for BlackBerry v2.5 w/ Storm Support!


I'm going to have to give this app a try and see if its as easy as they say to transfer videos to the Storm. The icing on the cake would be that it could also transfer the digital copies that come when you purchase blu-ray movies.

Every DVD I tried to copy came back as protected, so it won't do anything. The fact is that, under Federal Law, once you purchase a DVD you can copy it for you own personal use.

I have gone out and looked at any number of DVD to Blackberry programs and Wondershare seems to be the highest rated and works the best. Granted it is not cheap at $39.. but if it does the job and produces a high resolution image, it is worth the price of admission in my opinion.

So basically, your issue is not with the program it's self your issue is with the fact it does not have support for decryption of DVD's, which you could have corrected by loading an application called anyDVD. And your statement about the law, well..take that up with the media studios that implement the security, you know for "Your protection", DRM at work designed to protect your usage...from even..You lol

In any event, when it comes to the removal of copyright protection it's a debateable topic that could go on for days, but to say the application is useless, is kinda..useless, based on the plain and simple fact you were trying to rip DVD's with it, assuming files were already encoded into say .avi format or youtube videos then the conversion process is simple.

DVD copyright removal though, is a different scenario and 10 minutes into google, would lead you to many free DVD decrypters that when downloaded and installed work perfectly fine with this application aside them for encoding DVD's to BlackBerry compat. files.

I appreciate the feedback. I am, I would say, fairly up to speed on a lot of technology, but their are some applications I am not aware of. This one program you spoke of that allows you to copy "protected" material is something I was not aware of. So of course I go out and download a program that is recommended by the folks here on Crackberry thinking all I have to do is use that program to copy a DVD in my library for use on my Bold. When it turns out not to be the case it is very frustrating. Therefor my initial reaction, which I think is perfectly normal, is that the program doesn't work and is pretty much useless. Then someone like yourself comes along and says.. wait a minute, their is a solution to your problem...here it is and try it out. Well..much more of what you did is needed around here. Not just a short reveiw on something by someone that assumes everyone knows all the in's and out's of this stuff. I appreciate your approach and passing along a very useful suggestion. We are not all techies here and need some assistance from time to time.

I also appreciate your comment on the legal aspect of copying material for one's own use. As you said, that is a subject that has been debated back and forth for 30 years with no real conclusion. Thanks again....


I looked into Wondershare after reading your comment, and it looks appealing. I've been tempted to try Tunebite, but up til now, I've mostly been waiting to see how the Storm and software evolve.

I'm one who's been waiting to find the best way to transfer digital copies of film dvds to my Storm. I have an issue with my iPod not talking to my PC, so I'm unsure if iTunes is the best place to install the digital copies. I may choose to abandon iTunes altogether.

Ultimately, I would love to be Apple free, yet be as organized as Apple products are. I wish Blackberry had their own iTunes software. If anyone cares to explain how they organize their media and which software you prefer to manage it all, I'll be very excited...

Thank you so much for suggesting this program. I was using Handbrake and separate free decrypters before and I had one movie that would not decrypt properly. Not only did Wondershare decrypt the movie perfectly, but it also converted it to MP4 in about half the time it would take Handbrake to just convert it. What used to be about a 2 hour process now takes about 45 minutes! Awesome! Well worth the $39 (which is cheap, IMO.) so far!

Well I have found that it does not like 64 bit OSes. It crashes every time when started using Vista and Windows 7. The compatability settings have no effect either.

Crashed and burned in a hurry on my Vista Home Premium 64-bit box...won't waste my time with this, sadly, 'cause I can't :P

I should mess around a bit more with the Roxio stuff bundled with DM 4.7 and see what I can get to play on my Pearl Flip in landscape format to take advantage of that pretty screen.

I downloaded this app and tried the free version, and it was the easiest thing I have ever used. Simply put the DVD in hit the action button and it starts recording right there. After the file downloads you drag the file name right into your videos folder. This by far the best 18 dollars on an app that I have spent. Any questions let me know

Are action sequences smooth?

I have Wondershare and am not quite happy because fast action or smooth scrolling sections of DVDs are semewhat jerky when played on the Storm.

FairUseWizard gives completely smooth playback on the Storm, but at the expense of a few hours converting a DVD vs under an hour for Wondershare.

Did you try increasing the frame rate? by default Wondershare rips at 15 fps, but it can be set to 24 fps. That will increase your file size, but will smooth out your playback.

I use DVDFab (http://www.dvdfab.net). It's not a cheap program but it's the swiss army knife of DVD ripping. It will decrypt DVD's, Clone them, allow you to edit the movies (remove menus, fbi warnings, etc), split the movie, merge multi-disk movies, shrink them to mobile devices, Rip the DVD to native DVD9 (dual layer) or shrink it to 4.5Gb, etc. If you do buy thr program, the mobile option for it is seperate.

This little program is AWESOME! I probably have 6 apps for converting movies and video on my pc and this is the only one that works 100% by itself without having to complete 2-3 dozen separate steps.

Err, why does anybody need anything other than (free, open-source, multi-platform) HandBrake?

Hand brake is great for the the mac but the pc version is not what it could be because it is a mac to pc conversion software.