Media Studio for BlackBerry Updated

Media Studio for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 May 2008 10:37 am EDT

The BlackBerry Bold hasn't even hit the market yet, but it's good to see software publishers are already getting set for its release. Makayama Media has just announced version 2.0 of their Media Studio for BlackBerry software:

Version 2.0 supports the new high-resolution display of the Bold, which allows fullscreen viewing of widescreen DVD content. On previous BlackBerry Smartphones with a 320x240 screen, a 16:9 DVD movie would have to be cropped, or padded to fit the 4:3 screen of the device. On the Bold, there’s no loss of picture and users may enjoy the full quality movie. Media Studio automatically fits the DVD on the screen. It also converts home videos, YouTube content and almost any other video format into a BlackBerry optimised video, with only two clicks. Existing users may upgrade to version 2.0 for free.

To purchase, download a free trial and for more information, click here

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Media Studio for BlackBerry Updated


the bold screen isn't 480p so you're not seeing 'full' DVD quality, but it's certainly better than the previous screens. DVD is 480p, Bold is what 480x320? It's still 4:3, and only has 320 verticle pixels, so it's not quite there yet.

but hey, less cut out to watch it is less cut out to watch it :) I'm sure it still looks great.

"Bold is what 480x320? It's still 4:3"

Let's do this step by step

1. 480 X 320
2. 48 X 32
3. 24 X 16
4. 12 X 8
5. 6 X 4
6. 3 X 2

This is one of the better encoders for videos on your blackberry the speed it does videos at is amazing as well..