Mechanism Premium Theme From Elecite

Mechanism Premium Theme From Elecite!
By Bla1ze on 3 Jun 2009 09:04 am EDT

Elecite is back with another sweet looking theme. Mechanism is the latest out the shop and it looks mighty sweet on all devices it supports, including the BlackBerry Bold, 8900 and Storm. With a nice futuristic look to it and 4 static buttons right on the home screen as well as 7 user customizable ones, if flashy themes are your thing this is one too check out. A word of warning though for those concerned with available space on their devices, this one does roll in at just over 1MB in size, which is something to consider. More screenshots are available at Elecite and this premium theme will set ya back $7.

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Mechanism Premium Theme From Elecite


looks very nice but slow me down about 30% pull out my batt
3 times still the same there is any way to fix this?
i do really like it

Try removing some themes from your themes list. Keep only the Default and this one and the speed should be just fine

Very nice theme, but it gives me the worst memory leak of all time. 20MB in an hour and a half. Regardless, I really like this theme.

It seems that doesn't have anymore love for the 83XX devices. I would love to have this theme on my 8330m and would gladly pay top dollar for it, but I guess Curves are becoming a thing of the past. My carrier (Sprint) needs to release a new RIM device.....NOW!

i was not happy with this theme at all and now out 7.00. them color is lacking and you can see the layers under the layers even after bat pull

As a theme maker "maker of Vivid theme and many others"
I wish the storm could handle themes with excessive image manipulation and animations - i dont see this working well just because of that but very nice job on design.. I hope they are helping customers as much as I help them or refunds will be knocking on their door step :(

I tried contacting them numerous times, thru there email and never once got a response. there's no # to cal or anything. i won't buy from them again because of it. cool themes, but there cust serv sucks

Slows phone down alot. Memory leaks fast. The Homescreen icons are not really ones that people use on regular basis.
What a waste of $7.

Having a couple of inactive themes does cause some memory leaks. I used to have like 6 themes installed and it caused drastic memory leaks. After removing all except the default and 1, everything worked just fine.

For some people, the main leakage comes from switching between themes. Switching without a good reboot tends to slow the device down because it fails to successfully release memory. Removing the battery once the theme has been applied will help to release the memory from the previous theme.

Also, make sure that you are running the latest OFFICIAL OS that comes from your carrier...they are usually aware of issues like this so a good update can really make a difference. Most memory issues happen on the Storm...its all coding issues.

Hope that helps!

The screenshots that the Elecite Website provides are very beutiful but there is not the whole truth about the theme.
Personaly this is my first theme bought at and i have to say that i am more dissapointed than happy. As mentioned before the theme has some bugs and the two things that are bothering me are:
-The cursors on the main window is almost not visible with some icons and when scrolled to the top it disappears
-The text and the background on a lot of chat apps like google chat and iSkoot are totaly not visible. Black text on a grey background is really tough :P

i don't think i am going to order anything at Elecite. they seems to me not repsonsible for the job that they do!!!

This is my first theme bought.
I genuinely like this a lot.
You can manipulate what short cuts you want on the top by moving the folders/applications to the top of the list so that they appear on the short cut bar.
I have to admit it is a bit of a system resource hog and for some reason my battery now drains faster.
Will see how it goes.