mblVault 2.0 Keeps Your Photos and Documents Private

By Adam Zeis on 22 Apr 2010 09:03 am EDT

mblVault is a great app that protects your most important data should your device fall into the wrong hands. The app encrypts your data and photos and stores them in a secure location on your device. mblVault keeps things locked tight, so should someone try to access your files they won't have any luck, even if they get at your SD card from a computer. Other new features include:

  • HIDDEN CAMERA: Instantly hide photos directly in mblVault.
  • Auto-Close: mblVault will now close itself when the backlight goes out.
  • Progress Bars: See the progress of encryption, no more waiting and wondering.
  • File Properties: Easily view file sizes and details.
  • Renaming: Support to rename files and directories.
  • Many enhancements, and improvements to overall application.

mblVault can be an invaluable tool if you have documents and/or photos to protect on your device. The app sells for $4.99 in the CrackBerry App Store, and current users can upgrade for just $0.99.

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mblVault 2.0 Keeps Your Photos and Documents Private


There are just as many, if not more, "terrible" apps for iPhone and every other smart phone that's out there. No one's forcing you to buy these apps, they're just suggestions. If they don't appeal to you, go to App World and find some that do; simple as that. (I believe the word is spelled Pedophiles)

I wonder level/type of encryption is being done within the app. What about key storage? Is it on device, off-loaded to secure server, etc.?

Could this satisfy the provisions in MA 201 CMR 17?

..does the same thing. You can actually set it to lock specific files/folders on your phone when you leave a specific geographic area(say home for instance), and it will use GPS to determine when you do.

The application you're refering to does not encrypt any files. It merely changes the name on the sdcard to .loc. If the name of that file is renamed using a file explorer app or when a device is connected to the computer the file is no longer protected.

being that the files it protects are photos, docs, etc. large files, one would typically store those items on a memory cards. so you meet to tell me that I can't pick up someones BB pop open the battery door and walk off with there memory card and not be able to use it? Cause if its not encrypting the memory card then its worthless. BB already has data encryption for the device as well as password locking. Really doesn't make any since to have this app if you're not password locking your phone and using the BB encryption for files.

Yes, if someone stole your sdcard any files that were imported into mblVault would be protected. mblVault stores encrypted versions of the files on the sdcard. Using full device encryption is slow and you can't listen to your music or watch your videos. You can with mblVault.

Would be nice to have a trial on this one. I hate buying apps that sound useful but really don't work. Let's see a trial version!

One thing I never understood is why RIM never made an option to secure the files on your memory card. I mean with as safe and secure as these phones are supposed to be you'd think an option like that would have came WITH the phone from factory?

SD card encryption is there in plain sight at least for all the recent models. Options; Memory; Encryption Mode

So I installed the program, set all permissions to allow, did a battery pull and.................brings up registration key screen and won't allow me to type. I can't even bring up the alt keyboard (for numbers). I click the screen anywhere and it pulls up a menu with EXIT or SWITCH APPLICATION as the only options. I'm running the official Verizon OS as well.

edit: Time to go get a refund

You should message support and they can help you. A quick thought is you may be running the application in compatibility mode. Since you have a storm you want to go to your applications and choose Disable Compatibility mode in the blackberry application options (This is somthing you'll want to do with any application not Storm specific). You can tell if it's in compatibility mode if theres blue bars all around it.

yep....figured this out. It was. Was just about to post back and slap myself across the face for not checking that first.

Cool program.....slow to encrypt and decrypt though.

So, let's say i video me and GF #1, then GF #2 comes and picks up my phone, and navigates to videos...will she see that there is a video that is encrypted or will she only see the videos that are NOT encrypted? And when taking a picture with the regular BB camera, will you be prompted to save this pic to mblVault, or do you have to use the mblVault software to see this option? A trial would be great 'cause if this does what I want I'd buy it in a second!

Anything you import into mblVault is moved for where ever it was on the sdcard into the mblvault. Anyone browsing your pictures or videos will not see anything imported to mblvault. Even if someone gets your sdcard or plugs the phone into a computer the files mblvault is controlling are encrypted and the file names are obfuscated so theres no way to know what the file is what it's called or what to do with it. Pictures taken inside the app will automatically be imported.

Keeps your pictures and documents away from nosey friends. I can hand my phone to someone now and not be worried about them finding pics on it. They also changed the giant icon from the last version. Its much smaller and looks better.

I had 5 (or 6) Storm 1's and at this price the app would have cost me an additional $7.50 - $9.00... No thanks... I have hidden directories that I put things in on the device memory and they don't show up in the Meadia apps at all... Or on the device until you unhide them... Just don't think this app would work for me...

This app works great! Allows user to import pictures, documents, etc. from their previous insecure location into user-defined folders within mblVault.
Easily worth the small price!!