Maybe now BBM will really become an enterprise service

By Chris Umiastowski on 19 Feb 2014 12:15 pm EST

Only a little more than a week ago we heard that Andrew Bocking, the former Executive VP in charge of BBM, was leaving BlackBerry. I didn’t see it coming. Initially there was some debate about whether Bocking quit of his own volition or was let go. Kevin updated the original news post with confirmation that he did choose to leave on his on terms. As for the reason, we're not yet sure. The cross-platform release may have taken bit longer than expected, but there is no real argument about the quality of the end product.  It’s solid, people love it, and Bocking is ultimately responsible for that result.

What I find interesting, though, is that John Chen decided to put John Sims in charge of BBM. Recall that Sims is the new head Global Enterprise Solutions.  But isn’t BBM a consumer product?  Yes, it is, and I happen to think it’s a product that has massive opportunity in the enterprise. Right now there doesn’t seem to be any dominant secure enterprise-grade IM platform, and given BlackBerry’s obvious focus on the enterprise market it makes total sense to me that they’d beef up the offering and start selling corporate end-user licenses to an enhanced version of BBM.

Here’s where I’d like to turn over the discussion to CrackBerry Nation.  Many of you guys and gals are corporate users. You have a pretty good idea of what features you’d like to see in the enterprise.  What are your top 3?  Drop a comment below and tell us what you think would make enterprise-grade BBM a killer app?

I think there’s no question this is a business BlackBerry can monetize.

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Maybe now BBM will really become an enterprise service


BBM for enterprise can work if they do it right and make it good enough with features that will appeal to companies to see the benefit of having it.

1) the fact BBM is cross platform and the majority of users have iphones and Android s as personal phones is a huge plus now

2) the Desktop version containing video chat, voice chat, screen sharing is another plus for in the office for 1 to 1, three way and group meetings whether it's three to four or 10 + people.

3) just like lotus notes with same time add the print screen snap shots and add remote desktop features for IT to take control.

I'm sure there's a lot more ideas and features that ppl have suggested already to make BBM Enterprise far more appealing

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Great points. +1

I would add a fourth:

In group chat: an indication of who has read the message conversations to which point!

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Yes that's a very good feature to know who has read the msg and to what point! That s what Kevin mentioned with Google hangouts

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I like this idea also, just not sure how it would work with groups of 50 people. Even 35-40 "r" floating around, with a time stamp, wouldn't that eat up quite a bite of screen space? I know other apps have this, I just haven't seen it so not sure how it looks.

Possibly a click able "see more" or "see less" option could be helpful with this? Maybe even a hovering box? My random thoughts.

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In the enterprise space there is only one big name for instant communication and that's Microsoft's Lync.
More and more companies are migrating to Office 365 and they are discovering Lync for instant communication in large companies.

BlackBerry could make a dent even with the handicap of not having a huge userbase like Microsoft Office does in Enterprise. In order to make that dent, they need a working standalone desktop client that allows coworkers to communicate with each other in real time over multiple devices. Coworkers with BlackBerry handsets, have the added advantage of the conversation being cloned to their mobile devices, while coworkers without BBM on their mobile can use the desktop client. The one feature they need to have in enterprise, is "online status". This is a must in order to avoid messages being sent between colleagues when one of them has already left work...

In case anyone saying that desktop isn't needed in enterprise, it really is. I arrive at work, unlock my laptop and it can run in the background telling people I am available to communicate with, just like Lync does.

Agreed Microsoft is the big player in Enterprises with its Windows PCS (desktops and laptops), office and lyncx

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Yup, true. In the consumer space we match up BBM against Skype but for enterprise, Lync is the service to beat. And I tried it a year ago and it was pretty sweet, so no easy task...

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Hmm I think rather then moving big enterprise away from using lync servers, because let's face it Office and lync and share point all integrate so well and aren't going to be pushed out anytime soon. Blackberry should instead focus on allowing BBM to somehow connect to Lync, polycom and other telepresence and IM systems already in place. If we could use bbm to integrate into our poly com system and utilize the video camera for conferences etc I think would be more beneficial than convincing enterprise to rewrite architecture. Volume licensing that is already established in most enterprises (as in Microsoft office w/ Lync licenses included) would be a factor as well.
IMO /TLDR; I think the desktop BBM will be neat for consumers. BBM integration with big players in enterprise makes more cost effective sense.

Never going to happen. Neither Microsoft nor BlackBerry have anything positive to gain by 'merging' their products.

BlackBerry has nothing extra to add.
Security doesn't apply here as 99% of enterprises rely and expect Microsoft to handle this, which they will of course.

The only advantage BlackBerry has as of right now, is that BBM is mobile so communications are available anywhere at any time and the free voice calls are also an advantage.

BlackBerry needs to push out a desktop client otherwise they will never even scratch the surface in enterprise.

People who work at the office will use the desktop client as they're locked to their computer most of the time while people in the field can use their phone. An advantage over Lync which isn't mobile. Assuming there will ever be a desktop BBM client, if not then all this enterprise talk is moot.

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They wouldn't be merging, just allowing 2 systems to talk. If I'm mobile on BBM I can still message "bill" at the office who is using lync. In my enterprise we already have too many clients installed. We have lync and we have poly com CMA. We do not need another client with yet another line of communication. At least not where I work.

Also lync is mobile. I can install the lync server and components for BES and it allows me to push and run lync on the blackberry that works with the lync server. What I want is BBM to talk directly with lync and poly com servers at the office.

Stranger things have happened...

Our company did an eval of Lync last year and didn't approve it. Was something where either history could be set not to save, or couldn't be set to save, or a duration, can't recall.

BBM can do this through BES10 no problem. Not sure if Lync still has this limitation.

Lync does have mobile version already, 2010 and 2013. Most enterprise start using those mobility features and I can say, they are pretty awesome. Syncronized mobile and desktop version!

Lync is utter shite. Detest the UI and performance is piss-poor... lol, like the way my Z10 just guessed I was gonna write 'piss-poor'. :)

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While you may think it's "shite", enterprises certainly don't.
It's easy to use, has no learning curve (important) and works perfectly. Added bonus.... more and more companies are migrating to office365 which includes Lync. Convenience? Check!

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Agree 100%. In addition the ability to upload larger files directly to the chat within groups. At this point you can't upload files directly to the chat in Groups at all. WhatsApp which is not an Enterprise Service allows for files to be uploaded directly to the chat in Groups and the files you are allowed to upload can be larger than what BBM allows.

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First, it needs group voice and video calls. I'd also appreciate having desktop/laptop integration. And it could use a separate profile setting for enterprise contracts. That is, ability to ring through even if notifications are off.

Kind of surprised I can't even use BBM on my work partition.

+1 on all of it. Although, group video and group chat should be something they implement for all.

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I think the desktop client they demoed on stage a while back would be huge. Coworker presence info and communication on phone + computer = big win.

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I'm going to be contrarian here. I don't think BBM has the instant appeal of WhatsApp. Its interface lacks the necessary simplicity. The menu option naming isn't obvious enough. Even how to add someone on BBM is too esoteric and counterintuitive. As such, I don't think BBM is likely to come out on top either in the consumer or enterprise spaces.

Z10 STL100-1 ( and PlayBook (

It has a much better chance than WhatsApp in the professional space though. The advantage of the PIN system used by BBM is that the message is sent to that PIN, not the user ID so it's a direct device to device messaging system. Really it's a feature rich PIN messaging system more than anything at its core.

Keep in mind that Whatsapp's primary stream of propagation (quite involuntary for the recipient, I might add) is going through your address book and adding people without their permission. Would enterprise be ok with that? Anybody who has a work number can add you with little say on your part?

They don't even need to "add" you. They will see you, see when you came online, etc. without you even knowing. You post a profile picture and the other person can see it because they have your phone number in their Contacts database. WhatsApp is an invasion of privacy.

Right. By add, I guess I meant entering your phone number into their address book, which Whatsapp then mines. I should've been clearer.

Plus, WhatsApp, Facebook, and the other usual suspects own everything you post (read: pictures of your Famiky), and everything you say. Just read the agreement.

BBM does not play these games AND offers the privacy and security.

I agree with the other guy in that BBM is not very easy for the first-time user to invite and initiate connections. Something just not quite there yet....

I hate to admit it but you are right. BBM interface is certainly not user friendly and is actually kind of confusing. I have invited few people to BBM but the whole process was not very smooth.

"User friendly" has become a big problem. People are not willing to even take five (or make it two) minutes to explore an new device, OS or app. Left alone pick up the quick-start manual. And you wonder why there is so much confusion and ignorance out there.

The iPad mentality has done a lot of damage to the computer and I.T. industry, its alleged "user friendliness" with only one button and large icons to tap on a touch screen, has sort of become the benchmark or yardstick everything else gets compared with, even much more complex and "fragile" Windows computers now.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

What about Lync? That's a commercial grade product for communication and collaboration. I realize that it is not widely deployed yet or really that polished, but it's Microsoft we are talking about. Not some two-bit basement shop.

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Lync is the obvious player in the space.

BBM has a shot, though they'd need to get in gear if they plan to try. They'd need full cross-platform feature support. Desktop support is a must. Group video conferencing. And like some others said, they'd need to simplify the interface. It's a bit confusing, and enterprise needs to accommodate the lowest common-denominator.

Agree with this. Without multiple device and complete cross platform support, BBM won't make it as a corporate communications tool.

It does have security and some novelty appeal, being recently introduced to iOS and Android. I am fielding calls from some users who just want to try it out on their phone, but as a serious tool, it has a ways to go.

Channels has a way to go, since Twitter has so much traction.

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As for Enterprise grade IM solution, there is already Enterprise IM app available to be deployed in BlackBerry 10 workspace. In this way, company that has LYNC Or Same time can leverage Blackberry Collaboration service that comes together with BES10 and chat with their colleagues or federated partners on the go. I have deployed this solution in my BES10 and we'll appreciated by business partners..

IMHO, BBM should be more on consumer products rather than Enterprise.. Maybe SME could use BBM for their business needs but not large organisations..

Most large organisations moving towards LYNC 2010/2013 deployment though...

Soon, BES10 will also support CISCO Jabber through Enterprise IM application..

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I can see it as an enterprise solution. I do think the I.T. Dept would have to be able to remove some of the fluff though. As it stands, the look, feel and layout is best geared for the general public. Not sure if "sexy girls in yoga paints" etc is something a corporate environment would want.

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Two things at launch:

1. Group video chat so I can have online meetings

2. Look up feature for BBM addresses. Similar to the email on BB10, all I want to do is type the name of the individual and it populates the info. This is opposite of the consumer side. I don't have time to invite and add. I don't have to do that for corporate emails and shouldn't have to do that for BBM.


PS: there is no lookup for PINS on BB10 currently. At least not that I can find.

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The top three features should be: 1) Cross Platform Security (I'm assuming that's automatic with implementation of BES 10. 2) Cross Platform Video calling (still not available) 3) Bring it to the desktop and make sure it syncs real time and flawlessly!

Good Post Chris time to take BBM to the next level .
Enterprise BBM or has John Chen likes to call it eBBM looks like the next stage for BlackBerry.
1- BBM Anywhere : to access my BBM and eventually my device on any device eg. MAC, iPAD , Samsung tablet etc...
2- Device access my BBM on any platform then access my device then complete my activity and leave no trace behind.
3- I would like to open my BBM and basically make it my Home App to access everything eg browser , corporate email , files , remote Pc etc basically the day would start in BBM.
4- I want the eBBM or even the Prosumer BBM for a fee to be able to push secured Data to me , eg: financial data if I am in the financial industry or medical data if I am a MD , or sales data if I am a executive sales professional, media news data if I am a media reporter etc .... Letter to John Chen


Brief comments, words left For discussion:

1) we have seen the desktop version for windows on BlackBerry JAM. Maybe it will arrive for mac..?

2) not quite sure what you are trying to achieve here? BBM is restricted to one active device (cause of the PIN) but is however available on iOS and Android, and maybe desktops anytime soon? Your traces are left on your chats "posts" in your individual chats, groups and channels. And of cause the devices from where it's posted.

3) Not quite sure why you would like that. I mean you don't use Skype or Facetime on any other devices? But maybe it could be nice to have..?

4) Could use a closed Channel for that ? But yeah definitely a nice feature to incorporate with other Apps?

- Laaz

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Android and even BlackBerry to iPhone BBM has been glitchy from the start. It's still very unreliable...

I was talking about Android to iPhone or even BlackBerry to iPhone. Anything between Android and BlackBerry has been great.

It seems that a lot of people aren't having problems, but there's definitely a small but significant percentage that are. I'm unfortunately one of them.

I based that on my own experience (and from others I know) and other forum and blog posts. Although "significant percentage" is probably a bad exaggeration on my part...

my buddies on iphone love it they say it works great but in the morning sometimes you need to long in again, which is odd , they should have an option to always be logged in.

I frequently get the "red X" when trying to BBM to iPhones (and vice versa). When it does work, it often takes a half hour or more to actually push through. And trying to send pictures is almost a guarantee of failure.

This means the recipient has no data connection or uninstalled BBM. I haven't had that problem with my iPhone contacts.

I get this as well sometimes. I have an android and it can happen when chatting with blackberry users. The update did help a lot because the app was atrocious. I still have some problems with notifications, but I'm glad to be receiving my group messages now instead of days later.

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No corporate customer here. But I'm sure they have a lot to say!

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BlackBerry already created an Enterprise BBM...

It's in BlackBerry World.

It just needs a Marketing push.

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This is also true. Bringing them both together perhaps to focus on 1 BBM app for all and segregating it like they already do the handheld itself by switching between work and personal?

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BlackBerry have to use their micro vpn for connections to other systems like cisco Jabber, Microsoft lync for example. Also we have Jabber, no need for another messenger.

And no separate app, they should integrate it in bbm, the problem with our users is that they have to use a lot of separates apps. So they are not using Jabber mobil. Why not creating a gateway in all the enterprise systems? One app for all, called bbm!

And someone's remember mvs (rip)?
It was a great user experience, but the administration was terrible, especially with cisco, it was a completely separate server, why? Cisco has single number reach, a piece of software would be enough ( cti ) to control the phone like a Cisco phone.

This could be the market, an seamless full integration in the most popular systems, seamless phone, seamless messaging.

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BBM also allows voice calls over Wi-Fi. May come in handy when a member of your team is in a remote location with limited access. When video becomes available on the other platforms, this will be killer.
In my opinion, of course.

Larger file transfers between devices! Ya they have Dropbox but for enterprise it should be direct file sharing and not a link, and also video sharing!!! Also they need to do something in group chat that shows who has read what msg, like Google hangouts does

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It seems to me that they have gone a long way with consumer BBM. Now Chen likely want to strengthen the Enterprise side of things. Likely adding more Enterprise focused features and perfecting them. If it takes off and is compelling, then I see a monetary play happening here in the near future.

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Security should be #1 priority. As a cop user we have our Sametime internal IM running on our devices. Neither can do group video, which I think would be a plus. Would like to see bbm available on desktop and interface with Lotus Notes or any Corp email so we would be able to just use 1 application. Currently I find, on bb we all have both apps (bbm and Sametime) installed and running at all times and I think it's a pain switching back and forth. By far, bbm is the favorite in the field.

C004682C1 .... shot from my z10

We use Skype as our standard. The two big things it has that BBM doesn't are desktop support - which is where we spend most of our time - and multi-person video/voice calls for meetings between offices.

I think it could prove to be very useful if they can work out a few crucial items:
1) Need a desktop version
2) Need integration with MS Outlook and Lotus Notes (etc.)
3) Integration with Cloud collaboration software like an IBM Connections or Sharepoint or something similar. BBM Channels has an opportunity to make some headway here, but overall project collaboration with document sharing would, to me, be the differentiation from existing enterprise IM platforms.

Could be huge...

I have been saying it for a while now. Bundle it as an add on feature to BES. We use MS Communicator at the office but eBBM would be instantly extendible to the mobile platform as well as desktop with BlackBerry Blend. It would make money.

For me it's "office glympse" sometimes I need to urgently know where exactly they are in the office so it would be nice is glympse could be that specific and direct me to where in the office they are (my office building has 6 floors haha)

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Is it maybe planed as an alternative or replacement for the Mobile Voice System which does not work with OS 10?

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I see channels as a way if keeping my customers up to speed sort if like a twitter and also a way to keep my company up to speed sort if like an internal intranet. I'm not so sure about the consumer market.

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An official Corporate channel to disseminate relevant information! I like that idea tg1!

Maybe even a type of sub-channel for the various teams in the enterprise working on projects and day-to-day tasks. Quick updates and easy communication.

Bbm collaboration, creating apps that connect to each other and share data in real time using bbm.

We know this is possible with the screen sharing option, so real time data sharing is there.

Bbm desktop needs to done asap, then...

making bbm a realtime data sharing channel for connected apps.

A simple example would be engineering drawings minor onsite modifications in real time transmitted via bbm connected app (advanced connection) all this in realtime with consultant and or client, to receive approvals.

Another example would be requesting an approval for a quote from your boss, or issuing an invoice signed and approved by your superior.


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Chris, I agree... they're getting there, and may actually have a chance in enterprise again if there was:

1) Cross platform screen sharing (BB10 to iOS/Android)
2) Windows phone support (not for me or most Canadian companies, but for the American market)
3) Managed desktop client with Outlook integration (akin to Lync)
4) A web-app for easy communication with non-corporate partners

There has to be some good reason to switch away from either Lync or WebEx. These are the main competitions in the corporate sector in my view.

My provincial governments uses MS Lync. With less than 15% of the work force having mobile devices, having a PC solution is the number one requirement.

Three Enterprise BBM suggestions:

1. 100% secure encrypted and confidential communication. This could be an elevated tier of BBM, eg keep the flighty channel stuff for the masses and make the main app more like whatapp/FB messenger/iMessage, etc but have fee supported "secured contacts" that you can go into very private and secure chats with.

2. Corporate Dropbox style cloudsharing but again with BlackBerry's ironclad security and confidentiality.

3. Premium Secure Skype/IVideo/BBM Video and conference calling

And with glympse working, an enterprise desktop should be able to request pre-approved glympse requests and receive the location of various devices on the map.

This is useful for law enforcement management, for distribution companies, sales teams etc...

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First and foremost, make it beyond usable. I see so many people having problems with voice or video or lags.. glitchy. It isn't as solid as you think Chris.

Desktop version would be a must just as a starting point

Here are some other things I would like to see:
-cross platform video and screen sharing
-Outlook integration for out of office status updates
-corporate contact look-up (easily find other contacts within your company)
-Conference call in set-up and ability (allow to easily send invite out to desired contacts for conference call, and provide one click connection from the meeting reminder itself)

1. When I'm sending a picture I would like the receiver to receive it in original quality, instead of receiving the thumbnail and then requesting the original from me. This make it little complicated and stretched the process to the point where I chose to share the pictures trough whats app.

2. It would be nice to get more emoticons.

3. Video call and screen sharing on Android and IOS.

4. BBM for Windows phone ( if we want to win the messaging battle, we have to cover all more or less popular platforms. Hey whatsapp is there so what's the problem if we think this will help us to win the fight against windows phone then why we brought the BBM to other platforms. The bottom line is bring it to Windows phone as well)

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John Chen is already on record as saying there would be four business units. One of which is Messaging i.e. BBM.

It's a consumer product. Doesn't mean they can't sell an enterprise version of course. MS Lync/Communicator - is in fact pretty dominant in industry but isn't the greatest on smartphones.

It does have some major advantages over BBM as far as workstations go however, so BBM won't be replacing MS Lync in the near future.

I think John Chen needed to find someone to run BBM as an interim measure so appointed John Sims. Probably because the BBM cross platform roll out hasn't exactly been stellar (quite the opposite). Does it have to be more significant than that?

Chen does not seem convinced over Channels. If he was they'd have already released Channels as a corporate advertising tool - they haven't. In fact its gone very quiet on the Channels front.

I'm sure there is much more to it, but why does it need to have a label (consumer/enterprise) unless it's going to replace existing communication in the enterprise space? If they want it to replace (video) meetings and some email communication IMO they need to sync BBM conversation/meeting history so it can be referenced later, similarly to how chat/hangouts are stored in associated gmail accounts (and lync in outlook). Perhaps this could be a user option, but if it's going to replace existing communication in a data sensitive environment, the maintaining conversation history in a searchable fashion must be in place.

THey've just given us Microsoft Lync at work - includes voice, IM, video (if they gave us webcams), online conferencing (just click on a link in the calendar invite and you're connected), and screensharing. If BBM wants to succeed in the Enterprise world it has to offer all of those things as a fully-integrated product, and also (most importantly) the ability to switch from PC to phone seamlessly (so as soon as you power down or lock your PC, all of these functions automatically switch to your mobile device). Oh, and it needs to integrate well with Outlook (or other corporate email client). Personally I think it is too big a task for them to bite off.

1- A desktop app will be a huge hit for business and consumers as well; this should be the first priority

2- Multi-Video-Chat that will be great to discuss proposal, discuss with colleagues about a new idea and so on

3- The ability to have 2 separate accounts on the same phone, one for personal and other for business; I don't now if you can do that with Blackberry Balance; but if it can, it should

4- This is more for consumer use; but it would be nice to have a nearby pin search; so you can send invites to person near to your location

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I think Blackberry has an IM for entreprise when you use BES 10. Our company did not want to deploy BES 10 ... but I saw that this product integrate with Lync. We have lync on our pc's what I really need is the following:
1) Ability to know how long has the contact been inactive, automatic busy not available when a meeting is booked in the calendar or webex is going on. ( feature missing)
2) Group conversations and separating my colleagues into teams and knowing when each contact read the message (enhanced BBM Group ala google hangouts)
3) Voice , Video call and share my screen ( these are available on Lync android or iphone)
4) Integration with the company activesycn contact list calendars availbility etc. server shares to send links instead of files
5) Ability to be able to continue conversation on pc or from pc to mobile.

Larger file transfers and a smooth push to talk experience for me. I would also like a smoother user interface.

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ITS NOT SOLID.... BBM Doesn't instant deliver all the time... People on IOS and Android a lot of time receive the check mark... sometimes hrs later it will turn To D then R and then a response regardless if iOS or Android is always connected it doesn't always instantly deliver. I have A Z10 and have about 100 contacts more than 1/2 are IOS and Android and out of those 1/2 only 1/2 of those BBM works solid and very responsive

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The problem is the D and R are dependent on the cell network and coverage.

BlackBerry devices have traditionally used the cellular network way better than most other phones. Not that it means much to most consumers (though sometimes BlackBerrys are the only devices that work in high cellular volume situations - not sure if that's true for BB10 devices but it was for earlier devices).

Delivered/read notifications during group chats is a must. Group video/voice chat also.

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#1... REAL PUSH TO TALK... Live voice not recorded.. #2... Send Larger File sizes... #3 Different Fonts/Color types. (Fonts, BOLD, italics, Sizes, Color) give REAL personality to ur BBM. U won't even have to see who typed the message, u will already know just by the look and color of the font (keep moving)

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I think BBM for desktop / laptop Enterprise users would be huge!
I just hope BBRY didn't wait too long. Personally, the company I work for just ditched SameTime for Microsoft Lync. We have several thousand users, and a need for secure messaging. Hopefully this will come sooner than later.

In our company, its all about Lync.

Instead of keeping BlackBerry Enterprise Messenger alive (which is way behind a real lync client anyway), I would wish there are options available with BBM and Balance.

Eg. BlackBerry offers a managed interface to Lync implemetations, on premise or cloud based.

When work space is unlocked, bbm alows me see company's contacts etc. Calendar integration and because of the screen share feature to see others desktop or having a video chat.

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Video/Voice calls
Collaboration - tough but possible screen sharing and file sharing.
Integration with Outlook - Take the place of Microsoft Lync.

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1- Web conferencing
2- extend screen sharing to this one of course
3- desktop mode(!?)

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So would work and personal side if the device each get their own Bbm pin so the enterprise Bbm us separated from personal?

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My company currently uses Skype for IM and voice chat. We will (someday) be implementing Lync. We also use GotoMeeting for conference calls with screen sharing. I can already do IM, Voice, Video, and Screen Sharing on my Z10. If they extend these capabilities to the desktop, that would be great. Ideally, it should allow for changing presenter and what portion of the screen is shared. In a perfect world, I'd also like the ability for non-BBM users to call into a conference with a standard phone.

On-demand desktop/tablet synchronization that encrypts data to and from the network in real-time is or would be a critical component variable, almost a must, along with having Balance be an option through the desktop synchronized device. These methodologies, along with basic and advanced versions of BBM through the enterprise remotely, are turnkey essentials that far augment it above that of Skype. The ability to create multiple milieus and group collaboration in and outbreak side of the main devices can be of the highest benefit, thus eliminating the "Go-To-Meeting" protocols that are taxing and heavy on small business when there is higher demand at certain times, nationally, as well as internationally...

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Another great addition would be to have quick and auto-response; so if I am in a meeting, I can select on of the quick responses I created to quickly tell my contact that I'll get back to him as soon as posible or set a auto-response for when I am driving or in a meeting

Both should be displayed in a different color than the regular post, so my contact knows it was a automatic or quick answers

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1. Integrate with CISCO webex. In the office, may use webex, on the go use BBM
2. Complete PC/MAC version
3. BBM groups, integrated with MS SharePoint

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I'd like to see integration with other Enterprise IM systems. Right now, I'm using "Enterprise IM" that is connected to BES, which is using Lync 2013. But all I can do is chat. No VOIP, video calls, sharing screen for presentations, etc. All those features are part of BBM. So BBM could be a direct competitor to Lync and other such systems. But personally I'd like to also see it work together. So that an Enterprise BBM could connect to my company's existing Lync instrastructure and allow me to interact in all the same ways a desktop Lync client could. I could see desktop sharing on my Z10, do video calls, etc. It would be awesome. It could also really make BlackBerry 10 devices even more attractive in business on these features alone.

I would love to see BBM go head to head against Microsoft Lync. I just don't see companies choosing BlackBerry over Microsoft Office Communicator. BBM desktop will have to be as robust as the mobile client with features like desktop sharing and file transfer. It should be able to record sessions like WebEx and integrate with the corporate messaging platform.

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I would like to see an integration with Doc to Go, so that we can edit and collaborate on Word and Excel sheets with many people simultaneously. Kinda like how it works with Lists, you would have a new section for Docs where you can collaborate live.

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Work side BBM app with instant work contact Pin integration. I don't want to invite my co-workers to join BBM, they should already be there.

Group video and chat.

Integration with desktop.

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Solid? Are you kidding? Notifications are known not to work with iOS and folks are dumping it in droves!

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Windows pc version and something that runs on a mac.

And/or a Web version.

Really though, make it email 2.0. Make an all encompassing tool out there that could replace every email server technology with something 10x better than what a Lotus Notes can do.

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XMPP or native integration with my corporate IM tool (i.e. move EIM into BBM)
SIP-based voice and video integration with my corporate voice/video system, essentially an MVS replacement on steroids.

This would alleviate the need for Blackberry to provide their own desktop clients. Nobody is replacing Lync, Sametime, or Cisco Jabber with a mobile-only play, and those companies that have them likely won't replace the desktop clients with a Blackberry client. But since none of the big boys is writing Blackberry clients, Blackberry could score major points by writing their own clients using standard protocols to integrate with any IM/Presence/SIP capable collaboration system.

BBM -> PC integration would be interesting, but it would still need to talk to the major players' UC servers.

In the United States, or any country with decent tech spending per capita amongst professionals, enterprise means inferior. And that's true in a lot of places in mobile and tech. Frankly, that's why enterprise and government are still stuck on BBOS 6 and 7 phones throughout most of the world.

Companies and governments don't care if you can play games, have a slick UI, or can take beautiful photos... or do much of anything, really. They don't really care too much if you even want to use the device or software. So, "enterprise" is just a sales niche. Add a little security here and cripple a couple of features there, but in the end, the BBM team should *not* be developing for enterprise, they should be selling to enterprise. If they make devices and software people want to use, they can easily tweak it for business. Right now, Apple is selling iPads like crazy to what Chen calls "regulated industries," but it's barely based on an appeal to enterprise; it's based on what people want to use. The CEO carries an iPad because he *wants* to.

The imprecise "enterprise" market definition is no small part of how BlackBerry lost its way. It's fine for BES, bit BES doesn't sell to enterprises without at least some BlackBerry device deployment.

But, to answer your question, I could see subscription based features for something akin to GotoMeeting or a much better version of Skype. I guess. But, really, it's a consumer race now. Heck, even Mike L. understood that towards the end...

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I see huge opportunity for BBM in enterprise, for ex. We use NEC unified communications client on the desktops at work but that client is not available for all platforms. Also why one should be switched between clients for work and personal. Having one client such as BBM across all platforms would be killing features. BBM at work, BBM on smartphone and BBM for family which is available on all platforms except desktops.

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I want BBM on the desktop. I'll pay to have a licence client of BBM in my organisation. I want my corporate telephone system to be integrated with BlackBerry. Set my status from my device, receive VoIP calls on my BlackBerry via VPN, transfer calls to others within the organisation, make inter branch VoIP calls at no cost via VPN, etc. Replace my laptop with my BlackBerry Smartphone. Have a docking station that connects an external display, mouse keyboard and completely work off my BlackBerry Smartphone. Apps that cannot run natively on my BlackBerry (that are windows dependant) should be accessed via terminal service, like cisco receiver or other desktop visualisation

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The higher managers at my work use BBM as their way of communicating, they have a BBM group and everything they used to use BBM when they all had BlackBerry but people got new phones and went on to WhatsApp, but when BBM when multi platform they went back to BBM

The managers at my level we use WhatsApp because we used it before it went cross platform I'd wish we switched over but some of the managers use iPhone 4s and don't have enough memory to even get iOS6 which is the minimum for BBM

But it's a great tool to figure out and communicate what's going on at work

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1/Cross platform bbm video conferencing.
They can offer this service where we can make Bbm video call with multiple person at the same for a fees
It's a good way To make money

2/ Desktop software.
Desktop software will be a great way to have a source of income.

3/ More focus on their marketing strategies. Sometimes I feel that BlackBerry does not make enough effort to promote their products. So,they should build a more customer focus oriented marketing project rather than just doing an advertisement

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1) Larger File Transfer Limits (Including just sending HQ photos without having to request it).

2) Email a specific section of a chat.

3) Group chat read receipts as described by Kevin.

BBM 10.3 made voice-notes a little easier to access, but I think this function need to be refined a bit more.
It would be nice if they could take some cue's from Voxer e.g. have the audio play in the message window, and play through messages in chronological order.
It would be also nice if the app noticed that you're having a PTT (Push-to-talk) conversation that it would automatically prompt the voice-note button and not the keyboard when you open the msg to listen and respond.

PTT is a great feature for guys working in the field and need to send quick audio to coordinate work or troubleshooting. Nice to see that Zello has made it to BB, and Voxer's APK works alright - but I would much prefer to see this all built into BBM.

1. Add paid high security encryption for BBM voice and messages which can't be cracked. I know a lot of people who would pay for such a service. Imagine the cool factor? I think that even the consumer market would go crazy about something like this.
2. Add BBM money worldwide.
3. Enable companies to sell their products through BBM channels using BBM money. Imagine ordering a pizza through channels and following the delivery by Glympse.

You really need to look at the likes of mango apps or even yammer. Dekstop client is just an endpoint clone, but feature set:

1 task / project management
2 wall feed, like a groups but more centralised with searching.
3 notes and wikis - Sharepoint style documents are not the future.

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Anyone having issues with BBM instant preview on 10.2.1?

Z10 is working in text, FB, WhatsApp but not with BBM

Please help, thanks

I'm MongezaurioBerry

While I appreciate the PIN concept is tied to a device, one issue I keep hearing about from iphone/ipad users is that they can only have it loaded on one device at a time. This is very inconvenient. Perhaps Blackberry can develop a PIN ID link system whereby a person can link multiple PIN's into a PIN group. So you can group a PIN for your Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, desktop and whatever other device you own that can run BBM. This could all be done in the background so that your first PIN is your primary PIN and is the one you always "share with others". This would solve the 1 PIN per device issue while still allowing users to receive their messages on all of them. Without this, I fear BBM will not gain enough traction in the market to become the overwhelming market leader. Lots of other great ideas above too. Lots of room for innovation here.

My 20k+ employee company, Bio pharmaceutical company, uses MS Lync as the IM tool within windows pc environment. It also runs the teleconferencing, screen sharing and we're in the middle of desk phone transition to Lync phones.
So, there does not appear to be much room for other players other than MS Lync.
However, Lync access via company provided mobile phones is very feature limited...simple text chats only. No screen sharing, voice while in a IM chat. No hosting a presentation.

Being able to share a powerpoint/bb express slide deck while in voice or video chat would be huge.

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Not sure if anyone has talked about this (not really wanting to read through all 141 comments) but didn't BB just have a press release about a QNX cloud? Could this be in the making for BB's enterprise environment? Everyone is talking about DropBox, but if BB controlled their own, wouldn't that be more secure?

"It’s solid, people love it, and Bocking is ultimately responsible for that result."

This is the delusional perspective that has BlackBerry in the position it is in. 4/5 of all my iOS friends that downloaded the app have completely stopped using it or removed it entirely.

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I would like to preface this by saying, "I am an avid/loyal blackberry enthusiast"

They haven't even gotten it right yet for consumers!!!! How can biz be an option right now??? The last update I did has completely stopped my BBM from even launching!!!!! Still waiting for fix... if the same were to happen to enterprise subscribers, it would not bode well (lost employee contacts, biz clients, biz partners etc). This is embarrassing for a company that prides itself on being the first and only solution for mobile business needs. Who dropped the ball????!?!?!!!!!!!!?!?!!!?!?!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I don't say this often, but I am pissed with blackberry with regards to the failed BBM update.

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- Be able to make video and audio conference calls, like Webex. No charges if conference is for less than 4 people, charge a fee for each conference with 10 or less people, another fee for 50 or less people, etc.
- be able to schedule and send invites for voice o video calls
- during a video call, the host should be able to control or transfer the control/sharing to another participant
- BBM app for Windows/Apple OS

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We use BBM all the time in our maintenance department. It's nice not having management view every conversation we have between the 4-5 Maintenance BlackBerrys. They had BBM locked out for a while but since all the maintenance emails go to upper management. I think they got tired of all our conversations that really had nothing to with them. BBM is the best cause of the D&R.


Why is BlackBerry making so much effort to make all the other enterprise IM systems compatible with BES then?

I think they just want bbm to grow in sync with bb10 and not spin out of control as a separate entity.

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

Facebook just announced the acquisition of WhatsApp, what lies ahead for BBM?

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now Bbm is not fighting against WhatsApp but against WhatsApp by Facebook...
I don't what's happening about this Facebook deal...
I hope Bbm will also send sms and will be available on computer...

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My workplace employs about 8000 peeps. We recently moved from BBRY to iPhone. We also started using Microsoft lync as the messenger/online meeting rooms.

Lync is pretty serviceable, though it isn't too feature rich. I like it.

If BBM wants to compete in this space, they'll need the following:
1. Desktop messaging client
2. Online meeting rooms
3. Very simple UI

Users complain when IT changed softwares. Most managers will avoid the change do as to avoid the rollout, the training, and the complaining. Now that many are gone to apple phoned and Lync, it will be hard to get the enterprise clients back.

One thing: people don't seem to think of lync as a mobile messenger service, though it can do those things. BBM has the advantage of being a consumer device first, that employees can use in the work place.

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I think they need to have two versions of BBM... a consumer one and a Corporate one... (of course they should fully interact seamlessly). The consumer one could be free but they make the money off the corporate one. If they truly want to own the Enterprise and return BB to relevance (in the Corporate world at least) they should:

1) Combine it with the Hub (i.e. make the Hub the front end and bring in BBM/Emails/LinkedIn/Facebook/Hangouts/SMS/Sametime/Lync/etc) to one place as is done with the BB10 "client" today... no more opening up the app separately... integrate it. I shouldn't care which "app" I'm in... it should just be BBM/Hub. The way they hub exists on BB10 is probably 85% of the way there but when you "respond" or "compose" you (very obviously) leave the hub and start an app... should be completely seamless and look the same.
2) Make it fully multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS at a minimum) so I use the BBM/Hub on what ever device I happen to be at... fully sync'd with the cloud so I can start an email/text/update on one device and finish it on the next.... make it such that EVERY keystroke goes to the cloud... that way, all devices are up to date at all times.
3) Combine in Enterprise Messenger (so Sametime/Lync/etc... are seamless)
4) Fully cloud enable it... no local data/software content unless specifically configured... all servers from the cloud... don't make customers buy/install BES, etc... just point your corporate email at it, activate it and make it work.... encrypt it and the messaging between the cloud/clients so BBM becomes known as super secure and trusted. It's only a matter of time before something happens that will make this very important for the market but it's the only way the corporations will trust their data "in the cloud".
5) Make the contacts fully integrated with Notes/Outlook/Gmail/Hotmail/Facebook/etc...

Put that on my desktop/phone and I'd drop the full Notes/Outlook client in a heartbeat... I would even do a BYOD on it... (i.e. I'd pay MY own money to rent such a client if BB gave me the option (say $2-5/month)... of course it comes free with BB10 phones. It should be fully web 2.0 enabled so that it goes through corporate firewalls with no trouble. Corporations should have the ability to open up what ever ports their email system needs to the BBM cloud servers and either pay per user (or let their user's pay per user).

It's a pipe dream but that capability is coming... someone is going to do it and nobody is as far along as BlackBerry.

Can we avoid going cross-platform? I guess keeping the enterprise BBM to BlackBerry device and desktop would gain them more profit :3 separation of enterprise contacts from others is good, as one mentioned somewhere in the comments. Group chat is Ok. The voice call and video call, for me isn't too easy to use. It needs a good network connection (that's for me living in PH). Because of this, I'm using Skype for video calls. But I hope that this gets better. I love having everything in BBM. UI, as contrary to others mentioned, isn't that hard to learn. Adding people to the chat is as easy as typing their names. Type their name and hit the contact. It's good for adding people with common string patterns in their name. As typing 'san' would show everyone with 'san' in their names and you can choose as much as you want. File sharing size limit, should be buffed up. Dropbox sharing is Ok, but we have files in our devices that we'd want to share. And we won't like resorting to uploading it in dropbox.


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Enterprise messenger already exists. I'm pretty sure it's bbm under a different name.

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BBM and channels has face book sitting up to the point they bought whatsapp. Enterprise is the ace up the sleeve.

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I forgot to request that BBM and 'eBBM' should follow the BlackBerry Balance feature. With this, the eBBM could be simplified, and even integrate with LinkedIn for easy contact looked up.

Perhaps a selling feature to corporate, since it will be licensed, is to offer the video chat groups only on corporate.

For corporate environment, the competitor is Microsoft Lync.

What BBM lacks is group features available in Google Hangout, namely:
- the R indicator in group chats
- video chat
- a desktop client

As well as:
- ability to share files from the intranet network through the BES
- BBM groups linked somehow to shared accounts (like shared/publicly available calendars and forums)
- integration of BBM Voice with the MVS.
- why not integrate all corporate IMs like Lync or Reuters.

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IMO, BBM for enterprise will not be successful. MS Lync has the enterprise IM locked down. Even Cisco who has the IP voice market is having difficulty displacing Lync with Jabber.

I said years ago that BBM should have a desktop client for full UC functionality, but it's always the same thing with BB... too little too late.

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I remember answering a survey on BBM Channel Beta. They asked something about profiles on your BBM. Meaning you could have two profiles (personal and professional) and your contacts are separated too. Something like that, I can't remember the exact question but it was a cool idea,

Maybe some sort of live document editing, and implement a skydrive or Dropbox shared folder everyone can access in the group. Seeing who has read up to where is good, maybe group calling where one person can share their screen and show their stuff (have the ability to open a power point you make and present it, then everyone in the group is sent a copy if you wish).

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Desktop bbm access
Plugin for outlook to replace lync
Sync above with mobile device
Auto population of bb pin into global outlook address book

1) Secure Video conferencing
2) Integrated Enterprise Messaging with Cloud Sharing, Screen Sharing & Storage
3) Unified Communications integration with BBM Voice and Video. For example, receive a call on your desk IP Phone and pick up in your Blackberry through BBM Voice

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