May is over...

May is Over...
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jun 2013 11:40 am EDT

I don't think any company, or any person for that matter, sets a deadline with the intent of missing it.

Now that May is over, BlackBerry fans and critics in the USA are reminding me -- in the forums, via email, on Twitter, on BBM Channels -- that the company just "missed" two key deadlines. 

The understanding by most was that May would be the month that delivered both Q10s and a Z10 OS 10.1 update to the USA. With May 31st here and gone, it's onward we look to June...

The first deadline that was (arguably) missed was the launch of the BlackBerry Q10 in the USA. Going back to the January 30th BlackBerry 10 launch event, we found out that the Z10 would launch in the USA in mid-March, rather than early February as it did in Europe and Canada. Coming into the launch event, we were still under the impression that the "delayed" launch of the Z10 would not affect the rollout of the Q10. At that point, we were still hoping the Q10 would be in the USA in April. That dream vanished quickly though as BlackBerry executives were putting the launch of the Q10 in the USA anywhere from 8 - 10 weeks following the Z10's release. While no exact date was given, even at that point a late May / early June US launch for the Q10 was in the cards, though I don't think any of us wanted to believe it would be June before America could buy the Q10.

I know I didn't want to believe the Q10 would launch in June, considering back in December 2012 I wrote an article with the strongly worded headline of BlackBerry 10 phone w/ QWERTY keyboard WILL BE HERE before June based on a statement I received from BlackBerry in response to an article Forbes published based on a Detwiler Fenton research note (these are the same guys that later wrote that bunk article about the Z10 having high return rates based on real data - at least none they were willing to produce). I don't like publishing incorrect headlines, and rarely do, so even coming into BlackBerry Live in Orlando I was hoping we'd get word that the Q10 would be hitting the US in late May. It didn't seem like a stretch to expect Q10s in May, given that more recent interviews by BlackBerry execs pointed to that. Instead, during the keynote we received the update that the Q10 would first hit carriers in early June.

Some of you took this newest mention of the June release date in stride - after waiting so long, what's a few more weeks, right? Others were less than happy, feeling that this push back to a Q10 launch date was all too reminiscent of the "old BlackBerry". Here's a pointed email I received shortly after that BBLive announcement from Erik (@e1slaven), a CrackBerry member in the USA, who's been anxiously waiting for the Q10:

I'll start by saying that the RIM of old had a notorious reputation for product delays and an overall lack of execution, so a major hope of mine with the new regime under Heins was a much quicker turnaround of products, especially in the US.

After the Q10 launched in over 10 countries, Heins told several US media outlets that the US release would be in May. Then, during the keynote, he said June, without anything more specific. Well, "early June", which is open to interpretation. Sprint has already said "late summer", which probably means September, while AT&T hasn't said a thing. So, at best, the US is looking at more than 4 months between the launch in NYC and actual availability, with 6 or more months possible. This is PlayBook launch territory...

It's outrageous that BlackBerry's single largest market has to wait until June to even start receiving a device that launched in January, again in a major US city. Other flagship devices from Samsung and HTC launched afterward and have been available for weeks, in the US and worldwide. The Z10 is a great device, but the Q10 is the one.

"Carrier testing" is becoming an old, stock excuse. The carriers do create barriers, no question. But the delays here are way out of proportion and Canadian carriers are subject to similar testing restrictions. The Q10 passed through the FCC many weeks ago, T-Mobile is already making them available to corporate customers (so it's obviously ready to go), AT&T's retail units have been distributed to media outlets for review (several weeks ago) and Verizon's retail unit has been seen several times (so it's most likely ready for primetime).

BlackBerry is definitely responsible for these delays, at least in part. Maybe they're paranoid that the Q10's app selection is inadequate for the US. Maybe they can't make enough units and chose to favor other markets over their largest. Maybe they want to try and move more Z10's before introducing the more popular Q10. Whatever the rationale, it only punishes their US customers and mirrors the horrible execution issues of old. BlackBerry fans and loyal customers only get angry and resentful when they see the US get bypassed and have to watch Heins announce yet another delay at BlackBerry Live (in another MAJOR US CITY). We should be able to follow along and enjoy their major show with our own Q10's, not wonder in frustration when they're ever going arrive.

On a side note, I'm personally not surprised about the PlayBook/BB10 issue, but it once again illustrates their persistent credibility problem. They've been saying for months that the PlayBook would be upgraded, and now, all of a sudden... Probably not.

Whether accurate or taking liberty, Erik's email sums up the frustrations I've been seeing expressed by a LOT of CrackBerry readers. Both to the Q10, the whole BB10 coming to PlayBook saga, and most recently now, the OS 10.1 update on the Z10 in the US. On keynote Tuesday at BlackBerry Live, the company announced OS 10.1 would begin rolling out to carriers that day, with 10.1 in the US slated for release by the end of May. June is now here no US carriers have pushed out 10.1 yet.

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't

While writing this post, I couldn't help but have a mental flashback to my childhood youth and Bart Simpson singing Deep, Deep Trouble (listen above). When it comes to missing deadlines, BlackBerry is somewhat in a position where they're damned if they do, damned if they don't. Given the company's position as being publicly traded and going through a big transition, they need to communicate - to their customers, and maybe more importantly, to their investors. Part of that is giving dates on when things will happen. If the company didn't communicate, they'd be damned. That said, once a date is communicated, then there's a commitment - and the CrackBerry community tends to be pretty unforgiving when it comes to missing deadlines. Also damned. 

This week the Q10 begins its official US roll out. And let's hope 10.1 begins dropping in the US too. After that, the next big commitments are cross platform BBM and the Q5 this summer. Here's to hoping things stay on track - I hate writing articles like this. 

* Photo taken and edited on the BlackBerry Z10, with Lomo filter applied. 

Reader comments

May is over...


I could have had the first post, but decided to actually READ the article.

This is an issue that several people have always had in mind whether your a fan of BlackBerry or not. These delays need to be sorted out and honestly deadlines with dates would be best... and obviously meeting those dates. Blackberry just needs to get on its game to get back to dominating the market.

You get a cookie. Whether you read the article.

To summarize: BBRY is late. Again. For stuff they promised. Again. We are sad. Again. And losing patience. Still.

And I didn't read the article OR comments. Pretty accurate huh?

Posted via CB10

Nah... I've got 2 PlayBooks and have attended consumer / enterprise forums since last fall... the messaging around bb10 for PB started to come apart in the winter.

Could be worse... imagine being on os7? or expecting crackberry to review something that isn't an update or game or bitch about Netflix.

Same olllllllld BBRY.

Posted via CB10

I just have to say I think I had my expectations way to high from the beginning...I have 3 Z10's and love them. I thought that with this phone, things would change more than they have for Blackberry. I still hold out hope that the Q10 getting launched will help with everything else. I am on Verizon so this delay is even more bad news for us, because we will most likely have to wait even longer now.

Sadly BlackBerry never learns from its repeated screw-ups. I held out hope that BlackBerry management would get their act together for the release of BlackBerry 10. Like a fool I have only myself to fault for such naivety.

If the sales of the BlackBerry Z10 are as poor as alleged in recent articles we have sufficient evidence to condemn Heins and his collaborators to the anals of business school case studies about the road to oblivion and irrelevance. I enjoy using the BlackBerry Z10 but need full functionality of BlackBerry Bridge restored. Stop fscking the very users that BlackBerry should be courting.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Not sure I understand what the big fuss is about. Yes, they probably need to polish up their execution a little, but all the smartphone manufactures make promises they can't keep in terms of release dates. Some of these things are out of their control. As for 10.1 this is the responsibility of the carriers (not BB), same goes for the Z10 and Q10 release.


Truthfully though, I'd have to agree. Multiple wife will always be ready in "2 minutes". 15 minutes later we are ready, lol :p

Posted via CB10

Hahaha...i always have to wait for her when dinner is ready and hot or we like to watch a movie together. But she is still a great woman, the greatest to me.

Apart from so-called carrier delays, is there any real/tangible reason why it's taking so long to bring the Q10/Z10.1 to the US market?

Posted via CB10

You don't need whatsapp if you knew what it does in your phone. If you knew but still using it, there's nothing more I can say.

Posted via CB10

Cant say i disagree with any of your points...for me the biggest fear is that Blackberry now really hasnt changed much from Blackberry of the past. The Q10 should have been launched by now in the states, by the time it does it could very well be out of date so to speak. The 10.1 update is another one where Blackberry are starting to show their old selves....someone needs to tell Heins that they really need to get their backsides into gear if they want to become number 1 in the near future.

They will not become #1 again, not anytime in the foreseeable future. They know that. We know that. Everyone knows that. Still love my BlackBerry but it's the truth.

Posted via CB10

Actually i think they have a strong shot at becoming number one again. They at least have the foundation. But not like this. They Need to hustle more. Become blameless. I recently used someones i phone the other day, and it felt like technology from 10 years ago. I kept swing up, the keyboard sucked and it just felt clunky, but a beautifully designed phone. No hub, no flow, no peak equals no go. BlackBerry ftw.

Posted via CB10

You are high if you think Blackberry could ever get close to being #1 with the current CEO. It would be a more impressive feat to still be an independent company come Jan 1, 2014.

They may... but not in the near future. Right now they need to just stay in the game. Best case scenario is that they retake the number 3 spot in the US from Microsoft.

Posted via CB10

Microsoft has an ecosystem (bing, office, skydive, outlook, etc) MSFT also has billions sitting in a bank account waiting to be deployed in the fight. MSFT ain't gonna lose this battle. Count on it.

"By the time it (Q10) does (launch) it could very well be out of date...". Do you hear what you are saying? Don't be foolish. And no, BBRY will not be #1 in the U.S. ever. Like in never ever. Only because the sheer numbers of other devices being's just impossible. But why do you care if there are #1?Wouldn't you prefer to drive a Bentley or a Chevrolet , like most folks?

Good to see Crackberry and Kevin speaking out about the recent shortcomings of Blackberry. I think some of us thought you were paid not to kick off!

Heins knew if they appealed CrackBerry's good side they'd start publishing more positive articles which would turn around public opinion. It would also lead to the community being more forgiving of BlackBerry's shortcomings. Well played Mr. Heins. Well played.

Posted via CB10

Great article Kevin, and appreciate your honesty in holding the proper channels accountable.

Posted via CB10

Agree agree. Many time feels like a bunch of rabid fanboys. Kevin and the team need more of holding BlackBerry responsible for losses and trumpeting their wins. These date slips are a big miss that don't inspire confidence.

"Here's to hoping things stay on track - I hate writing articles like this."

And I hate reading them. Makes me sad. I really want BB to take over but they gotta get their stuff in order. I'll never jump ship. I want them to shut the haters up. I'm sick of defending against iOS and Android users.

While I believe BlackBerrys are the best phones out there, many don't. They're blinded by the media and the gimmicks as opposed to functionality. I want iOS and Android users defending their choices to me. I believe it'll happen but BlackBerry needs to put out a device with greater specs than anything out at the time. That's the only way to shut these ignorant fools up. They think because their phone has a quad core that it performs better. Not true when your OS is a bag of lag.

You're really fixated on Apple, eh? They need to win the specs race to quiet down Droid users. I believe the apps are getting there. We'll be tied or ahead of Apple and Android in no time.

You brought up ios, I was just questioning your logic. Since you've now also added apps to your BB suggestions, you must have recognized the weakness in your argument. Mission accomplished :)

I wish mods weren't strict on here. You're a worthless troll who dug up stupidity out of nothing. Only mission you accomplished was being a successful troll. I'm sure mom and dad are proud of you.

Great article, well written and very on point. BBRY just seems to make a habit of not executing and meeting deadlines.

Posted via CB10

For some reason, they're not as focused as they should be. Summer holiday season in Waterloo won't help.

Posted via CB10

I just think it's all the us carriers wanting a good non American company to fail because is isn't America. I don't hate the states or anything. But if every country but the us launches them trouble free why can't the us have done it.

I think you're wrong about that, because you can't say that about Samsung... also, I think you're wrong because nobody hates Americans more than Americans (at least half of us)

Posted via CB10

While I "might" casually agree that our American neighbours (yes, it's spelled with a U!!) have a special cheering section for all things U.S.A., I don't see a clear-cut case for the carriers' preference for one Mfg. over another based on location.
After all, Samsung & LG are Korean, and HTC is Taiwanese-P.R.C.

Where I DO smell a rat - and this is ALL pure speculation of the conspiracy-theory nature - is various "other-platform" manufacturers "encouraging" certain carriers to "not make it so easy for BBRY by adding time-consuming layers of inspection & testing" with certain incentives and benefits on their own purchase and/or deployment of those devices.
Something like "favourable payment terms," "exclusive order availability in pre-launch cycles" or "launch exclusivity," even "takeback of unsold units after a certain time" and/or other untraceable or immeasurable stuff like "so much Marketing visibility-support" that would never need hard accounting or disclosure.
Apple and especially Samsung could even extend benefits across their other product lines, where - for example - guys like Best Buy would get deeper discounts & other benefits on the TVs/Home Theatre and Appliances they resell by "muting" /downplaying BBRY's launch, even getting their sales reps to actively sway customers away from BBRY, etc., etc.

They say "all's fair in love and war" and - unless there are explicit laws against some of these practices (no-one breaks the law, right?) I expect ALL (dirty?) tricks to be levered by one or the other competitor to direct market demand for various products, the BB10-lineup included.

Also T-Mobile USA is owned by Deutsche Telekom. Why would a company owned by a German conglomerate care about the American-ness of a phone manufacturer?

By that logic they would root for their own company to fail as the foreign owned competition of the "goodol' American" Verizon..AT&T etc.

IMO, there is enough blame to go around on the delays... Carrier and BB..... having little to do with where BlackBerry is based.

If carrier biases against BlackBerry exist I believe the previous poster has a more likley explanation with Apple/Google/Samsung throwing their collective weights around.

Posted via CB10

I for one am still waiting to get a new BlackBerry 10 phone here in the US. Was tempted with the Z10 when released by my carrier Verizon Wireless, but will wait until I can get my hands on the Q10 first since I am leaning that way due to the business needs I have for a smartphone rather than the multimedia wants. However I am open to either and of course would love, love to have both! :)

If the carriers will not roll out the 10.1 then BB needs to do it direct to the consumers. I am a frustrated Playbook and Z10 owner who also has bought stock. I have lost most of my confidence in BB. I see with the release of the Z10 in the US and the wait for the Q10 and the 10.1 update as being still the same old unreliable company. Sure I can try one of the leak versions of the 10.1 but I should not have to. An update should be available within a timely period once it is made available. The US carriers are just as terrible about this as BB. It is hard to understand why carriers do not want to enjoy customers buying products from them and why BB is not wanting to sell units in the USA. We have delay after delay about apps being released. I heard myself on the broadcast in January that Skype would be available but until the "official release of 10.1" this still is not happening. Kevin you are too soft on them. Based on the current and past action I do no think the BBM cross platform will be here until Christmas time. It will be released then in time for the Christmas shopping season.

To top it all off when I go to Blackberry World it actually says/said in the headliner apps Skype is coming soon..... not it isn't because we don't have 10.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop the lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not sure you can lay the blame at the feet of BlackBerry, or at least all of the blame. 10.1 is ready and released in May. This means its ready for all consumers. Why would BB not release it to the USA. It is the carriers not BB on software updates. As far as the Q10 maybe BB miscalculated the amount and was in a product shortage, maybe not. Its the US carriers that are holding up the launch. I got a Z10 shortly after launch on verizon and love it. I want the update but my current version is working just fine so I will get it when I get it. As far as apps I have everything I NEED not everything I want. Relaxe enjoy the nice weather and get it when it gets here.

Their lack of execution is frustrating. How could they delay an important launch like this in their single most important market.

Posted via CB10

The EU isn't actually a market. The UK is. Canada, the US, Australia, etc. are bb markets. The EU is made up of many separate countries, all of which get blackberry devices at different times.

Atually for Blackberry EMEA is a market so yes the US is not the most important market. The Z10 and Q10 roll outs make it very clear that the US is not even close to the top in terms of importance for Blackberry.

EMEA is a large regional initiative, not a market. And Heins himself has said, many times, that the US market is their single largest and key to the company's comeback.

They should penetrate into China's market. isn't China the biggest market out there or soon to be ? The US alone can't be the only country to keep BlackBerry alive

Posted via CB10

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't I hear something a while back about the Chinese government placing an order for upwards of a million bb10 devices? I'd like to find that article...

Posted via CB10

That was somebody having fun at tech bloggers expense. The supposed regional government of manaredumb province, or something like that was the fictitious purchaser. It was actually pretty funny no matter how much I wanted it to be true.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

I think China is the largest smartphone market (although don't quote me on that), but the US is currently Blackberry's largest market by far, especially among corporate users.

Thanks! The not so subtle "I hate America" undertones of this site have become ridiculous. America IS BB's LARGEST MARKET. Either move here and partake, or get over it.

Move there!?? Why would I ever do that if it means I have to wait months and months extra for all the good stuff!!

I'm sorry, I know this is a little immature, but I'm kind of enjoying the American rants on here. Yes the delays suck (for BlackBerry and the US), get over it, the world will spin on no matter when 10.1 or the Q get there

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

The problem is bbry isn't really a new start. Thor was hand picked by the old guards to be ceo and he's been with bbry for 6 years. There is nothing new about bbry.

Posted via CB10

The Roger Daltrey syndrome: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"

... goes hand-in-hand with the age-old notion that "the more things change, the more they stay the same."

Yes Kevin. Thank you for acknowledging the obvious frustration your readers have been feeling for a while now.

Posted via CB10

Expectations, when cut short, for any reason at all, is so annoying. Expecially when you want to hear real success stories. We are very emotional when it comes to BlackBerry 10 and it's important BlackBerry don't toy with our emotions as we are faced on a daily basis to defend our love for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I have bragged and bragged to my friends on how wonderful the Z10 is and how wonderful the Q10 will be. Some of them are eligible for a new phone and when Blackberry doesn't come out reasonably close to when they are supposed to with the new phones they have got impatient and have gone with a different platform! They don't have the same allegiance that I have being a long time BB user. This is so FRUSTRATING! I want them to have the great experience that I am having, oh well I guess we the consumer can't change how they do business or can we?

Same experience. This is a troubling topic but I am still hopeful of BlackBerry 10 and feel they really need to ramp up the upgrades and continue to innovate.

Posted via CB10

I'm a stockholder, playbook and Z10 owner. And I cannot begin to express my frustration. But I'm more upset with the poor communication and lack of support from the US carriers than I am BlackBerry. BlackBerry get's their share too, but the carriers are the big fail right now. Both from a personal level and from a business perspective. We're losing more people to the iPhone because of delays in device and OS releases than we are because of performance or functionality. Whether its BlackBerry getting back at the US market, the US carriers and their love/loyalty for Apple, just plain sloppiness and stupidity...whatever you want to pin it on...the bottom line is this - Patience have worn thin and not much more will be tolerated by users, even the loyal ones. We've stood by through the good, bad and seriously ugly. We deserve and expect better.

Cant agree more. BlackBerry can only do so much as a business to suggest to the carriers to carry a device or push an update. They have no leverage with the US carriers. Personally, if they failed to execute globally on promised dates, I would throw the blame right at BB's feet, but the fact is the US is where the foot drag is.

Forgiven Kevin. We're all getting duped here, not just you.

It's possible that they have been caught by surprise with their own success. That's a positive theory, but with the long history it could suggest some kind of structural problem in the company that Thornton has yet to address.

Posted via CB10

After nine years of nothing but BlackBerry at my side, I've become used to delays and lowered expectations on releases and deadlines. 10.1 would be great, but I won't get my hopes up anytime soon.

The BB10 launch in the U.S. has been really unspectacular. It is not a question of the Q10 getting delayed a few weeks or 10.1 not rolling out for Z10.

It is collectively horrible. The Superbowl ad was horrible. Keep moving ads are horrible and not run very often. BB presence in most stores is really bad: back of the store with the feature phones.

Things may be different on the Enterprise side, but it seems like BB really isn't trying very hard with U.S. consumers.

Because BlackBerry has direct control over where carriers display phones and how fast they push updates...

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

I am in no way a hater of the U.S., and yes this article makes good points, but lets be real here. The U.S. market was the first one to drop BB at the first sign of trouble, and switch to CrApple or SamSmug phones. And for that disloyalty, the U.S. is the last to have their phones launched. BB isn't in the wrong for launching and concentrating on the markets where they have the most market share in. Until the U.S. market show their true loyalty to BB, they shouldn't expect anything less. Plus, like others have said, a lot of the issues are because of the carriers - but everyone seems to be so quick to put all the blame on BB ALL the time.

I disagree...I don't think you can fault any market for seeking greener pastures with how Blackberry has fallen behind in the last years and is now catching up. And how exactly do you expect a large segment of the US market to show Blackberry some loyalty when there has not really been any great reasons given to them yet...its a 2 way street at a minimum. Blackberry dropped the ball in the US market and global is not the job of those markets to pick the ball up for Blackberry until they prove they are ready to play ball again....they are close but just have to close a few more gaps and get a little more fine tuning done...

Is going to be alright. The leaks are great. I wish we could just take the update screen option out of the way.

Posted via Z10 at&t

Agree with BB10 for the PlayBook but the Carriers in the U.S are at fault. Think about it. Its like shelf space in stores. You have 90% controlled by iOS and Android. Who do you think controls the shots. Reason that Sprint cannot sell Z10 until October. Why because Apple will have a new product out by Fall. They have agreements with Apple. BlackBerry and Thor have to play that game and be nice and quiet especially with 2 % share in the U.S. The rest of the world has stricter rules and are more open to competition. I am sure Thor would love to speak his mind about the U.S Carriers but hour has to play it cool.

Posted via CB10

This is the best comment I've seen on this post so far. It's pretty obvious what's going on. The carriers sort of prove it with their lack of advertising / education for BlackBerry devices.

Posted via my Panther Z10 and CB10 app

Just what I was thinking. Most likely scenario in my mind. The carriers mostly certainly have agreements with other phone manufacturers regarding in store display and marketing. They're bound by those agreements.

BlackBerry has no real leverage to counter that since it has no market dominance in the US. It is left to enjoy the space with feature phones whenever carriers can get around to offering it.

Posted via CB10

Some of you repeat the same nonsense then disappear. Sprint will NOT carry the Z10. They will carry BB's Next Flagship all touch device.

Agreed. BlackBerry make great phones but run themselves like amateurs. They need to take a few lessons from Apple.

And I have to mention BB10 for PlayBook. Where IS IT??!?!?

And what lesson is that, I wonder? It's like a billionaire telling a poor man: " Hey, I have a solution, just invest $$$$ and you will be set". "Great idea, sure...but where will I get the monies?" So again I'm asking, what lessons from Apple?

Nothing to do with money. I'm talking about professionalism. Apple of today would not announce something major (ie. BlackBerry 10.1) and silently miss the deadline.

Q 10 not yet launched in US. Folks in India are getting impatient. Why does BB take so long to launch its next flagship BB10 phone in country like India where blackberry phones are so popular especially qwerty ones

Wow. Truth sometimes stings when applied.

You have got to feel better now.


Using a BlackBerry Z10

Ive been waiting for q 10 to launch in India since it was announced and waiting for more than 4 months is like asking for top patience

BlackBerry needs to start pushing out updates without the carriers. Everybody needs to start doing things without the carriers, the dependency on them has gotten so high that they charge us because they know we HAVE to pay.

Posted via CB10

I agree! Blackberry needs to DIRECTLY sell unlocked world phones that can work with any carrier, and they need to push updates themselves . You can by a phone directly from Apple - Why not from Blackberry?!!!! Why not offer the full spectrum of phones directly from Blackberry? Perhaps Crackberry could sell unlocked phones to go along with all of the accessories - that would be a start. I think Blackberry has been too dependent on carriers. One other frustration I have with Blackberry is the inability to connect with someone there directly about problems with the Z10. Why do I need to go through my carrier for help when Blackberry should have better qualified experts?

What full Spectrum of phones that run BB10 are you referring to? And those phones still need to be activated. Maybe BB should purchase a US based carrier.

What are you talking about. I buy an unlocked iphone, take to carrier and am up and running in no time. Would be exactly the same with Blackberries if I could buy one directly from BlackBerry. Why on earth would BlackBerry need to purchase an American carrier?

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

Ah yes. Because there are enough folks, percentage wise, purchasing unlocked phones to keep BB afloat. No?

He mentioned apple selling directly and what I meant was that the vast majority of folks in the US are purchasing on contract. At an Apple store the activate the phone on you carrier of choice.

The purchasing part was sarcasm. But I guess it was lost in translation.

Kevin I was expecting some insight into what is actually going on to cause these delays? I thought Thor was all about process discipline but their ability to hit deadlines doesn't seem to have improved since he came in.

Well at least they are only a week or 2 behind & not months or years like they use to be....Though if BB10 does NOT come to the PB then that I will be a huge issue with because they promised many times, & that would not be a 5 day delay, but a boldface lie

Posted via CB10

Gee Kevin - you've left off delays, without explanation, in getting enterprise tools out as well. But given the largest base of users of new BB devices are in US enterprises and the US has not had a Q10 launch yet, I guess it doesn't matter, that BES admins all over are holding off launch until HA and RSA are available.

Oh and never mind the Instagram or finalized Skype thing. Beta is fine. In fact BB Navigation for OS 7 has been in Beta with a promised BB world release for a year. But please have Chris U - come back in and blog about where he thinks BB stock should be or how Heins is such a departure from the past.

BB10 for Playbook has nothing to do with carriers. BBRY can release it at any time its ready. But they never will. It will head to the dustbin of promises - like Themes on OS7 devices, and OS6 coming to all OS 5 devices, and a dozen others.

The Z10 and Q10 are such great devices - but BBRY brass is still too insulated and the company still too top heavy.

I was happy right after I got my hands on the Z10. I do plan on buying the the Q10 when it drops this week but have been very happy with my purchase of the Z10 so the Q10 wait isn't so bad. I do understand why people are angry about the delayed launch on both the Q10 and OS Update. I do approve of the direction of the company since the CEO change.

Posted via Z10

This is a great article Kevin, and I truly believe (and it hurts to say this) BlackBerry is still on the ropes. BBM channels, although great in theory, I have found it nothing more than a spamfest. Follow me for this, follow me for that. No thank you. I prefer to follow brand names such as NHL, NFL, celebrities, and etc. BBM going cross-platform should have been released the day of, or at the very least, sometime during the week of BlackBerry Live not 'coming this summer.'

Also, wasn't it mentioned last year that BB10 software updates were supposed to circumvent the carriers, similar to the iPhone? Another point I would like to make, is why on earth can't BlackBerry make a decent camera? For the most it does okay, but every other flagship phone does a far better job. Plus not including a panoramic view nor HDR right out of the gates is an epic fail. I have HDR now due to the 10.1 update but it should have been there from day 1.

Another thing, wasn't BlackBerry World going to be more region specific? I live in Canada, so why am I getting offline navigation maps for Bagota, Columbia when I do a search in the app portion of BB World? What happened with all those BB Jams and port-a-thons? I was expecting a lot more big name apps than was currently present. Wasn't making apps/games for BB10 devices so easy they could be done in one day? Or more profitable compared to Android and iOS? So why are developers still excluding BB10 devices?

Why is it when you go into a Best Buy or Future Shop and you have to ask "Where are the BB accessories?" because they are all tuck in a small section away from the high traffic volume?

One last point, for the love of all things mobile - just let us know what the deal is with the PlayBook. Will there or will there not be an update to BB10? Is this there a plan for a new tablet from BB that will run the new OS? Sorry Thorsten but now is not the time for lock and key secrecy. You are pissing off more people by NOT saying anything.

I believe Mr. Heins understands the importance of keeping release dates aligned as tightly as possible to the expectations of the US market without the consumers wailing away as a constant reminder.
I also imagine most of the development staff [both hardware and software] are close to being burned out after two years of full on effort to "keep moving". There must be a monumental effort going on behind the scenes.
Let Blackberry the company, do it's thing. For better or worse.

The best thing Blackberry has going for it are its dedicated users and consumer base. When you promise them something and under-deliver, it's bad. When you do it consistantly, it's worse. The sad part is that the global release plan is even creating divisions in that consumer base, with users in Canada and Europe being pitted against those in the U.S. That's not even mentioning the users in India and elsewhere who wind up with a different release schedule altogether.

I really think there's a big part of the mobile market that wants the Q10, if for nothing else its form factor. I know my wife clings to her physical keyboard like no one's business -- and no matter how nice and shiny those new 4+ inch screen smartphones are, she just wants to be able to type with her hands, feel the buttons under her thumbs and have the information she needs in a solid form factor -- that also acts like a real phone.

It's gotten pretty bad when even she's 'this close' to buying another phone instead of waiting 'just a bit longer' for the phone she really wants. I gave up on Blackberry after I was screwed over by the Storm, that's one thing. But if Crackberry Nation loses my wife ... that's saying something.

Thank you Kevin for repeating this message that's been frustrating the BB supporters. It makes me wonder beyond the issue of inability to communicate to the public, there's an underlying engineering problem the company is facing. From the stand point of hiring budget to more specific technical issues dealing with QNX/BB10. If you link the delay of playbook update and the random reboot issues the users have been experiencing, the difficulty of some apps coming on board and the delay launch of both phones in US and updates, it does paint a picture of not fully ready operating system.

It's quite odd that I'm in South Africa and got my Z10 on time in February, the Q10 on time on May 2nd and got the 10.1 official update the day it was announced at BlackBerry live whilst the US market is getting overlooked... One would expect the situation to be the other way round!

Posted via CB10

Wow a single negative article and the floodgates of negativity open up. Guys blackberry if fighting for its life. The stock is getting hammered, the general public, except the folks here, existing BlackBerry lovers and long investors have basically written off BlackBerry. It is obvious the company is doing their best and and would not deliberately do something to hurt the company. When you cannot dictate like Apple and Google (via Samsung) can, you have to take it on the chin. Who knows why there are delays, but I speculate that Thorsten cannot talk about it to the public because it would hurt the company more if he didn't. If indeed the carriers are delaying the release, what can he say? Piss them off by saying they need to shape up? Furthermore, why would Thorsten ask the carriers to delay the upgrade to 10.1 on Z10s? It's not an inventory or production issue. It's a download. Let's use some common sense here. There must be a lot at play and a lot of tension and heartache going on at the executive level. If they get through this and get some market share then they can better call the shots. I am sure we will all be much happier if that happens. So as people who love their products, lets help them get there, be patient and understanding. God knows nobody else will.

Posted via CB10

But Thorsten HAS opened up in public with very specific promises. That's where the gripes come from: if BB were consistently vague vs consistently making promises they they don't keep, and instead of retracting publicly that they can't put out, they silently hope people just forget, or those out obtuse statements.

Yes. That's my point. They are under pressure to provide answers and they were probably led to believe there would be an end of May release. But he has been very careful. Look for anything in print that says anything about a May release. He stated May or June Q10 on paper. He has made good on him promises with respect to UK and Canada. He could just be getting much more cooperation from the players involved in those countries. Maybe I am more sympathetic as a CTO myself and accustomed to being under pressure not only from customers, but internally from Sales and Marketing to deliver. Many times it is external forces, such as dependancy on 3rd parties with agendas of their own that can take a project plan into a tailspin. We can't exactly publicly blame the 3rd party, but many times we are put under immense also under to say something. Thorsten probably felt confident about an end of May release in the USA to verbally say something and I would bet got thrown under the bus by forces out of his control. When certain segments are not scrambling for your products and if there are politics at play it is not fun to be any part of a product release, believe me. Now onto the playbook. I agree that there is much more that Blackberry can control here. I also agree that it has been poorly handled. I think on this one they are not sure about the direction to take. But the bigger picture issue is what are they doing about tablets in general? Thorsten has probably made up his mind that tablets are out. But it seems he is not committed enough on it to make a definite statement. He has said he has no plans and will wait and see. To me that is good enough. Where they screwed up was to say they would put BB 10 on the playbook. It is just bad business to focus resources on a dead platform and maybe the executives have realized this but too late. Bite the bullet and announce they are killing it already. Maybe they are waiting for the Q10 to be released before they make the announcement, but of course they probably also got blindsided on the Q10 release dates. Again to me there must be a lot of play here and I for one sympathise. I just got the Q10 myself and it is a super product for a businessman and worth the wait. As far as the playbook is concerned, there are a lot of better products out there that blackberry knows they can't match. People! Stop wasting your time and go get a $200 Nexus 7 tablet and forget about it already.

Kevin, can you explain why there are delays in rolling out updates, the role of leaks and apart from the repeated disclaimers, just how safe are they?

If they kept doing this to their customer, no other words more suite to them.

Damned if they Do, Damned if they Don't

Posted via CB10 with Z10

I guess it's obvious that the issues RIM had of old weren't limited to old management. Sure things may be a bit better but they are far from as good as they could be and, as it seems, need to be.

Thankful that CrackBerry is calling them out on things like this as they need to be kept on their toes.

It's utter shite. They're really making it difficult for us to defend BlackBerry. I've loved legacy devices and I think Z10 is a great piece of technology but this is a thing of trust. How am I supposed to trust the brand with my funds someday (BBM Money) if they don't keep 'simple' promises like this. The two might seem unconnected but shit like this seriously undermines peoples' perception of the entire brand. I am all for 'better quality-later launch' in certain cases but for fucks sake, it's not rocket science to determine when your product will be ready. It's project management which I'm sure their management group is more than capable of. Get your shit together and start planning realistically and bear in mind that competition will not wait for us.
/end rant
That being said, let's rock'n'roll this Team BlackBerry!

FRUSTRATED almost switch to Iphone and S3 before the release of Z10 and decided to stick with BB. Bought the 2 units the tmobile store only has during the release date.

This site has been flooded with leaks and we already know what features 10.2 have. But US subscriber still wondering when? We are one of the most important market but getting the last update .

Losing hope and worried most especially their stocks going down too.

Posted via CB10

I applaud you, Mr. Kevin, for this great post. I agree!

Thanks for writing this.

I would say BlackBerry and/or the US carriers best course of action now would be to apologize and give a date, and don't fail us again or we'll use the dark side of the force and force choke. ;)


Yes, as the email author pointed out, Blackberry is acting like the old "RIM". As a BB user/enthusiast since 2006, I left BB in June of 2012 because RIM had announced another delay with their BB10 OS. I was tired of waiting and couldn't stand everyone else (Apple & Android) have all the new apps and capabilities. I swore I wouldn't come back to BB however after the launch of OS10, I was excited again for BB. I put in my pre-order and received my white Z10. I've been dealing with daily reboots but fine, I can handle the occasional bug of a new OS. I can easily sideload most apps I used on my iPhone 5 so no big deal there although I would love for big app developers to make native OS10 apps, I can survive with the android ports.

The thing that REALLY bugs me is the damn delays!!! As the email author stated, it's their old behavior and it is a big part of why lots of people (including myself), left RIM! What part of that is so hard to grasp by BB?? Can someone in leadership at BB come out and at least explain the "why" least throw the consumers a bone!! If they don't, the downward spiral will happen again...that's not a stretch, it's a guarantee if they continue with their old habits! I say this because my patience for the "official" 10.1 is wearing thin. Consumers like me aren't going to wait around like we did before when there wasn't too much competition, we will gladly pay to buy another phone from someone else.

Kevin, I would send this message to BB but I"m not on their forum and I don't think it would even matter. These messages need to get to Heins and you are the only one I know who has a connection to him and other leadership folks at BB. It would be good if they adapted their behavior soon....rather than waiting to lose marketshare before giving a damn about their customers.

I have the Z10 10.1 and I can say I never noticed a difference in the update,just saying

Posted via CB10

I thought BlackBerry only made the statement officially and publicly that BB10 would launch by QTR 1, 2013!

Who here has print or official sound bite or video that states otherwise.

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately all the big phone company's lie, but you know whose to blame? The consumers, because we don't hold them responsible at all. For example, with Verizon and the updates for the z10 they promised by the end of may, it's now June 3rd, how many of people will actually cancel their service with Verizon?

Posted via CB10

Thank you for writing this article! Both the Q10 delay and the situation with OS updates troubles me -- particularly in light of the big news about Windows Phone gaining marketshare in the US.

I've got to admit when Thor said the "end of this month" for the 10.1 update in the U.S., I thought to myself, "That means May, right?" It's not just that BlackBerry should be giving a more agile software development experience by pushing out releases with numerous small updates, it's that there were apparently a truckload of customers on the only carrier in the US who pushed the z10, who were having major stability issues. I mean totally unacceptable stuff like random reboots... and even given that, I wasn't sure we'd see an OS update in May... Wow...

Posted via CB10

I suppose it is BlackBerry's fault but my perspective in the US looks carrier driven

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 featuring BBM Channel C0002FE04

in regards to updates, absolutely. Verizon has always been late to the game with updates. I used to have to download the os from another carrier and delete a few files to install it on my berry. Even with android they still drag their feet.

Love BlackBerry... love the Z10. Just suck it for having to wait a little longer. I don't think it's Blackberry's fault when it launched almost every where else. It is definitely a carrier issue in the US.

Posted via CB10

Thanks, Kevin. Good perspective, as always.

Color me Jaded.

I bought the Z10 on day two, here in the U.S. I don't regret the purchase, but the phone is less than optimal.

I'm waiting to buy the Q10, in addition to my Z10. I plan on making the Q my daily driver, if the software is improved to the point that I can get rid of the 9900.

I dislike the delays, but I also dislike the feeling of being in a beta testing mode. I'm just not getting any good options in this scenario.

BlackBerry hasn't been selling - at all - at my local AT&T store. People want a phone that works, and the Z10 has too many issues or changes for the average consumer. Since the Rep's would rather sell phones than deal with issues, the Zed is dead. They are selling iPhones, S4's, HTC One's, but no BlackBerry products. I can't blame them, really. They're in it for the money, and don't care what is sold, as long as customers are happy and they don't have problems.

Some days I think I should have my head examined for sticking with BlackBerry. Yesterday was one if those days. SWMBO has been hankering for a new phone, fixing her focus on the S4 since our son picked one up.

Last night I picked it up and started comparing features ... I know now why she chose it. It's polished, it works, and you don't have to make excuses for why it doesn't do simple things. Probably a good thing I couldn't convince her to go with the Zed - it'd have caused me grief once she found out it couldn't do what she wanted without extensive work arounds.

So yeah, I'm still here, but I'm feeling more and more like I think the PlayBook owners must feel.

Posted via CB10

Sounds like you already made you mind up to switch to ICrap. So why I ask as Z has no major issues, faster and overall a much more advanced device.

Posted via CB10

Your question has no merit as it makes incorrect assumptions. Your reply is so typical of this site. Did you even read what I wrote? That I'd be getting a Q when it becomes available?

And then to call the iPhone "ICrap." Good grief. Apple didn't get the #1 spot by making junk. To think so is delusional. I've never owned an iPhone, personally, but I've bought them for my employees. Honestly, the iPhones have had fewer issues than have the BlackBerry units I've purchased for myself and my employees.

The Z has issues that need to be addressed. It does have a good platform, but the development of features is really lagging. To think other wise requires overlooking the obvious differences between the Z and the other offerings by top tier competitors.

I don't believe he read what you wrote at all. Knee jerk reactions abound on this site...


It's not BBRY its the us carriers they put the phones and I'D through much more than the other country's due to our higher regulations.

Posted via CB10

Personally I put my z10 into a drawer last night until these carriers here decide to give us an update to fix the restart and 30 day email issues we have been putting up with. It has been two months since this product launched and I have seen nothing on my side (USA) to address any of these issues.

I am stuck with a carrier (T-Mobile) who at the monent is more interested in increasing Apple's and Samsung's market share by promoting the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 and based on what I have seen so far, couldn't give two cents about Blackberry..

I have sent several emails requesting information pretaining to the update and all I have received is the "we know nothing" response. I had a restart during a phone call with my mom yesterday and that was the last straw, enough is enough, I need a stable device.

I am way past my 14 day return period on the device, but I going to try and get a refund and maybe look at the Q10 on June 5th and give it a chance because it comes with 10.1 installed on it. Great concept Blackberry, release the Q10 with the latest OS10 10.1 and you haven't even fixed the z10 I bought from you two months ago, brilliant.

PS: As far as the faithful who want to call me a troll and tell me it's a carrier issue, I say BS!!! It's a Carrier and Blackberry issue, remember one thing, Blackberry designed and and built it, T-Mobile just sells it and as far as the support I was suppose to be getting with my purchase, where the hell is it????????

Have you just considered returning it for a change ? Just step by at your local store and ask for an exchange ! Did face the same problem with a 9900, changed it, fixed everything!

Posted via CB10

Once lost momentum can never be recovered.

Announcing your lineup in a major American city and then not offering it cannot be blamed on the carriers alone. If it was a carrier only issue I wouldn't see people with GS4 and HTC one's the latter of which has had well documented part shortages along with an incredible amount of time spent making each one.

They should have built up a supply of devices and moved the launch to a time from a a few days or a week from a day when we could buy them. I am saying this for the us specifically.

Line they screwed the pooch on their release.

Posted via CB10

I want to add one thing please, I really don't care about the folks out there who want to tell me their z10 has been perfect and all that jazz. Great, I am happy for you and I hope yours works perfectly forever like it's suppose to. Myself along with allot of folks here have had major issues with ours and right now we are not happy campers.

I thought Blackberry was trying to "restore" the faith in their products and support from the complacency they have suffered from in the past. Well, nothing here has convinced me anything has changed from business as usual.

I sure do love my Q10!!! Got it on launch day. Same with Z10. I also have 10.1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

Well I have to disagree. Having bought mine in Europe, before the us launch I can't say the device is unfinished.

But for sure, it's a little bit geeky if you consider all these side loadings things.

I've installed all the updates before OTA, can't complain but as simple as it is, this seems shocking for a lambda user...and I have to admit it is.

Well, I hope they are not sleeping at BlackBerry...lots of work remain for the company who likes getting things...done.

Posted via CB10

Good post, K but I didn't see any fansite editors hit BB hard and directly in all the interviews posted. I would so have smacked Thor in the back of the head: YO!!

buckwylder: It's comments by folks like you that make me just want to sell my z10 and forget Blackberry all together.

Lets trade z10's for two weeks and let you put up with with what I have to with restarts, wiping and restoring, BBM crashes and so on and see if you still worship your z10 then??????

Could any of this be caused by the massive amount of layoffs in the BlackBerry transition stage? Are they now trying to do too much with a smaller work force? I don't know, for what this company has gone through, they are doing pretty well. All that being said, if they were just completely honest with everyone, this discussion could of been avoided and customers would have had a better reason to respect their efforts.

Posted via CB10

I am about to leap off of this blackberry band wagon, I am a sprint customer whose contract has been up 2 years ago. I think I have waited long enough. I do not believe blackberry truly cares about this USA Market or the blackberry base here. If we were to treat Blackberry with the same contempt they have shown us, lets just say there wouldn't be much of a fan base. To me it's the same old guard with this company and although I have not owned another brand of phone since I first got my 8800. I believe its time for a more reliable option. In January I waited anxiously through the countdown of BB10 only to find out it would be 60 days more before we could get one in the USA. Then the Z10 dropped and Sprint said No Z10 for us. Now its June and we are still waiting. Why should we be loyal to a company that seems to show so much disdain for this market. We are blackberry by choice but as it stands even that choice is being kept away from us.

You know if they so terrible with predicting, it better that they don't predict anymore. If they keep predict but unable to deliver, it make the consumer lose faith in the company/products. To me, BlackBerry is very bad at predicting.

Now I'm worried about Aristotle launching this year!

Also, what about jelly bean? Maybe mid 2014 at this rate?

Posted via CB10

I'm really frustrated about the q10 not being launched in the US yet. Looks like at&t isn't launching until June 21st... Heard that from a Blackberry employee here in the US

great article , kevin
BB are you listening ? you are like a school kid who always turns his homework late.
please BE ON TIME.

Personally in this new age of blackberry I'm willing to cut them some slack for missing some deadlines. At this I trust that BlackBerry is going to encounter technical/business issues from time to time and just want to release quality products. Plus they're working there asses off on multiple fronts. It is a complex business and they deserve a little good will patience given the great strides they've made the last year.

Posted via CB10

We have a culture problem which while improved is still evident. There nay be some business realities they have to deal with. They are reporting earnings later thus month. If the Q10 launch in the US is close to that they can dodge with "Q10 results not included."

Posted via CB10

How about damned because of their own doing! I agree with the points the CrackBerry poster put in. It would be nice if CrackBerry would be harder on RIM / BLACKBERRY at events an interview opportunities instead of waiting to just put out editorials that just dismiss everything like BlackBerry does and continue to cheer. Someone needs to tell BlackBerry that we end users are more important than the carriers and that continuing to favor carriers demands and wishes over users will get them the same place it got them with BBOS, the bottom!

Posted via CB10

And when BlackBerry says they have handed off all code to the Carriers will you believe them? Or will you believe the Carriers who say, 'What update? We have no update'. You all ask for communication then call BS or insert your own theory.

If there was no 10.1 variants in the wild both official and unofficial I'd say BB is at fault. But that's not the case, heck isn't there 10.2 in the wild or at least it was mentioned at some point recently...

At this point in the game, the thing Blackberry can not be is complacent again.

They certainly gave the world innovation with their smartphones, before we actually saw anything from any other company.

Now this has charged radically.
So be careful BlackBerry because as much as I dislike iPhone and Android (having had both), i very much dislike complacency.

You are not in the lead and could easily lose what you've gained.

I am a Canadian and I love BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Meh, I'm not going to sweat 5 days. The t-mo store next door has the display model already and said June 5th. Considering two of the days are the weekend, it is really only 3 days late. Could be worse, could be waiting three months.

Quite frankly, I could care less about the US market. They'll be the first country to shit all over the the Q10 and BlackBerry if it's missing a single feature.

So if BlackBerry is managing the rest of the world first and the US last, I say good for them. You should be looking to acknowledged the world first and not just one country to which has zero brand loyalty to anything and is just waiting for the next best thing!

That being said, when the US finally does get the Q10 it will be interesting to see its stability.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

So the fact that Heins has said, many times, that the US is their largest market and key to the company's comeback doesn't mean anything?

Wow I guess no one has ever been late before lol.

I agree it must such to have to wait for BlackBerry 10 in the USA , I'm sure the carriers have a lot to do with it but I see like this.

The USA is a massive market for BlackBerry who had pretty much given up on them, BlackBerry needed to launch right away ( in January ) or it would have looked really bad. based on all the updates so far I think we were like the beta test. Now the bugs are pretty much worked out BlackBerry 10 works, the company is stabilizing. The USA will probably get the first launch of the newest BlackBerry right before Christmas and start their real push (bes 10 wasn't even ready until recently)

Either way this is a smartphone war and we're the BlackBerry soldiers so back in formation soldiers

Currently loving my z10 10.1 in Canada

Posted via CB10

Incompetence and ignorance is what it is. Nothing more nothing less.

If they could only have 100k units available for the us market then that's what they should have done. Then another 100k next week... and so on and so forth... create hype create lines create a myth...

Instead they create more of the same. Incompetence which leads to inaccuracy in statements which leads to loss of excitement which leads to an epic fail... again...

The bb10 products are fantastic the marketing and logistics are horrible and the fact that they can't get a few apps our way is pathetic to say the least.

The one thing that proved to me that the current "team" is willing but unable to catch the "pulse" is the fact that the products launched without a decent Facebook app while there is lack of other apps which are very popular especially among the crowds that BlackBerry is supposedly targeting. Instagram and Shazam come to mind.

Patience is running out waterloo people. I'm tired of waiting for upgrades I'm tired of sideloading I'm tired of having reboots I'm tired of having to carry a lame ios device to perform tasks that I am still unable to to on my z10.

Have bought 2 Z10 full price as presents and the people I gave them to almost hate me now ...

I personally still love the device. And the "big pucture" of bb10 and still have faith in the brand but patience is really running out

Posted via CB10

I can tolerate delays, but when there is no communication of WHEN we can expect a release then I start feeling like a dog begging for his bone!

Posted via CB10

Considering the state of the OS and the app store, I think it's wise for them to hold off launching something incomplete. People will rarely take a second look. They'll talk about what they saw in the shops and the issues they had. You will have to prove to them that something has changed for them to reconsider, but it will probably be too late and they will be in a 2 year contract with another phone. On the other hand, by teasing consumers you can get some to wait for the official release and hope that they will like what they see.

You can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig. Heins was the COO AT RIM for the last 6 years of their decline.

Things haven't changed much.

Posted via CB10

WTHeck is WiFi calling @? This is a real issue when you're cooped up in a corporate building with no signal other than a router. These phones were sold with the notion that WiFi calling would be available soon. It's sad that after using my phone for two months that I would be happy with non-randumb reboots and the basics like Skype and Instagram. This article stamps how we feel about the swiss cheese of features and support. Fill in the gaps button up our experience already. Geebuz krikes

Posted via CB10

I would just like to know the reason for the delays! No bs, no beating around the bush... Whether it is BlackBerry or the carriers or whoever I would like BlackBerry to tell us the reason good or bad!

From the mind of a MaNiAc

I'm disappointed about the delays, but I'm still blackberry by choice and blackberry for life.
I'd love for my playbook to run BlackBerry 10 - but it keeps getting delayed..... I want 10.1 on my zed 10, but it gets delayed.
My disappointment is deep, and BlackBerry management need to get their sh*t together pronto!!!!! and deliver what they promise. But I won't abandon blackberry-ever.

Posted via CB10

Very honest and direct dissertation, Kevin. The only add note I would make is to your final line about things "staying on track". Before they do that, thing have to "get" on track. There is a camp of users out there that feel slighted by the removed legacy functionality, and others that are tired of reboots and returning devices for other reasons. To solidify their reputation, our beloved BlackBerry sill need to get on track and stay there. I belive they can, and I hope they will.

Presented by Dr. Emmett Brown on BlackBerry Z41

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin - Not understanding your business sense. Huge CrackBerry fan, and will remain that way as long as there is a CrackBerry. Fully understand your concerns but just think timing not the best and possibly having some comments answers from BlackBerry explaining why they are late with US launch would have provided more insight. Cheers!

Thanks Kevin! As I stated I am a huge CB fan and will always be 100% behind you and your excellent team. Blackberry has been doing a great job climbing out of a deep hole they dug for themselves so I am a believer of throwing a rope to them when they slip a little. Looking forward to the follow up article - Long live BlackBerry and the number one BB website Cheers again!

This is alot better than the playbook release though. Instead of delaying the whole release until the US launch was ready, the Q10 and Z10 were released in other countries ahead of the US launch. This bolstered the US blackberry demand. The release of blackberry 10 in a timely way reversed the negative bitter taste from the constant delays of the bold 9900 and playbook.

RANT: You can't foster trust in a company that doesn't keep it's own deadlines. A few days, a couple weeks, or a month is okay; people understand that things happen but when half a year rolls around. Those who are waiting get angry, impatient, and give up.

Blackberry is doing a great job in 2013 but looking back at 2011, it really grinds my gears...

Apology accepted, Kevin. Why don't you engage in some journalism, call in some markers, and find the cause of this delay? With apologies to Erik, I'm not interested in how this predicament makes anyone feel. I want to know what created the bottleneck. Did they find a critical hardware or software flaw? Did carriers attempt the renegotiate the terms, in light of the Z10's sales churn? Or does CrackBerry only parrot what BlackBerry feeds it, a la the Sunday morning talk shows in Amierca spewing the party line?

Please don't interpret this post as hostile. I'd really like to have some answers, not "mea culpa" from both BB and CB.

My guess is its all about the money. Waiting for all the shorts to expire, or something. Its always about the money somehow.
Waiting for Q10 Rockin on 9800

I was just thinking the same thing. I don't believe the "blame your carrier" line. Why can every other device launch without a hitch but blackberry can't? I think perhaps US carriers did not want to buy the devices outright but sell them on consignment and blackberry did not have the cash on hand to pull it off so they launched elsewhere to muster up some revenue.

Correction: one US carrier has rolled out the OS update. I'm on Cincinnati Bell Wireless and I received OS software release OTA a couple of hours after Heins announced it at BBLive.

The other side of that is everyone else got their Z10s before us - VZW, ATT and TMO. Perhaps the smaller carrier delayed launch in order to complete all testing using the 10.1 update.

Posted via CB10

On the management level BlackBerry still has the old RIM execution problem.

On product quality, same old RIM problem. Reboot as one example.

The root cause, still the old root cause, we in Canada DO NOT HAVE enough qualified high tech labors.

Heins is expanding BlackBerry workforth globally. But he needs to do this quick and learn to manage a global forth to make them work as if under same roof.

Yes, U.S carriers are picky. But this is not a new situation. They have been picky since the first BlackBerry 950. However, in old BlackBerry days, quality is the No. 1 reason BlackBerry was ahead of competitions. Now, look the BlackBerry today. U.S., not like other countries have their own platforms, they rightfully pride on and prefer their own systems. If BlackBerry wants to get US market back. They must do the following 3 things much better than competitors:

Quality, Quality, Quality.

To achieve that BlackBerry needs to acquire, motivate, and manage talents around the globe. The only other way is to sell itself to a U.S company.


Great article. Kevin. This is the first time you truly win my respect.

A long time BlackBerry supporter and kicker.


So annoying...After convincing my GF to get a blackberry thinking she could Skype on it, surprisingly she could not even find the app on BBW. I shamefully returned the z10 and now I'm gonna drop my 9900 for an iphone 5. Blackberry really suck in the US. Don't care no more!

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Ok time for something positive. No chance of buying a Z10 or Q10 in my country today, tomorrow, Next week, next month or next year. I got two Q10s shipped here from Canada. My wife only wanted a white one, so it had to be bought from Rogers who have an exclusive. I got my black one from Telus where we have a biz relationship. Got them both unlocked and it took two weeks to ship. I would have typed this comment on my GS3 and swiftkey and cursed my head off. Typing this on my new Q10 is an absolute pleasure. It is the best business phone out there period and I know them all. Good things are worth waiting for. It is a joy to do mobile work again.

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I don't know...... it would seem that the theory about BBRY sticking it to the US with regards to product launches and availability holds true.
Canada and rest of the world seems to be getting things on time, no big issues in general.
I'm based in Asia & travel a lot (SEA mainly), and the people I know (who uses BB) all managed to get their Z10s & Q10s as per announced. 10.1 update for Z10 was also carrier pushed timely (again with respect to the announcement)

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Have both the Z10 and the q10... both great phones... blackberry needs to be flawless in June with rollout in USA and software upgrades to fix bugs and provide enhanced features where there are weak points.... stock still under performing. reflecting skeptical market... come on blackberry!! Round the clock if necessary.. just make it happen!!

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This is what happens when you take a coo that was responsible for years of missed deadlines and make him ceo. Shocker.

Haha.... parts of American civilization just move like snails. Blame the stupid carrier frequencies.

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Here's an idea... look at apples product launches... COPY

Is it really that hard? Why does apple launch a product and it's ready to go either right away or in two weeks? Cause they have their shit together.

I love BlackBerry and am writing this from a q10 but seriously, give credit where it's due... copy them! don't announce unless there is immediate availability.

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I'm extremely curious as to what BB has planned for the next six months. With the iPhone 5S and new Android devices coming out I don't think at all BB has what it takes/support to keep up.

There is nothing wrong in BBRY's strategy to serve first Europe.

1) Taking just the Eurozone (without UK), the putative market is bigger than US, even more if you include all members of UE.
2) BBRY is a Canadian company, it appear to be a more "friendly" nation that big Sam with Apple and Google's empires.
3) Compare to continent countries (US, India, China), the small states in Europe give more power to BBRY for imposing their phone prices and services to carriers. Moreover the sales on contract is less common in EU than in US, than's mean more cash directly for BBRY.
4) Today, the main opponent of BBRY is the Windows phone platform mainly supported with Nokia phones. It's great from BBRY to engage the fight on Nokia's soil.
5) US people should be happy to have beta-tester (for phone sales and OS) !! And as previously commented, it's not a big deal to get BB10 phones even they are currently available in every country or with every carriers.

Now, I understand that BBRY strategy is maybe not completely fulfilling CB expectations into the US Mobile Nations, however I don't think it will impact the CB move to NY ;-)

And this is why I love this blog. BlackBerry diehards who can distinguish good/bad.

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I have also wondered why BlackBerry does everything so slooooowly. I too noticed that the HTC One and GS 4 were launched after the the Q10 launch, yet the aforementioned phones were available for purchase before the Q10. It's not carrier testing per se because I assume those other phones went through the same thing too, and theirs were released faster.

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Ok this is all true but can we get an answer to WHY this happened? It's one thing for the devices to be delayed world wide for months. But just in one market? That is really odd.

To me that suggests something specific about the market slowing things down. Like the carriers. Why else can they release in the UK so long ago but still not in the us?

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It sucks that I wasted my money on the play book. I could have saved a chunk of dough and bought a dozen legal pads and a nice paper mate pen.

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