Maxim Magazine comes to BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 8 Apr 2013 04:37 pm EDT

This one is probably going to appeal to mainly men who are rocking a BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Maxim Magazine have released a native BlackBerry 10 application which is full of fun video content. A large majority of it seems to be of sexy ladies (all classy though), which I why I said about the man thing.

However, there is a broad selection of content including Funny Videos, Entertainment, Tech, Sports, Military, Vices, Upkeep and of course Girls.

Jumping into the menu tab of the app will present you with five options. These are Featured Videos, Recent Videos, Original Series, Channels and Search. The Maxim application is updated each day with new content so if you like to catch up on videos while chilling out this is a pretty good place to start.

Free to download from BlackBerry World I think if you have a Blackberry 10 smartphone you need to check this one out.

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Maxim Magazine comes to BlackBerry 10


I downloaded it a couple of days ago and to be honest I found it to be just a bunch of boring videos, nothing special so I deleted it... I enjoy the picture galleries from The Chive a lot more, there is an Androy app for it you can sideload and works very well...

Waiting for Zinio too, since I'm a subscriber on the Playbook, however the built-in Z10 newstand will do the job for new subscribers. It's a pretty good app.

The ladies are super gorgeous, but beyond that obvious statement, the app is simply extremely well written! Super fast and fluid and makes great use of its active frame!

Awesome stuff!

Ha ha... z10 auto correct wanted to change "Stuff" to "Stiff"... ;) This is a PG site Z10!!

Posted via CB10

Pressure and bug the big apps to come over. Squeaky wheels get the grease.

Ladies look a niiiiice.

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Downloaded. Most articles are over 30 days old. And many of the links, which are shown as soon as load app, are years old ! I dont want reviews on products from 2011 or even (in one case) 2005. I want current info.

Not impressed at all. Deleted app.