Security conscious? Max Secure Software apps go on sale until July 27th

By James Richardson on 19 Jul 2014 06:35 am EDT

Being BlackBerry 10 users we are all a little security conscious - especially if you use your device for business. With the ability to easily run Android apps on BlackBerry 10 some folk see this as a threat to the security of their device.

That's where Max Mobile Security comes in. We've featured many of their apps before and they have kindly dropped the price by 50% of their Privacy, Security and Utility apps until July 27th.

So if you have been tempted in the past but have been put off by the price now may be a good time to think again? I run Max Mobile Security at least once a week on my BlackBerry just to double check no threats have managed to creep into my phone.

All of the apps are Built for BlackBerry certified and they are also seeing BES deployment of the apps in multiple countries - good news.

The app list on sale is:

  • Max Mobile Security $7

  • Max Contact Manager $2

  • Max Safe Browser $2

  • Max Network Stat $1

  • Max Hide and Encrypt $2

  • Max Battery Monitor $2

  • Max SMS Spam Blocker $1

Max Secure Software is committed in further building the BlackBerry 10 portfolio of apps. There are many more upcoming privacy apps that will appeal to both consumers and enterprises.

"Building on the BlackBerry values of security, privacy and productivity our apps for BlackBerry 10 aim to extend these principles," says Sanjay Pradhan the CEO of Max Secure Software.

Download/See the full list of apps from Max Secure Software

Reader comments

Security conscious? Max Secure Software apps go on sale until July 27th


Highly priced, scam software that doesn't do what it says on the tin. stay away from this.

Posted via Q10

Would help out if you wrote a brief review of the app in question.

Frosty white Q10/

+1 what exactly are they adding on an OS that has no known virus, no known security breach, cutting edge encryption wall-to-wall????

Z30 Vivo Brasil

Would be interested in some actual facts to go along with your statements.

If what you say is true, I'd be interested to hear the details.

Posted via CB10

I don't think you really need this on a blackberry do you?

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo B4B Apps all the way!!!

James, have you actually used these apps or are you just promoting a developer without actually using their apps. I've said this before about this developer. The apps don't work as advertised so crackberry should not be promoting them.

If you have any queries about any app, you can write to us at
We can provide you samples of infected android apps that our app will detect and also if you go through our reviews you will see few of our customers have had successful detection. We are a 12 year old company with various certifications and hope you have a great experience with our products:

Your friends at Max Secure

Max secure is no use and the android apps is not scanning deep enough. It can find android malware but also misses some malware.

The max secure is not max secured as you may hope and be honest finding malware,virus in bar files at blackberry world is odd because it's al scanned. You can use it for apk files but it doesn't it job well and ofcourse downloading pictures and documents is and should be find with your standard pc virus scanner.

I tested some android apps and documents but doesn't find any problem but my pc software bitdefender does the job.

I don't know but what I know that android users really find some malware,virussen so the apps works in some way. But it's no use for BlackBerry users only maybe for not regular android apps and documents.

The app is to expensive and a price of 5 dollar would be right.

Posted via CB10

If you have a Bitdefender license, you can probably also use their Android version.

It is what I use on my Q10 and as far as I can tell it does everything MaxSecure does, if not more. For scanning Android applications that is.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

I know but I only install bank,netflix,spitify apk so don't care about bitdefender for android and yes it's free.

Max secure works at some level but it's definitely not the best app. And if you afraid of android apps and you should then only install the real necessary ones and forget free games etc.

Posted via CB10

Just downloaded Bitdefender from the Amazon App store for Free and am scanning now.

Never bothered with a virus program on my Z10 before but since a few of you say it's good I'll give it a try. Scanning just finished No bug's.

Take care.

Using Bitdefender on PC, and it's always one of the top rated AV solutions with consistently high detection rates...

Pasted via CB chen

Max Mobile Security:
- only actively scans Android Runtime.
- says it has on-demand scans for malware, but does not specify what it scans.
- background scanning is ONLY for Android applications, not for full security like it claims.

Judgment: any number of Android Scanners are free and equally good/better. If you are not comfortable with side-loading, this is probably your best bet right now.

Safe Browser:
- not integrated into the default browser, but a separate application.

Judgment: What we need is one that scans and integrates with the default browser and/or all third party browsers. If you are a regular victim of phishing, this application sure as hell will not help you.

Network Stat:
- just a data counter.

Judgment: Device Monitor also does this, and gets even more features in 10.3+.

Battery Monitor:
- Description in BBWorld makes this a scam. There is no such thing as a "battery life booster, optimiser and enhancer".
- just a battery monitor with some notification options.

Judgment: Device Monitor does most of this. And there are plenty of free battery applications with notifications.

QR Scanner:
- Phishing protection from QR codes?

Judgment: Seems pretty unlikely you will ever actively use this. Most of the times you scan a QR code it happens in a different application anyway.

Contact Manager, Hide and Encrypt, SMS Anti Spam:
- Fair descriptions, clear functionality.

Judgment: these might be worthwhile if you want these functions. But there are still better/cheaper options.

Max File Shredder:
- "safe" deletes files.

Judgment: might be worthwhile, but alternative options exist.

Private Messages For BBM:
- password protected messages with BBM friends.
- in-app purchases? No idea why/what.

Judgment: just a gimmick, not something user-friendly. Probably there are better alternatives again.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Though an android app but better than Max Secure Anti virus is CleanMaster.
Does what it says and is free too :)
Available through Snap!!

From 8703e till Z10. BB rocks!!!

After OS update 4-5 days back my z10 is malfunctioning like my app icon keep on moving around from one place to another by itself , it also hang sometimes I have clean master installed - any solutions guys? Please share

Posted via CB10

I don't understand this. Go pick up ESET Mobile Security for FREE. Yes its an Android app but works great. It has stopped me from loading a few android apps already because of its warnings. I have used ESET products for a number of years on my desktop and laptops.

Tried the max safe browser - though I don't recall ever buying it. Probably got it for free on one of those promotions.

Anyway, I've used it and I don't see how it's "max safe". Just another browser to use.

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I bought Max Security and agree with many posts above it does absolutely nothing. Never have I ever had a message saying any viruses detected or cleaned. It's a scam for sure!

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To add to the posts above explaining that this software is useless, Max File Shredder cannot do what it claims unless it has low level access to the flash controller.

Writing multiple times to the same flash block using only standard file access will actually write to different physical locations in the flash. This is done to prevent early failure and is called wear-levelling.

I asked about this when the product was first released and had no response, but unless it is a BlackBerry internal app I have no reason to believe any file shredding app will work on BB10.

Posted via CB10

This whole thread brings to the forefront (once again) the importance of standards for both BlackBerry World apps & CB articles. A lot of people depend on just the type of knowledge that has been shared here.

Posted via CB from "Z" best

Why is Crackberry a shell for Max Security Software? There's no point in "security" app for BlackBerry.

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There is if you decide to "off reservation" for an app download. Virus/ malware can be embedded into other file types as well, especially image files :jpg's, etc.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Check out Secure Anti Virus Pro by FileArchiveHaven, it's really good and does exactly that: scanning trough jpgs and such, to find even the most hidden virus! Really good app

Posted via CB10

They are not up front about what their apps actually do. Repeated requests for information about the encryption algorithms used in Max Hide and encrypt have been met my silence.

Anytime an app says it uses "proprietary encryption", run away.