Max Secure Software apps go on sale for Black Friday

Max Secure
By James Richardson on 29 Nov 2013 03:25 am EST

A few more bargains up for grabs today - courtesy of Max Secure Software who have dropped their BlackBerry 10 prices for the weekend. All the following applications are 'Built for BlackBerry' - many which we have previously featured here on CrackBerry. 

Whether you think your BlackBerry is secure enough or not Max Secure offer some extra protection in many ways - there's something for everyone in the selection. The ball's in your court if you feel like a little extra protection wouldn't hurt. 

On sale from Black Friday until Cyber Monday:

Taking advantage? Sound off in the comments if you find the Max Secure apps of use? 

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Max Secure Software apps go on sale for Black Friday


It is a nice app, it even let's you encrypt files in your remote cloud storage (Box, Dropbox). However, on the paranoid side, we don't know if this company is NSA sponsored ;-)

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry devices are already able to encrypt data but all of it and new files as you go IF encryption is set to On. So this is just a file hiding app unless you for some reason want to keep everything un-encrypted but would like to manually encrypt specific files :s

Built for BlackBerry however...cascades !

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

It's clever if it does that if BlackBerry doesn't already do it. I'm weary about security apps for BlackBerry. Think what it'd be like if these security apps for BlackBerry caught on now as time goes on more people are obtaining BlackBerry 10 devices.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Ran a Max Mobile Security full scan just after installing (for the second time), which apparently administered an accelerated settling of the OS; had all my apps running smoothly.. sooner rather than later. For all the added protection this app delivers, it's well worth the spend.

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The phrase "administered an accelerated settling" is a very technical phrase. It'll take at least a couple of beers for anybody to realize the meaning behind it so here it is...
He started a full scan of this software after adding the awesome leak. The first attempt installing the leak didn't go very well for him. This security scan obviously did a quick fix of the OS; all his apps ran smoothly, quickly after that. He now feels safe and happy with his purchase.

Wow. For a little over 15 bucks you can have some serious security on your phone. I'm in for sure! I can charge it to my plan so no money out my pocket till the next bill.

Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Q10...SON!