Protect your information with Max Safe Browser for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 11 Jul 2013 06:01 am EDT

Max Safe Browser comes from the same developers that gave us Max Mobile Security that we featured a while back. The browser is natively built with enhanced privacy and anti-phishing in mind if you are at all suspicious of certain mobile sites you may visit.

Although BlackBerry is the most secure mobile platform on the market this browser will protect you from malicious and anti-phishing sites to give you piece of mind. The developers recommend using Max Safe Browser while mobile banking, shopping or handling of sensitive passwords & data. Max Safe Browser provides enhanced privacy options and is completely private since it doesn't store any data, history or passwords.

As you will see from the above video it does a decent job and doesn't alter the browsing performance on BlackBerry 10. The app will allow you to open multiple tabs and seamlessly switch between them in true BB10 fashion.

Max Safe Browser is completely integrated with BlackBerry 10, it can be invoked from any link throughout the system. It utilizes Earconography sound design, giving the user a feedback when the website has completely loaded in the background.

Let's look at an example: So, you get a phishing email saying you need to change your Facebook password. If you open this in the native browser the 'bad guys' will get your details. But since Max Safe Browser uses invocation frameworks from BlackBerry 10 it will block the link and protect your information - sounds good to me.

Available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5 - Max Safe Browser retails at £1.50/$1.99 so it won't break the bank. Sound off in the comments if you think we need this?

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Protect your information with Max Safe Browser for BlackBerry 10


Meh, just wanted to see what it feels like to get a first comment. Nothing.

Wanted to say, Max might actually be a good thing for now. But when BlackBerry launches the email phishing warning notification, what then?

Posted via CB10

This browser sounds good. Of course, the best way is to bank via a personal vpn. BlackBerry doesn't allow that. Ios and android do.

BlackBerry PLEASE sort this out!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Those are for specific types of VPN access, requiring specific hardware.

Commercial VPN'S, like BT GUARD - commercial protocols like pptp, l2tp and specifically OPENVPN are NOT compatible with BlackBerry - there are ways to get them easily onto ios and android.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Looks good but I have not pulled the trigger to spend 2 bucks on this one, yet. I should have picked up Max Mobile Security while it was free a while back because it's 10 bucks now.

I got Max Mobile Secure at a discounted price and I cannot update the software. If I uninstall Max Mobile it cannot be reinstalled. The only way I can get the software back on my device is to restore my device from a previous total backup that contains Max Mobile. The developer informed me the problem is on BlackBerry's end but BlackBerry support doesn't respond to my repeated requests. I suspect it has something to do with buying it at the discounted price.

Posted via CB10

Wow, that's a bummer and don't sound right. You should get the same service, support and upgrades whether you bought it on sale or paid full price, should make no difference to developer or Blackberry.
Maybe Jim could contact the developer on your behalf since he did write-ups for them here on CrackBerry. Good luck, hope it works out for you, let us know here if possible.

I had the same problem. Gave up, removed Max Mobile Secure, and haven't used it since. It's not a BlackBerry problem. The developer shuts anyone out from updates if they did not buy at the full price.

Posted via CB10

Hmm, if this all true and I have no reason to doubt that is true, then CrackBerry should not be promoting these apps or this developer, nor should BlackBerry allow this to happen because it is just not good for business. Now, if this information is wrong, I take it back. :p

Ok, I just tried to update now and it appears to have updated to the latest version. Last week when I tried I would have gotten an error message before the download started. . Not today! I watched it download and install. When I checked the application permissions it is showing the same version as in app world. But it still says "upgrade" after the install on the home page for the app. Also the app shows up in my update section in my app world. It won't go away after seeming to successfully install 6 times in a row.

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I'm very speculative when it comes to mobile security apps. I don't see what they could possibly offer that the OS can't given you are the average sensible user who does not side load apps.

Posted via CB10

I will download it to support a company for supporting BBRY. It seems like a useful app and it is not a game, which means I might actually use it.

BlackBerry should be updating this periodically not another company for security. I'm passing on this one too.

Posted via CB10

How can you say bit doesn't alter the browsing experience, it's slower than the baked in by far.

Posted Via CB10 from Z10.

I really do not understand the use of these "max security" series apps. Isn't BlackBerry secure enough? Isn't it the reason why you got the phone instead of malware driven android? Okay browser, wouldn't browsing incognito on the native browser produce the same effect?

Someone please help me understand why max security app is always the top grossing and recommended app on BlackBerry World!

Corky Notes for bb10 developer

Never had an issue with any BlackBerry phone and malware. Don't see the point if this app.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

New Q10, new app! Love this app. Has a great UI/UX. Saved 30% on it by getting it in the introductory period. Good browser app, thanks Crackberry.

If you're gonna be using an app for "mobile banking" and such.. why would you use a third party app to do it (except from the banks app itself).. that's just not smart.. the native browser is phenomenal and you're not going to get a virus on your BlackBerry, jeeze.. why take the extra step and do stuff like mobile banking in a 3rd party app, not smart..

Yeah, and it sucks.. some people are gonna buy this and use it because in their mind it's "more secure" but in reality, you're actually taking more of a risk as there is now one more wall that gets to see your info now. I don't trust it, and I wish people didn't spend their money on this.. BlackBerry HAS THE BEST SECURITY PEOPLE, cmon now.

Once you purchase the app and this dev continuously raises the price you won't be able to download it anymore just like max security. Don't waste your money. Horrible support

Posted via CB10

That's because.. it is secure.. companies like this just pray on people who think they aren't safe.. If you own a bb you're already safer than 99% of Android and iPhone users, security apps aren't needed for this platform, yet people still get nervous and think that they need it.. Wish other small devs were supported than a security company thats not even needed on the platform, it's a shame :/

Hey, our app is an anti-phishing browser, any platform that can browse the web can be a phishing victim (except chrome, since they have an inbuilt phishing scanner).

While I appreciate the response, it's still my opinion and I continue to think the way that I do and have the right to have my opinion public if I so choose.


At least we haven't yet heard that BB has the NSA writing "security" code for them like Google has with Android.

Posted via CB10

What's been said is spot on: use the official banking app.

And a vpn (especially if on a public wifi network).

Both things BlackBerry doesnt yet support (no UK banking apps, well Natwest anyway, and NO commercial vpns).

Security needs to be addressed, and BlackBerry would do well to address these things.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

To keep my information REALLY safe, I need full Blackberry Protect on BB10, not a crappy browser.

I'm using this app. It seems good. My only problem is why has it taken over as my default browser on my Q10? Everytime I open a Web link in my email, somehow my BlackBerry browser is bypassed and the max browser pops up! Anyone know how to fix this? I want to youse max browser as an option rather than 1st choice.

Posted via CB10

If you want to open the default browser, you can long press on the link. We are adding the option to change the default browser in the next update.

The same goes for me. Pls. add this option asap. And pinch to zoom should be improved. Sometimes it fails.

It is the link you have up. When you click that link, returns a bad search. It is in BlackBerry World, though.

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