Max QR Scanner checks QR codes before they load to see if they're safe

By Bla1ze on 10 Sep 2013 04:41 am EDT

Have you ever been walking down the road and randomly see a QR code stuck somewhere with no real indication as to where it may lead? I have plenty of times and natural curiosity always has me reaching for my device to quickly scan it and find out where this curious QR code leads. Realistically, that's probably not the best idea considering you never really know where the code is going to go and it's pretty much no different than clicking on some phishing link in an email.

Knowing that is the case and knowing how curious folks can be, the developers at Max Secure Software have come up Max QR Scanner. The apps acts like any normal QR code scanning app may work but it has some additional features built in to help ensure you're never left wondering where a QR code is going to take you again. When you scan a QR code using the app, it checks the URL against a safe and non-safe database plus it shows you exactly what the QR code is be it a link, a PIN, a phone number or even plain text.

Additionally, the app also maintains a history of scanned items so if you happen to forget a link you visited or a PIN given to you or even a phone number, you can always go back and review the information once again. I can't see a huge number of folks diving in and making use of this app but if you're truly interested in an additional layer of security, it might be right your alley. Coming in at $.99 and available for BlackBerry 10 devices, you can find Max QR Scanner live in BlackBerry World right now.

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Max QR Scanner checks QR codes before they load to see if they're safe


I wonder if I'm the only person that hasn't scanned these kind of codes. On a related note, my 9th grader's school had a scavenger hunt with their devices, going from room to room and through hallways scanning with QR scanners. "What kind if phone is that!?" other students would ask her. Then, " Wow, it's cool!" after she'd show them some features, swiping, and lack of home button. "Mom, no one else has a Z10 at school. I love my phone!" ;)

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She goes to a rather small school, an alternative high school that's a career center. "Mom, now Maria and others at my lunch table want a Z10, better and prettier screen."

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This is a pretty good idea for an app. True, who would know exactly where a scan might lead you. I even see T-shirts with codes. Which are likely legitimate ads, but just like with a random sign with a code and no other identifying words at all, how would you really know?
What a tech world.

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Soon governments will want us all to wear a QR code to track us all where we are and where we go at any time and if caught without a code you will be automatically jailed 1st offense is 60 days, 2nd offense is 120 days, 3rd offense is 240 days, 4th offense is lifetime.

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It's been tried, the Nazi party tattooed people they wanted to keep track off... Gov't spying and tracking isn't new. It's going to get much, much worse.

I never scan QR codes unless they're on something I've bought, is from BlackBerry or it's one I've made.

Good idea for an app though.

Finally! Never really liked these QR codes. Seemed to be the easiest way to lure you to some shady website. Not a fan of the url redirection service either.

Bought it and glad I did. Not that i scan much, but when I do, i value security and privacy.

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