Closely monitor your data usage with Max Network Stat for BlackBerry 10

Max Network Stat
By James Richardson on 21 Oct 2013 09:29 am EDT

When it comes to using data on your BlackBerry 10 device nobody likes to go over their monthly allowance for obvious reasons - it costs. That's where Max Network Stat may come in handy for you - allowing you to keep an eye on just how much data you are getting through.

I'll be honest and say that there are various other apps that do this same task, so I was intrigued as to why I should give this one a try. What better way to do that than to ask the developer, and here's what he said: 

Currently all network stat apps take the data usage value from the network API which stores the value till the device is rebooted. So for all these apps it's ideal to run once before rebooting your device. (This is also what we do currently)

With 10.2 we are going to be adding headless app support by which our app will do this task automatically and be highly accurate. 

Also we have used a native cascades UI, an active frame and hub notifications for data alerts. To top it all we have a 24*7 customer support team/live chat making it a premium experience to buy any Max Secure Software app.

From a personal perspective it is a nice app. It gives you just the information you need to know - including Wi-Fi usage as well as cellular. It even automatically knows your monthly data allowance and as well as the used percentage being shown in the app it is also displayed in the Active Frame - which I really love. 

Max Network Stat costs £1.50/$1.99 and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. If you are regularly at risk of exceeding your data limits then this one is well worth considering. 


  • Set monthly limit, date and previous usage.
  • Percentage with alerts as hub notifications.
  • Active Frame with summary.
  • Z10, Q10, Q5 and Z30 optimised.
  • 24*7 customer support.

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Reader comments

Closely monitor your data usage with Max Network Stat for BlackBerry 10


Cool app, except on O2 in the UK you can track your data usage via their own app. Not gone over my allowance once by keeping an eye on it.

Posted via CB10

This should be a tool built in into the OS instead of 3rd party app, along with battery percentage, etc.. the little things blackberry failed to spot..

Posted via CB10

As far as I understand it, BlackBerry didn't fail to spot anything. I figured they intentionally didn't bake these features in to help generate app development.

Posted via CB10

MS could have killed the add-in market for their Office products and they wisely chose not to burn the devs that enhance their products. If you get a reputation for nullifying the hard work of your software partners then no one would be willing to engage in that type of software development.

So what about the panorama feature I hear in 10.2.1 isnt that going to kill some developers revenue stream?
It would be unwise for BB or any other OS company (apple, ms, google etc) to stop development of their OS and not adding features just because there are app out there with these features.

Agreed but there are apps that are outside of what a reasonable OS should be expected to provide and situations where an app should really be a feature because it is so obvious. Also you have to weigh what the competing platforms have made OS features as well.

It's an essential tool for some users to be able to monitor their data usage.. this should be a part of the OS..
This is my final opinion.. others might see it differently, i dont really care about what others think LoL

Posted via CB10

It doesn't even work on my Z10. They really suck! IMO

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Here's a little quote from Jerry Seinfeld himself, word for word.

"Well aren't youuuu something"!!


Posted via CBZ10 baby!

Seriously $1.99? I am all up for supporting devs but I feel we get ripped off on BB10. Majority of apps on BB10 and this one especially would be free on Android.

Posted via CB10

It's $2.. not $20. The is also data counter at 99 cents if your carrier app doesn't already read data used.

CB10 - Z10 -

Cheaper than a large cup of coffee at McDonald's. You've got a $600 phone and you're complaining about a $2 app that'll last the lifetime of the phone? Either support BlackBerry and our 3rd party app devs or just move over to Android already. This would probably cost on iOS, too. Why does everyone think that people don't deserve to get paid for their work?!

....i think it has to do with other apps being offered for free. people feel they shouldn't have to pay for something that could have been implemented for free. Not to mention that other apps can do similar things AND more.... it's like buying a new car and the dealer telling you if you want a radio in it going to be extra.... as for this app. I can see the use for people that have limited data plans but for the most part every U.S. carrier I know now offers unlimited data with most plans. The only drawback is that they slow down the speed once you go over, in my case on t-mobile, 2g speeds which is snail speed.

Posted via CB10

Other platforms will have a hundred versions of this, which is why it's free. It seems like the only way to make money as a dev on Android is to make free apps full of ads.

Posted via CB10

I'm all about paying for a good app that doesnt steal my money and solve my problems or needs. It's 2$ we're talking about, if you go out to a bar one night it's like buying at 30/40 apps.

But then you would be using an Android device.
I don't know why so many people feel that developers should do everything for 'free' because at some point you have to give something up that is going to be way more valuable to them than $2.00.
So go to school, build your own app and offer it for free, or pay someone to develop it for you so you can offer it for free.

Posted via CB10

That's like complaining about a badly cooked meal and also whining about the small portion.

If the app is poorly designed then why would you want it? If you need it anyway because it does something you want, then why bitch about $2?

Two freaking dollars and you are whining - sheesh get a life.

Hm let me guess.. no Background running :)
Useless for me, but a good start :)

Maybe someday it will be possible on an easy way :)

Posted via CB10

If you had read the entire post you would've read the part where they said they will have headless capability in 10.2.

Posted via CBZ10 baby!

When as they say -fix the following :
With 10.2 we are going to be adding headless app support by which our app will do this task automatically and be highly accurate. 

I will then purchase......until then data usage

Posted via CB10

It would be really nice if this app could tie into the app running on other BB10 devices (maybe via BBM) and collect the other device mobile usage. I have a shared bandwidth account with my lady. The app is only so useful without knowing what her phone is using. I can have it warn at 75% which would get pretty close to the ratio we use (me 75%, her 25%) but that is only a guess.

Why is it not free, there's 2000 of these apps on android and iOS and they don't cost anything. This is getting ridiculous.

Posted via CB10

I've owned my z10 since Feb 12 of this year and their data app was broken on my phone until recently. I know for some it worked from day one but for others it's been broken for quite some time.

Posted via CB from my z10

Data Usage Counter is pretty good too at $0.99. Support your developers. $2 to a developer knowing they are working on a headless version is worth every penny.

These kinda apps should be built in the phone via carrier apps. But then again, they make more money if you go over your data usage.

Posted via CB10

Another app that should have been free and come with the OS. I wouldn't spend a penny on this app.

Posted via CB10

Not free, no thanks. I make good money but with all this side loading why bother paying for something that's usually free?

Posted via CB10

And say goodbye to BlackBerry....

Whine that no one makes apps. Why? Because people can't part with $2.

Posted via CB10

gosh, its only $2, no more... the biggest problem for BB10 is lacks of apps, soo why you guys asking for more apps but in same time not willing to help devs? you typically android users..

Posted via CB10

I'll wait till 10.2/headless version before getting it. Also I'd love support for roaming usage. Mobile Data Alerter for BlackBerry 7 segregated it out to Home Network/Roaming/WiFi. Add that and I'd gladly pay $5.

Or just wait for 10.2.1 to stabilise and get it for free from the application monitoring app. You'll also get battery usage, per app :)

Sent from my Z30/3

So the only time I ever need to know how much data I'm using is when roaming because I'm on a BB and don't use that much. Doesn't support roaming. My old 9900 had apps available that did this.

I purchased this app about 23 days into my billing period. My plan allows 4GB data so I entered the 3024MB I had already used into the app's setup screen, per instructions. Alas, the app never used this number and started tallying from 0... not useful and email to dev didn't resolve it.

Today my plan rolled over and the app got that right, resetting my usage back to 0. Alas, no usage is now getting tallied at all. Useless until fixed.

Posted via CB10