Max Mobile Security gets updated and is now 'Built for BlackBerry'

Max Mobile
By James Richardson on 12 Jun 2013 03:23 am EDT

We've featured Max Mobile Security a few times already on CrackBerry and once again it hits the news with a new update which comes with a host of improved features. In addition, the anti-virus application has now achieved 'Built for BlackBerry' status which involves a rigorous approval process from BlackBerry.

Features included in the 5.3 update:

  • Hub integration
  • Notifications
  • Background scans with Active Frame
  • Context menu with BBM sharing

If you are the slightest bit concerned with third party side-loaded applications and malicious files Max Mobile Security will have you covered. In the near future users of the application will also be able to download Max Safe Browser for free - an anti-phishing and enhanced privacy browser. Sounds good to me.

Download Max Mobile Security for BlackBerry 10

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Max Mobile Security gets updated and is now 'Built for BlackBerry'


I love this app but cannot get it to update as I keep getting the same error every time I try

Posted via CB10

I wonder why is this app still in the bb world, according to the "thatplaybookguy" he was talking to Thorstein and all the lawyers of BB to have it ban from the BB World...go figure :P

Mine did update, but it broke the app. Now it wont launch. Developer has not responded to support request. Looks like a waste of money!

I had the exact same problem... eventually I just gave up and deleted it. kind of shame though, app seemed to work well otherwise

Why would I use this app. BlackBerry is unite impervious to issues and I don't side load or load any DROID apps.?

Posted via CB10

There is literally no virus in traditional sense that can target BlackBerry platform. Such an application is merely taking advantage of people's fear in Windows viri.

Well, there is Jared Company, but at least their viri provides some kind of function

STL 100-1

Lol, yeah I don't load anymore Jared Company applications because of their self spam. Z10 is Jared free!

Posted via me on my Z10

There are no viruses for BlackBerry, and if there were, apps can't scan outside their sandbox.
This app is nothing but a scam, and CrackBerry's falling for it hook, line, and sinker!

Yeah, I don't like this at all. BlackBerry IS security. It's just one of the many things I can hold over my crApple and fAndroid friends. Haha.

To have this out there makes it seem like there is a need for it, which there is not. And $10 is ridunculous. I'm actually shocked that BlackBerry let this into BBW. I really hope this gets pulled as it seems counterproductive to what BlackBerry is all about.

Rip off app offered it free then couldn't update make u remove then try to make u pay for it bait and switch at its finesy

Posted via Z10

I received the same reply. I was an early adopter and received it free. The only workaround according to the developer was to properly delete the app and then pay for it. Apparently it's Blackberry World's fault.

I can confirm that as B.S. I have a dev account and determining whether people pay for updates or not is solely the choice of the dev

BB World throws a network error when our users from the promotional period try updating it(Because they didn't have the free users record when we changed it to paid). We will give these users the latest version to sideload starting from next week.

According to the dev, BBRY frowns upon the practice of a free app being "converted" to a pay-app and it is BBRY that is blocking update of the app by those who got it when it was free. I have a hard time wrapping my head around that but the dev said there was nothing he could do.

Posted via CB10, Rocking the Z10

BB World throws a network error when our users from the promotional period try updating it(Because they didn't have the free users record when we changed it to paid). We will give these users the latest version to sideload starting from next week.

Again i call B.S on the dev. I am able to change prices of my apps from free to paid whenever i want to and not only can i do that, i can change the tier prices whenever i feel like

Miss fire! Ha ha.

I don't know much about this app but seeing as everyone on CB is crapping on it, makes you wonder how it's BlackBerry approved as well.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

Those that got the app originally for free can't use/update it unless they now buy it & neither BlackBerry World or the developer will comment on the issue, so something's not quite right somewhere especially when other free apps can be updated without any issues or having to buy them.

Posted via CB10

Why buy an app for a platform that is impervious to compromise? Why buy an app that will cause more problems than solve... battery drain... etc.?

I don't think anyone has found such a thing on their BlackBerry. And the day they did, I think BlackBerry would lose a lot of credibility. Building a solid secure phone is one of the main things that BlackBerry has going for it.
Like other have stated, this app is foolish to sell in BlackBerry World. Counter-productive indeed! This is going to lead people top believe that their phone can actually get a "virus."
Better double think this BlackBerry!

Posted via my Q10 via the awesome CB10 app!

Só much for the rigorous approval process to obtain "Built for BlackBerry" status. It would be great if current version of an app is used/tested by the author before posting the article. Seems clear from BBW comments the app has issues (although you can't always trust the user comments). Never understood why people give 4 or 5 stars for an app that clearly isn't working for them, based on the comment.

Bottom line, please stop touting apps simply because a previous version worked or because it's built for BlackBerry. Just an opinion.

Like how you suggested to uninstall and download and pay while you have offered it for free? Then can't update? Yeah we've contacted you already and that was your response. And the fact that you remove the countless poor reviews you received because of your shady tactics. I will keep away from this app.

Posted via CB10

...when in actuality, the reviews based on previous (free or lower priced versions) are the ones that should be removed. Leaving those on, falsely pumps up the rating.

Why do you just tell people to contact you by email? Why can't you tell us what you plan to do for those of us that can't update?

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry World is not allowing us to give updates to our users who got the app during the promotional period, we are planning to give a sideload with a registration system to those users in the coming week. (Network Error Update issue)
We will announce on CB forums and on our BBM channel: C00047112
For the users on 10.0 we have put in an update and it should be available to download soon.

I really worry when people say things like "impervious to viruses" believe me - there is always a way.
However a virus need not be the classic self-replicating variety - how about a simple elevation of privileges so an app can access your cam or mic without you knowing about it?
Now this app might be a piece of crap but given it has been proved possible to get a virus into a network simply by printing a malicious document I think it would be wise to remain vigilant.

Powered by Z10 via DTAC

Worst customer service I have ever seen from app developers. Only reason for the high reviews they have is from when they had the app for free but they didn't honour carrying that over after 10.1 updates even if you previously had the app. Don't buy this app.

Posted via CB10

Hey, we have had 37 reviews when the app was free. BlackBerry World is throwing a network error when the app is being trying to be updated by users who got the app in the free period.
We are working on a registration system so they can sideload the app, starting next week onwards.

A big con and BlackBerry should be ashamed of itself for approving it for BlackBerry world.

Posted via CB10

Love the app works great for me and keeps all my data and information safe and secure...

Posted via CB10

I just paid for and loaded this last night because I sideload and use Android apps and it doesn't work. I tap it and it will not load. I'm not happy with this but will hold judgment until they get it fixed. If not I hope they are ready to reimburse me for it.

Posted via CB10

Update is in BlackBerry world now and the issue of it not initializing is fixed for me. Thanks for taking care of this!

I too was an early user when it was free, then started to receive the network Error when trying to update or reinstall. The email I received from their support team was to reinstall and pay the 10 dollars for the app. I don't have a problem supporting the app devs by paying for apps ( when they work) but as said in a previous post feels like the old bait and switch. I look forward to the solution being spoken about, free was nice early on and we no doubt helped others decide to pay for the app based on our experience. Please support those of us that adopted early!

Posted via CB10

BB World throws a network error when our users from the promotional period try updating it(Because they didn't have the free users record when we changed it to paid). We will give these users the latest version to sideload starting from next week.

It is beyond me why so many people here are upset about not being able to update from one version of an app that serves absolutely no purpose despite ripping off users to a more recent version of the same app still not serving any real purpose at all ... Donate the ten bucks to Greenpeace or th WWF instead!

Posted via CB10

Once again James recommending an app he doesn't even use! Once again it is not very popular amongst those who have tried it! How much did you get for this one James?