Remove files permanently with Max File Shredder for BlackBerry 10

Max File Shredder
By James Richardson on 27 Aug 2013 04:57 am EDT

If you ever have concerns that you need files to be permanently deleted from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone Max File Shredder should help you out. I thought that deleting a file did exactly that but apparently not. According to the developers of Max File Shredder it is only parts of the file that are changed in the OS, meaning that if your device got into the wrong hands - any sensitive information you 'thought' you had deleted could be recovered with the right software. 

Max Secure Shredder does as the name suggests and actually shreds the files beyond recovery. Many of us normal folk probably won't care about shredding but with BlackBerry 10 growing in the business sector this application could indeed be the perfect tool for BES 10 administrators to install on company devices.

While you and I may not have such sensitive files on our BlackBerry smartphones the likes of government agencies would be loving the concept of this one I would imagine. In fact, I wonder if Kevin will insist I install Max File Shredder as I still have photos from his birthday party in Orlando that didn't make it to the Story Maker video we posted!  

I'm certainly interested to hear your views on this one so please feel free to sound off in the comments. 

Max File Shredder costs £1.50/$1.99 and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. 

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Remove files permanently with Max File Shredder for BlackBerry 10


Good thing, but if you want to save money you could connect to the pc or laptop and delete them permanently from there.

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No file system by default provides secure file deletion and the 'shedder' feature is always a separate utility. This application is useful for anyone including those travelling to and from the US because they routinely image electronic devices for subsequent examination.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

No one ever said BlackBerry security was 100% full proof. Just better than the rest. The guy at home plate hits a line drive past the 1st baseman . What happens? There better be a right fielder to back him up. Anyway now a days who can say what is enough security. So if there is an app to help insure my phones security then better for me.

Haha! Good one. Permanently deleting a file each time would slow down any OS to snail.

However, if one does have sensitive data on their phone, I would say that the safest is to encrypt your memory cards instead of using this software. If lost, the data would be useless, deleted or not.

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Want the truth? Fair enough! No BlackBerry ever has been 100% able to delete files within its core. It's the same for ANY Operating System on any phone or computer. Without a full security wipe traces can be found deeply rooted and can later be brought back and rebuilt. This is why even the best tech expert will tell you when you have deleted sensitive stuff from your pc hdd reformat the drive it destroys the files even more but the only way to ensure a file has been deleted is to ensure new data over writes it or a secure shredder programme destroys it's purposefully. Is this App something that does? They claim to. To be honest, unless you like to deal a lot with sensitive secure material or porn you wouldn't need such an app. Is it wise to have such an app? Of course. You can never be paranoid enough about security. BlackBerry 7.0+ had a great internal shredder, for some insane reason the brain dead morons left that one feature out! That's all I can say to answer your question. BlackBerry is best suited to answer why they left this key component out.

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It's there. Trust me. It's not easy to find but once found you can set it so it's in home screen versus going thru the process of always looking it up. My 9900 is packed up. I will update this later on today for you to show you how to get that up and running. But yes it does have it I used it lots

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The reason why there is no built in shredder is that by encrypting the device, you don't need to shred.

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Smh....blackberry is secure as a mobile device can be. This is an app for those that don't know how to keep their phone clean. If bb10 was not secure, then tell me why the usa dod is using it.

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Maybe if your USA department of defense, and constantly paranoid? Brings them some peace of mind so why not?

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I don't really get why their apps get such positive reviews, without actually talking about what they do? Or if they are even neccesary for the BB10 platform as it is now.
I think Max Secure sure is good at preying on paranoid people. They write an app description that basically says "BB10 is unsafe/not optimized, we can't explain why, but our app will fix it for you", and everyone just jumps on board.

First a virus scanner that never finds anything (check the reviews), and only manually scans Android-based installs (no background connections for example). And even if it did find anything bad, the most it could probably do is transfer to your PC when transferring files. And that should already be running its own Security suite (right?!).

Followed by a battery 'optimise' app that is basically just for toggling network connections on/off. Again they seem to tell you the app does something special, it does not. There is no magical 'improve battery' app, it's all just changing/tweaking OS settings you could just do manually.

Now comes the File shredder, trying to make people think BB10 is less secure than any other platform in deleting/recovering files. Like I can just press my nose to the screen to find all your deleted items. If someone really is after your files: for every shredder app, there is a recovery program that can go even deeper.

The only positive app I spot is their Safe Browser: it clearly states how it works, and should warn people when they connect to phishing sites.

tl;dr - All their apps are just for people that don't understand their device, go to unsafe sources on purpose, and still claim it is someone else's fault when things go wrong. For the average user they don't add any real advantage. My advice: stick to the Common Sense app.

BlackBerry10 signed.

+1000000 hopefully more ppl read this comment, it mirrors many of our sentiments down to a T. So true.

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

I can't seem to find the common sense app in app world. Could you post a link ? ;) :P

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

The "secure file deletion" function is a valid concept, it is a critical part of keeping people from seeing/finding deleted files on traditional hard disks or removable media, which in almost any operating system are simply flagged as removed or invisible, not overwritten when deleted.

But the dumb thing about THIS product is that those tools have historically been designed based on the winchester-disk or flexible-removable-disk paradigm. AFAIK, flash memory already "scrambles" the blocks that make up a filesystem in ways that are not easily re-assembled anyway.

This is why you should never attempt to run a disk defragmentation tool on flash memory or SSD's - all it accomplishes in most cases is wearing out the memory chips faster.

*facepalm* further evidence that this company releases another bunk app yet ppl will continue to buy.. One dev that I will I'll NEVER support. They are just good at manipulating people to buy their BS Apps.

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)



It's made for people who would use that feature. If you don't need it don't buy it. I only use a secure shredder on occasion on my computer, but even though I don't need it on the phone, i am glad it is there if I do need that functionality. A remote wipe is not the purpose here. You are deleting things securely as you need to. You don't wipe your phone every time you want to delete something.
I still find it amazing that some people still are shocked when they are told that the information they deleted can be recovered. There are tons of movie's, cop shows news stories of this sort all over.
All electronic devices with any HDD or SSD or other magnetic media have this situation. This is how criminals get caught, and how crimes occur. You don't waste your time shredding a picture of your wife's car unless it is incriminating and can get you thrown in jail. You do shred the document of sensitive company information when you are done with it on your phone.

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This is why Mac os x has a "secure empty trash" menu item. Linux also has a shred command. A feature like this should be baked into the OS. I'd rather take my chances than grant access to my most sensitive file to a third party app.

As an embedded systems developer and a blackberry developer, I am uncertain how an application can accomplish secure file deletion in the way this claims to.

The problem is the way information is stored within your blackberry. BlackBerry uses storage modules similar to SD cards. They manage the information stored on them to ensure that the user isn't always wearing down the same segment of memory. This means that if you go to write over a file, the original part is just marked for deletion and the new part is written in another location. There are ways around this, but not normally presented at the OS level for user apps. (correct me if there is something in the api here I don't know about). From my experience, you can normally recover some deleted files by reading all of the emtpy space. This is why when your blackberry does a security wipe it takes so long - it is writing over and deleting your free space. The only way to really ensure your data is gone is to do a security wipe.

If you want to stay secure, just make sure to have a password and be careful what apps you sideload.


Great app and a good idea. With the government over stepping... and not caring about our rights anymore this is a good thing.

I'm surprised Max Secure Software isn't giving this away for free - then once they update the app they make you pay for it.

If BES admins would need this app to REALLY whipe the phone in case it's needed, then... with all due respect, but then BES10.whateverversionnotabletowhipethephonecompletely is REALLY WORTHLESS... then BlackBerry is in real substantial trouble...

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With the way the flash file system is implemented, and the degree of low-level access that apps have on BB10 (basically none) it's next to impossible that this app actually accomplishes anything. If they think they're overwriting your file somehow, the OS and filesystem are really just writing the changes to a new area of the flash and your old data is still present. Enable encryption if you care about your privacy, and don't waste your money.

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You can't "securely delete" a single file from flash. There's only one way to wipe flash, and I don't think you want to do that...

From the Heidi Eraser:
Flash Drive Note: Nearly all modern flash drives use wear leveling to spread write operations out over a device. This interferes with Eraser (and other secure deletion utilities) ability to wipe single files. Wiping an entire drive or erasing a file and then wiping free space may be a little more secure but still not delete all data, though it will put additional wear on your drive.

Most pc users are likely unaware of the fact that a deleted file (doc,pic,etc.) is only marked as deleted in the file directory index but almost all the information in the file still resides on the hard drive until such time as the space occupied by the file is over-written by a newly saved file.
Prior to an over-write, one can even do a low level BIOS search (using the old Dos list files command) of the directory tree to locate these files and see them by name with only the first couple of characters of the name changed. One only needs to correct the characters and recover the file. That's why companies like Norton and McAfee created wipedisk clear the dead files from the system.

While I am unsure how deleting files on smartphones is handled, I suspect that the process is not much different since the method of indexing file names in a table is one of the best methods of providing fast access to data. Ergo, if the product performs as advertised then some ppl will find it quite useful.

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WreckingBall60, you admit you're unsure how deleting files on smartphones works, but some of us are sure. Read snison's post just above yours to see why wear-levelling (among other things) effectively prevents any app like this from actually doing what even the authors apparently think it does. Note also that unless they've broken open their BB10 device and desoldered the flash chip, and verified that the data was truly erased, then users should have no confidence whatsoever that this app does anything useful for them.