Keep secret files hidden with Max Hide & Encrypt for BlackBerry 10

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By James Richardson on 6 Oct 2013 07:08 am EDT

If you are the type of person that needs to hide certain files on your BlackBerry you may well be interested in Max Hide & Encrypt for BlackBerry 10. This app clearly won't be for everyone, but many people, businesses or government agencies may well have the desire to hide sensitive documents, photos, videos etc. 

My first thoughts when I was sent the details of the app was that people could just use a device password. But then I thought to myself that I hate using a password to unlock my BlackBerry and many other folk out there may do too. At least with Max Hide & Encrypt this eliminates this issue but still gives you piece of mind that your 'secret' stuff is well hidden on your BlackBerry. 

The application is priced at £1.50/$1.99 - a small price to pay for document protection. No discount is available for secret agents! 

Press Release

Max Secure Software launches Max Hide & Encrypt for BlackBerry 10. It not only hides files on the device but also encrypts them.

Max Hide & Encrypt is a privacy & security app, to keep files & other data private. The file is first encrypted by Max Secure Software’s proprietary shield algorithm and then made hidden to the file system. By encrypting it nobody can access the file without the user’s app password.

Photos, videos, documents, music and any other type of file in SD card, phone memory or even on the cloud (dropbox & box) can be hidden from unwanted people. Max Hide & Encrypt has been developed using Cascades for high performance.

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Keep secret files hidden with Max Hide & Encrypt for BlackBerry 10


Now that is interesting

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

That's exactly what I was thinking....I can hide porn from my girlfriend AND my wife....or hide porn OF my girlfriend FROM my wife....or....the other way around too....suhWEET!

Whatever happen to the option of hiding apps and file as we had on OS7. Will we see that come back anytime soon.

Posted via CB10

bring that back the Password for Folders where I can create a folder for my private pictures videos and files I wich to be efficiently password protected . It worked very well on OS7 and you would think that could a Blackberry feature in BB10

"But then I thought to myself that I hate using a password to unlock my BlackBerry and many other folk out there may do too."

Are you crazy? If you don't set a password for your BlackBerry then none of the BlackBerry ID services work. You won't be able to even purchase this app from World. BlackBerry has built in encryption and Protect Tools which is more than enough security.

If you hate entering your password every time like me, just set the time out to 30 minutes.

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I believe u when u talk about the built in encryption but the OS doesn't offer what this app does. When I go into the file manager there is a folder labeled "protected_media" that I have yet to see what it is for or find out how to use it. Can't figure it out.

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Protected_media is just things like ring tones and wallpapers, which are protected from deletion. It's the stock media that ships with a base device.

It is possible to encrypt the entire device, but that doesn't allow you to hide stiff.

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Um, no. The lock screen password on BB10 has nothing at all to do with your BlackBerry ID. The only reason I even have a lock screen password is because it's required for sideloading.

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And we have a winner here. NOT. Just someone who happens to be lacking clear thought and understanding.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

BlackBerry needs to implement this natively into BB10. The marketing should be "security strong enough to to deter the NSA and smart enough keep your wife and girlfriend from finding out about each other".

Z10 via CB10

And just how should they market it to women?
I'm going to have to remove you from the list of marketing manager candidates.

+1 they cheat too. When she's in the shower and forgets the password get a good look through her device you are bound to find pictures, texts, and 6 contacts named grandma.

I scout all female contacts in gf list, make sure that history is enabled too, these females be nifty nowadays

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Hi, I would like to know why the app "Max Hide & Encrypt for BlackBerry 10" isn't available yet on the BB world for French country?

France as I remember has some rather strict encryption laws so depending on the encryption cipher used, this application might illegal in France...

Z10 + + DTAC = BBtastic!

It's native. As a side note, their security scanner can also scan sideloaded apps and files.

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Probably around the same sate as Rogers..on the 20th but this has nothing to do with the thread.

CB10 - Z10 -

It's my belief that Max Secure Software is a premium developer. I have all their apps and consider them a valuable asset to any mobile phone.

Max wanna cookie?

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Proprietary encryption algorithm? I.e. Not worth the bytes it takes - or the paper it is written on.

An encryption algorithm should be public - the mathematics must be open if it is to be truly secure. Else for all we know it may have its own built in backdoor.

Why do we use RSA or AES? Because the mathematics are open and sound. The imembtation can still be flawed (e.g. Not truly random numbers/primes) - but at least if the mathematics are public "we" know that part is up to scratch.

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Don't see the need to pay for this app. Blackberry already has top notch security for there devices. Besides pictures, don't place any sensitive material on my z10

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"encrypted by Max Secure Software’s proprietary shield algorithm"
That means stay the hell away from this software.

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