Keep track of how long your battery will last with Max Battery Optimizer for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 3 Aug 2013 03:57 am EDT

Developed in Cascades, Max Battery Optimizer for BlackBerry 10 is designed to do just what the name suggests. I'm a big fan of having to know what my battery life is like - maybe to go as far as it being an OCD - so this new app will at least keep my mind at rest, but it does more than just telling you how long your battery will last.

The app won't be for everybody, especially as the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 have removable batteries, but for many folk the app will come in real handy. There are a whole range of shortcuts in the app to allow you to easily access your Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC settings - which is great to see. In addition the app supports BlackBerry Hub notifications and there are a selection of options you can toggle on and off, such as when the battery is fully charged as well as if it is getting too hot.

Another nice integrated feature is its ability to automatically update your BBM status when your battery is low - so if you do run out of juice at least you BBM buddies will know why they can't get in touch with you - clever stuff!

The full list of features are as below:

  • Detailed estimated time remaining.
  • Overheat alert.
  • BBM connected battery.
  • Charger alert.
  • Battery health monitor.
  • Full information active frame.
  • Optimise battery analyser.
  • Wireless connection options.

Priced at $1.99/£1.50 I'm more than happy to part with my cash for this app. Just having that sweet looking Active Frame open keeps me happy. Who's with me on this one? Sound off in the comments.

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Reader comments

Keep track of how long your battery will last with Max Battery Optimizer for BlackBerry 10


@ kennybb
Everyone has the right to refuse to purchase an app if they so choose however it's this kind of attitude that will make app developers fail. What happens when they fail? They stop producing apps..then what? BlackBerry fails..

Posted via CB10

It's this type of attitude that makes people get broke. What happens when they go broke if they keep buying "okay" or "slightly mediocre" apps? BlackBerry fails. Everyone fails. The people's family members will cut them off. Friends will abandon them, etc etc.

via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK : OS 10.1) [ Follow me @EHZAY for BB News & Tech Updates ]

Actually it's this attitude and mindset that allow developers to take advantage of BB users that are willing to buy any app to prove we support our developers. Bring something new to the table, something that will attract people to BB10 and I'll gladly support the developer but if I handed over $2 for every "battery monitor" I think I'd be broke by the end of the year.

Posted via CB10

Why would you be broke? How many battery monitor apps do you need? Just one suits me just fine.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

Monitoring your battery using an active application (running in a background) is draining it more...

Posted via Z10

I never understood battery monitoring apps or what people install them..but whatever.. to each their own.

It's possible to experiment and see what really drain the battery for example with battery guru I realised that 2.5 hours remaining (at 67%) became 92 hours when I turned off data and phone services! The Z10 isn't very good at efficiently connecting to antennae! That's it's problem.

Posted via CB10

I rather see their virus scanner cheaper. They had it for free once but I missed it and definitely not gonna buy it for $9,even if it's worth it. I missed that great deal and I can not bring myself to buying it.

CB10 - Q10

I've been using it for a day now. Can't tell any difference but then again my usage is heavy or extremely heavy. I'm hoping for some memory cleaning/re allocation features to be introduced. Those functions, I feel work. Battery optimisation maybe maybe not.

Posted via CB10

I wish BlackBerry would put in some more battery info into BB10. I do not like to install more apps than I have too, but I got this app yesterday and my first impression is very good. I think it's worth it; at this point.

The online problem I have with this app is the estimated time. 56% said around 1 day and then 55% said 6 hours. The rest of this app I love so I think an update might be needed for that

Posted Via CB10 on a Verizon BlackBerry Z10

Lol it's funny to read the comments for this one.. it's pretty obvious how much these devs have hurt their image across the community - yet they continue to make the same apps that try and trick people into thinking they need it, when in reality, the app does a whole not of nothing but try and give the user a "piece of mind" while the app maker is laughing all the way to the bank..

These apps then get support and what does the dev go and do? Makes another app like this which does not solve a purpose but people buy it because they *think* they are helping themselves (piece of mind).

These devs are one of the only devs that I do not support, and it's a TOTAL shame too, because they use native coding and have so much potential to make a great app. I guess someone on a platform is always going to take care of this category though because it is like free money. Such a shame though.

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

Being an Electrical technician, I use a $10,000 version of this to monitor phase relationships, power factor or charge/discharge curves, etc.
I say this, because unless you need to see in real-time these factors for troubleshooting a possible repair, and unless the app is capable of displaying and graphing this, it is only slightly more than a gimmick.

I have to say though, that I have used both free and paid versions for my Z10, and I have found at least some use in seeing whether or not a particular suspicious app (especially android ports) are draining the battery due to improper or incompatible coding.

Side note. Come on, it's a buck or two. Just do this once in a while, because it does contribute in part to the BlackBerry platform. A couple dollars per month will not affect anyone who has the privilege to even be a part of this community.

Go BlackBerry!

I work in the electronics industry. I used to do R&D for power supply design. I was also working in designing battery charging supplies. I fully agree with you more than 100% if this would be possible.

I bought the Battery Optimizer software thinking it would be of some help. I find it a sort of a convenience to have a quick way to see if the phone is charging, and the amount of time left for operation. This is an estimate based on what is presently operating at the moment. As soon as something is changed in the way the software is working, or in how the phone is processing data this reading becomes erroneous.

I saw this software gives a reading about battery health. I contacted the author and he told me he somehow in his software coding it gets this reading from the phone's system. He would not tell me his exact process. When I spoke with someone at Blackberry support they told me they were not aware of the phone's processor accurately reporting the actual battery health as like indicated in this software.

I question this reading because I have seen it report some erratic values of percent. Sometimes it has reported in the 80% range. I then reboot the phone and then it is 98%. I have seen to go to 100%, and then after a reboot the percent is different again.

With the new BB-10 OS2 update they give a battery level monitoring software. I found it also good enough to give an idea about the phone's power consumption. It offers many nice details about the power usage. The bought software is different, and I found it more convenient for a fast check.

Battery monitoring apps are fine if they do useful things. Battery Guru is the gold standard, and it does some very useful things that help people who care really understand usage/drain/charging patterns. For example, it would have taken me far far longer to figure out how much difference a particular USB cable makes in terms of how much charging power a particular charger delivers to the device.

This app probably doesn't provide that sort of info, and "battery optimizers" are generally bogus, but quick links to certain battery-draining features and the BBM notification thing sound kind of interesting.

The name of the app is misleading as it's not "optimizing" anything.
Nice set of useful features though.

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I installed this app some time ago. I took the paid version. I find it has some advantage for helping to predict when the battery will be charged, and it gives a good idea about the battery level. With the new BB-10 OS2 update this utility is technically not as important as before. The BB version is very helpful.

What I do question with the Battery Optimizer software that I bought is the accuracy of the battery health reading. It sometimes gives erratic type readings. Sometimes it says as low as 80% and other times it was reading 99%. It has changed this reading fairly fast at times.

Like I mentioned, the bought version of this software has some features that I like, but with the new BB-10 OS2 version update, this software is not as essential. But, I do recommend it for someone who is critical and wants the extra features.