Matias One Keyboard for PC & BlackBerry and Matias Folding Keyboard for BlackBerry bring full-sized keyboards to your Smartphone

Matias One Keyboard for BlackBerry & PC
By Joseph Holder on 16 Jan 2012 11:37 am EST

Imagine this scenario - it shouldn't be too difficult: you're using your desktop or laptop computer, typing away on your full-sized keyboard when some sort of BlackBerry communication comes through. It might be an email, a Tweet, or even a BBM. You pick up your BlackBerry Smartphone and type out a response on that great, but small keyboard. Messaging done, you return to your work on the computer. That's all well and good, but it could be better.

Now imagine the same situation, but add in the Matias One Keyboard for BlackBerry & PC. As I've described it to so many people this week: Type-y; Type-y; Type-y on your computer, press a button, type-y; type-y; type-y on your BlackBerry, all while using the same full-sized keyboard for both. Once the keyboard is paired with the BlackBerry, it really is that easy to use.

Matias One 

The Matias One Keyboard for BlackBerry & PC allows you to use one keyboard for all your typing needs, be they on a computer or on a BlackBerry. The keyboard uses a custom Bluetooth driver that's installed on your BlackBerry Smartphone and available for download from the company's website. After pairing the Smartphone and keyboard, all that's required is the press of one button to switch between typing on the computer and typing on the BlackBerry.

Matias keyboards work with pretty much every BlackBerry with a name: Bold, Torch, Storm, Curve, Tour Pearl, etc. Matias has developed a good working relationship with Research In Motion; when a new phone comes out, Matias can produce a new Bluetooth driver within a mere two weeks.

Folding Keyboards

Matias Folding Keyboard for BlackBerry PlayBook 

Also available from Matias are two folding, travel keyboards. Stuck at the airport and need to send out some long emails? The Matias Folding Keyboard makes things a great deal easier. Though I'm somewhat skilled at typing on my BlackBerry, that speed doesn't hold a candle to the speed I get on a regular keyboard. The Matias Folding Keyboard brings that speed to your ‘Berry, again connecting wirelessly over Bluetooth - no PC required.

The second of the two folding keyboards connects over Bluetooth to your BlackBerry PlayBook. This particular model also connects to Android tablets like the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab in addition to Bluetooth-enabled Windows and Linux machines. Again, you get the same full-sized keyboard in a convenient folding travel package.

Extra Features

Matias Folding Keyboard 

What really got me with these keyboards is just how well they work with the BlackBerry. As I was trying out the keyboards, I thought I had found the device's Achilles heal: spell check. As I typed, the dotted underline appeared under one of my words, letting me know the Smartphone had caught a spelling error. I though I'd have to pick up the phone to correct the mistake. Nope.

After using the arrow keys to return to the misspelled word, a press of the enter keys brings up the correction choices; select the proper spelling with the arrow keys and press enter again to complete the correction. With the entire process written out, it sounds more complicated than it really is. The way Matias designed the keyboard's functionality, it's a very intuitive process. I was able to figure out what to do without any prompting from Steve.

The keyboards' function keys are also mapped to perform certain functions with the BlackBerry. Press F1 and BBM opens on the BlackBerry. Press F7 and the calculator opens. From what I understand, all of these functions are customizable, so if you want the calculator instead of BlackBerry Messenger (or any other function for that matter) mapped to the F1 key, it won't be a problem.

The Matias line of keyboards make typing on your Smartphone a great deal easier. On the road or away from your computer, typing out messages with your thumbs is no big deal. For those longer messages, though, the convenience and comfort of a full sized keyboard is a huge time saver. And in the corporate world - indeed even in your personal life - time is money.

Images Courtesy of Matias Corporation

Reader comments

Matias One Keyboard for PC & BlackBerry and Matias Folding Keyboard for BlackBerry bring full-sized keyboards to your Smartphone


I like both ideas, since when at my office, I happen be on my BB as much as I am on my desktop, so this keyboard would definitely be great for me, this way keep the phone on dock station all day!

One thing, seems the keyboard doesn't wake the phone up and you will still have to grab the phone to switch to the messaging app to THEN start typing... still cool idea, if price is right I would definitely buy one.

Love your videos, but..... please, please lower the intro audio. It gives me a heart attack every time I click on one of your videos. It's so much louder than the video's audio level and my normal speaker volume setting.

This looks like another amazing product and review!

I like the "full size" folding keyboard - seriously though, i had a 3 piece folding keyboard/stand for my Palm IIIc back in university - and i think that design is a hell of a lot more compact, portable, and durable than these new designs.

I went to their webpage as WAS interested in the foldable keyboard for my 9930 and PlayBook. However what I see on their webpage is that the same foldable keyboard will not work on both devices. The foldable for BB phones is a different part number from the one that will work on the PlayBook. Not very convenient.

Yup, my impression as well after reading their product page. Definitely a deal-breaker for me.
It seemed that the 'board for the BB phones are connected via a non-standard Bluetooth protocol (hence the above article comment on them having to develop specific drivers for the phones)

I cannot disagree... I even pointed it out to a co-worker.
I chalked it up to him having a long day at CES repeating the same spiel over and over...

Maybe, but just a bit too creapy looking for me, made it hard to watch, but I am in the market for a BT keyboard, don't think this is what I need though, so my search continues...

Good stuff Joseph! It would be nice to have the PC keyboard useful to the BB and Playbook too. Also the fold up should be useful for the Playbook and BB.
Just a tip, if there is a zoom out function on your camera, go ahead and try it. I thought for a second you might start showcasing his nostrils.

great idea, i like

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

We did buy a bluetooth keyboard which works with everything on a BlackBerry BUT BBM Groups. For some strange reasons, we can't type a message using that keyboard in a BBM Group. Is this one any different? Does it work with BBM Group?

The reason they didn't show the Playbook version or have it at CES is that the Bluetooth keyboard doesn't stay connected to the Playbook (I mean any bluetooth keyboard, not specifically Matias). RIM really needs to address this. It's the only thing I find disappointing about my Playbook. :/